Snowmobiling across the midwest.. The longest ride ever!!

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In todays video Ben and Ryan join the 509 and Polaris crew in a 400 mile snowmobile journey from Minnesota to Michigan to join in a fan meet up and break the world record for the worlds largest snowmobile group ride. It was a ton of fun getting to meet everyone who came out to the meet up as well as participate in the ride. Thank you so much to Polaris for lending us 2 sleds to ride on the trip. It was exhausting but Ben and Ryan say they would do it again in a heart beat. As far as the new giveaway goes we will be adding parts to our new KX 450 through the next weeks the giveaway sweepstakes runs. Modifying it to make it a one of a kind dirt bike. Comment down below what you guys would like to see before all the snow melts!! We love reading your comments.
Snowmobiling across the midwest.. The longest ride ever!!
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CboysTV 9 måneder siden
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Moto Bros - EDITS
Moto Bros - EDITS 2 måneder siden
I miss jake 🥺🥺😢😢
Jodi Elanik
Jodi Elanik 6 måneder siden
Love it soo much
james reynolds
james reynolds 9 måneder siden
Next time you boys are up this way, check out Coyote Snowbike Adventures. My buddy Kyle runs snowbike rentals in the copper country and knows all the back country spots.
Sam Giammalva
Sam Giammalva 9 måneder siden
Love the give away. Never road a slede
Jestin Gruber
Jestin Gruber 9 måneder siden
Got me some stickers wish i had more money would like to buy one of those t shirts better looking merch than most
Ken Harty
Ken Harty 21 time siden
Lol posing on the bike bahaha
Patrick sullivan
Patrick sullivan Dag siden
Ok I love these videos but it was like 1/10th snowmobileing lol
Soren Mang
Soren Mang Dag siden
might be a little late
David Jukuri
David Jukuri 2 dager siden
I live in houghton
Jason DeWyse
Jason DeWyse 3 dager siden
a little bit late but my cousin is in the band da yoopers
Bros Numeral Dos
Bros Numeral Dos 5 dager siden
2:47 Ben’s voice 😆
Louvik Vuillemin
Louvik Vuillemin 7 dager siden
i would loooooooove to $ all of your murch but my parent don't want to.😤😭 and is it real that you will give away the motocross, if you do and if i get it. i would need smaller im just 12
franklyn ahkvaluk
franklyn ahkvaluk 9 dager siden
Better run the iron dog up in Alaska haha.
Master_ Gam3rs
Master_ Gam3rs 10 dager siden
You guys were parked at bikeman performance in the beginning
Braaap Tv
Braaap Tv 12 dager siden
You guys are in my home town houghton
Jess Hiler
Jess Hiler 12 dager siden
You talk too much
Ryley Grambow
Ryley Grambow 13 dager siden
I live in Bessemer Michigan
Gary Rochefort
Gary Rochefort 20 dager siden
Jasper Blount
Jasper Blount 22 dager siden
Can South Africa take part in the giveaways?
Superchill Gamer12
Superchill Gamer12 22 dager siden
Did anyone else see the pink blanket in the beginning move
Bandit Playz
Bandit Playz 23 dager siden
I love your videos so much I look up to you guys bc I am in love with pretty much everything you do I love doing crazy ass shit with really anything that’s got a motor
Afton M
Afton M 23 dager siden
Yooooo, you guys where only 45 miles from me, I live in river falls wi!!
Crystal Hemmerich
Crystal Hemmerich 24 dager siden
Robert Schnetzer
Robert Schnetzer 25 dager siden
I love you guys Literally the best Channel
Aiden AC Seppamaki
Aiden AC Seppamaki 25 dager siden
11:06 pause. Look at the goon with the goggles the goggles and the other with upside down sunglasses.
JoePilman69 25 dager siden
did ya see that crappy polaris that was me all the way from wisco
Jenkins Joseph
Jenkins Joseph 26 dager siden
I need to practice how to ride a bike because I can't ride one and I don't have on
Little John
Little John 26 dager siden
this may be a stupid question but how do you refill on gas?
Sean Keehl
Sean Keehl 28 dager siden
The good old days when all the cboys where together
HasBeenGone Måned siden
I will gladly take that bike
The protogen Husky
The protogen Husky Måned siden
That is the most ugliest Duramax ever in my life that I’ve ever seen before and really it’s just that front end though
Tayler Paul
Tayler Paul Måned siden
Can I have the bike
Lance Remus
Lance Remus Måned siden
You guys should’ve made that sled trip on 70s or 80s sleds...then you’d have bragging rights. And know the true meaning of pain lol 😂
woltersbunch Måned siden
There riding mountain sleds that'll hurt
M3K 101
M3K 101 Måned siden
I wish I could get that much snow where I live
aandre Rod
aandre Rod Måned siden
😐the people who run the 1000 baja races
Grant DuBridge
Grant DuBridge Måned siden
200 miles a day is just normal. And that is after driving five hours to get to the good trails. When we were these kids age we would drive home again after the 200 miles. That would be a twenty hour day.
Frank Akpik
Frank Akpik Måned siden
Ok nowhere near biggest snowmobile meet up, here in alaska we have Iron dog races and Arctic man that usually has around 12000 snowmobilers
Reece Wagner
Reece Wagner Måned siden
When I was 8 me and my family and 15 other people went 627 miles on sled
Anonymous Phucker
Anonymous Phucker Måned siden
ive rode that much during one day
Shawn d
Shawn d Måned siden
join the iron dog and race across Ak..
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson Måned siden
Dude that is right across from my dads work and I was in the other building!
Jacob Zahari
Jacob Zahari Måned siden
I live i michagan
Mamterilleq Måned siden
400 miles lol 😂 iron dog warm up!
Jordan Maille
Jordan Maille 2 måneder siden
We got the same jacket 💯
Haidyn Miller
Haidyn Miller 2 måneder siden
yo so sick
jackcepticeye famous
jackcepticeye famous 2 måneder siden
Jake is the best
Ghost cloak
Ghost cloak 2 måneder siden
I live by were you were
MichiganMetalhead 2 måneder siden
Y’all doin this again this year?
Navedyn Bradley
Navedyn Bradley 2 måneder siden
can i have that bike
Gucci Double Pluggers
Gucci Double Pluggers 2 måneder siden
Come to Alaska and try the iron dog. 2,200 miles of sled racing.
Bryson Pfeifer
Bryson Pfeifer 2 måneder siden
Mi-BoysUSA 3 måneder siden
9:49 bruh I’m done 😂
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 3 måneder siden
this was made on my birthday
Blake Heltunen
Blake Heltunen 3 måneder siden
That’s where I live
Wylan Brovold
Wylan Brovold 3 måneder siden
i want that dirt bike
jacob miller
jacob miller 3 måneder siden
I just saw that silverado with that cool wrap going down the highway
Ryall Purdy
Ryall Purdy 3 måneder siden
Houghton is my hometown this was absolutely unreal man sick ride😎🙏
MotoVation 3 måneder siden
Must not have heard of the Iron Dog, where the boys are separated from the men.
Tanya Bazinet
Tanya Bazinet 3 måneder siden
i bought all your merch for nothing XD
mike taylor
mike taylor 3 måneder siden
I've snowmobiles from rockton Illinois to Houghton Michigan
Knifez _YT
Knifez _YT 3 måneder siden
Hello Cboys
Jack Rego
Jack Rego 4 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how David looks like kody😂😂
Mathew Livermore
Mathew Livermore 4 måneder siden
sooooo cool love yall
Jonathan D3
Jonathan D3 4 måneder siden
Can you guys go to Iowa and will meet up with dirt bikes
woopZEWT 4 måneder siden
why does david at the start of the video look like jason nash
ZSP 4 måneder siden
I f'n live in saint croix falls u need to come back up
Jayden McGuire
Jayden McGuire 5 måneder siden
I live in Michigan and i wish I would have seen you guys
Mi-BoysUSA 5 måneder siden
Me watching this at 1am👁👄👁
Topher Tryon
Topher Tryon 5 måneder siden
honestly man you guys have helped me out a lot in the past 2 weeks ive been getting kinda sad and just seeing you guys do what you want it so nice
Dylan Morin
Dylan Morin 5 måneder siden
Can’t believe I missed u fucks coming up here
Dylan Morin
Dylan Morin 5 måneder siden
That’s where I live. In Calument MI. 30 mins from copper harbor. Where that trips end is
Seheu7dy egged yucycyf
Seheu7dy egged yucycyf 5 måneder siden
You made some snowmobile dirtbikes and gave them away but didnt make them available for Canadians
Matias Howard
Matias Howard 5 måneder siden
shoutout canada! jakes the best no cap
Ssander1235 5 måneder siden
My dad does 300 miles in 24hrs for 15 days straight
Gary Dumaresque
Gary Dumaresque 5 måneder siden
Look up Cains Quest Endurance Snowmobile race. Its 3100Km (1926.25 Miles). All Backcountry riding no trails.
PersonWhoPlaysGames 5 måneder siden
They drove really close to my house...ive been to Houghton multiple times. Wish i could have met them. Edit: ive been to that hotel before...;-;............IVE BEEN RUGHT BY THAT BRICK BUILDING BEFORE....REEEEE
Arabic Spider-Man Camel
Arabic Spider-Man Camel 5 måneder siden
Anyone else find it funny how the first giveaway that Canadians can enter is a snow bike
Just_Josh 5 måneder siden
Crazzykuls 06
Crazzykuls 06 5 måneder siden
No trip is to long if you choose the right brand
Sam Kaludjak
Sam Kaludjak 5 måneder siden
Im from rankin inlet Nunavut Canada
Nicholas Wood
Nicholas Wood 5 måneder siden
What helmets do they wear
Carrie Mack
Carrie Mack 6 måneder siden
I would like to participate in the giveaway please
mr freefall
mr freefall 6 måneder siden
Can u also send the wheels
Teo Augustsson
Teo Augustsson 6 måneder siden
I was there and i got a par of glassed but a guy took it from me..
Nate Houghtaling
Nate Houghtaling 6 måneder siden
Who is 2 hour away from iron river
Connor Holman
Connor Holman 6 måneder siden
I wish I had one but I have a 1990s snowmobile
Daniel Breault
Daniel Breault 6 måneder siden
I think it’s broken jake sat on it
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones 6 måneder siden
i whent it
Jonas playz
Jonas playz 6 måneder siden
I used to live in Michigan
TheLavaCatGaming [TLCG]
TheLavaCatGaming [TLCG] 6 måneder siden
Dude I live close to where you guys were doing this
Chevy Corcoran
Chevy Corcoran 6 måneder siden
13:36 that would be me on my citation if I went
Fellin luv
Fellin luv 7 måneder siden
get more go pro video
Hugh Albright
Hugh Albright 7 måneder siden
can u get the tires and the tracks
bikelifestyle tv
bikelifestyle tv 7 måneder siden
im so made im just now watching this vid and the only reason i didnt enter was i didnt think us canadians could enter
Navarone Custer
Navarone Custer 8 måneder siden
4:20 poor ski rods
Dlamps 98
Dlamps 98 8 måneder siden
Next time cboys go to da UP go up to copper harbor! Houghton is my home town
RocketPink 8 måneder siden
Hello Cboys Inc. lol anyway I'm a fast learning 15 year old that loves living life with fun and without boring days you have made me smile in each one of your videos and would love to run something like what you guys are running when I'm older if you see this you will probably click on my channel my videos are, well... cancer I would say so myself but that's before I hit peak human evolution in other words puberty, this is my application of joining the cboys or at least meeting you guys after this corona thing is done im very nice and intuitive also i think I'm funny but that's only a thought anyways if you see this ill be blown away and or cry we will see im a teenaged boy and feel 60 but anyways its 4:44 AM and this is just a late night dream. Thank You if you read this!
Nick Archuleta
Nick Archuleta 8 måneder siden
WTF pulled the tire off a brand-new damn bike come on now you can't do that.....
Musta kone
Musta kone 8 måneder siden
Can you ship it into Europe
Julia Brown
Julia Brown 8 måneder siden
I love the vidoes
Julia Brown
Julia Brown 8 måneder siden
what are you giving away next
Adam_BOMB 07
Adam_BOMB 07 8 måneder siden
Hayden Adamson
Hayden Adamson 8 måneder siden
and u get no riding footage
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