Jumping My Friends Van Over Can Am X3

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In todays video, we get a free box of some quality meat sent to us so we head out and buy a new grill to grill it on. Luckily G-reg hooked us up with his old one for $100. The next day is a big day for us as we finally have Kens brother "Hey Cody" available to build us a big jump so we can finally jump our maverick x3. Naturally we decide to take it up a notch and take Micah's van along too, so we can jump the maverick over it. We get the jump ready and realize it was gonna be pretty sketchy jumping the x3 and being that we are going to be giving it away to one of you in 2 weeks we decide Instead we should jump Micah's van over the x3. Micah wasn't a huge fan of the idea so we told him we would buy the van from him for 1000 bucks. Later we install some new parts on our maverick x3 and make a big announcement as well! Thanks for reading all this comment down below "Hey Cody is the man"

Aidan Winter
Aidan Winter 5 timer siden
when they leave the propane tank on the grill
TBS Klapzz
TBS Klapzz Dag siden
Moneys signs on the wheels for the bmw
Temaul Sookdeo
Temaul Sookdeo 4 dager siden
Fffffffffffffcffffffffccdfffffff Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Melanie Fortin
Melanie Fortin 16 dager siden
I love you I like you guys and I really like what you doing smart stuff huh
Santi Herrera
Santi Herrera 24 dager siden
Who else know how to grill
MD Turbo
MD Turbo Måned siden
You have to add some beer to the steak for flavor.
Jayden Cruz Martinez
Jayden Cruz Martinez Måned siden
marineberry7844 fishy
marineberry7844 fishy Måned siden
{travis}wolfs low level freind :0
{travis}wolfs low level freind :0 Måned siden
Lol the can am in the bathroom
James Kamburelis
James Kamburelis Måned siden
is awesome
James Kamburelis
James Kamburelis Måned siden
can I get some free banging stickers I love jack he is do
Eli Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez Måned siden
Subscribe to my NOpost channel
Cody Sipe
Cody Sipe Måned siden
I really like that razor
Stefanie Cope
Stefanie Cope Måned siden
I love your videos
Karl Cuchran
Karl Cuchran 2 måneder siden
This is by far my favorite video I've ever seem
Corey2base 2 måneder siden
Who else has the poster from this video?
Familjen Steineck
Familjen Steineck 2 måneder siden
You shuld Watch FLAIR
Logan Vlogs
Logan Vlogs 2 måneder siden
Take a snowmobile to McDonald’s
Glen Bailey
Glen Bailey 3 måneder siden
I will take the van even if it's damaged
anthony farina
anthony farina 3 måneder siden
Love this
THE LLAMA GANG 3 måneder siden
That is a great deal
Jake Leno
Jake Leno 3 måneder siden
Danny TJ
Danny TJ 3 måneder siden
Micah should do a wideboy kit on his bmw
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 4 måneder siden
Truck meet after corona ?????!!!!!!!??????
Epic4real 22
Epic4real 22 4 måneder siden
He’ll yeah that’s a good deal that’s a hella nice grill
Super king Tom
Super king Tom 4 måneder siden
I haven’t watched you for two years
Thomas James
Thomas James 5 måneder siden
RIP the van😭😅🤟🏻
Jennifer Guzman
Jennifer Guzman 5 måneder siden
Colt Belisle
Colt Belisle 5 måneder siden
I have ate worms before
DeltaOscerAlfa 90
DeltaOscerAlfa 90 5 måneder siden
Honestly, kinda sad to watch a really nice van do that. But I ain’t gonna be materialistic and gonna let it slide. But dang that would’ve been a good party van
Kerri Ward
Kerri Ward 6 måneder siden
I use Hello Fresh
Silentknight 87
Silentknight 87 6 måneder siden
I would soooo kick it with all of yal!!!! If you tube was big when I was doin all kinds of crazy shit with my friends we SOOO would have had a channel!!!
ZACH Buchanan
ZACH Buchanan 6 måneder siden
I’m sending you guys something for all of you
Russ 6 måneder siden
my dad has the same truck but he painted it red and white. this saddens me
Jackson O’Brien
Jackson O’Brien 6 måneder siden
You don’t know how to season to meet
Jackson O’Brien
Jackson O’Brien 6 måneder siden
MrRoyal Ttv
MrRoyal Ttv 6 måneder siden
Can i join cboys
Wyatt Adamson
Wyatt Adamson 6 måneder siden
I would love to have the Maverick it would be so much and better than my old crappy Kawasaki bayou
fred ritchey
fred ritchey 6 måneder siden
Everyone who grills cringed at the seasoning
Tanki Online
Tanki Online 6 måneder siden
Jake is my fav
Nathan James
Nathan James 6 måneder siden
I love you guys as big do you guys are so cool and I love you guys and I love the way you guys laugh a lot and smile I just love you guys and smiles your voive
Mike Giblets
Mike Giblets 6 måneder siden
That was just flat stupid when they beat the grill the gas could have exploded
Darinp87 6 måneder siden
Jump at 19:42. You're welcome
Adrian Vecchione
Adrian Vecchione 6 måneder siden
Jake is crazy
Tammie Jensen
Tammie Jensen 7 måneder siden
Jump the skideloter
Cameron McClendon
Cameron McClendon 7 måneder siden
get some BBS rims for that bmw, either that or some HRE's
ELLIOT SOLOMON 7 måneder siden
dog yall should restorethe van and make it nice and make it a monster truck like tiny
ELLIOT SOLOMON 7 måneder siden
see its funny cause yall are worried about the maverick i was worried about the van the van is pretty sick not gonna lie
Jeff Mclearen
Jeff Mclearen 7 måneder siden
We are not fake, we are real you tubers😂
Nicholas Kenzy
Nicholas Kenzy 7 måneder siden
Demand USA beef
kylen brads
kylen brads 7 måneder siden
22:20 my man on the left was gettin rag dolled 🤣😎
Bowen Jensen
Bowen Jensen 7 måneder siden
I love how they throw the grill with propane in it
Thomas White
Thomas White 7 måneder siden
If you gave me the mave rick i would give to a kid that dont have a nuff money
Conner Poldberg
Conner Poldberg 7 måneder siden
i no why Jake keeps blowing up cars because he the one who jumps the peanuts
Alekzander Patton
Alekzander Patton 7 måneder siden
The got such a good. Deal on the grill
Aaron Kramer
Aaron Kramer 7 måneder siden
At 19:44 the hula girl got so excited she threw her skirt off
Matthew Lyon
Matthew Lyon 8 måneder siden
I if you look at the picture at the end of the video you can see ken on his phone😂
Mike Monaco
Mike Monaco 8 måneder siden
I ride like them I’m 7 years old
Whistlin Diesel Jr
Whistlin Diesel Jr 8 måneder siden
Whistlin Diesel Jr
Whistlin Diesel Jr 8 måneder siden
BBS rims and Toyo tired
Peter69 Zouaoui
Peter69 Zouaoui 8 måneder siden
waste of a good van
RocketPink 8 måneder siden
Tommy Cochrane
Tommy Cochrane 8 måneder siden
Cooper Cliburn
Cooper Cliburn 8 måneder siden
You should do something like putting a propane tank in one of you peanute and shoot it so it will explode that would be cool and if you do it can you shout me out and I've subed
Jared Hartley
Jared Hartley 8 måneder siden
If I win I want me and Jake to jump the Maverick and reck it in to shit
čule 8 måneder siden
Damn bro i felt that worm in my fucking mouth
Marc Mazza
Marc Mazza 8 måneder siden
Anyone know the songs?!
Stephanie Zangari
Stephanie Zangari 9 måneder siden
Jump the truck
Adam Kruskama
Adam Kruskama 9 måneder siden
The blonde kid that wears his hat backwards looks like Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Colton Loberg
Colton Loberg 9 måneder siden
That's like a 1200 grill new
Jumbo Skateclips
Jumbo Skateclips 9 måneder siden
Butcher box is to expensive
Henry Morrison
Henry Morrison 10 måneder siden
I have subscrib on snapchat
RossTheSloth 10 måneder siden
I thought it was funny they kept hitting the grill super close to the propane tank
Craig Rosenberger
Craig Rosenberger 10 måneder siden
your the best my name is jake Rosenberger ryan peace
jackiejensenjj 10 måneder siden
Guys working. Banging hitting the van
John Wishbone
John Wishbone 10 måneder siden
Someone could have used that van
Angler Squad
Angler Squad 10 måneder siden
The hula girl on the dash got whiplash
LittleFish 10 måneder siden
I love how they’re worried of totaling the Mavericks going over the van but not jumping a bus over a maverick
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson 10 måneder siden
Ok so maybe big Ken can grill that's a plus and hes just a little bit less of a bitch in my book. He does still suck though...
Linden Ham
Linden Ham 10 måneder siden
That is a great deal for the grill
The roaring big block Channel
The roaring big block Channel 10 måneder siden
When I saw the meat my mouth started to water
Jordan Simcox
Jordan Simcox 11 måneder siden
Xxr wheels
Hazy 11 måneder siden
Kens a wet blanket
deltaechoomega 11 måneder siden
Steak seasoning??? S & P the choice for me!!
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 11 måneder siden
How old is Jake? He looks like a little kid and an adult at the same time
ian alderson
ian alderson 11 måneder siden
Guys 20 years old and doesnt know how to bbq? Pretty sad lol
Daymeian Richardson
Daymeian Richardson 11 måneder siden
As a prank you need to stretch a condom onto a side view Morton Bc you won’t be able to see out
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 11 måneder siden
Who else when Jake jump the van seen the skirt fly off the little bobble head
Steve Schellenberg
Steve Schellenberg 11 måneder siden
Jordan Bradfield
Jordan Bradfield År siden
The fire works where the shit lol
wolfmode body builder
wolfmode body builder År siden
is that a MGB in the garage?
LS Hunting Fishing and Cooking
LS Hunting Fishing and Cooking År siden
If you want some tips how to barbecue and how to season meat just go check out ls hunting fishing and cooking
pam cheadle
pam cheadle År siden
That grilllooks like a peice of shit
Dan100 MTB
Dan100 MTB År siden
Yall sick. Can I come and hang out. I 've got a 250xc ktm and a 450 race quad
Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell År siden
What happened to Jake's Mustang, I really want to know
Greg Harper
Greg Harper År siden
I don't subscribe to many channels, but you boys are up to something.
CoyoteKote År siden
That transitioon between filmers was wack but so smooth at 24:48
Andrew Menteer
Andrew Menteer År siden
Stephen Furr
Stephen Furr År siden
14:40 Of course, everyone saws off their catalytic convertor before jumping a vehicle. Duh.
John O
John O År siden
Yo boys when it comes to grilling olive oil everything hit it with the Lawrys or the Johnny’s and g2g with salmon leave the skin on marinate it in teriyaki and cook it skin side down usually 350 degrees for like 20-30 mins flip the salmon to sear the top and the skin will pull right off and you know it’s done put the skin fatty side back on the grill crisp it up and eat it. Enjoy.
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider År siden
that looks like a lot of fun mate
Shouldn't have let him drive it
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