Wheelie Bar for Quads!!

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In todays video, we install a wheelie bar for easy wheelies on the back of Ryan's quad to test and see how if it works. Ryan rides some really good wheelies on his four wheeler and Ben tests it out too. Later we pick up our new jet ski and have some fun on the lake!
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Wheelie Bar for Quad!!
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Travis Machado
Travis Machado 5 måneder siden
Five bucks says you won’t pin this comment
Mason CW
Mason CW 28 dager siden
they actuly did it
@CboysTV Dang cboys with the comeback
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley Måned siden
chilly ch
Jake Chunasamy
Jake Chunasamy 2 måneder siden
Travis Machado PAY HIM
calan OG
calan OG 5 måneder siden
@Yael Ik wil Kaas It wasnt a dirt bike it was a quad bike
mr machinist
mr machinist 4 timer siden
MarkFreeman408 "Eash quad unload"
Nick Lamorte
Nick Lamorte 8 dager siden
Where did u get that wheelie bar from and what is it called, I need one
Robloxr YT
Robloxr YT 14 dager siden
CboysTV, I Love The Content My Fav Thing U Do Is Break Shit. All Im Tryna Say Is Please Please Hit Me Up It Would Mean Alot If You Boys Could Hit Me Up Whats Something I Could Do To Privateley Give My Number Beacuse THese bots here
Robloxr YT
Robloxr YT 14 dager siden
Mazy D
Mazy D 18 dager siden
Lawson Ballard
Lawson Ballard 19 dager siden
When they where putting the jet ski in it looked like family guy putting a boat in
Hunter Everett
Hunter Everett 19 dager siden
Where did you get it
Hunter Everett
Hunter Everett 19 dager siden
Hunter Everett
Hunter Everett 19 dager siden
Ya I want to know
Bruce - 87 years ago
Bruce - 87 years ago 20 dager siden
It's a little Shinde ways
Mason CW
Mason CW 28 dager siden
i thot the point of it was to help CJ learn how to weeli
spade! Måned siden
I’m so sorry to kacie fly high my queen don’t stop till god greets you I can’t imagine this people dying it’s so sad that people are dying like this but this is how we live if we believe in god he believes in is
Rory Eddon MTB
Rory Eddon MTB Måned siden
Easy jet ski unload???
Twillie Family
Twillie Family Måned siden
What’s the name of those fireworks ?????they are awesome 🔥
Hamish Riley
Hamish Riley Måned siden
10 bucks you won’t like this
Boating Matthews
Boating Matthews Måned siden
The end is so sad rip
Tiago Freitas
Tiago Freitas Måned siden
You should throw the fireworks in a smart care but throw a bunch in
YT-Chimp Måned siden
Hey! I’m also from Maine
Lake Land Diver
Lake Land Diver Måned siden
This is why you buy a honda trx450 not a yfz450
Oneway Joe
Oneway Joe Måned siden
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck Måned siden
oneway clay
oneway clay 2 måneder siden
Cj looks and sounds like that dude who shows off way to much and talk like he knows more than he really does
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
You guys should all go riding cj Jake Ben Ken mika
Trevon Lewis
Trevon Lewis 2 måneder siden
how many likes on tik tok for you to send me a crf 110f
DeadDove 2 måneder siden
kinda sad to see how you guys back up with a trailer hahah
mando fishing
mando fishing 2 måneder siden
Can any of you guys do a how to wheelie video
Jake Chunasamy
Jake Chunasamy 2 måneder siden
Wow without the wheelie bar ur guys r even better I need that wheelie bar pls
mr.obvious 2 måneder siden
Soo where can I get those fireworks from?
Carson Sharp
Carson Sharp 2 måneder siden
How u gonna disrespect that quad like that u just made all the quad ppl cry
Scott2tall 2 måneder siden
For bikes now quads
Anthony Carroll
Anthony Carroll 2 måneder siden
No hate but I’m 13 and I could wheele a quad better lol
Otilio Calzonzi
Otilio Calzonzi 2 måneder siden
I’m 14 and my name is Otilio let me know please you guys got very nice quads and dirtbikes
Otilio Calzonzi
Otilio Calzonzi 2 måneder siden
Would you guys sell me a dirtbike 250 for 1600 or a quad because I got friends that ride and I would need one because I just sold my chinnese dirtbike and four wheeler much appreciated
Ethan Klassen Bartsch
Ethan Klassen Bartsch 2 måneder siden
Where do I buy it
Xd Young
Xd Young 3 måneder siden
jacob harris
jacob harris 3 måneder siden
I’m 13 and I can back a trailer into a head shoot lol
fourwheeling nojo
fourwheeling nojo 3 måneder siden
Whay kinda quads yall got👇👇
Mikael Blomgren
Mikael Blomgren 3 måneder siden
Hope she have a good new life
chito 11
chito 11 3 måneder siden
Where can I buy one of these
De'vin Davis
De'vin Davis 3 måneder siden
What happened to kacie
Indy Graham
Indy Graham 3 måneder siden
SUck it casie
Lavonne Miller
Lavonne Miller 3 måneder siden
I love you guys your fire
Twsilver7 Playz
Twsilver7 Playz 3 måneder siden
Where do I find it
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva 3 måneder siden
It’s been a horrible year with car accidents I’ve lost 2 close friends 16 and 14 in 2 weeks it’s rough everyone keep your heads up if it ever happens just remember the good times y’all
Micah Beckendorf
Micah Beckendorf 3 måneder siden
Why are they not at 1 mill
Cedric Loyer
Cedric Loyer 3 måneder siden
You guys should buy the spark trix
rYLan 3 måneder siden
LOST_AF 3 måneder siden
I’ve been out of the quad business for a little bit but I still think I could help you out on the wheelies lol
Lahgee2x 3 måneder siden
I know how to wheelie a quad and im 14😂
Karam Singh
Karam Singh 3 måneder siden
where did you guys get the wheelie bar from and is it recommended
ICED Skies
ICED Skies 3 måneder siden
Why is that micah always has sad new
jr. mac69
jr. mac69 3 måneder siden
Is CJ's quad a 250
Leonard Indongo
Leonard Indongo 3 måneder siden
Wait....Ben's a 2000???....I'm 2003!
Tobias Bell
Tobias Bell 3 måneder siden
I need that little dirt buck
Tommy Phelps
Tommy Phelps 3 måneder siden
Where did you get that Willie bar
Lukas Nogalo
Lukas Nogalo 4 måneder siden
Liam Snyder scooter
Liam Snyder scooter 4 måneder siden
I don’t go bad fast for your cupboard weeks weeks weeks ago and I super sound missing in peace out how we seven can’t wait to get you guys mouth I have a 90 I have a fifth do you see a PSee and I have a guy have a 50th I see this again sorry I have a do you are 50 I have I have a 90
Easton Anderson
Easton Anderson 4 måneder siden
My dad works at Lakes liquor’s 🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker 4 måneder siden
The fact that you need a wheelie bar for a four wheeler is sad
Brad Freer
Brad Freer 4 måneder siden
Will you give a shout out to Corey who were who passed away in a motocross accident
Luke DiMeglio
Luke DiMeglio 4 måneder siden
I wanted to see one of you dump it on the jet ski
Lukas Trask
Lukas Trask 4 måneder siden
I’m from maine
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 4 måneder siden
When you fuck up in front of others and gotta just leave the whole ass area outa embarrassment 😂😂😂
Robert 4 måneder siden
Probably a little late but if you put one of those quarter stick of dynamite in a bag of flour it makes a huge explosion
Noah Lødemel Hansen
Noah Lødemel Hansen 4 måneder siden
What is the name of the quad?
Curtis Herrod
Curtis Herrod 5 måneder siden
Can I please get the name of the place you ordered it from
GasMaskHQ 5 måneder siden
You guys need to post daily. If you need a new c boy to upload content daily hmu.
Carlosxnj 5 måneder siden
why doesn’t he buy a new battery 😂
Brad Dobbins
Brad Dobbins 5 måneder siden
Y’all should build a stunt quad
AcE _panic8
AcE _panic8 5 måneder siden
$15 says you won’t pin and like this one
Maggie Sowards
Maggie Sowards 5 måneder siden
I love the cboys vida
Cooper Kuzski
Cooper Kuzski 5 måneder siden
My dad uses market place facebook
The 603boys
The 603boys 5 måneder siden
Gimme dat yfz please 500 bucks and I’ll drive from NH
Jeepsterdaddy 37
Jeepsterdaddy 37 5 måneder siden
Damn you Ryan!!! You're No longer my favorite after totalling the jeep! Lol
Tammy Altice
Tammy Altice 5 måneder siden
Hey Siri what does I’ve been watching you for a long time I’m just telling you right now keep up the good work I’m gonna Brand New full or tomorrow to Suzuki 450 so keep up the really good work oh by the way nice pig bike
Tammy Altice
Tammy Altice 5 måneder siden
Hey Siri what does I’ve been watching you for a long time I’m just telling you right now keep up the good work I’m gonna Brand New full or tomorrow to Suzuki 450 so keep up the really good work oh by the way ni
Shamia Tobias
Shamia Tobias 5 måneder siden
Noah J. 2020
Noah J. 2020 5 måneder siden
Get a mini quad and wheelie it
Russell Chadburn
Russell Chadburn 5 måneder siden
Kacie was a awsome person thank you for the shout out i live in Maine as well n have been friends with Kacie for a while she was a beautiful heart felt woman
ANT Boma
ANT Boma 5 måneder siden
I hate ben
StoneColdHill 5 måneder siden
whats the best quad in your opinion for a starter
ktmrules1993 5 måneder siden
Drop the tailgate much easier to back in a jetski!
BENTLEY HERNANDEZ 5 måneder siden
The all I did is flower it dude is wicked
Fatass bitchywhore
Fatass bitchywhore 5 måneder siden
you guys should get a sea doo spark trx
Bill Allen
Bill Allen 5 måneder siden
Sorry about the death of a fan..Kacie rest in peace! Losing ANYONE close hurt's.... specially when it's a young person. My heart breaks for the parents! It's the wrong order, parents aren't supposed to bury children.....from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸p.s stay safe and healthy everybody GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND stop this foolishness ❤
Justin & Alex Bolton
Justin & Alex Bolton 5 måneder siden
Waiting on the new video for first comment lol
Maxime Begin
Maxime Begin 5 måneder siden
You should get the new Kawasaki Teryx 2020
Brecken blue
Brecken blue 5 måneder siden
For a video you guys could buy 2 go karts for under 500 and mod them with a buget of your choice. And when there done you could race them. What do you think?
Tristan Busson
Tristan Busson 5 måneder siden
so you guys just quit posting there
Scott Dupont
Scott Dupont 5 måneder siden
What heappened to posting videos on mondays and thursdays
Karter Downing
Karter Downing 5 måneder siden
Boats bikes and bro’s that the cboys way
Darian Bauer
Darian Bauer 5 måneder siden
when are you guys making the transition from cboys to cmen
shane murray
shane murray 5 måneder siden
When is your guys next video
Dylan Schmitz
Dylan Schmitz 5 måneder siden
Where is dumb stuff in the dark? 🤣
Rexy YT
Rexy YT 5 måneder siden
You should get to wakeboards and ride the massage each other on each wave of the boat
Blade Hendrick
Blade Hendrick 5 måneder siden
Do you guys only ship merch in the us or could it be shipped out here in canada?
Blade Hendrick
Blade Hendrick 5 måneder siden
Yo @cboystv you guys are damn awesome gonna try and get me some merch love all the videos man they are so awesome to watch cant wait until I get my own ATV
cryptic styles
cryptic styles 5 måneder siden
Need a upload boyssss 🥺🥺🥺
Brooks Anderson
Brooks Anderson 5 måneder siden
When is the next video
Mikki Gray
Mikki Gray 5 måneder siden
I sub to you
Frank Quinn
Frank Quinn 5 måneder siden
Why are us not posting
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