Buying New Polaris RS1 and Crashing it!!!

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10 måneder siden

Buying New Polaris RS1 and Crashing it!!!
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In todays video we set out on a short road trip to purchase our very first Polaris Rs1 we got it used for a really good deal. We bought the Rs1 to surprise our friend Big Ken with it for his birthday and also because we haven't gotten him something to thank him for everything he does too... and also cause we wanted one at the shop hahaha. We rip it around our neighborhood for awhile and then take it out on the snowmobile trails in the ditches to see how the suspension handles. Very quickly into that Micah Rolls the Polaris Rs1 crashing it. Luckily there was no damage. Ben then tests his New Ford Raptor's offroad capabilities by taking it on the same trails that we had our RS1 on but the raptor was too heavy and ends up falling through the snow and getting stuck lol. Comment down below what you would like to see us get on the new RS1 and also if you read all this comment "Get a turbo for it"

Bluedemon 505
Bluedemon 505 Dag siden
That’s why Chevy better
Cove Byers
Cove Byers 2 dager siden
Why can my Toyota Land Cruiser handle more snow ahah
Kyle Gagnon
Kyle Gagnon 9 dager siden
When he flipped and it went to the camera in the truck I lost it lol everyone’s reaction was so funny & just gangster really
mrblake09 22 dager siden
these guys are the most underrated youtubers ever
Nathan Tyeryar
Nathan Tyeryar 22 dager siden
15:21 Chevy pulling a Ford like always
Ethan Parker
Ethan Parker Måned siden
My name is Ethan if you still have the quad can you please give it to me.
Katherine Hiebl
Katherine Hiebl Måned siden
To sentimental shut up and go straight to ripping it
Calthecool Måned siden
The Raptor got stuck because it’s a v6.
gooz y
gooz y Måned siden
BRUH I go to that dealer ship all the time
Kaden Hunt
Kaden Hunt 2 måneder siden
What happens when you get the v6 instead of the v8
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts 2 måneder siden
cool machine.happy birthday!
Graham Russell
Graham Russell 3 måneder siden
Graham Russell
Daylon Glass
Daylon Glass 3 måneder siden
when y’all going to make a new video
Rod Seth
Rod Seth 4 måneder siden
And now it’s being given away
Braden Crumbacker
Braden Crumbacker 4 måneder siden
Ken is like the dad of all of them.
Austin Berrey
Austin Berrey 4 måneder siden
What do you know the Chevy had to save the Ford
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 4 måneder siden
Is it legal to drive a rzr on the side of the road
Hunter Emerson
Hunter Emerson 5 måneder siden
See that's why you need a Chevy
Spencer Conner
Spencer Conner 5 måneder siden
He'll ya
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 5 måneder siden
You can’t make fun of the raptor getting pulled out by the Chevy cause the Chevy didn’t even try
Billy Parish
Billy Parish 6 måneder siden
Even fans
Gregory Hudson
Gregory Hudson 6 måneder siden
Why r there so many buildings
Sidhra Qadoos
Sidhra Qadoos 6 måneder siden
Now I have seen your crazy dog
Scott Brueggen
Scott Brueggen 6 måneder siden
Ken is so dom
Mx Jack5
Mx Jack5 6 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it
DopeGhost420 6 måneder siden
and again another chavy helping a ford lmfao
Renee Alessi
Renee Alessi 6 måneder siden
Fast forward from this video to now..... this is now the giveaway for this merch drop
Chelsie Kreun
Chelsie Kreun 6 måneder siden
surprisingly jake still hasen't tipped the mavrik our rs1
Daniel Breault
Daniel Breault 6 måneder siden
The raptor would be fine if he wasn’t being a little girl on the throttle
OhioGuy82 7 måneder siden
Jake sounds like Ryan Reynolds.
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
The more you know you know- Ben 2020
Kruz Patton
Kruz Patton 7 måneder siden
Just a Chevy pulling out a stuck ford
MitchEEMouse 7 måneder siden
0:59 😂😂😂😂😂 that makes me think of me and my sisters so much.
Blake Kline
Blake Kline 7 måneder siden
Which 509 helmet do you guys recommend
liam sinnott
liam sinnott 7 måneder siden
Feel so bad for ken
Sawyer Zuk
Sawyer Zuk 7 måneder siden
Imagine just drinking down the road and seeing Ben and his raptor going down the ditch
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 8 måneder siden
Remember how Jake’s Subie blew up... he changed the fluids and messed up
Davin Dalecki
Davin Dalecki 8 måneder siden
just imagine i that was wider it would be crazy
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 8 måneder siden
I mean ya it needs an exhaust but it already sounds fricken awesome
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 8 måneder siden
Why did big ken buy it jake uses it more than he does jake shoulda bought it
Curtis Is me
Curtis Is me 8 måneder siden
1:10 I was looking at the buggy and I’m like shit bro he’s gonna hit ghat dude on the left😂
Pineapple MTB
Pineapple MTB 8 måneder siden
Happy bday ken
Derryl Leverett
Derryl Leverett 9 måneder siden
Shit for Brains
Marc Mazza
Marc Mazza 9 måneder siden
6:36 😂👊🏼
Adam Edey
Adam Edey 9 måneder siden
I did the same thing kinda but on dirt and rotated in the air... cost $4000 in repairs these things are shit at turning they need to be widened a fuck load, garbage handling
Diann Wayman
Diann Wayman 9 måneder siden
that's why ford sucks get a ram
Lucas Hall
Lucas Hall 9 måneder siden
Chevy alwas puling ford
Andrew Vigil
Andrew Vigil 9 måneder siden
im saying yall got no balls to put a 4-inch lift kit on the raptor
The Crispy Crew
The Crispy Crew 9 måneder siden
My brother owned it before you guys!!!
Justin Cavinder
Justin Cavinder 9 måneder siden
I once got my f150 so stuck in mud, an industrial strength winch on a whell drilling truck, couldn't pull my f150 out. It took 2 Chevy Duramax's hooked together to pull my truck out. No lie
Jacob Conklin
Jacob Conklin 9 måneder siden
Raptor with a v6 deserves to get stuck
Matthew Bjordahl
Matthew Bjordahl 9 måneder siden
Congrats big ken i expected it to it seems the pattern is every cboys getting a present and old stuff gets raffled thats awsome im glad you guys are so successful without excellent quality well Deserved thankyou
Pestilizer 9 måneder siden
And the Chevy pulled out the Ford
Tristan D
Tristan D 9 måneder siden
Did your rs1 come with huge wheels? When I got mine it had these enormous wheels
Jp Diddy
Jp Diddy 9 måneder siden
I’d like to know where these guys get their money?!?!
Jack Mathewson
Jack Mathewson 9 måneder siden
Ew another giveaway just ew
Kai Murnane
Kai Murnane 9 måneder siden
I swear, if you don’t get a ggb I will be mad
Daniel Troyer
Daniel Troyer 9 måneder siden
Yup know the feeling I rolled my Polaris sportsman 700 over me a few weeks ago not the greatest feeling lol
Dylan Keith
Dylan Keith 9 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it
1CLAP Gaming
1CLAP Gaming 9 måneder siden
Turbo the rs1
SUBIEKEV 9 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it!
the lit person
the lit person 9 måneder siden
When did Ken learn how to drive
Caleb Acott
Caleb Acott 9 måneder siden
Get a nother chever
Connor Foltz
Connor Foltz 9 måneder siden
You got it in willmar MN didn’t you
Scott Meyer
Scott Meyer 9 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it
Josh Paulson
Josh Paulson 9 måneder siden
Cboys buy a new toy first mod... needs to be louder
Dan Winn
Dan Winn 9 måneder siden
Now ken can hit trees at a higher rate of speed nice
C Braydon
C Braydon 9 måneder siden
where did jakes banshee go ?
Ronald Suhl
Ronald Suhl 9 måneder siden
What do ya think??
William Donnelly
William Donnelly 9 måneder siden
Why do the have a Chevy logo on the front of the truck but a ford logo on the steering wheel?
Tyler Paek_npc
Tyler Paek_npc 9 måneder siden
That ain’t shit I just pulled out of a 13 foot ditch with more than 3 feet of snow in it and I was getting ripped out backwards because my car jumped the bank and landed at the bottom of the ditch. We pulled it out with a old d max and a long tow rope on black ice in the middle of a road in Fairbanks Alaska.
josh wagner
josh wagner 9 måneder siden
That’s now a liability if you sell it, and has a low trade value. Whenever side by sides are rolled dealers have to get the frame checked to make sure they are not tweaked. If it is and they sell it and someone gets hurt, they can get their ass in a ton of trouble. Found this out the hard way with my RZR. It books at of 7500 on KBB, dealers won’t give us more than 4000 because of the liability issue.
Axeton Wright
Axeton Wright 9 måneder siden
Of course the Chevy always has to come save the fords.
Deb Know
Deb Know 9 måneder siden
Ben you need to wrap your truck
Kelton Vickers
Kelton Vickers 9 måneder siden
16:03 Ben has been waiting to say that line since he got the thing. hahaha
hamza mohammed
hamza mohammed 9 måneder siden
Can’t wait for the summer videos again
Jackie Larson
Jackie Larson 9 måneder siden
You should go to CMIR central Minnesota ice racing
Tyler Grimes-Whited
Tyler Grimes-Whited 9 måneder siden
Get turbo for it‼️‼️
Gaming with Caleb
Gaming with Caleb 9 måneder siden
Hey ben maybe you should invest in some big nubby mud or snow tires
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 9 måneder siden
Everyone in the group needs a rs1
rolandrockstar mega
rolandrockstar mega 9 måneder siden
I have two rs1's. They are badass..
djcarkhuff 9 måneder siden
No thanks for taking wheeled vehicles down the snowmobile trail again.
adriand12 9 måneder siden
Yes finally to Canada
YZ Rider
YZ Rider 9 måneder siden
Why does it say ford on the steering wheel but in the grill it has a chevy emblem, I'm very confused
OutdoorsKid 24
OutdoorsKid 24 9 måneder siden
So since when did Ken want to be like jake?
average 9 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it!
Emerge Shock
Emerge Shock 9 måneder siden
Ayyyyy Canadians
Nolan Porter
Nolan Porter 9 måneder siden
You guys need these
Cory Lee
Cory Lee 9 måneder siden
Ditch riding is so fun!
Gregory Hull
Gregory Hull 9 måneder siden
yo i just want to say your my favorite youtube channel mostly because you guys just do everything that i dream of doing and you guys are also based in my favorite state minnesota instead of california or other plases that most youtubers are, i just want to say thankyou for making fun awesome videos and thanks for making special content that not many youtubers make that i can wach daily... thankyou cboysTV
Isaiah Lunsford
Isaiah Lunsford 9 måneder siden
Put some heavy lug tracks on it and take it in deep snow
gary james
gary james 9 måneder siden
piece of shit rapter
Troy Matenaer
Troy Matenaer 9 måneder siden
Of course Micah rolls it 😂
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund 9 måneder siden
Wow. You're sooo edgy. I'm blinded by the light.
Trevor carr
Trevor carr 9 måneder siden
Love all the videos you guys post. Great content. Would love to see more dirt bike/ moto stuff once it starts getting warmer out.
Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins 9 måneder siden
Hey guys Jonathan hawkins gutting you up from kenai Alaska. I work at the Honda shop here in AK. I think you guy would love the new Honda tallon 1000R. Super fast and insanely soon suspension
Dwight Lyon
Dwight Lyon 9 måneder siden
You can flip and crash anything when you get stupid! You know.😉
Toobski 24
Toobski 24 9 måneder siden
Get a turbo for it
Lholst46 9 måneder siden
How’s the power of the rzr vs the maverick
sleddercheddar 9 måneder siden
Why does Jake look like he drank half a keg in the beginning of the video? When do we expect the intervention? Lol
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