Shifter Kart Race INSIDE Our Shop!!

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3 måneder siden

The Shifter Karts are always so much fun
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In todays video, we clear out some space in the shop and make a track to race our shifter karts throughout the building! Later we try putting drift sleeves on our smart cars wheels and then get together with our buddies Tint and Marc to drive our Smart Cars around town. We get some really funny looks. After we play soccer with our smart cars and a huge 6 foot tall soccer ball!
Racing Shifter Karts in our Shop!!
Shifter Kart Race INSIDE Our Shop!!

CboysTV 3 måneder siden
Did not expect the soccer ball to go that far 😂
Damon Stewart
Damon Stewart 13 dager siden
Always but I can't find video of wittle waptor getting pulled by wittle smart cars?
Jake Gjonaj
Jake Gjonaj 2 måneder siden
You can’t to small
Ben Thieschafer
Ben Thieschafer 2 måneder siden
Can you put drift sleeves on a go kart
Jake Gjonaj
Jake Gjonaj 3 måneder siden
BNG Blizz
BNG Blizz 3 måneder siden
U need to make a smarmonster truck🤣😂
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 2 dager siden
Real life rocket league 😂
Canadien15Farmlife 8 dager siden
19:20 This did not age well 😂
TheMemotv 8 dager siden
Why do u day that bro lol
Danielle D'Amours
Danielle D'Amours 9 dager siden
hear me out. rocket league. but with the smart cars/quads etc and the giant soccer ball
Marwin Andersson
Marwin Andersson 14 dager siden
In Sweden we call the smart cars “moped car”
Layne Pena
Layne Pena 21 dag siden
Rocket league in real life
ShxckPR •
ShxckPR • 21 dag siden
Where can I get a shifter kart?!
Aiden Pals
Aiden Pals 22 dager siden
Bens face looking around after the sleeves fell off lmao
Millbrook Meatheads
Millbrook Meatheads 23 dager siden
u should play some rocket leauge in real life
Istealyyotingy 25 dager siden
rocket league 2.0
Zykease Counts
Zykease Counts 25 dager siden
Where is jack
Ernesto Trevino
Ernesto Trevino 27 dager siden
You guy should play Pac-Man with the smart cars
ViiTeKk 27 dager siden
Rocket league irl
Janos Skalet
Janos Skalet 28 dager siden
Would love se see it filled with helium so it would be loger in the air Greetings from Germany
Husker _RL
Husker _RL 28 dager siden
This is rocket league
JDG910 RACING 29 dager siden
Put that soccer ball on a busy road
Lachlan Waghorne
Lachlan Waghorne Måned siden
You guys should play rocket leauge with the smart cars and the quads
Cam Stoyles
Cam Stoyles Måned siden
Rocket League out here
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming Måned siden
Riding a cwod shurtyes is so redne
Nehemiah Jarom
Nehemiah Jarom Måned siden
you guys should play soccer with yall quads
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!
Flynn Beveridge
Flynn Beveridge Måned siden
Rocket league in rl😂😂
Jenna Hart
Jenna Hart Måned siden
If I were you I would tow the smart car with cj's pit bike
Fang Devil
Fang Devil Måned siden
Damn thing caught the wind draft over the Raptor
Logan Young
Logan Young Måned siden
Logan Young
Logan Young Måned siden
he knows how to send call me if you need a back up sender
chris meighen
chris meighen 2 måneder siden
Worst case Ontario
king savage
king savage 2 måneder siden
Y'all rlly should invest in a pvc drone and a permanent camera man!!!!!!!!!
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 2 måneder siden
Get bubbles to do the sound of the dog 🐕
Pat Scotty
Pat Scotty 2 måneder siden
It’s the windsheeld angle
thatstanceguy 2 måneder siden
Try getting bigger tires
Landon Urban
Landon Urban 2 måneder siden
I feel like when the snow comes it will pack up on the roof and your building will fall down because of the weight of the snow
Vanbam 2 måneder siden
the person who put lambo noises o the smart cars i solute you
Zachary's RC Galore
Zachary's RC Galore 2 måneder siden
Keep it up with the smart cars
Jack Skonieczny
Jack Skonieczny 2 måneder siden
stud the tires and put tubes in them, then beat them into the pipe, the screws should dig in once you get going
Jonathan Cavanaugh
Jonathan Cavanaugh 2 måneder siden
Great video, and all, and everyone have an amazing, and great day, and a very Blessed day!
Big daddy Blaze
Big daddy Blaze 2 måneder siden
put oil on the smart cars tires and they should slide
Big daddy Blaze
Big daddy Blaze 2 måneder siden
put oil on the tires
Zach Dick
Zach Dick 2 måneder siden
Loved the “worse case Ontario”. Hi from Ontario
Bass Beast
Bass Beast 2 måneder siden
I love the shifter carts
Zach Obrien
Zach Obrien 2 måneder siden
We all wanted to see the Jeep hit it
Taylor gang
Taylor gang 2 måneder siden
You guys have to get them wraped with cboys sumthing
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 2 måneder siden
Put off road tires on the shifter cart and go off roading
Connor Rogers
Connor Rogers 2 måneder siden
Play rocket league with the smart cars
Teodor Åtland
Teodor Åtland 2 måneder siden
The smart Cars sounds like bees when They drive in circles
Ben Rouland
Ben Rouland 2 måneder siden
Turbo a smart car
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson 3 måneder siden
Who's ski doo is at 7:15?
Jacob McNamara
Jacob McNamara 3 måneder siden
You guys should’ve put the impact of the car hitting the soccer ball in slow mo
Kym Grant
Kym Grant 3 måneder siden
Rocket league I’m real life
Fadez 3 måneder siden
i really wanna see lock soccer but with cars like rocket league
Blake Holpp
Blake Holpp 3 måneder siden
I think we need to see Tiny vs smart car in a tug of war
Wolfy io
Wolfy io 3 måneder siden
JUSTIN SINGLETON 3 måneder siden
Why ken be lookin like a fat itsjusta6
Ryan Genereaux
Ryan Genereaux 3 måneder siden
do smart car soccer
Bike life Jay
Bike life Jay 3 måneder siden
They were playin rocket league 😂
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams 3 måneder siden
I wanna see yall make the smarts into thise cars that do Somersaults
Kristina Justus
Kristina Justus 3 måneder siden
Why doesn't micah take his quad out and ride
Mybootynowlilboy- -gaming
Mybootynowlilboy- -gaming 3 måneder siden
Turbo the smart cars 😂
-SickBoy- 3 måneder siden
I have one tire trick on your go-kart ...... first your front tires need to be inflated 0.45 and the rear 0.55 bar .... cuz u will have better handeling ..... i am a professional kart driver so i know some tricks
Larson Field
Larson Field 3 måneder siden
Hit a flip reset with the smart car and soccer ball
Jayce 3 måneder siden
Cut the pine thinner. Still do the tape but twist once so its sticky for the last few wraps. Let the air out the tires a good bit before putting pipes on then air up. And make sure there’s a good amount of tape. 🇺🇸👍🏼
Max Massie
Max Massie 3 måneder siden
Rocket league type stuff right there
Matthew Rohlandt
Matthew Rohlandt 3 måneder siden
you should prop up the pvc pipe and slide down it into a pool
Angus Campbell
Angus Campbell 3 måneder siden
You should paint them the same colour
Coleson Dunne
Coleson Dunne 3 måneder siden
Real life rocket league
Jerron Wells
Jerron Wells 3 måneder siden
Pulling tiny not bens truck
Kole Thomson
Kole Thomson 3 måneder siden
You all gotta get dirtbikes I have two and I’m 11
cody Parker
cody Parker 3 måneder siden
I would love it you do send me a piece of merch out to me plese
Sam Mackenzie
Sam Mackenzie 3 måneder siden
boys you guys need to get another peanut!!
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones 3 måneder siden
Soccer with smart cars
Logan Pluister
Logan Pluister 3 måneder siden
why not just get a new slightly larger set of tires?
IMALieI 3 måneder siden
I would love to see Tiny get two wheeled heheh
Tyler Cass-Cook
Tyler Cass-Cook 3 måneder siden
Use McDonald’s trays to do doughnuts in the smart cars
Tyler Cass-Cook
Tyler Cass-Cook 3 måneder siden
Use McDonald’s trays to do doughnuts in the smart cars
Tyler Cass-Cook
Tyler Cass-Cook 3 måneder siden
Use McDonald’s trays to do doughnuts in the smart cars
Tyler Cass-Cook
Tyler Cass-Cook 3 måneder siden
Use McDonald’s trays to do doughnuts in the smart cars
Tyler Cass-Cook
Tyler Cass-Cook 3 måneder siden
Use McDonald’s trays to do doughnuts in the smart cars
Matthew Bjordahl
Matthew Bjordahl 3 måneder siden
You guys should buy some mtn bikes and make that apart of the channel and you guys could do alot of your riding at Detroit mtn just an idea
Jeremy Ainsley
Jeremy Ainsley 3 måneder siden
Demolition derby?🙌 smart car edition...
TioTube 3 måneder siden
Engine swap these bitches and you have a real big go kart
anthony barile
anthony barile 3 måneder siden
Put a turbo in the smart cars
Waylon Cade 416
Waylon Cade 416 3 måneder siden
Yall should drag race down the street
Eric Burgjohann
Eric Burgjohann 3 måneder siden
Race the smart cars
Kweensland Spearo
Kweensland Spearo 3 måneder siden
Ok so who's smart car is getting the 1,300cc inline-four Suzuki Hayabusa motor mated to a Garrett turbocharger, taking power output from the stock 165hp up to a pretty daft 470hp?
JJ_MX 3 måneder siden
Make the pipe into a water slide
IntelOutsidePentium 3 måneder siden
15:50 real life rocket league
coocieman 3 måneder siden
u guys should make an other vid about the shifter cart about what u guys did 3 years ago riding throw college campus insted of one two shifter carts
coocieman 3 måneder siden
u guys are amazing
PaRaDoX500 3 måneder siden
Boys. You should get the new Yamaha wolverine rmax 1000 for a new sxs just saying it looks like a beasttt
Chance Gries
Chance Gries 3 måneder siden
NSCSA National Smart Car Soccer Association
Justin stuart
Justin stuart 3 måneder siden
What editing platform do you use
CboysTV 3 måneder siden
Final cut
Christian Feist
Christian Feist 3 måneder siden
I just wanna see a smart car hydroplane across a pond
Aatu Varo
Aatu Varo 3 måneder siden
12:02 fast and furious but on smart cars
Forengen 3 måneder siden
Weld the diff on the smart cars
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 3 måneder siden
"Worst case Ontairo" 😂😂 Nice Trailer Park Boy qoute
Adam Carver
Adam Carver 3 måneder siden
Cut another chunk of pipe into pieces and insert between pipe and tire. Make sure to glue them in. That should solve your problem.
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 3 måneder siden
Smart car with a motorcycle engine
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 3 måneder siden
Build a waterslide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHASETER 3 måneder siden
Could of had a million views by now if yall titled this video as "Rocket League in real life" Just saying lol
Boston McKellar
Boston McKellar 3 måneder siden
C-boys have been killing it lately
CboysTV 3 måneder siden
Thanks bro!!
Abhinav Das
Abhinav Das 3 måneder siden
turbo the smart car
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