Monster Car runs over Jet Ski!! (Testing our new mud truck)

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8 måneder siden

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Today is the day! We take our new monster truck or monster car out and put it to the test. First testing its running over capabilities by driving over our Jet ski from the Legendary Jet ski jump. Next we head over to Bens house to surprise his sister and get her first reactions to it. Then we head over to G-reg's and pick up his wife Shawna and take both them for a little off-roading across the field. It was super fun and also super bumpy lol. We soon realized that our new Monster Truck or Monster Car whatever you want to call it is more of a mud truck. So we found the most mud we possibly could and took the truck through it. Safe to say the capabilities of our new rig is a lot better than we ever knew going through the mud like a piece of cake. We do a huge burnout on the burnout pad. We also do some more off-roading going over trees, logs and steep hills. This truck might be better than Micah's new lifted Jeep!
He hit our Jet ski with the Monster Car!! (Testing our new mud truck)
Straight piped truck
Monster max
Mud trucks
Mud bogging
Burnout pad
Giant burnout/drift pad
Giant burnout/drift pad freedom factory
freedom factory

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Rest In Peace Jet Ski. You never let us down ❤️
Alex Kuderer
Alex Kuderer 4 dager siden
Give a way tinny tinny is to expensive to fix all the time
Kristy Perry
Kristy Perry 3 måneder siden
Buy a 454 big block with two stage of nitros in there then it will be a mud truck
jen keim
jen keim 3 måneder siden
CboysTV hi
İrem Yaşar
İrem Yaşar 5 måneder siden
@Jacob DeJong 7€!9!0!×h @!kahve ++için +++
Fiordaliza Mejiamejia
Fiordaliza Mejiamejia 6 måneder siden
@Jacob Paris a
Colt plays
Colt plays Dag siden
If i get something of the store do enter in to win the bike or the sled
Unicornrobloxgirl 26 dager siden
and man 2020 wow in the amaraka
Unicornrobloxgirl 26 dager siden
yat man in the amarake in the tarape pliz i love you and amarake
xJAGERVILLEX Måned siden
I love how you call it a mud truck when it is a mud car.
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley Måned siden
Lol I love how you said Bradley because Bradley’s my nome
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley Måned siden
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley Måned siden
Mason Church
Mason Church 3 måneder siden
you need a locker
Sport Gamer
Sport Gamer 5 måneder siden
Haha you guys are the best
Andy 5 måneder siden
The coffee tho 😂
kevin dooler
kevin dooler 5 måneder siden
kevin dooler
kevin dooler 5 måneder siden
kevin dooler
kevin dooler 5 måneder siden
Janet Perez
Janet Perez 6 måneder siden
Brooke Mays
Brooke Mays 6 måneder siden
Ansel Cazier
Ansel Cazier 6 måneder siden
Hi ‘
Jansen Hale
Jansen Hale 7 måneder siden
Weld the difs
Javen Baumgarn
Javen Baumgarn 7 måneder siden
you dont clean it its just how it works
Carter Dixon
Carter Dixon 7 måneder siden
why does Jake look like Justin Bieber
Drif Rolla
Drif Rolla 7 måneder siden
Bruh I litterly saw this car on marketplace
Lexy Mason
Lexy Mason 7 måneder siden
That vehicle made me think of the song mud digger
Luke Campbell's experience
Luke Campbell's experience 7 måneder siden
Pressure washer
Swift Imports
Swift Imports 7 måneder siden
It need like 350hp to be real fun
Rowan Styles
Rowan Styles 7 måneder siden
Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz 7 måneder siden
Give it a good car wash
Austin Cubbage
Austin Cubbage 7 måneder siden
Can I come be your personal mechanic since you guys don’t know much about fixing the cars lol. It was cv axles and possibly the front diff that went out on little peanut
Michael Arsenault
Michael Arsenault 7 måneder siden
Arkansas Mud Kings
Arkansas Mud Kings 7 måneder siden
Seeing the duramax struggle through that stuff put that car's capabilities way more in perspective. And pressure wash it as soon as possible to clean it the easiest. Couldn't tell you how I found your channel, but I love it. I'd bet I watched 30 this week. Keep it up!
Arkansas Mud Kings
Arkansas Mud Kings 7 måneder siden
And you should either weld the differentials or get some sort of torq locker
68cuda100 7 måneder siden
Can you stop swearing, I would watch so many more of your vids
Wicked rc Entertainment
Wicked rc Entertainment 7 måneder siden
To clean it you just power was the crap out of it
Colin Gladfelter
Colin Gladfelter 7 måneder siden
Funniest shit i ever seen by far
logan brincat
logan brincat 7 måneder siden
Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin 7 måneder siden
you shoulda out a piece of ply wood under the rear right tire to give it some traction.
Samo Mahgač
Samo Mahgač 7 måneder siden
Ale pekne auto
Samo Mahgač
Samo Mahgač 7 måneder siden
Škoda skutra
Fluxius 7 måneder siden
2jz swap with locked diffs and a high torque trans maybe?
Dylan Foster
Dylan Foster 8 måneder siden
Looks like back left wheel was wobbling needs a wheel bearing soon
Henry Essex
Henry Essex 8 måneder siden
Come to Michigan Saginaw please🙂👌🤠🤠
Henry Essex
Henry Essex 8 måneder siden
Youse a hose and cloth or brush
SS TV 8 måneder siden
Pressuare washer
James Attonbrah
James Attonbrah 8 måneder siden
Stanky leg
Roberto 8 måneder siden
WAIT!! I need that kill switch on the handlbar of the Yamaha! No, for real!
James Weldon
James Weldon 8 måneder siden
It's a fucking monster car not truck
Erik 8 måneder siden
"with enough speed & velocity, anything's possible." --- That really needs to be put on a sticker or something.
Clickbait Patrol
Clickbait Patrol 8 måneder siden
I can hear that thang from Texas
Carter Grim
Carter Grim 8 måneder siden
If Zach doesn’t want to be manager, you know where to find me.
E Reljic
E Reljic 8 måneder siden
yo can I have the seat of the jet ski?
Nicholas Carter
Nicholas Carter 8 måneder siden
christian hilbert
christian hilbert 8 måneder siden
my subi could get thruough the mud better then the truck (not to discredit the basassary of the "mudder")
Regan Wangler
Regan Wangler 8 måneder siden
Hey guys can you give me a shout out my channel is “Regan Wangler” Can you guys should subscribe and like my videos you are my favourite channel by FAAAAR!!
Carson Barraclough
Carson Barraclough 8 måneder siden
Rest In Peace to the ski but can’t wait see the new mikey truck. You guys are absolutely amazing love watching ever video you post never fails to brighten my day ❤️
69 gang
69 gang 8 måneder siden
Jake should do a backflipp on his quad
Rebecca Hoffman
Rebecca Hoffman 8 måneder siden
Make a nother video ahhhhhhhhhh
Jk Jk
Jk Jk 8 måneder siden
C boys you should maybe trying colabing with tanner the tan man(on instagram)in 2021reach out to see if you could ride in oregon is were I think is were he lives #epiccolab
mattplayz534 8 måneder siden
guys can sell you cheap dirt bikes and atvs wish they would sponser me
Tate Hoffman
Tate Hoffman 8 måneder siden
Where is Justin I never see him on the channel
VikeN 8 måneder siden
Please just place Ken permanently in the office..
Nicki Warnick
Nicki Warnick 8 måneder siden
you need to make a cboystv graphic for the monster truck.
CARTER MORTIMER 8 måneder siden
You guys should make a sticker pack of all the boys vichcal s
JohnnyKVlogs 8 måneder siden
Ken from 2 years ago doesn’t look like ken now. Gained a lot of weight and became more of a puss 😂😂😂
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 8 måneder siden
Dose anyone know what cc their quads are
Josh Walter
Josh Walter 8 måneder siden
dont clean it the rain will do it
Jordan from 317 Wallace
Jordan from 317 Wallace 8 måneder siden
I love what you guys do an where u came from hope one day get a shout out or meet you guys
John Ron
John Ron 8 måneder siden
Take that thang out on the ice when it freezes again
ttv_aussieloverkangaroo 8 måneder siden
dude why did you destpory that
That1guy81 8 måneder siden
It needs lockers
Adam Shane Fulton Jr
Adam Shane Fulton Jr 8 måneder siden
Y’all needa clean it with a pressure washer and just let it dry than after clean it like a regular car
Barrie Farms JR.
Barrie Farms JR. 8 måneder siden
You guys need to put a Miller locker in the rear
Gary Malick
Gary Malick 8 måneder siden
Take it to CarMax
brodie fountain
brodie fountain 8 måneder siden
its a minster truck
Joel Lilja
Joel Lilja 8 måneder siden
Is that a SUPRA!!
Josh Shaw
Josh Shaw 8 måneder siden
Great video man! I just released two new country songs that you might wanna use in your vids. Free, if you put my Soundcloud link in the description. Lemme know TY
Orion Dobbs
Orion Dobbs 8 måneder siden
where the hell did justin go tho ??
Sending it
Sending it 8 måneder siden
Congrats on 600k! Cant wait till your mil
Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash 8 måneder siden
for once i think you have picked up something worth putting money in and keeping it around
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster 8 måneder siden
You guys have got to bring that to the yoop..we got some mud for ya
Malachi Davidson
Malachi Davidson 8 måneder siden
The stupid ass is just like to do stuff in quarantine because they don't know what to do and they run over jet ski. Perfectly good and they're stupid that's just stupid why do these people do stupid things like this and then they break them and then they don't know what to do with them and then they sell them and then they only got like not even a $500 with them and it's just stupid of them
steve naturkach
steve naturkach 8 måneder siden
i drive a 2007 aveo now i want yo do this but not kill it just use it
Free Riders
Free Riders 8 måneder siden
Go sub to me
Austin Dyer
Austin Dyer 8 måneder siden
I found your guys shop on google maps
Jordan DeHoog
Jordan DeHoog 8 måneder siden
You guys should hood stack it too🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tanner Erpelding
Tanner Erpelding 8 måneder siden
You boys should work on a farm for a day. Call me at 701-830-0488
Josh peterson
Josh peterson 8 måneder siden
Grind hard plumbing CO weld the diff!!!
Josh peterson
Josh peterson 8 måneder siden
"is this thing a hog?" ... your moms a hog... got eem
Tim hertlein
Tim hertlein 8 måneder siden
I am so motivated. Tomorrow im getting on it.. 305sbc Toyota drivetrain light blue aveo. I need some swampers
John Doe
John Doe 8 måneder siden
Man whoever is recording needs to hand the camera off to someone else. Its like the camera is spinning in circles during the whole crushing the jet ski part
Tim hertlein
Tim hertlein 8 måneder siden
Is that an Aveo. I hope not you beat me to it dammit
Cole Sneed
Cole Sneed 8 måneder siden
give more updates on jakes car. and donate that tard some money to get it tuned
Seth Bjornsson
Seth Bjornsson 8 måneder siden
I knew something bad was gonna happen when I saw Jake driving
Flynt Dickerson
Flynt Dickerson 8 måneder siden
It sounds like it’s going 90 but it’s actually only going like 20
DopeEmpire13 ‘
DopeEmpire13 ‘ 8 måneder siden in that link its a guy riding across the water on a dirt bike with like special skis around the tires it really cool and i thought it would be cool if you guys tried it or look it up: DC SHOES: ROBBIE MADDISON'S "PIPE DREAM"
Kimbal Wright
Kimbal Wright 8 måneder siden
So personally I go mudding in everything... four wheelers, trucks, and other things. Literally all you need to clean it is a pressure washer 😂😂
Oleg Lisanets
Oleg Lisanets 8 måneder siden
Put kens RS wheels on it 😂
Mr GMC631
Mr GMC631 8 måneder siden
Just some random advice ... if your not going to drive it on the streets much at all weld the differentials both of them asap even with less power and less goodies it will surprise the fuck out of you what real awd 4x4 or whatever you may call it will accomplish even in low power applications..... second so you dont get high centered on obstacles raise the side steps to flush with the bottom of the body .... other than that it's a ripper 100 % have fun put a roll bar on it also
Ethan Ratz
Ethan Ratz 8 måneder siden
can you make new cboys intro
MG Costantini
MG Costantini 8 måneder siden
OMG, I just realized that you guys neeeeeed a shop dog
The Tank
The Tank 8 måneder siden
Need to put lockers in the front and rear so all 4 tires spin at the same time
BaddaddyBrad 8 måneder siden
Weld the diffs!
Cole Carrell
Cole Carrell 8 måneder siden
Take it in the pond
BADFISH1 GAMING 8 måneder siden
Add these guys to the large group of NOpostrs that cant build.
Dakota Idema
Dakota Idema 8 måneder siden
That thing might be able to go through a lot more like 1 for the month my lawn mower keep going through the mud you were going through in my lawn mower slow and small tires
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