Huge Snowmobile Jump!! (He Crashed)

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10 måneder siden

Huge Snowmobile Jump!! (He Crashed)
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Holding a meet and ride out for the new 509 movie Saturday February 8th 12pm at the Park View Lodge Toivola, Michigan come ride with us!!
In todays video we hit the amazing snow that Minnesota has blessed us with on our new snowmobiles and timbersled kits. It was a lot of fun riding the ditches and the trails on the way over to our friend Kody's house to try and ride his backyard motocross track with the snowmobiles. Jake ends up hitting the biggest jump and crashing a few times before actually landing it. Later Ken has a big surprise for all the guys. Comment down below what type of activities you'd like to see next from us!

Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer 13 dager siden
Are snowbikes good on trails or mainly meant for powder?
Jeffrey howes
Jeffrey howes 18 dager siden
Man you guys are living my dream!! I wish I had just one chance to ride anywhere you guys ride and could afford it but being the father of 3 awesome kids I just can never get enough time to do any of this awesome stuff you guys do and I love snowmobiling but live by chicago so there is never snow but I really would love to ride anywhere you guys go I mean they are all on my bucket list especially Revelstoke, wish I was ur guys friend lol and ur merch is awesome!! I'm gonna buy some
Nolan Schmidt
Nolan Schmidt 21 dag siden
Yeah I’m just saying like I love you husband like who uses gloves when they’re changing their oil come on see boysb
James Beatty
James Beatty 24 dager siden
7:56 beautiful
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 26 dager siden
I couldn’t stop laughing @ 1:15 lmfao 😂
TarynAE 29 dager siden
im a vagaten
Ghouste YT
Ghouste YT Måned siden
I'm surprised they didn't face charges,people that saw the jetski video will understand
Rusty mistakes 11
Rusty mistakes 11 Måned siden
Pig piss heals -100 hp
Sara West Daniels
Sara West Daniels Måned siden
hey guys just started watching and i subbed and put post notifications on love you guys
Sara West Daniels
Sara West Daniels Måned siden
best channel on youtube :)
Sprague 2241
Sprague 2241 Måned siden
what kind of sled is that
Molly Hopson
Molly Hopson Måned siden
Who is the younger out of you guys
porfirio vasquez
porfirio vasquez Måned siden
7:56 = quality content
Tristan Steele
Tristan Steele Måned siden
7:56 lol
NightKnight Måned siden
Watch Micah`s face at 12.19
Destie Vinacco
Destie Vinacco Måned siden
Trying to catch up by next new ep
Shakey K
Shakey K 2 måneder siden
For a good laugh set playback speed to 0.5 , There you have it , Drunk Cboys !! Lmao , Great vids Guys ! Cheers from Canada !
fox production
fox production 2 måneder siden
I have a question I just want to know what type of snowmobile you use because I've always wanted one but I don't know what to get please answer
Måns melin
Måns melin 3 måneder siden
Elite Airsoft
Elite Airsoft 3 måneder siden
I was the 9600th like
23noah schlueter
23noah schlueter 4 måneder siden
How about instead of getting ken a new snowmobile you get me a new snowmobile
Seather 4 måneder siden
you dont need power to wheelie a sled i wheelie a ski doo summit 600 146
thijs hegeman
thijs hegeman 5 måneder siden
Corbin Best
Corbin Best 6 måneder siden
12:19 michas head thing ?!?!?!?!?
Brittany Scott
Brittany Scott 6 måneder siden
Raleigh Bennett
Raleigh Bennett 6 måneder siden
Do I wheelie my Indy 550
Alexander Burkhart
Alexander Burkhart 6 måneder siden
So when are you gonna make the easy snowmobile unloading video?😂
Lukas 6 måneder siden
Best toys: 1. Snowmobiles 2.SxS 3.Dirt Bikes 4. ATVS 5.Thats all thats going on this list
Wannaberanger 7 måneder siden
7:23 that’s a dense nug- Ben . What’s that saposta mean bennnnnn. ?????????????🤣🤣🤣yal Fuks wit it Ik
Melissa Piche
Melissa Piche 7 måneder siden
lol cool
Brittany Fonnesbeck
Brittany Fonnesbeck 7 måneder siden
you guys the best you tubers ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ononewheel7 7 måneder siden
Kick ass video!
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
Yo those are the actual cutest pigs ever, also why are there only 4 now 😪
liam sinnott
liam sinnott 8 måneder siden
Idk waht “culture” they are lmao leave america Mexico don’t count lol ur stuck in an American bubble bruh
RocketPink 8 måneder siden
Hello Cboys Inc. lol anyway I'm a fast learning 15 year old that loves living life with fun and without boring days you have made me smile in each one of your videos and would love to run something like what you guys are running when I'm older if you see this you will probably click on my channel my videos are, well... cancer I would say so myself but that's before I hit peak human evolution in other words puberty, this is my application of joining the cboys or at least meeting you guys after this corona thing is done im very nice and intuitive also i think I'm funny but that's only a thought anyways if you see this ill be blown away and or cry we will see im a teenaged boy and feel 60 but anyways its 4:44 AM and this is just a late night dream. Thank You if you read this!
Bennett Ellison
Bennett Ellison 8 måneder siden
I would love to ride with you but I just have a four stroke
Bleu Pendergrass
Bleu Pendergrass 8 måneder siden
Jake is the man that will actually wants to do stupid stuff
Youri Vasterman
Youri Vasterman 8 måneder siden
Fuck you fuckers
Justgonna Sendit
Justgonna Sendit 8 måneder siden
What happened to Justin
Robert g
Robert g 8 måneder siden
He's throttle control sounds way off... Quit pumping the throttle so fucking much and just give it a good burst on the face off the take-off... Every time I'm at the track and someone rides like that I keep my distance because you know its a crash coming for sure.
Andrew Keenan
Andrew Keenan 8 måneder siden
What about justin surprise
GAVATRON The best 8 måneder siden
You can do wheelies on a trail sled
RJ Bartholomew
RJ Bartholomew 9 måneder siden
at 14:19 when cj asks jake if he is okay and jake says oy ya im fine
Jamie Bouchard
Jamie Bouchard 9 måneder siden
Why wouldn’t u buy him the big bore moped that he fell in love with at your boys compound, or maybe the crazy cart.
Trev Hinkle
Trev Hinkle 9 måneder siden
He should know before hand that if you press the brake in the air, you level out.
Slim Willy
Slim Willy 9 måneder siden
BOIIIIZZZZ... are you guys going broke or what's up? These ads are killing the vibe for realz.. I almost gave up trying to watch, I have bad signal here and every ad kills my videos but I've got your backs so I just spent 40mins trying to watch a 19min video.. hellz yes I'm loyal like a teenage girlfriend lol
Hayden Hayes
Hayden Hayes 9 måneder siden
7:56 When you have nothing else to film...
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller 9 måneder siden
rich boys.. daddy musta been smart in life
That's so PP
That's so PP 9 måneder siden
You guys should get me a new snowmobile because mine just broke and I don't have the money to fix it I really want a mountain sled because they are the coolest ones of all the snowmobiles if I can get a sled from you guys could you all sign the hood of it and could you please make sure it is a ski doo because my dad's he had was a ski doo and it was so amazing please can you get me a sled to Rip around with please. It would make my day and like my week and you guys are a big inspiration to me you guys got me happy when I was having hatd times in life and you cheer me up and make me laugh you guys probably won't read this but I hope you do. It has been like my dream to have a 2020 ski doo mountain sled with your guys signatures on it please can you get me that
rhoads miller
rhoads miller 9 måneder siden
i like the snow mo veel dirt bike thing
Ella Dietzmann
Ella Dietzmann 9 måneder siden
I’ve wheelied my trail sled it was hard but I did it
Country Slicker
Country Slicker 9 måneder siden
full send baby, Larry the enticer would be proud
Devin Murphy
Devin Murphy 10 måneder siden
I popped a willie on my dads 600 trail sled
Dayton Smith
Dayton Smith 10 måneder siden
That's why you don't ride a articcats
Ricky Vall3y Reid
Ricky Vall3y Reid 10 måneder siden
8:39 “Idk what culture they are” Well they’re not white 😂
Paige Ward
Paige Ward 10 måneder siden
Wish you guys would post content more often
themoos420 10 måneder siden
#cboystv hello I ordered the camo windbreaker on January 19 and I still haven't received it !! it's more than 18 days!!!
Jakob Neels
Jakob Neels 10 måneder siden
Come on cboys ! Where are the videos at ? Loved it when there was a new video every Tuesday and Thursday.
Mycah Wyckoff
Mycah Wyckoff 10 måneder siden
will you post content more often
Daniel Sohre
Daniel Sohre 10 måneder siden
You should buy a peanut snowmobile and purposely flip it
duffin photography
duffin photography 10 måneder siden
I have a question about my quad is it possible to put a bigger spark plug in a 110cc if u blow the treds in the engine
austin aanrud
austin aanrud 10 måneder siden
Slacking on content
isaac moroney
isaac moroney 10 måneder siden
Anyone else wondering when the Tesla is coming or did I just miss that video ?
Andrew Keenan
Andrew Keenan 10 måneder siden
What about justin
Gracin Blakey
Gracin Blakey 10 måneder siden
What’s going to be the next givaway
Caden Chapman
Caden Chapman 10 måneder siden
What is Ryan always flipping shit
MOTO GUYS 10 måneder siden
Are they going back to 1 video a week?
Montana4 Life
Montana4 Life 10 måneder siden
Jake from State Farm
Mislav Prekrat
Mislav Prekrat 10 måneder siden
That sign looks like Croatian flag
gord O
gord O 10 måneder siden
Boring nothingness , this channel truly sucks
Payne McCaskill
Payne McCaskill 10 måneder siden
You guys going back to just Thursday uploads?
Trevor DeBlois
Trevor DeBlois 10 måneder siden
Do you guys make vids on Monday anymore
Tommy Born2Ride
Tommy Born2Ride 10 måneder siden
Who’s blue Polaris is that at 16:16?
Matthew Gillies
Matthew Gillies 10 måneder siden
Yo whatever happened to kens cyber truck?
David Rangel
David Rangel 10 måneder siden
You should tune and delete your truck
Christian Boucher
Christian Boucher 10 måneder siden
Wait the sock is crusty???
Kluck Fabrication
Kluck Fabrication 10 måneder siden
So when is the video with levi going to be post, going to be awesome!
Kluck Fabrication
Kluck Fabrication 10 måneder siden
Gift for Ken, blow up doll.
Johnnyt1998 10 måneder siden
Jake and ronnie mac riding video coming soon?
Tripl3 Thr33
Tripl3 Thr33 10 måneder siden
i had an idea why dont you get a grom for ken so he can learn how to be a true cboy
Trent Hendricks
Trent Hendricks 10 måneder siden
Was watching old videos since I love them so much and I noticed something. What happen to your Amino page you never really kept going with it?
Mower Trend
Mower Trend 10 måneder siden
I'm Jake and welcome to jackass
Brian Cunningham
Brian Cunningham 10 måneder siden
Ben in the background that's a "dense nug" lol I know who smokes pot now 👌🏽👌🏽
Clinton DeMars
Clinton DeMars 10 måneder siden
You need to bump the brake just after lift off. To bring the nose down.
Dirty Bangerz
Dirty Bangerz 10 måneder siden
Dirty Bangerz
Dirty Bangerz 10 måneder siden
British England
British England 10 måneder siden
Hi dirty bangerz🤑
Trey Fletcher
Trey Fletcher 10 måneder siden
Way to much music
Matrix PV
Matrix PV 10 måneder siden
Will 10 måneder siden
When is murf coming back
maxoneortoo 10 måneder siden
If you guys need a car lift we have one
Gage Galligan
Gage Galligan 10 måneder siden
Get ken a moped he was rippin it at the one dude house😂🤘🏻
Jacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve 10 måneder siden
Thanks for the shirt, I just won it at my hockey tourney!!!
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck 10 måneder siden
Where in Minnesota you guys live
James Figaro
James Figaro 10 måneder siden
Neons are dope
dj27nitro 10 måneder siden
Is this one gunna be on the news too
Nick Foertsch
Nick Foertsch 10 måneder siden
You guys are awesome keep up the vids
Carter burgerking
Carter burgerking 10 måneder siden
Are you going to be at monster jam
Boomerangattack 459
Boomerangattack 459 10 måneder siden
You guys need to go snowboarding or skiing this winter, I think it would make a good video watching you guys fall hard😂
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 10 måneder siden
Where are the intros??
James Figaro
James Figaro 10 måneder siden
“What if we put big ken on blast” 🤣 it’s to easy with Ken
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