We made him do this.

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7 måneder siden

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In todays video, we install new ZRP radius rods on our Polaris RZR RS1, and our KX 450 Give away winner shows up to pick up his new dirt bike. We test the new radius rods on the RS1 by jumping our favorite gap jump. Ken steps up to the plate and jumps the side by side too. Mike (the giveaway winners friend) jumps his new ssr pit bike and crashes. Later we all start our new job at the Cormorant Store which unfortunately only lasted one day because according to Tom "It just wasn’t working out". Then we try a new game.
We made him do this.
Building New Dream Shop!!
Shop tour
Freedom factory tour
Freedom factory
New Shop
Huge Shop
Drift pad
Lifted ford raptor
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Diesel power Cummins
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
Many freedoms
Closed track
Extreme logging
10Ton Haul
+blower damage
completely different engine

CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Still no call back from Tom 🤔 beginning to wonder if he lost our number...
Easton Beach
Easton Beach 6 måneder siden
CboysTV the gods
Mason Christianson
Mason Christianson 7 måneder siden
I hope turf wars is still on but I doubt it is
jack morris
jack morris 7 måneder siden
Is turf wars still on
Camel Earwax
Camel Earwax 7 måneder siden
You guys have dibs 😱 you should send me some
Carver GODX
Carver GODX 7 måneder siden
CboysTV does paintball war??
Noah Kuboushek
Noah Kuboushek 3 måneder siden
Last video Jacks in 😪
Alex Anglade
Alex Anglade 6 måneder siden
Was that micah that took of 😂😂
David Mayell
David Mayell 6 måneder siden
Anyone else continuously wonder why they even hang out with Ken? lol....
Tyler Nichols
Tyler Nichols 6 måneder siden
Why do people always win the giveaways that are obviously not a good person to win like the guy has never rode a bike before like let me win one😂
Nolan Parker
Nolan Parker 6 måneder siden
There video are cool
idkdrew 7 måneder siden
Ken looks like an uncle hanging out with all his nephews
Bros 4sho
Bros 4sho 7 måneder siden
Imagine the 93 people that dislike
Brian Loguidice
Brian Loguidice 7 måneder siden
Clean your barrels boys
Richard Somervell
Richard Somervell 7 måneder siden
Jake smokes or vapes doesn't he?????
Carson Kartes
Carson Kartes 7 måneder siden
oh ya sure get out the car! Ha ha ha!!!
CAMMASTER04 7 måneder siden
Love ur fucking videos boys keep it up
Ben dover
Ben dover 7 måneder siden
12:38 ish.. kinda looks like a weird pornvideo 😂
Eskil Melvold
Eskil Melvold 7 måneder siden
can you go riding soon
Shawn Bauernfeind
Shawn Bauernfeind 7 måneder siden
You bare gay keep it up
Jordan Schuster
Jordan Schuster 7 måneder siden
Best part is when he leaves also does Jake smoke?
Cazual Fridaze
Cazual Fridaze 7 måneder siden
how did i enter for the bike and not win when i’m 17, been riding for 12 years, but he enters and wins and has never ridden smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
spencer gutierrez
spencer gutierrez 7 måneder siden
You guys need pit bikes and a gnarly track
STUPID sh*t 7 måneder siden
Hey where’s Kens Tesla cyber truck he ordered
Kaspar mees
Kaspar mees 7 måneder siden
Airsoft Mitchel
Airsoft Mitchel 7 måneder siden
Ken, "It was a good idea, until i realized it wasnt."
orreboy 7 måneder siden
Put wheels on a snowmobile
James Figaro
James Figaro 7 måneder siden
Ryan is the only one that commits
Jake Dean
Jake Dean 7 måneder siden
Could I fly to you guys and hang out for a day
Patrick Piche
Patrick Piche 7 måneder siden
Hauling the goose
shatheed feed
shatheed feed 7 måneder siden
Pit bike hell yah send it
shatheed feed
shatheed feed 7 måneder siden
@Michael Greek yoah omg you responded im a huge fan
shatheed feed
shatheed feed 7 måneder siden
Do you have snap i only have snap
Michael Greek
Michael Greek 7 måneder siden
Thanks man it was a great time haha follow my insta greeker_636
Trent Levings
Trent Levings 7 måneder siden
Clean your freaking paintball gun. Jeez
D G 7 måneder siden
How is ken in the c boys
Narendra Singh
Narendra Singh 7 måneder siden
Hi cboys i am begging fa go kart
jackogrady 96
jackogrady 96 7 måneder siden
Cj you should camp on the roof with someone with pb guns and just go full trigger happy hehe
Gatlin Owens
Gatlin Owens 7 måneder siden
For the love of God, at least try to hold the camera steady... Got me motion sick over here lmao
why 7 måneder siden
DIBS!? Those are still a thing? God damn I need some of those
Big Lake Productions
Big Lake Productions 7 måneder siden
boys need a superjet for jumping wake this summer on the lake
Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan 7 måneder siden
What happened to Justin?
Azuolas Cernius
Azuolas Cernius 7 måneder siden
Green gang or purple gang ??
Jake Reynolds
Jake Reynolds 7 måneder siden
Wait.. they gave a guy that doesn’t know how to ride a 450! I give him a week till he crashes
Jachob Mason
Jachob Mason 7 måneder siden
"Money has been tight" as there views are sky rocketing bc of covid 19
Robert Langton
Robert Langton 7 måneder siden
Holy shit that skit was amazing guys!!!
Levi Berens
Levi Berens 7 måneder siden
They didn’t give that guy enough Credit for that jump😤
mystic 5 måneder siden
@Levi berens have you seen there other videos he doesn't do anything
Michael Greek
Michael Greek 7 måneder siden
It was way different in person 12 foot gap i jumped like 24 feet😂
Tom Bishop
Tom Bishop 7 måneder siden
Why was jakes shirt so tight 😂😂😂😂
Ty Bullard
Ty Bullard 7 måneder siden
wuts with the list of yalls vids whislindiesel vids and cleetus vids
Kyle Nay
Kyle Nay 7 måneder siden
Ken is such an easy target for you guys 😂 “between 5 & 50”
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson 7 måneder siden
that is ken 100 hunderd %
Mase Patrick
Mase Patrick 7 måneder siden
When the next give away
Eee Zee
Eee Zee 7 måneder siden
I think that Greta, and Alexis are the new Cgirls!
RippinLips Outdoors
RippinLips Outdoors 7 måneder siden
looks like you guys need to hire an actual mechanic for all the toys and cars.
Conner Dawson
Conner Dawson 7 måneder siden
i love the way the dude just sent it on the dirt bike, didnt give a shit about what was gunna happen. "Are you silly, im still gunna send it!!!"
Michael Greek
Michael Greek 7 måneder siden
Thanks man it was a huge digger🤣
dank shots 420
dank shots 420 7 måneder siden
I love when you boys go to the cormorant store.
cool flash
cool flash 7 måneder siden
Tom is great 🤙 much respect
D N D Vlogs N More
D N D Vlogs N More 7 måneder siden
That's Funny I Had A Dream Last Night Were I Was The Giveaway Winner. LMAO!! but im not... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Keaghun Sutherland
Keaghun Sutherland 7 måneder siden
Lookin like fast and furious just pulled up just if they switched to trucks
toxic6460 7 måneder siden
The beginning looked like some f’d up porno
Owen KH
Owen KH 7 måneder siden
Smoke his ass
The Divine Masculine Z
The Divine Masculine Z 7 måneder siden
We need to get cboys to a million they deserve it
Fredrik199 7 måneder siden
can you guys try to uploud a video on may 6th its my birthday that day thanks
Brody Neil
Brody Neil 7 måneder siden
I’m 12 and I would probably do it the gaps not that big
Ruben D
Ruben D 7 måneder siden
Anyone know the song at the very end of the video with tattoos on kens face?
Julia Lacasse
Julia Lacasse 7 måneder siden
CJ’s laugh makes everything funnier
Darious Mackinaw
Darious Mackinaw 7 måneder siden
I love your video’s and keep up the good work👍
Morgan Olson
Morgan Olson 7 måneder siden
Here is one of my quotes “ you never know it’s gonna happen until it happens so send it till something happens”
Ethan Granlund
Ethan Granlund 7 måneder siden
I love ur guys videos. Just got news today my parents are selling my dirtbike😭
Rabbit hole Productions
Rabbit hole Productions 7 måneder siden
What’s up with You Tubers and the “let’s go” saying.Its f’kn annoying
Treyy 7 måneder siden
i had half a beer i swear 😂😂
Ryan Glaesman
Ryan Glaesman 7 måneder siden
Lol the cormorant store is legendary
Nathan Mead
Nathan Mead 7 måneder siden
Wrap looked like the KTM Portugal wraps
Young Shock
Young Shock 7 måneder siden
The store bit was really stupid
Kaleb Barlet
Kaleb Barlet 7 måneder siden
“He signed the waver right?”
Michael Greek
Michael Greek 7 måneder siden
I did haha
matts v8
matts v8 7 måneder siden
no one: jake: duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga duga dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Brandon Fairhurst
Brandon Fairhurst 7 måneder siden
How are the boys not at a mil yet I’ve been watching since before 100k
Justin Time
Justin Time 7 måneder siden
Who tf are these goons that keep winning these giveaways who can’t even ride the damn things 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
jimmy mobetta cardinal
jimmy mobetta cardinal 7 måneder siden
All I got say is that don't do the give away at all but keep up the videos instead cause the give a ways are so set up and make you guys look so two faced acting like you don't know the person 😂 I watch you guys for along time it seems but now gunna start second guessing lol
Travis S.
Travis S. 7 måneder siden
“We need a bag of flower”😂
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 7 måneder siden
Ken would make winning the lottery Boring
Rj Noel
Rj Noel 7 måneder siden
Kip up the sweet videos 🤟🤟🤟
Cayden West
Cayden West 7 måneder siden
You should build a jump and jump over the hot tub
Ethan King
Ethan King 7 måneder siden
Jake needs a quod
Nathan Bogdan
Nathan Bogdan 7 måneder siden
wanted to see the new guy crash the 450
Abcd123 Efgh456
Abcd123 Efgh456 7 måneder siden
Ur camera has many dead pixels
Vort 7 måneder siden
well it looks like ken was happy when this was filmed
WCT Studios
WCT Studios 7 måneder siden
What happened to the bangin vids
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 7 måneder siden
funny asl
Van Stedum Videos
Van Stedum Videos 7 måneder siden
Another great video cboystv
niyash sookra
niyash sookra 7 måneder siden
Jordin 7 måneder siden
I love you more video
Jerry Jo Pro
Jerry Jo Pro 7 måneder siden
What ever happened to Justin?
Charles Paul
Charles Paul 7 måneder siden
Guys I love whatching your videos you HAVE GOT TO post more please
Kobbe Clary
Kobbe Clary 7 måneder siden
Y’all should make sticker kits for other bikes and fourwheelers especially a 2009 yfz450👀
Cutler Hedtke
Cutler Hedtke 7 måneder siden
That was probably the funniest thing I’ve watched all day
Gus Kelman
Gus Kelman 7 måneder siden
Never showed the guy learning to ride😂 Did he biff it?
Michael Greek
Michael Greek 7 måneder siden
Yes he did haha
Rxgret 7 måneder siden
Jakes cormorant shirt was so tight🤣🤣
MORNING BREW 7 måneder siden
I had a friend who lost an eye gettin shot without glasses on at a party, y’all gotta not do that kinda stuff! On a better note, it’s nice to see Ken actually do something for once!!! He’s finally being an actual Cboy for once in his life!!!!!
GC 7 måneder siden
Whats with the cheapo short vlogs mna...and where the hell are your ppe's
Gus Kelman
Gus Kelman 7 måneder siden
Just bought some sticker packs. Cant wait to slap a few on my KX!
Jonathan Dowis
Jonathan Dowis 7 måneder siden
good god clean your lens
Me&MyBrute750 7 måneder siden
KEN KEN KEN!!!!! Your lucky you have the boys and a sweet-ass hot tub to chill in after they fix your #$&% up. lmao
Random Name
Random Name 7 måneder siden
Can you do a giveaway on a Suzuki rm-z 250
Lane Cooper
Lane Cooper 7 måneder siden
The hoody that Jake is wearing I. The beginning of the vid looks like the first tiger camo in modern warfare
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 måneder siden
Jake with the smokes tucked into his shirt had me dying
WD4ED 7 måneder siden
How many shots did Ryan get at the dumpster?
Jason Park
Jason Park 7 måneder siden
Hit up durhamtown plantation in union point Georgia and lemme know when y'all there. 👌👍✌
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