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In todays video we clean out the shop to make room for more toys and all of our Merch that we are bringing back in house. Then we head over to take Jakes Procharged 600whp Mustang out of storage along with Micah's newly built slammed BMW. Jake and Micah do a little racing on the way back and the Mustang pretty much walks all over the BMW. Not to mention the mustang is crazy loud!! We go ditch surfing behind Bens Lifted Ford Raptor. CJ fixes the bumper on his Evo X and puts new retrofit custom headlights in and we ride our new onewheels like they are going out of style. Comment down below how much horsepower you think Jakes Mustang will have after it gets retuned for E85.
Crazy loud Mustang
1000hp mustang
GT500 Mustang
Mustang GT500
Mustang vs. BMW
Mustang vs. Subaru wrx
Mustang vs. Corvette
Mustang vs. GTR
Freedom factory
Straight piped mustang
Turbo Mustang

CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Download Houseparty here! Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video
O Henry
O Henry 7 måneder siden
CboysTV Buy another JetSki and take in the ditch🤘
PandaMan 7 måneder siden
Darn, I just downloaded it before this. 😂
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
ethan Buckler in my opinion dirtbike but you choose
Ethan outdoors
Ethan outdoors 7 måneder siden
Hi im 12 and i want to ride but i dont know if i should get a dirt bike or atv
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
CboysTV the reason the raptor isn’t doing good in off-road is because you NEED TO PUT IT IN SPORT MODE
Tertius van Wyk
Tertius van Wyk Måned siden
Plz tell me what the specs on your mustang I really want to surprise my dad with one just like your’s 😁
Scott Feipel
Scott Feipel Måned siden
did any one see that mika has abs
Juss C
Juss C 2 måneder siden
But where is bangin now 😭😭
Black Dynamite
Black Dynamite 2 måneder siden
Ken was on bens head 😂 “pavement princess” 💀💀
Joel Cross
Joel Cross 3 måneder siden
Thats exhaust is nasty
Sonar 4 måneder siden
I'm jealous
Sonar 4 måneder siden
Wesley King
Wesley King 4 måneder siden
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey bro Hey bro
Jacob Rollenhagen
Jacob Rollenhagen 5 måneder siden
Henry goes to my school
Matias Howard
Matias Howard 5 måneder siden
the benzo looks so good now
Mr S
Mr S 5 måneder siden
That spoiler on the bmw looks ridiculous
Conspiracy_00 5 måneder siden
Is there even an exhaust on the stang or is it straight piped?
Kakashi With a Rinnegon
Kakashi With a Rinnegon 6 måneder siden
13:14 It may look better but it’s still slow as shit
Matthew Coradeschi
Matthew Coradeschi 6 måneder siden
shoutout to Micah for repping the THROTL hat
Car Guy Jacky
Car Guy Jacky 6 måneder siden
Ben you have a V6 raptor you can’t talk shit abt anyone’s vehicle
Ashton Wessman
Ashton Wessman 7 måneder siden
Ken my peddle bike is louder then your car 👎💨
dominic campbell
dominic campbell 7 måneder siden
Road to one mill
Easton Beach
Easton Beach 7 måneder siden
I saw jake in his mustang on may 2 2020 in Hillsboro North Dakota when my brother said his favorite car was a aventador
TEXASTANK 7 måneder siden
I need the software they use to edit their vids 🔥
Bobby Rummel Jr
Bobby Rummel Jr 7 måneder siden
I think Jake should take the mustang to a loud exhaust competition
Detroit Diesel707
Detroit Diesel707 7 måneder siden
Jakes mustang is soooo sick!! *even at 600 horse to the wheel
Freddy Forster
Freddy Forster 7 måneder siden
Ayy it was a good video but like I had to dislike it cuz of the house party sponsor
John Doe
John Doe 7 måneder siden
You know that thing where people think they are way cooler than they are?.. yeah
SarcasmGaming 7 måneder siden
that mustang needs an exhaust its stupid loud
Dillion Thompson
Dillion Thompson 7 måneder siden
Do a car review on jacks car
dirtrider88 7 måneder siden
the mustang may be alive but are the bystanders?
chandler wesson
chandler wesson 7 måneder siden
If only you had a jet ski to surf the ditch 🤣
dwayne wilkins
dwayne wilkins 7 måneder siden
I have a mustang you can put your logo on but need to repaint it
adriand12 7 måneder siden
Live it all white
Hunter-fishermen54 7 måneder siden
Jake will need hearing aids at age 25
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 7 måneder siden
You mind if I snag that screen printer off you boys? Keep grinding !!
Prestin Vanderspoel
Prestin Vanderspoel 7 måneder siden
Did the guy that won sounds like Randy from trailer Park boys
Jacob Coniglio
Jacob Coniglio 7 måneder siden
Ben and ken got some type of beef
Logan Trouille
Logan Trouille 7 måneder siden
Race itsjusta6
Mike Mendez
Mike Mendez 7 måneder siden
Finally some euro car content !
Charlie Brouillette
Charlie Brouillette 7 måneder siden
What is this dude talking about how raptors are bad at off-roading
Ethan Messerschmidt
Ethan Messerschmidt 7 måneder siden
12:04 oh so now you actually use nice goggles, not scotts from ‘99 😂
Caleb Whitlock
Caleb Whitlock 7 måneder siden
Where did he get the mustang
ISO INDIES 7 måneder siden
Thanks for using our song @ 12:09 , fire video boyz 🔥🔥
CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Thanks for making some heat🤘🏼 we love it
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams 7 måneder siden
How does Ryan know what jail looks like hmm
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 7 måneder siden
If I’m being honest jake’s mustang is just too much, 1. Why do you need over 900hp ?, 2. It’s honestly so loud to the point that once it’s in 3rd gear or higher it sounds like a million cats fucking in a dumpster. 3. It’s got so much hp that the engine can’t even handle it and there’s not a doubt in my mind it’s gonna blow up again and if he rebuilds the engine again it will blow up again, honestly aiming for anything more than 600-700 HP is just too much and no matter how many times you rebuild it it is still gonna keep blowing up and your gonna end up spending way more money on it then you would’ve liked and it honestly won’t have been worth all that money in the end game. I’m not trying to be a hater or anything like that I love your vids my favourite is bangin but in my opinion and in my opinion only, spending all that money isn’t worth it and in the end the mustang might just nickel and dime you to death. I hope my opinion is wrong but in the end I don’t think the mustang is gonna last. Thx for another great video and please stay safe during this mess that we all live in right now.
jackogrady 96
jackogrady 96 7 måneder siden
Lol my friend got me to download this just before I watched ur vid
Leanna Smith
Leanna Smith 7 måneder siden
Omg I love the stang. I wonder how many noise complaints hes gonna get 😂 #stanggang
john gerchman
john gerchman 7 måneder siden
How come u guys never do and bmx content
Lucky 03
Lucky 03 7 måneder siden
Micah straight pipe a bmw😂
Cheeto Henke
Cheeto Henke 7 måneder siden
If you tested positive for missing the homey’s 😂😂😂😂
Barrett Bros
Barrett Bros 7 måneder siden
i live in minnesota
Logan Rud
Logan Rud 7 måneder siden
Wait when did y’all hit 610k?
PHIL & US 7 måneder siden
cool cars for race
vincent Reitano
vincent Reitano 7 måneder siden
They got all that new merch but I still can’t get my new phone case 😥😭
hunter Gagnon
hunter Gagnon 7 måneder siden
I am so happy I go to go on house party with Jake he made my day like what the fuck I send him a friend request and thought he would never except it and join my party but he surprise me and he join my party and it made my day so I just want to thank you just keep it in mind you can FaceTime me all you want and whenever you want plzzzz ft me someday after I have a lot of questions for you
lucas mcnamee
lucas mcnamee 7 måneder siden
who remebers the first vid life of a cboy!
Daymeian Richardson
Daymeian Richardson 7 måneder siden
Is the s550 gay or is it manual
Abel Grimm
Abel Grimm 7 måneder siden
Show me a picture of Miss March I can buy a baby
Abel Grimm
Abel Grimm 7 måneder siden
My name is Abel March
Redneckway 7 måneder siden
U guys prolly had to creep home with the merch cause u obviously had the opposite of tongue weight lol
Donnie ivey69
Donnie ivey69 7 måneder siden
Love your video s
Korbin Smith
Korbin Smith 7 måneder siden
I was watching some old vids and I miss immature bean
phil friesen
phil friesen 7 måneder siden
CJ is so cringe 😂 could do without him shit even ken ain't as fake
james coulier
james coulier 7 måneder siden
Hey guys so I plan on buying gear from 509 but I wanted to make sure you guys don’t have an affiliate link or discount code before I order
Jake Sherbrooke
Jake Sherbrooke 7 måneder siden
order it from
Ollie Willingale
Ollie Willingale 7 måneder siden
Get some more jet skis
Jacob Mullis
Jacob Mullis 7 måneder siden
Hey y’all I’m going through a really hard time on money so I can’t afford y’all mercy for giveaways and when are y’all gonna do another dirtbike one because I really really want one
Garen Wright
Garen Wright 7 måneder siden
what happened to the tanner girl that did your orders
Drake Falkner
Drake Falkner 7 måneder siden
No more Brooke 🙁
Max Bleeker
Max Bleeker 7 måneder siden
Were is Kens feel a truck
Max Bleeker
Max Bleeker 7 måneder siden
Drive a snowmobile in the ditch
Hayden Taylor5.0
Hayden Taylor5.0 7 måneder siden
I was just watching savage garage he was the one who got the Ferrari delivered before the white 5.0 mustang yall got.
Hayden Taylor5.0
Hayden Taylor5.0 7 måneder siden
@CboysTV your welcome
CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Yes it did! That’s pretty cool thanks bro
Hayden Taylor5.0
Hayden Taylor5.0 7 måneder siden
@CboysTV did the link work
Hayden Taylor5.0
Hayden Taylor5.0 7 måneder siden
@CboysTV at 13 minutes you ca n se the car in the background
Hayden Taylor5.0
Hayden Taylor5.0 7 måneder siden
@CboysTVYa give me a second
Eric Prosch-Jensen
Eric Prosch-Jensen 7 måneder siden
Sheriff rolls up, "We're good, have fun, see ya" Small towns.. a bit jealous.
Markus dinessen
Markus dinessen 7 måneder siden
Can you make wings on a quad bike
Xandar Inman
Xandar Inman 7 måneder siden
Hey cboys y'all should get a 400ex for another atv
mrohlo 7 måneder siden
cboys you should give away the hottub
Cayden West
Cayden West 7 måneder siden
You guys should do more car vids.
MOTO 41 7 måneder siden
I see why it blew up last time🤣🤣
Ben Ramsey
Ben Ramsey 7 måneder siden
1 like = 1 prayer for CJs hairline
LiL Barky Games
LiL Barky Games 7 måneder siden
Number 700
Vivfed GBX
Vivfed GBX 7 måneder siden
"Only 25 degrees" here in Canada that's a hot day
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 7 måneder siden
Lime Redux in Celsius yeah
TheBigJuice Goat
TheBigJuice Goat 7 måneder siden
You guys should widen your shop
Dwanos Nachos
Dwanos Nachos 7 måneder siden
Check out my new vid and tell me what you think... Cboys got me wheeling my little bro’s 110😂
Tyler Morberg
Tyler Morberg 7 måneder siden
Delete the muffler on jakes mustang
Kihf _
Kihf _ 7 måneder siden
Who else wants another turf wars
Full Send Films
Full Send Films 7 måneder siden
What did the sheriff say🤔
Callum Shiell
Callum Shiell 7 måneder siden
You guys should get along with demolition ranch !!;!!;;;;;;!!!!;;;
Zachariah Najm
Zachariah Najm 7 måneder siden
Jake needs to hit up vmp and get a nice etune so they can pull some real power out of that thing
SamThe Man
SamThe Man 7 måneder siden
Jake has a crazy awesome car
Collin Leffakis
Collin Leffakis 7 måneder siden
love you guys @CboysTV
sky blue
sky blue 7 måneder siden
The ol jet ski could have ripped the ditches
Conrad Flanders
Conrad Flanders 7 måneder siden
Jake should race Gavin from @itsjusta6
MarchJude_ -
MarchJude_ - 7 måneder siden
Respect for lowering the bmw 👏
Buildinup6 7 måneder siden
why would you buy a convertible LMAO
lukas lepage
lukas lepage 7 måneder siden
i missed a few vids why is it called the pavement princess
hp_enthusiast 7 måneder siden
Please bring back murf
Aaden Kreckow
Aaden Kreckow 7 måneder siden
could come to Dover,MN on may 24th
winston parkes
winston parkes 7 måneder siden
900 stang
Roy Berendsen
Roy Berendsen 7 måneder siden
what is that little surfboard called
andrew Voegtle
andrew Voegtle 7 måneder siden
We never got a video of the maverick giveaway announcement
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
CboysTV the reason the raptor isn’t doing good in off-road is because you NEED TO PUT IT IN SPORT MODE
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
CboysTV the reason the raptor isn’t doing good in off-road is because you NEED TO PUT IT IN SPORT MODE
Silvermoose06 7 måneder siden
Limitless Moto I’ve got a 3.5l eco boost it rips in sport. And bens raptor has modes such as off-road, Baja and snow,mud mode
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
CboysTV the reason the raptor isn’t doing good in off-road is because you NEED TO PUT IT IN SPORT MODE
Limitless Moto
Limitless Moto 7 måneder siden
CboysTV the reason the raptor isn’t doing good in off-road is because you NEED TO PUT IT IN SPORT MODE
Albert Dolva
Albert Dolva 7 måneder siden
Finallyyyyyyyy a video of the mustang
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