Quad With Sand Dune Tires Rips In Snow!!!! (Crash)

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10 måneder siden

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In todays video, we release our new merchandise line, Jake and Micah build a nice snowmobile jump to hit with their race sleds. We pull a prank on Ryan and then we throw some sand dune tires on his quad to ride in the snow. Let me tell you this thing rips! It was hard to keep up with him on snowmobiles. It was fun to watch him drift around the turns on the snowmobile trails then he crashed! Comment down below what do you like better four wheeler / quads or snowmobiles.

Tyler Carrington
Tyler Carrington 3 timer siden
damn, good video but you shouldnt be riding four wheelers on snowmobile trails. The snowmobile clubs only have so much to work with and the four wheelers 9 times out of 10 completely ruin it.
Logan Sisk
Logan Sisk 23 timer siden
If it would of been be I would of wanted the money to help my parents out my dad just got payed off his job and my mom isn’t doing so well either she has a broke arm.
Logan Sisk
Logan Sisk 23 timer siden
Layed off his job my bad
Axel Brown
Axel Brown Dag siden
Axel Brown
Axel Brown Dag siden
Ground Mx
Ground Mx 2 dager siden
What’s the tune at 7:42
Luca Zampetti
Luca Zampetti 6 dager siden
not ganna lie but kinda looks like dwayne the rock johnson when he raises his eye brow
Parteni Ayan
Parteni Ayan 11 dager siden
Me when my girlfriend is home alone😁
Rhyan Swanson
Rhyan Swanson 16 dager siden
Like if cloys tv should make sweat pants
Brandye Baker
Brandye Baker 17 dager siden
DrakeDracoDragon89 17 dager siden
So how do you ride atvs in winter without getting rust on it?
Maliki Machacek
Maliki Machacek 19 dager siden
My snowmobile blew up and my mom and my dad dont have the money to get me a new won
Stopmotion Shorts
Stopmotion Shorts 20 dager siden
Raptor 700 With Yoshimura... dang...
ATV Riding Trail Raptor
ATV Riding Trail Raptor 21 dag siden
⬅️⬆️↗️ Team Yamaha Raptor 700R unbelievable👍
Joey Osdieck
Joey Osdieck 21 dag siden
Make dirt bike shirt plz
Elijah Ferguson
Elijah Ferguson 22 dager siden
Tyler Beck
Tyler Beck 29 dager siden
What gopro is that we're it can rotate like that in the quad clips
Bryce Durbin
Bryce Durbin Måned siden
just a little bit or snow
Chad Sheldon
Chad Sheldon Måned siden
I have 14 polaris
Sam Vaughan
Sam Vaughan Måned siden
You just said by A rc Capra pedal cars
Dirty hooligans
Dirty hooligans Måned siden
That's fun as hell to do great video guys
Comment:dirtbike Like:quad Or comment both
ZzZ's on 30 fps
ZzZ's on 30 fps Måned siden
What state do you live in
Jesse Badertscher
Jesse Badertscher Måned siden
Did he just cut the pizza with scissors
Karla Karst
Karla Karst Måned siden
rip bagen
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
Who else is watching I 2020
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
You guys are my favorite NOpost
Cole Arentsen
Cole Arentsen 2 måneder siden
Dude in the teal jacket, I think it’s Jake, looks identical to jimmy oakes
Ethan Lawrence
Ethan Lawrence 3 måneder siden
The camera doesn’t do justice on how big those quads actually are
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore 3 måneder siden
You guys should know that it is illegal to ride a quad on snowmobile trails
Lucas VanMaanen
Lucas VanMaanen 4 måneder siden
You guys should go to sand dunes
jguertin 4 måneder siden
Send it or bend it
PR0X1 CLAN 4 måneder siden
can you give away a bike..... like i dont have one and i would really like one
Tricky J
Tricky J 5 måneder siden
I wish that i could hang out with you and ride dirt bikes with you but i live in buck head north carolina
Brody Hartwig
Brody Hartwig 5 måneder siden
I think Ben is the best
Jurkie Vlogs
Jurkie Vlogs 6 måneder siden
10:04 almost hit a lil tike
Alex Veary
Alex Veary 6 måneder siden
get a honda trx250
Alex Veary
Alex Veary 6 måneder siden
my fav video ive watched
22 Savage
22 Savage 7 måneder siden
Sweet eat!!! Hahaha!!!!
FS_C0NQU3RRR 7 måneder siden
Was that a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke
BeefedUp STUD
BeefedUp STUD 7 måneder siden
What type was jakes sled in this vid was it Yamaha venom or arctic cat blasts
Qwerser YT
Qwerser YT 7 måneder siden
If you see this Cboys What kind of neck brace do you guys recommend
Anthony Ochoa
Anthony Ochoa 7 måneder siden
U suld try sand tires on a dirt bike
Caden Scantland
Caden Scantland 7 måneder siden
They make more money off give seats than anything
Owen Liedtke
Owen Liedtke 7 måneder siden
How did Banging get his name
Traci Kerneklian
Traci Kerneklian 7 måneder siden
can you do another giveaway
Traci Kerneklian
Traci Kerneklian 7 måneder siden
I always watch your videos and at least watched them all 100 times
bananaguymike 7 måneder siden
Thats so cool ripping in the snow
laura navarrete
laura navarrete 7 måneder siden
Can i have IT i am sad
Ben J
Ben J 7 måneder siden
Could you guys recommend a beginner quad thats on the cheaper side? Thanks
Mud path Is his name Freind me if you want
Mud path Is his name Freind me if you want 7 måneder siden
I liked the part when he just flicked up snow
Flippin’ Awesome
Flippin’ Awesome 8 måneder siden
What is that go pro
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 8 måneder siden
How come I can’t find the bangin Shield glasses on your website?
JD 8 måneder siden
All of your merch is gone, stock up boys
Jackson Rafferty
Jackson Rafferty 8 måneder siden
Hey Ryan was the m-80 worse than the mustang
Bryce May
Bryce May 8 måneder siden
Give away another quad
Mery Calvino
Mery Calvino 8 måneder siden
Make a motocross pants pls
Brody Lenc
Brody Lenc 8 måneder siden
Where do you guys get your sled wraps? They are sick!!
Herman Tryggvson
Herman Tryggvson 8 måneder siden
Clay Payton
Clay Payton 9 måneder siden
Puts some skis on the front
Larry fonzarelli
Larry fonzarelli 9 måneder siden
less yappin, more braaappin
andrew stanton
andrew stanton 9 måneder siden
Welp it looks like I'm putting paddles on my quadzilla
Logan Bauer
Logan Bauer 9 måneder siden
Is it just me or did CJ look like the grinch when jake was changing the tires and he was eating pizza
The car Garage
The car Garage 9 måneder siden
Try Maxxis 4-Snows!
Landon Jansson
Landon Jansson 9 måneder siden
Out skid kn quad
shelovesdrxke 9 måneder siden
I like how all these other states it’s like normal to see dirtbikes on the road n cops don’t bother but here in pa you get bashed out the a$$..
bo matt
bo matt 9 måneder siden
I wanna live in Minnesota so bad. It looks beautiful there.
gooz y
gooz y 9 måneder siden
It takes cboys for ever to start a video all they do is just talk. No offense
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
the video starts at 0:00
gaston glock
gaston glock 9 måneder siden
TheMarkedOffGalaxy 9 måneder siden
I love your guy’s editing skills and creativity Fr. Lmao!
207 Pursuit
207 Pursuit 10 måneder siden
Hwy guys when's the next giveaway
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 10 måneder siden
That would be cool for my birthday. It was the 24. Didn’t get nothing but. That’s alright. I’m chillin watching these videos
Adam carpender
Adam carpender 10 måneder siden
When no snowmobile you mean? Clickbait Don't do it. It's going to waste your time. This is definitely clickbait. Don't do it guys.
Aesthetic 0
Aesthetic 0 10 måneder siden
I love watching you you guys because last summer my quad that I have had for years caught on fire I have Been try to make money to get a new one but I’m on 13 so u can’t get a job but I still try because I miss riding
ATV Silesia Quad
ATV Silesia Quad 10 måneder siden
great vid boss ;) greets from Poland
Joe Raffone
Joe Raffone 10 måneder siden
Come to Woodford snow busters great trailes
jacob piquette
jacob piquette 10 måneder siden
What brand is Jake's neck brace
B055 Ibraheem
B055 Ibraheem 10 måneder siden
Guys do u recommend getting a 50cc quad for a 13 yr old if so which one is the cheapest and funnest
Austin Davis
Austin Davis 10 måneder siden
My dad has a snowmobile but i never world it and I'm 15
Trent Raven
Trent Raven 10 måneder siden
I love u guys. I want to be you guys
Shane Voisine
Shane Voisine 10 måneder siden
what kinda of can is on the iqr?
Ethan Ramey
Ethan Ramey 10 måneder siden
I love when I come for a quad video and they talk over half the video
brody reitsma
brody reitsma 10 måneder siden
Jacob Doudna
Jacob Doudna 10 måneder siden
Put skies on the front and try it again
Brock Hayden
Brock Hayden 10 måneder siden
Get Bangin to race gilkthegreat on TikTok with his mustang
Andrew Sandberg
Andrew Sandberg 10 måneder siden
KRX 1000 hands down has to be the next give away!! It’s fast new and different!! Do it
Virginia Anderson
Virginia Anderson 10 måneder siden
Get a skidoo summit
Tillman Elliott
Tillman Elliott 10 måneder siden
Sub to TillmanElliott
Luke Fry
Luke Fry 10 måneder siden
You guys also need to do something to bens truck
Ben dover
Ben dover 10 måneder siden
JJ_MX 10 måneder siden
Since when have you had all of those snowmobiles?!?! I’ve watched every single one of your vids
Greg 10 måneder siden
You'd think with 550k subscribers and brand new sleds they could afford a gopro8 lol
Kluck Fabrication
Kluck Fabrication 10 måneder siden
Oh man I hope that wasn’t a public DNR tail, if so you guys we’ll be getting a visit from the DNR lol!
Tyler Carrington
Tyler Carrington 3 timer siden
i was just wondering the same thing
daniel peterson
daniel peterson 10 måneder siden
I bet the DNR love you guys!😂
Austin K
Austin K 10 måneder siden
Did I miss the quad give away video ?
Timothy Parrott
Timothy Parrott 10 måneder siden
Running the quad in the snow is a blast...get a full skid plate and for the A arms and you can run in fresh up to about 6 to 8 inches. I use to do that with my Banshee... So much fun, it feels like you are floating when you fly across the deeper stuff. Definitely have to keep the speed up
Evan Downey
Evan Downey 10 måneder siden
I did the Lessons for a snowmobile I just don’t have the money
K.Vclipz Z
K.Vclipz Z 10 måneder siden
I s*** my pants/not
Redneck Muffbusters
Redneck Muffbusters 10 måneder siden
Love love love what y’all do man. Just remember why your doing this for the fun. Y’all are still human enjoy the fun before it runs out. Love y’all peace 🤘
Lud bak
Lud bak 10 måneder siden
They don't ship to Norway :(
tyler blanchard
tyler blanchard 10 måneder siden
Think you guys for making me feel better
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