Custom Dirt Bike for Snow!! (Dirt Bike Wheelies) Dirt Bike vs. Snowmobile Race

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8 måneder siden

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In todays video we test out the capabilities of a Honda Crf 450 dirt bike with the front ski of a timber sled on the front using the moving dolly wheels so it can ride on the road. It was really fun and worked really well. We were even able to ride wheelies with it too!
Dirt Bike Wheelies With Snow Bike Ski on the Front!! (Half Snow bike half Dirt Bike) studded tires

Custom Dirt Bike for Snow!! (Dirt Bike Wheelies) Dirt Bike vs. Snowmobile Race

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Get entered to win our KX 450 here!!
Duuur Rick
Duuur Rick 8 måneder siden
Can you win in Canada or just for us ?
ASHTON RICHTER 8 måneder siden
How to you get entered and what are the odds
Cyber Hq
Cyber Hq 8 måneder siden
Y’all are my favorite youtubers and I wish to meet y’all some day
Cyber Hq
Cyber Hq 8 måneder siden
I live y’all vids
Russell Fiesterman
Russell Fiesterman 8 måneder siden
Cboys is awsome
Adrian Hughes
Adrian Hughes Måned siden
7:48 was the most epic thing i ever seen!
Corbin Wion
Corbin Wion 3 måneder siden
Anybody notice he Does not have a front brake
Easton Beach
Easton Beach 3 måneder siden
Micah was riding a bull
Matthew Noble
Matthew Noble 5 måneder siden
What the song called
Tiffany Days
Tiffany Days 6 måneder siden
Gaston Glock
Gaston Glock 6 måneder siden
That man riding a 5 wheeler lmfao
Braxton Hulstrom
Braxton Hulstrom 6 måneder siden
Aleksa Kurtuma
Aleksa Kurtuma 6 måneder siden
This was awesome
22 Savage
22 Savage 7 måneder siden
Excuses for being lazy!!! Lmfao!!! Jk I love the channel and only write comments to help y’all boys out may the wind always be at your backs boys!!!!
Marie Grissom
Marie Grissom 7 måneder siden
Robert Dekker
Robert Dekker 7 måneder siden
What brand helmets do you have
Anthony Cazares
Anthony Cazares 7 måneder siden
I feel like they should have put a front tire on and the track on the back
Lettuce Media
Lettuce Media 8 måneder siden
What If you put a sand tyre on the back of the bike
Loren Locascio
Loren Locascio 8 måneder siden
Southern PatriotFam
Southern PatriotFam 8 måneder siden
Yeah she put my tires on the RS one and y’all are super cool
Jenson R
Jenson R 8 måneder siden
🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁best race ever🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:44 🔥🧡 👇 👇🔥💃
Austin Fisher
Austin Fisher 8 måneder siden
Put the track on the back and the tire on the front
Trevor Schumann
Trevor Schumann 8 måneder siden
You should go look at WBOYS.TV
dorion bolden
dorion bolden 8 måneder siden
Almost said no front brake lever but there’s nothing breaks off and ski lol
vetron X
vetron X 8 måneder siden
that was sick
Bryson Green
Bryson Green 8 måneder siden
Jake and Micah killed it I feel bad for Micah tho
Zachary Kessey
Zachary Kessey 8 måneder siden
This was entertaining good video boys
Owen_waldbillig 0
Owen_waldbillig 0 8 måneder siden
U guys should definitely upload more since u guys uploaded this vid I’ve been checking every day for a new upload and I got some merch hope I win the bike
Logan Robert Edwards
Logan Robert Edwards 8 måneder siden
need to restock
Braap Mcleod
Braap Mcleod 8 måneder siden
Where’s the video tonight
Bennet Müller
Bennet Müller 8 måneder siden
Hey guys do you remeber the Video with the new shifter Kart wich broke right away? Im a professional race driver myself and im driving exactly that engine. It hurts to see you driving the Kart because its defenetly not the way it should be driven. Some of you said i guess it was to cold with 96 degrees, the engine is perfectly running with 55 degrees. You should mix the fuel with a special oil from rotax. In the first gear you should shift at 12500 rpm and only run out in second gear. Just some tips :)
Bryson Derting
Bryson Derting 8 måneder siden
Hey the 2012 CRF250R that you gave away is for-sale on Craigslist Charlotte you problem want care but I thought it was cool Love the vids
Connor Sherlock
Connor Sherlock 8 måneder siden
You guys should come to Irricana an. Ab Canada and bring your bikes
Tag Noland
Tag Noland 8 måneder siden
I miss the cboys intro :/
J.R. V
J.R. V 8 måneder siden
Y’all should do a collaboration with googan squad that would be lit
Born Sketchy
Born Sketchy 8 måneder siden
Paddle tire with the timber sled ski on front, dopppeee
Martino 110
Martino 110 8 måneder siden
I want you guys all the time
Kensten 8 måneder siden
Hey Cboys I need your help with getting a bike for my brother that is in Colorado can you help me out
Mosie Norsten
Mosie Norsten 8 måneder siden
Start popping it up
joseph czyz
joseph czyz 8 måneder siden
do a massive explosion
Noah Power
Noah Power 8 måneder siden
What model sled was Jake riding? I kinda want one
Nolan Glomski
Nolan Glomski 8 måneder siden
Check out Sota bois they watch you and talk about you they are from Minnesota
Kati Hazlett
Kati Hazlett 8 måneder siden
Make more videos
Q F 8 måneder siden
This race was too funny
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 8 måneder siden
Snert bike
evan kammerer
evan kammerer 8 måneder siden
BRO! Paddle tire, ski SAND DUNES
STEVE FRIEND 8 måneder siden
you guys should try it with a paddle tire👍👍
Jack 535
Jack 535 8 måneder siden
Why does cj never get to do anything he just films
David Wills
David Wills 8 måneder siden
Can a candian win the the snowbike? With a 5$ purchase or more ?
Cyber Hq
Cyber Hq 8 måneder siden
Put a straight axle on the front of CJs dirt bike and make it a 3 wheeler
16th rider
16th rider 8 måneder siden
get some colored smoke grenades and tape them to the back of your bikes!
Michael Muench
Michael Muench 8 måneder siden
Theres something called a sno bike kit
juniorfelix67 8 måneder siden
Get the hole crew and go to silver lake sand dune and have Jake skip over the water right there
juniorfelix67 8 måneder siden
You should get the hole crew and have Jake skip the water right there
Braydon Bader
Braydon Bader 8 måneder siden
You should air up all the tires!!!! Dummies!
FZNawkpanda 8 måneder siden
The letter kenny reference
208Backcountry 8 måneder siden
Put a tire in the front with the track in the back
Eric Kananowicz
Eric Kananowicz 8 måneder siden
Where’s Jakes mustang
Dylan 14
Dylan 14 8 måneder siden
Completely out of ideas , get creative boys
Team Kanada
Team Kanada 8 måneder siden
10:00 do I just see a Fullsend shotgun tool
Alyssa F.
Alyssa F. 8 måneder siden
Quarantine yourselves pls🙄
Miller 8 måneder siden
Yous hiring?
chevette owner
chevette owner 8 måneder siden
this wasn't the best episode
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions 8 måneder siden
Buy a supermoto
Tob 30
Tob 30 8 måneder siden
Jeez you should air up all the tires
Owen McCann
Owen McCann 8 måneder siden
you should've done the opposite with a tire up front and the track in the back
Orry Gerring
Orry Gerring 8 måneder siden
Seriously tho, you guys should put tracks on the RS1 in would be a freaking bad ass
JF96 8 måneder siden
hey dose anyone know jakes sunglasses brand? or were i can find them
Leylan Clifford
Leylan Clifford 8 måneder siden
I wouldn’t even trust Micah
Keaton Jackson
Keaton Jackson 8 måneder siden
You guys are so dumb you should have put air in all 4 tired🤦‍♂️
Cooper Howes
Cooper Howes 8 måneder siden
Love the Cboys I can't wait for Monday's and Thursdays watch them all the time I think I have seen every video
Justin Sparling
Justin Sparling 8 måneder siden
That’s the funniest race ever
Alden Pfeiffer
Alden Pfeiffer 8 måneder siden
You should try a sand tire on the back
Remco N
Remco N 8 måneder siden
Quinn Warner
Quinn Warner 8 måneder siden
When we buy a 509 helmet we get entered for the snow bike right?
Bryce Corson
Bryce Corson 8 måneder siden
Do more big men pranks because that’s the only times he’s in the videos
dawson oneil
dawson oneil 8 måneder siden
Where did kale get his pig tails?
TTV Swyn_ Prodigy
TTV Swyn_ Prodigy 8 måneder siden
I live in Champlin MN
218 Outdoors
218 Outdoors 8 måneder siden
You need to buy old snowmobiles and wreck them
Vx2 Snake
Vx2 Snake 8 måneder siden
michas crashb was like a failed supercross whip
SLED HEAD TV 8 måneder siden
How many times have you guys ever had to go to the hospital because the stupid crap like this
CouchPotato Gaming
CouchPotato Gaming 8 måneder siden
What happened to the intro?
T 420
T 420 8 måneder siden
Alec Morales
Alec Morales 8 måneder siden
When Micah hit the jet ski jump I fuckin died😂
Dillon Davidson
Dillon Davidson 8 måneder siden
You guys should do it with the track on the back and a normal tire on the front.
715 Films
715 Films 8 måneder siden
CJ’s bike is so bad ass
Samuel Fink
Samuel Fink 8 måneder siden
it’s so sad they don’t have the intro anymore
Donald 8 måneder siden
Raptor vs xj
IMALieI 8 måneder siden
Lowkey pissed Jake didn’t win
Inverted 8 måneder siden
7:16 letterkenny reference?
Charlie Mohr
Charlie Mohr 8 måneder siden
You should try ski on the front paddle tire on the back
Off-road Outlaws lover
Off-road Outlaws lover 8 måneder siden
Nice race Jake was funny
Blake 8 måneder siden
100k views and only 4K likes :( wtf people 😂
Blake 8 måneder siden
I wish more people dropped likes !
Elias Janssen
Elias Janssen 8 måneder siden
Where can you buy the sunglasses jake is Wearing?
Shane Doolan
Shane Doolan 8 måneder siden
Micah dead @ 12:14
Donavan Cole
Donavan Cole 8 måneder siden
Nice letterkenny jokes keep them coming
Matt Hatch
Matt Hatch 8 måneder siden
Put a bigger engine in the old sled
Rex4x4 8 måneder siden
Haha do a search for rex4x4 snowbike lol
Stack 8 måneder siden
Lol Ben I know you actually came in 1st place and it was definitely a valiant effort, but considering Jake was starting off handicapped or a handicap, either or , but he was probably way under the horsepower you guys had, and even though he had two skies and a track,lol his half flip on the on the tramp lol as it was supposed to be a full flip and technically I think he did a 180 but tried to muster up everything to make it look like a full 360 flip , lol plus when he went up the ladder to jump over it technically he went more backwards then forwards off the top , but were not faulting him on that either , lol as I said before he’s handicapped or I meant had a handicap, and the pallet problem wasn’t his fault as there’s no way his chariot was capable of doing such a tight figure S especially since losing a wheel and tipping over just before having to attempt it , so I definitely think he should’ve been allowed to plow rite through it , and it wasn’t that he messed up in anyway or should’ve even been considered for disqualification as Mikka was clearly in the way of what would’ve been a epic but majestic flight over the hull jump , so my point is pretty clear obviously as I’m sure Jake would agree and everyone else also, and therefore if he hadn’t been a handicap or handicapped from the beginning it would’ve been a totally different outcome, lol and Im sure we all can figure out what kind of handicapped I’ve been talking about also , lol I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination to what the different handicap and handicapped’s of Jakes are !! Ben I’m Sorry Bro , but as of rite now your going to have to share the 1st place podium with Jake , but you definitely have to stand more on the second place side of the podium , and as for you Micah I hope your feeling better, lol as we all know it wasn’t the jump that kept you down, it was the fact that you knew even though you thought Jake was the real loser you really knew deep down it was always really going to be you !! Lol Awesome vid guys !! Keep up the Great Work and Vids !! 👍✌️
WXYLXND 8 måneder siden
Where’s Justin been at?
Matteo Dauphinee
Matteo Dauphinee 8 måneder siden
They should use Ryan’s raptor
Lathan Pierce
Lathan Pierce 8 måneder siden
When does giveaway end
FugMan4 8 måneder siden
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