HUGE Snowmobile Tandem Jump!! (World Record 115ft)

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9 måneder siden

HUGE Snowmobile Tandem Jump!! (World Record 115ft)
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In Today's video, we head over to the X-games gold medalist legend pro snowmobile rider Levi LaVallee's compound without a clue to what we are doing. He surprised us with a custom fabricated Polaris snowmobile made to fit 2 people and a massive jump for us to get big air on. He said he knew we could use some help with our snowmobile jumping skills after seeing jake case it in the last video. So he told him to get on and hold tight. The jump went amazing so we went for a big group snowmobile trail ride and found some fresh snow and powder to ride in. During our ride, we came across a group of riders that had a Polaris rzr with snow tracks on it that had fallen through the ice. We stopped to help and try to pull them out.
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Foster Otley
Foster Otley 16 dager siden
Who else just came from the city ride with Levi
pavlo shostak
pavlo shostak 23 dager siden
bro it sound like a hair cutter
Gabe's mountain biking life 24
Gabe's mountain biking life 24 27 dager siden
10:34 to 11:06 was the best
Tucker Mutchie
Tucker Mutchie 29 dager siden
keep jumpin
Jackson Lehman
Jackson Lehman 29 dager siden
Were they really listening to Logan Paul
Ty Phelps
Ty Phelps Måned siden
this was posted on my birthday.
Dominic Brambrink
Dominic Brambrink Måned siden
Riding in MN is fun isn't it not to much snow just the perfect amount of powder almost every year I enjoy it just as much as you boys O man riding on a melting lake done that before. It got a bit sketchy because I was riding on an slow old sled
Kagne Goldmann
Kagne Goldmann Måned siden
I’m not even joking that first clip he put in of the montage of levi was the exact video I watched before this
levidominguez 243
levidominguez 243 Måned siden
that is my name levi lol
Derek Thomas
Derek Thomas 2 måneder siden
Miss bangin😔
Kolin Soots
Kolin Soots 3 måneder siden
Levi saying “don’t mind me, I hang out in the dark” caught me off guard😂
niko lutkauskas
niko lutkauskas 3 måneder siden
The ice was so shitty this year...
Bryce Brenny
Bryce Brenny 7 måneder siden
Where you guys in longvillie with Levi
Tyler Jankura
Tyler Jankura 7 måneder siden
What’s song
16th rider
16th rider 7 måneder siden
11:38 ken looks so scared
3rd Pin Outdoors
3rd Pin Outdoors 8 måneder siden
2:00 what's the name of that song
Brittani Clark
Brittani Clark 8 måneder siden
Caden Derleth
Caden Derleth 8 måneder siden
Has anyone seen the dislikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon 9 måneder siden
That just wad AMAZING! I couldn't stop laughing
Cory Lee
Cory Lee 9 måneder siden
Ditch riding with LL you guys are living the least a MN boys dream!
Kevin Buck
Kevin Buck 9 måneder siden
Do a heel clicker and knock Levi out mid air lmao
kaidenz123 9 måneder siden
Only if it was 264 ft it would have been a world record
BRAAP VLOGS 9 måneder siden
Ayeeee ! Y’all crazy I gotta come mess with y’all 💪🏼😈🔥
Mason Knox
Mason Knox Måned siden
The car lover 14
The car lover 14 9 måneder siden
Bring back the peanut video’s
PP Faze Tenser
PP Faze Tenser 9 måneder siden
Where is jakes mustang
Drew Carrell
Drew Carrell 9 måneder siden
Y’all are so desperate for clout🤦🏻‍♂️
xd joker xd
xd joker xd 9 måneder siden
Could you buy me a quad?
Michael Christly
Michael Christly 9 måneder siden
Put stickers on your snowmobiles to make them go faster
nolan berry
nolan berry 9 måneder siden
Sad day... someone stole my bangin shield and my cboys sweatshirt out of my car... rip
Bryce Eddy
Bryce Eddy 9 måneder siden
Got the sleds in the back but where still gunna fuckin send it
Ella Dietzmann
Ella Dietzmann 9 måneder siden
That would be fun asf I wish I could ride but my clutch blew up, broke motor mounts, busted gas lines, doesn’t have brakes and cracked engine block so I won’t be riding for the remainder of the year I don’t think
Braydon Lee 32 (STUDENT)
Braydon Lee 32 (STUDENT) 9 måneder siden
COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA you wont regret awesome for sled larry enticers here now id much rather the cboys tho u giys got to
Aiden Shea
Aiden Shea 9 måneder siden
You should drive a shifter kart to Fargo
ʟʀ · ֆɨȶɖօառx ꁅꍏꎭꀤꈤꁅ
ʟʀ · ֆɨȶɖօառx ꁅꍏꎭꀤꈤꁅ 9 måneder siden
hay can i say hi wen you in utah
Gabe W
Gabe W 9 måneder siden
8:51 "He's so high"
Jordon LaValley
Jordon LaValley 9 måneder siden
Ya know it would have been a great coincidence if his last name was spelled the same as mine
Mason Hatch
Mason Hatch 9 måneder siden
What GoPro do you guys use?
Michael Duell
Michael Duell 9 måneder siden
I love in Michigan
Aiden House
Aiden House 9 måneder siden
You guys should tie a slide to the back of a sled
Cr_ Bois
Cr_ Bois 9 måneder siden
Can i like come over for a day like yall do what i dream of everyday likes its almost normal😂
Harley Jennings
Harley Jennings 9 måneder siden
You guys made it on danger cats
Kyle Geiss
Kyle Geiss 9 måneder siden
What's the outro song ??
Kaden VanHuis
Kaden VanHuis 9 måneder siden
What kind of snowmobiles do you guys drive
LaVallee 9 måneder siden
Such a good time! You guys are top level!
Connor Waits
Connor Waits 9 måneder siden
"yup, that's not going anywhere" lol GOTTA SAY IT EVERY TIME
Levi Thompson
Levi Thompson 9 måneder siden
You guys should Collab with Danny Duncan🙃
Dan Meszaros
Dan Meszaros 9 måneder siden
Dan Meszaros
Dan Meszaros 9 måneder siden
yes lol
Codyjudy Robinson
Codyjudy Robinson 9 måneder siden
Arrieon Ramdial
Arrieon Ramdial 9 måneder siden
Yo Ben, I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything... I’m genuinely asking out of concern. Is your chin okay dude?
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
Hahahahaha took a gnarly Snowbike crash bro 😂😂
Brady Ford
Brady Ford 9 måneder siden
where is justin these days
The Hay Boys
The Hay Boys 9 måneder siden
Make more blue bangin hats dammit been trying to get one for 3 months now lol
Atif ams
Atif ams 9 måneder siden
where do they live?
Stephen Shugarue
Stephen Shugarue 9 måneder siden
It’s literally 3 am I have to be up by 7 am but I heard Levi was in a cboys video so I don’t care
Adolf Vance
Adolf Vance 9 måneder siden
Bruh just go to moonlight bays cardboard races and you’ll see him in a snap of a second 😂😂
Jordan Schuster
Jordan Schuster 9 måneder siden
Jake is your dads name is Dave
Kyle Davidson
Kyle Davidson 9 måneder siden
They should get a monster truck
Tripl3 Thr33
Tripl3 Thr33 9 måneder siden
music in the background is soo good. great editing
Jen Emond
Jen Emond 9 måneder siden
This comment is for Ben should I get a KTM or Honda or husky
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
reidairsofter 9 måneder siden
At the beginning when they loading the 800 everyone got that puttin in work face except for Bangin 😂 he’s just chillin acting like he’s doing something lmao my kinda guy💀
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 9 måneder siden
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 9 måneder siden
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 9 måneder siden
Aaron Lindsey
Aaron Lindsey 9 måneder siden
Yo cboys should definitely guest on impaulisve
Dhani 9 måneder siden
It’s cool to see how much you guys grew over the years. jakes side by side to every cboy having a new sled😂
Ashton Gittins
Ashton Gittins 9 måneder siden
Yee yee
Connor Zak
Connor Zak 9 måneder siden
U have 5000 likes on The ranger video hot tub time
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson 9 måneder siden
Jetski Jake is the whole entire reason the cboys are a success on NOpost. I know I'm not here to watch Ken that's for sure..
Lane Kuchinsky
Lane Kuchinsky 9 måneder siden
Gotta love levi😂
Luke Adams
Luke Adams 9 måneder siden
How does any one not know who he is
Carson Shultz
Carson Shultz 9 måneder siden
I literally dont understand how they dont have 10 million subscribers. They make amazing videos that are better than basically everyone else's on this entire platform.
Levi Leutz
Levi Leutz 9 måneder siden
hay I my dad and me live in the up
Hudson Bogovich
Hudson Bogovich 9 måneder siden
8:00 That’s how you know Levi’s a real rider compared to the cboys he said “we never do one more, we do another” that’s a fact lmfaooo
Aiden Little
Aiden Little 9 måneder siden
Where is California are they going?
Zach 9 måneder siden
funny vid! i live in MN and i wish i had a decent sled to do these things...
joshua brown
joshua brown 9 måneder siden
When you allow jake to drive
Shaun P
Shaun P 9 måneder siden
Haha Jake looks like Harley Quinn with the ponytails! Keep up the good videos!
Shaun P
Shaun P 9 måneder siden
Hahaha Jake looks like Harley Quinn on the back with the ponytails!
Dustin Hiaty
Dustin Hiaty 9 måneder siden
I would be super thankful if you could send me a bangin shirt for my birthday it’s the same day as your new release
Jeremiah Thorpe
Jeremiah Thorpe 9 måneder siden
Redneck Robby
Redneck Robby 9 måneder siden
Make another one but in Tennessee. If you do, I'm gonna try to find yall
Trevor Nelson
Trevor Nelson 9 måneder siden
ive met levi lavalle
Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan 9 måneder siden
Jake you need to learn how to hit the ramp next time on your own sled. You might as well learn how to hit it from the best.
Jeff Morse
Jeff Morse 9 måneder siden
jesus guys get a caliber ramp, $300 and no back issues. Hell give them a product plug and they will prob send you one.
Quad Rippers 420
Quad Rippers 420 9 måneder siden
What happened to jakes banshee
skylar milton
skylar milton 9 måneder siden
I think if y’all posted once every Monday and Friday you would have a lot more people watching the videos because I had no idea this dropped on a random Thursday
Jonah Christensen
Jonah Christensen 9 måneder siden
Jonah Christensen
Jonah Christensen 9 måneder siden
Shawn Kendrick
Shawn Kendrick 9 måneder siden
Where’d Ben get that herp on his lip ?
Brian Longley
Brian Longley 9 måneder siden
Hey boys that sweet ridin with L.L., big fan of both your channels aweaome ,best day ever 🤘
Evita Pupiņa
Evita Pupiņa 9 måneder siden
10:40 what is that song?
Evita Pupiņa
Evita Pupiņa 9 måneder siden
I found it - Cospe-Life is strong
d pizzle
d pizzle 9 måneder siden
I remember watching Levi do the record attempt back in 07’ ish at Canterbury Downs in Shakopee It was quite the show
Sloth Productions
Sloth Productions 9 måneder siden
magnus Andersen
magnus Andersen 9 måneder siden
7:38 lmao akward
Stephan Ives
Stephan Ives 9 måneder siden
Peeped that l.p diss
adam bergqvist
adam bergqvist 9 måneder siden
Haha just stay there, don’t move too much 😂
Rex4x4 9 måneder siden
he was just here in north bay ontario a few days ago too.
Braap Moto
Braap Moto 9 måneder siden
7:38 nice😂😂
WI Outdoorshuntin/fishin
WI Outdoorshuntin/fishin 9 måneder siden
Can someone please tell me what that beat was when they were on the way to the lavallee compound
Tristen Johnson
Tristen Johnson 9 måneder siden
What did Levi say about micas sled since it was his old one
Fabian Alcozar
Fabian Alcozar 9 måneder siden
Wanna see more videos on the mustang 🙏🏽👍🏽
Taylor Preece
Taylor Preece 9 måneder siden
Why 5 ads?
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