Monster Car Blows Motor While Mudding!!

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7 måneder siden

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In todays video we load up our Monster Car Tiny and our Polaris RS1 and head over to ERX to meet up with our buddy and Pro off road Truck Racer Andrew Carlson. We find some great mud, hit some jumps and race some side by sides. Until our Monster Cars motor blows up while driving across a field.

Building New Dream Shop!!
Shop tour
Freedom factory tour
Freedom factory
New Shop
Huge Shop
Drift pad
Lifted ford raptor
Lifted chevy duramax
Polaris rzr 1000 turbo s
Polaris RZR side by side
Fast duramax
Tuned duramax
Deleted duramax
Diesel power Cummins
Anylevel lift
Freedom factory
AnyLevel F350
Boosted Launch
Wheels and lift
Straight piped duramax
Four wheeler wheelies
Quad wheelies
big jump
Many freedoms
Closed track
Extreme logging
10Ton Haul
EXTREME LOGGING with the AnyLevel F350 (10TON HAUL)
+blower damage
completely different engine
TOAST is Getting a Completely Different Engine, But It's For a Good Reason!! (+blower damage)

CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Thinkin’ Tiny needs a Big Ol’ V8.. 👀 what do you guys think?
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith 27 dager siden
Katherine Hiebl
Katherine Hiebl Måned siden
If that’s a mustang engine for sure
Loumis Gaming
Loumis Gaming 4 måneder siden
W16 quad turbo
Aiden Barker
Aiden Barker 4 måneder siden
Duh lol
Silentknight 87
Silentknight 87 6 måneder siden
@rods907 what about a rotary engine??
CORBIN KUSTER 2 dager siden
Those are woolly bears, and they aren't poisinous.
Sheri Dare
Sheri Dare 8 dager siden
Joel Hicks
Joel Hicks 12 dager siden
Nice car man
the river is the best
the river is the best 16 dager siden
Peggy Monroe
Peggy Monroe 17 dager siden
Michael Rüf
Michael Rüf 23 dager siden
Heather Parsons
Heather Parsons 28 dager siden
love your conten keep up the good work
Koen Boonstra
Koen Boonstra Måned siden
PNW Touring
PNW Touring Måned siden
That Caterpillar that he ate is called a wollybear there not very poisonous but there bristles irritate sensitive skin such as the mouth
Cams Gaming
Cams Gaming Måned siden
What the hell he had a caterpillar
Outdoor Livin
Outdoor Livin Måned siden
I think tiny need new tires, how about some 44 inch Mickey Thompson mtz p3s we have them on our mud truck and it is unstoppable or boggers those would be dope too
The king of Boredom
The king of Boredom Måned siden
8:56 how to blackout a rzr in one second
Jake Smeby
Jake Smeby Måned siden
if you were wordering ERX is in elk river by the landfill hint i live in elk river
sleepyy Nash Ψ
sleepyy Nash Ψ 2 måneder siden
Why tf would you eat a Caterpillar 😂🤣
facelessgamer 01
facelessgamer 01 3 måneder siden
Someone Else
Someone Else 3 måneder siden
They are poisonous
Manny Helzer
Manny Helzer 3 måneder siden
I thought those wooly bears were poisoness
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 4 måneder siden
How tf did yall make tiny a 4wd?
Cody Macintyre
Cody Macintyre 4 måneder siden
It’s what y’all get for using water in the rad it boils at such a low temp.. rookie move boys
roman the savage
roman the savage 4 måneder siden
Put a 350 4 barrel in tiny
Christian Gregorek
Christian Gregorek 4 måneder siden
That’s a poisoning catipiller btw
Shane Miller
Shane Miller 4 måneder siden
Bud that's not mud coming out of his drawers believe he shit him self lol
Geralt Wepp
Geralt Wepp 4 måneder siden
That hearts so bad when you get all your weight on your back if had it and i broke my hole back ribs and shoulders so respect to the guy ho flipt the bike from ben
Sarah Swanson
Sarah Swanson 4 måneder siden
Charles Maloney
Charles Maloney 4 måneder siden
Put a 454 big block in tiny then you got some horse under the hood boys
Isaac 5 måneder siden
So what do u go to school for💀💀💀
ツFaqz. 5 måneder siden
Randy Broom
Randy Broom 5 måneder siden
Please feel formula videos more and I love your channel oh and I love you
Nick Nick
Nick Nick 5 måneder siden
16 cylinder two-stroke Detroit Diesel engine
Ż Å X H J 6 måneder siden
What video is it where Ben falls coming out of the store?
Austin Romo
Austin Romo 6 måneder siden
KkxodmkoL Sad Kefaovmcoscda
Evan Tidwell
Evan Tidwell 6 måneder siden
7.3 power stroke turbo diesel
E p
E p 6 måneder siden
Those are poisonous lmfaooo
Christiaan de Jager
Christiaan de Jager 6 måneder siden
Put a V8 will sound so cool🥳
Trey Hicks
Trey Hicks 6 måneder siden
That catipiller is poisonous
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 6 måneder siden
i was just sat eating my lunch until he ate a caterpillar
dick head_05
dick head_05 6 måneder siden
They need to get a old mini van next and just send it
Ridge Palmer
Ridge Palmer 6 måneder siden
You know that catapillar is poisonous right
Dominic Moreau
Dominic Moreau 6 måneder siden
12 valve Cummins for tiny
nikicolers2 6 måneder siden
Should an 10 year old get a dirt bike
Imthatgamerkid41 Or animatedkid
Imthatgamerkid41 Or animatedkid 6 måneder siden
That thing has to be the #1 loudest thing
Ż Å X H J 6 måneder siden
What video is it when Ben falls
Merik Sommer
Merik Sommer 6 måneder siden
that caterpillar was poinsettias
Ksk Boy
Ksk Boy 6 måneder siden
Put a v8 500liter on it
VANGE Nygaard
VANGE Nygaard 6 måneder siden
Hey guys
Damian FN
Damian FN 6 måneder siden
The car should be called "The Mighty Minnow"
Joe Lavigne
Joe Lavigne 6 måneder siden
Boring...I'm out
Rosenkrands 6 måneder siden
I neeeeeeed the sogn from 14:27
Davis Smith
Davis Smith 6 måneder siden
Jake in the mud over here lookin like Justin Trudeau
NK_Dalotaz YT
NK_Dalotaz YT 6 måneder siden
Oh that’s nice the fuzzy caterpillar is poisonous and he ate it 😳
TTV Swyn_ Prodigy
TTV Swyn_ Prodigy 6 måneder siden
Cboys you passed me I was in a green ford truck with a blue boat
conXept Clan
conXept Clan 6 måneder siden
What kinda rzr is that?
Ridgerunner48 GG
Ridgerunner48 GG 6 måneder siden
Me ya yeet My mom wasn’t my son My team all YA YEET
Logan Miller
Logan Miller 6 måneder siden
Well that caterpillar is poisonous those hairs have small amounts of poison
Adam Spring
Adam Spring 6 måneder siden
If you had some Thorn birds on that truck do you wouldn't be stuck
Tim Hemingway
Tim Hemingway 6 måneder siden
That Caterpillar can’t be good for ya
Becky Bishop
Becky Bishop 7 måneder siden
Aren't those orange and black caterpillars poisones
Kellan Prendergast
Kellan Prendergast 7 måneder siden
Arnt they toxic
MEOutdoor Adventures
MEOutdoor Adventures 7 måneder siden
Why does Jake look like the lead singer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers when he’s covered in mud??!
Jon Frostbite
Jon Frostbite 7 måneder siden
Throw a pair of 850 Rotax in it
Kris Sutton
Kris Sutton 7 måneder siden
Definitely a v8 or diesel
Legacy_panda 1
Legacy_panda 1 7 måneder siden
Im too high to watch him eat a Caterpillar
love wr
love wr 7 måneder siden
When he fliped and landed on his head me that's the funniest shit I've ever seen
Х. Николов
Х. Николов 7 måneder siden
one small block will be perfect!
Maxwell Parrell
Maxwell Parrell 7 måneder siden
when i was a little kid, i kissed a caterpiller cause i thought it was cute... i was in the same boat as jake.
Gavin Weigand
Gavin Weigand 7 måneder siden
XXLUIS RIVERAXX 7 måneder siden
Tt Ls swap it😂
Dexter Bettincourt
Dexter Bettincourt 7 måneder siden
put a smallblock chevy in her
Westin Bone
Westin Bone 7 måneder siden
Who noticed at 2:57 there hugging I didn’t know u could hug people with the covid19
Eli Leitch
Eli Leitch 7 måneder siden
add me on snap chat i,m eli
The Beast
The Beast 7 måneder siden
I hope you know the carpoolers are
SpokaARMY 7 måneder siden
Dude jake looks hilarious all muddy
AndrewLifts 7 måneder siden
thing looks like a beast haha but RIP
Brady Fox
Brady Fox 7 måneder siden
1:28 bens voice crack
Garrett Wilkinson
Garrett Wilkinson 7 måneder siden
Time for an LS swap!!
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 7 måneder siden
Those furry caterpillars cause blisters bra🤣
Mason K
Mason K 7 måneder siden
Detroit diesel swap tiny
Brayden Jones
Brayden Jones 7 måneder siden
Didn’t you buy that for ken
skillkiller 7 måneder siden
If change engine in tiny and change to padel tires and take it to the dunes
Coby Hlad
Coby Hlad 7 måneder siden
Put a Cummins in tiny
Tyler Howland
Tyler Howland 7 måneder siden
Put a Mercedes or volkswagen diesel engine in it
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly 7 måneder siden
Gotta put the weight at the front of the trailer
jordan O'Donnell
jordan O'Donnell 7 måneder siden
v8 ram jet
Tom Naum
Tom Naum 7 måneder siden
@10:38, he looks like a true caveman!
Pearce Giles
Pearce Giles 7 måneder siden
fuzzy catapillars r poisonous
Billie Green
Billie Green 7 måneder siden
Tiny needs a big ol diesel with good stack
Denzel Angermann
Denzel Angermann 7 måneder siden
Watching the aftermath of that pavement wipeout, man that brings back memories. Glad he’s alright.
OLi's , journey sobriety, bikes, ideas, opinions
OLi's , journey sobriety, bikes, ideas, opinions 7 måneder siden
You guys should do a Murph Tupperware look alike contest at one of your meets. It will draw more people who may not own dirt bikes but want to be apart of a show.
Grayson Hendricks Baxter
Grayson Hendricks Baxter 7 måneder siden
Put a small block Chevy in there it is cheaper and if you build it up it will have a lot of power.
Matthew VanEpps
Matthew VanEpps 7 måneder siden
Ok. Have to admit. Green screen car effect is kind of cool.
Bryte Vlogs
Bryte Vlogs 7 måneder siden
erx is in elk river
jaden murphy
jaden murphy 7 måneder siden
mattaeo calderon
mattaeo calderon 7 måneder siden
that was posion
mrindabushes 7 måneder siden
Tiny needs lockers
seth bolender
seth bolender 7 måneder siden
Diesel in it
DrFruityToots 7 måneder siden
6.0L v8 vortec engine. She'll last for a long time
Evan Felter
Evan Felter 7 måneder siden
Those caterpillars are called "Wooly Bears"
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks 7 måneder siden
Put a motorcycle motor in that thing!
Dalton Payne
Dalton Payne 7 måneder siden
Y’all should have so many subscribers this is such good content
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