Ford Raptor V6 vs. V8!! The showdown we've all been waiting for

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5 måneder siden

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In todays video Ben gets to the bottom of all the talk around town.. What's faster the V8 1st gen Ford Raptor or his V6 twin turbo'd second gen Ford Raptor. You will all be surprised with the outcome of this race. Our friend Ian comes over and shows us his new boat and we install a new Simpson racing seat and harness in our Polaris RZR RS1. And we go riding in a sandpit near by our shop with dirt bikes, quads, and side by sides.

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Ford Raptor V6 vs. V8!! The showdown we've all been waiting for
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CboysTV 5 måneder siden
Thank you for watching guys! Love you all!!
Maksym Dozier
Maksym Dozier 3 måneder siden
Those 5 year old fans spend your time with something els
Rave Cannon 45
Rave Cannon 45 5 måneder siden
They don’t shit on the v6 raptor because it’s “slow” it’s not slow it’s the fact that the original svt raptor was a V8 everyone hates it because the new one is a v6 TRUCK
Joshua Vaughan
Joshua Vaughan 5 måneder siden
You should race again but in aromatic just for good measures, Ben if you were to race Ken bet he would stall out again.
Brayden Paulson
Brayden Paulson 5 måneder siden
@Esthéban lapointe you clearly know nothing about engines. The 2nd gen raptor is lighter, it has about 40 more hp, and about 100 more torque. Of course the 2nd gen raptor is going to win.
Noahersnill og super manneske
Noahersnill og super manneske 5 måneder siden
Stephen Keats they live in comorant bruh!
Nolan Mokma
Nolan Mokma 8 dager siden
But what can tow more the baby v6 or the big v8
The roaring big block Channel
The roaring big block Channel 18 dager siden
It was kind of unfair V6 raptor weighs half of what the v8 doesn’t it has two times the horsepower than the V8 does
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds 19 dager siden
Get an f250 tremor
They should get a blaster 250 two stroke so my friend will stop talking trash about my blaster
Krator 22 dager siden
The v8 is better but its a 1st gen no shit ita losing
Kelly Henry
Kelly Henry Måned siden
The v6 is lighter
Jordan Rohde
Jordan Rohde Måned siden
I mean thats what happens when u race a twin turboed ecoboost😂
Jacob Schulte
Jacob Schulte Måned siden
Saw your comment on WD love the content man
Logan Lamb
Logan Lamb Måned siden
real men dn't drive fords. Just kidding........................kinda
Ben Costello
Ben Costello 2 måneder siden
The v6 is so much better looking
Rose_ BSA
Rose_ BSA 2 måneder siden
Bro what happened to ryans quad happened to my too
Blake McGee
Blake McGee 2 måneder siden
V6 vs V8 V8 is a loser
Dean Branch
Dean Branch 2 måneder siden
It’s bad luck to rename a boat
Crf_kid 2 måneder siden
The v6 sounds so good tho 🤤🤤
Peter69 Zouaoui
Peter69 Zouaoui 2 måneder siden
see kids, a lot of cylinders isnt always hp :=/
Sweetpotato Johnson
Sweetpotato Johnson 2 måneder siden
And we’re still waiting.
Jthockey 48
Jthockey 48 2 måneder siden
You all should go to a drag spot and drag race all your cars and trucks just a thought
Supreme Playz
Supreme Playz 3 måneder siden
You dont realize the v6 is made for like the sand dunes and going fast of the line the v8 is made for towing and hauling things
silly 3 måneder siden
It’s bad luck to change the name on a boat
TheOfficialSquintz XP
TheOfficialSquintz XP 3 måneder siden
U guys party near cormorant
southchum101 3 måneder siden
You have to do a tug of war, racing just tells one side of the story.
Detroit Diesel707
Detroit Diesel707 3 måneder siden
nice boat man 80s?
Detroit Diesel707
Detroit Diesel707 3 måneder siden
yea but his sams is a 2014 prob with no supercharger so there both pavement princesses
tyler f-j
tyler f-j 3 måneder siden
V6 won because of weight advantage and a v8 has more power so accelerated quickly but then reached a high rpm and ruined the run
Spyrit. gg
Spyrit. gg 3 måneder siden
definition gapplebees
ET turtle Man
ET turtle Man 3 måneder siden
At least the v8 has more power
Bryon Homan
Bryon Homan 3 måneder siden
Race a v6 Colorado
Josh Turnbull
Josh Turnbull 4 måneder siden
For some you tubers, y’all have some good ass designs for your merchandise. Bad ass shop too, do a shop tour of the place. It’s live
Austin C
Austin C 4 måneder siden
Love the videos but, but go ahead and race a supercharged gen 1, and get back to us. You're comparing a boosted truck that has almost 10 years newer technology, to a naturally aspirated truck.
brett knowles
brett knowles 4 måneder siden
The scariest part is getting strapped in its like why am I getting strapped in am I going to flip???
Dylan Holcomb
Dylan Holcomb 4 måneder siden
Anybody else see the whiteboard, “Micah is a lesbian”
ArchAngel 4
ArchAngel 4 4 måneder siden
They are both trucks of the same make purdy much the same model and both will more than likely take heavy damage out on each other, one might lose the box bed the other might lose its back axles in the end they both end up damaged, it would purdy much be like going to war with yourself nobody gets hurt but you.
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 4 måneder siden
6 smoked him.. What u got in there a tune lol
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 4 måneder siden
What u do pull that outta of your ass hahaha HHS Ben
Nic Jordan
Nic Jordan 4 måneder siden
I like both trucks but the v6 is Turbo Charge
josh guitar
josh guitar 5 måneder siden
to be fair it’s twin turbo v6
Thomas Hood
Thomas Hood 5 måneder siden
How was that 2 years ago but it was in the new shop
ChrisandLeonie 5 måneder siden
Ca you give the Australia’s the rx1
GTX FIRESTRIKE 5 måneder siden
How ab yall have a truck pull
James Campbell
James Campbell 5 måneder siden
“I really hope my tire doesn’t fall off” *just rips the living shit outta it*
Charlie Galli
Charlie Galli 5 måneder siden
The v6 looks better anyway
andrew b
andrew b 5 måneder siden
v6 still doesn’t belong in a truck
Koondog All day
Koondog All day 5 måneder siden
Do you have any flags left
ND Small Town farmer
ND Small Town farmer 5 måneder siden
And we have a lake by Cormorant
Life in the Boondocks
Life in the Boondocks 5 måneder siden
The v6 rapter was made for Baja racing, that's why it's faster.
Lukas Denver
Lukas Denver 5 måneder siden
V6 vs v8
Lukas Denver
Lukas Denver 5 måneder siden
Tug of war
Curly Johnson
Curly Johnson 5 måneder siden
Ok so the v6 is geared tall
Charlie Winfrey
Charlie Winfrey 5 måneder siden
I’m not hating on the v6’s I personally don’t like them but for y’all that do good for you but have to understand “most”v8’s are not made for speed their made for torque and towing where the v6 is made for speed and its turbocharged
jagger pilon
jagger pilon 5 måneder siden
ben truck look way better than the other truck
Nicholas Dorrell
Nicholas Dorrell 5 måneder siden
did any adult catch the sign at 9:26, that shit had me rolling
Shaunyai ome
Shaunyai ome 5 måneder siden
Can I pay cash for your merch, I could mail it to your address
LV Kendama Team
LV Kendama Team 5 måneder siden
the sign at 9:31 haha
Jared Miller
Jared Miller 5 måneder siden
You guys should rake the old seat and make it into a office chair
Harrison Kwan
Harrison Kwan 5 måneder siden
Sam’s truck is a older tho
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 5 måneder siden
That would be a good way to role the Rs1
Tannor Deutsch
Tannor Deutsch 5 måneder siden
how much would u sell the blue QUAD for
DaddyD 7.3
DaddyD 7.3 5 måneder siden
Lets be real the 3.5 raptor freakin moves. The 6.2 in the 1gen is slower than shitttt.
Luke Otten
Luke Otten 5 måneder siden
I think y’all need a Pavati AL series wake boat
Asmister 12
Asmister 12 5 måneder siden
You guys should do a tug of war with them I think we all know who would win that 😂
Asmister 12
Asmister 12 5 måneder siden
Any one else remember when they ordered the cyber truck?
77 Frosty
77 Frosty 5 måneder siden
I mean he looks to be in a 2011 v8 raptor so I mean I’m not supposed he lost
Paxton Blake
Paxton Blake 5 måneder siden
Need to put a twin turbo in the rs1
Julie Gatlin
Julie Gatlin 5 måneder siden
Jay D
Jay D 5 måneder siden
How about you guys not beat and destroy the giveaway!!! There goes my order!
BGM PRODUCTIONS 5 måneder siden
Call is boats n' hoes
Dalton Lindsay
Dalton Lindsay 5 måneder siden
A v6 will win in a race but hook em up to a trailer and see who wins
Ty Allen
Ty Allen 5 måneder siden
Name the boat “suck my wake”
External_ bot
External_ bot 5 måneder siden
Has anyone seen murf
Aj Gould
Aj Gould 5 måneder siden
I will buy the jeep
Diesel Delivery
Diesel Delivery 5 måneder siden
Puts seat belt on after the race hahahahah 3:25
Tyler Gaidys
Tyler Gaidys 5 måneder siden
Bring back the intro or make a new one?
Quinn Snider
Quinn Snider 5 måneder siden
have a race towing the same weight though..
Tristan Brockman
Tristan Brockman 5 måneder siden
Eco boosts are beast dont underestimate them
Brett Vanderwall
Brett Vanderwall 5 måneder siden
I wanna see it with him actually in auto not using the paddles
Ridin Dirty
Ridin Dirty 5 måneder siden
New merch is sick .... check my channel for riding vlogs
Nic Borutski
Nic Borutski 5 måneder siden
Why is Ben so annoying good vid tho
Zach West
Zach West 5 måneder siden
Well an auto can’t shift high enough when your using pedals
Mud Puppy Garage
Mud Puppy Garage 5 måneder siden
Only if I had money to buy merch. I'm a 13 year old kid wanting a RS1 for my B-day. If you read this can you send me MERCH with all of your signatures on the that would be nice.
Shadow Elite
Shadow Elite 5 måneder siden
Where do you guys get your graphics kits
STW Scarm
STW Scarm 5 måneder siden
The sand dunes give me the vibes from 2 years ago. It’s been a minute.
WTR Frosty
WTR Frosty 5 måneder siden
You guys should get under glow for the rs1
WTR Frosty
WTR Frosty 5 måneder siden
So what if it roasted both of the trucks but then why don’t we try the v6 off-road then it’s 100 percent not a mans truck
Dan Arrato
Dan Arrato 5 måneder siden
Pound town hahahaha
jake playz
jake playz 5 måneder siden
Ya but a duramax is way heavier then a v6
IDK BRO 5 måneder siden
Do a tug of war then see who jas the nicer truck
jTeemu 5 måneder siden
What time is the drop
jTeemu 5 måneder siden
CboysTV what time est
jTeemu 5 måneder siden
CboysTV you respond
CboysTV 5 måneder siden
7pm central!
Cade Allenby
Cade Allenby 5 måneder siden
Yo where has Justin Ben
Antix Customz
Antix Customz 5 måneder siden
Why do u not launch in 4x4... smh change ur name from cboys to slowboys
Deserthi 5 måneder siden
Just make sure you sell you V6 raptor before you warranty expires. The V8 will last forever but the V6 has mechanical problems
DirtGearTv 5 måneder siden
Who would roast an eco-boost raptor? Lightweight HPs kinda the point of the whole truck
BB_RORZA 5 måneder siden
Jayden Lobbezoo
Jayden Lobbezoo 5 måneder siden
What's the displacement on them. V6 traditionally can rev faster. Short stroke don't have as much torque but large power window. Although flat out the v8 might have won (in a 10 miles drag)
Cody 5 måneder siden
Come down to Texas let’s race lol
Cody 5 måneder siden
Yes the eco boost is a v6 not the traditional big American v8 and I hate to say it but are probably the future in the half tons if I remember correctly the ecoboost raptor pushs 18lbs Of boost I used to hate them so much but they are ridiculously fast. I have a 7.3 powerstroke being built the goal was 600hp but then decide to add a nitrous kit so shooting for 7-800hp now and building a cummins 5.9 also
Cameron Hendley
Cameron Hendley 5 måneder siden
Put a 5.0 out of a mustang in the 2nd gen
Robert Waugh
Robert Waugh 5 måneder siden
my grampa just passed away and i was really upset and the i remeberd that u guys posted so i went to my room and wached a couple of your videos and u inspired me to go out side and not let anything get in my way no matter p.s bean dont let the hatters get in your head
Kevin Wade
Kevin Wade 5 måneder siden
It is a twin turbo v6 lol not just some skimpy v6
ItzBuzzKill 5 måneder siden
Hook em up
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