Destroying Polaris RS1 Tires!!! (Huge Burnout)

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8 måneder siden

New Merch drop is live now:
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In todays video, we announce the drop of our new merch line on We burn off the tires on our Polaris RS1 and put some new wheels and beefy tires on it. Then we finish the rest of our snowmobile trip Wyoming. Destroying Polaris RS1 Tires!!!

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
New merch drop is LIVE!! @
DJ Devin James
DJ Devin James 8 måneder siden
Thank you CboysTV for the awesome hat I love it guys and I'm a really big fan
Brayden Suess
Brayden Suess 8 måneder siden
Why Did you guys just quit Dumb Stuff in The Dark, you should do it every video.
Jake Mccutcheon
Jake Mccutcheon 8 måneder siden
CboysTV I’m also wondering if there is any way to see your entry’s or anything that verifies it on the customers end. It not maybe consider implementing that?
Jake Mccutcheon
Jake Mccutcheon 8 måneder siden
CboysTV hell ya thanks guys! Just dropped 80 bucks on some dope cleaning products. How’s the ceramic spray? Got two bottles! Keep up the great work guys y’all are awesome!
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Jake Mccutcheon yup that counts for entries too! Just like does too
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Måned siden
That transition was fanominal
Calthecool 2 måneder siden
7:32 Sus as hell.
Harry Strode
Harry Strode 3 måneder siden
c boys have the best taste in music first of dream on now money for nothing?!?!?!?!
Quinten Chornenki
Quinten Chornenki 3 måneder siden
7:32 that could’ve been so bad😂
Rachel Kachar
Rachel Kachar 5 måneder siden
TxStreetRacing 6 måneder siden
Whoever does the editing on y'alls videos, is fucking amazing
Chaleed Nielsen
Chaleed Nielsen 6 måneder siden
Name of the best on 26seconds please
Chaleed Nielsen
Chaleed Nielsen 6 måneder siden
LukeDoyle25 6 måneder siden
What’s the song ?
Braden Jones
Braden Jones 7 måneder siden
Wait what happened to the banshee
Sevat Øen
Sevat Øen 7 måneder siden
7:34 sooo close to hit your bals and face
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
You guys should bye a trophy truck
DWTCREW 7 måneder siden
Digging the creative editing boys! Small touches are worth it!
No.2 pencil
No.2 pencil 8 måneder siden
Here’s a little hint😉 make some bar grips for around $20😁😁
John Sutter
John Sutter 8 måneder siden
7:10 does anyone know what song that is?
Johannes Alvestad Hansen
Johannes Alvestad Hansen 7 måneder siden
Come 2gether By Ooyy
Ian Zischke
Ian Zischke 8 måneder siden
That kawi barks!!
Garrett Johnston
Garrett Johnston 8 måneder siden
Time to put the mini monster truck wheels on the RS1
RocketPink 8 måneder siden
Hello Cboys Inc. lol anyway I'm a fast learning 15 year old that loves living life with fun and without boring days you have made me smile in each one of your videos and would love to run something like what you guys are running when I'm older if you see this you will probably click on my channel my videos are, well... cancer I would say so myself but that's before I hit peak human evolution in other words puberty, this is my application of joining the cboys or at least meeting you guys after this corona thing is done im very nice and intuitive also i think I'm funny but that's only a thought anyways if you see this ill be blown away and or cry we will see im a teenaged boy and feel 60 but anyways its 4:44 AM and this is just a late night dream. Thank You if you read this!
Tyler Casey
Tyler Casey 8 måneder siden
Song at 6:30? Shit bumps
Rodney Finley
Rodney Finley 8 måneder siden
Reward for best NOpostr goes to the cboys
TheWannaBee Boys
TheWannaBee Boys 8 måneder siden
How come the cboyz channel is dying @Cboyztv
Kaden 108
Kaden 108 8 måneder siden
The minute ken pulls up 😂
Donna Hunter
Donna Hunter 8 måneder siden
Put mud tires on the rs1 and go mudding
LandonM 8 måneder siden
I’m Canadian can I still enter the giveaway?
The Ramsay Shenanigans
The Ramsay Shenanigans 8 måneder siden
One of the very few channels the kids watch that I enjoy. You guys are a lot of fun. 🤘
Josh Paulson
Josh Paulson 8 måneder siden
Kimbery Bearbower
Kimbery Bearbower 8 måneder siden
Who seen how mitch tried was still on the tires
Kimbery Bearbower
Kimbery Bearbower 8 måneder siden
How much tred
Ethan Berry
Ethan Berry 8 måneder siden
"love jake's new truck" 🤣
zachary bruce
zachary bruce 8 måneder siden
When ken becoming a full time cboy?
BushFire145 8 måneder siden
the giveaway winner is the one with the most entreys
RandomOz Motocross
RandomOz Motocross 8 måneder siden
7:33 his dick almost died
Cryptoxx 8 måneder siden
Love you guys
zach vandusen
zach vandusen 8 måneder siden
Why did you guys all choose the wrx over and wrx sti , just wondering if there were any specifics cause i’m looking to buy one in the future
Tristan Swang
Tristan Swang 8 måneder siden
Why is the 6th person not in the vids anymore?
Hendro TV
Hendro TV 8 måneder siden
Kerenn broo
Kristina Workman
Kristina Workman 8 måneder siden
Y’all needa buy one of those high lifter can ams and you should give me a 450 four wheeler 👨‍🌾
Garrett Hamann
Garrett Hamann 8 måneder siden
7:09 song?
Double A Productions
Double A Productions 8 måneder siden
Toy box lane and county road 11
jack strempel
jack strempel 8 måneder siden
i have a maveric x3turbo and a rzr turbo s and a rzr 1000
Logan Thompson Justin budnick
Logan Thompson Justin budnick 8 måneder siden
You guys should get jake an RS1 he is always the one drive ing them
jayden brecht
jayden brecht 8 måneder siden
cboys are you guys vikings fans (i havent seen much of your vids)
Justgonna Sendit
Justgonna Sendit 8 måneder siden
What happened to Murph aka Jake with a helmet and goggles
Phoenix Dohr
Phoenix Dohr 8 måneder siden
Like If you want them to bring back the black and white windbreakers
Zane Johnson
Zane Johnson 8 måneder siden
7:32 he about had a really bad day
Andy Bowen
Andy Bowen 8 måneder siden
4:37 bangin’s insta handle should have been sherbydunkin69
Chance Savina
Chance Savina 8 måneder siden
When will the cboys turn into cmen?
Nathan Makin
Nathan Makin 8 måneder siden
4:25 i went and bought my new dirt bike from the powersports that had plastic around it on the left of the screen like a week ago.
Pierce Baugh
Pierce Baugh 8 måneder siden
Boyz need a tool sponser
Gabe Dean
Gabe Dean 8 måneder siden
Who's aveo!?!?!?
Dave Mantel
Dave Mantel 8 måneder siden
Can you Ben, Ken Jack, Ryan, Miach, Cj, and Justin do a free giveaway plz
Cameron Tracy
Cameron Tracy 8 måneder siden
I put Chrome socket on my impact and not really tightened them
Drayten Evans
Drayten Evans 8 måneder siden
Did anyone else laugh at Micah 🤣 12:10
Charlie McAughey
Charlie McAughey 8 måneder siden
I love how the people on Polaris are ripping but then the one dude on the ski doo absolutely fukin sends it so hard
Rachel Grausgruber
Rachel Grausgruber 8 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the bike Jake was riding at 8:15? :)
Nolan Prather
Nolan Prather 8 måneder siden
Rachel Grausgruber it’s an SSR
Michael ebeling
Michael ebeling 8 måneder siden
Y'all should do a video of you guys doing a big meet with everybody that has won one your giveaways. That would be dope af.
Walmart blog squad b
Walmart blog squad b 8 måneder siden
Jordan Voeltz
Jordan Voeltz 8 måneder siden
🔥🔥🔥oh man... So dangerous in woods! but worth earn epic experience and get fun! 😎 i wonder i couldn't try buy ticket entry for win prize giveway 2019 KX 450 snowbike too late? 😟
WA zerkz
WA zerkz 8 måneder siden
wheres cj
AdamBomb 89
AdamBomb 89 8 måneder siden
WOW WOW WOW HOLD ON. HOLDON. HOLD the phone. Someone please explain the lifted Chevy Aveo asap
Skyler Bair
Skyler Bair 8 måneder siden
Y’all should make a Flannel hood in the grey and red
Nick J
Nick J 8 måneder siden
Rs1 looking like a baby buggy 😂
Cohen McPherson
Cohen McPherson 8 måneder siden
Also where is that valley
Balder Teerlinck
Balder Teerlinck 8 måneder siden
Is the contest for Europe too?
Vermont Moto
Vermont Moto 8 måneder siden
You guys should give away a decked out pit bike.
Angie Jones
Angie Jones 8 måneder siden
Did jake put chrome sockets on an impact when I thought he was my favorite
litfest06 8 måneder siden
What is the story on the lifted Chevy Aveo
KJA 65
KJA 65 8 måneder siden
bro that bike BARKS
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 8 måneder siden
This Canada wide yet??
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 8 måneder siden
Sup bitches haha Dumb an dumber where?? Hahahh
gass king
gass king 8 måneder siden
Jake needs a pit bike😂😂
David Alvarez
David Alvarez 8 måneder siden
You need to Tune your clutches when upgrading tires
Batmanowl5 8 måneder siden
So why did Ryan no go sledding?
Dumencha Cat
Dumencha Cat 8 måneder siden
Yay jake broght owt the pit bike
Colten Ramirez
Colten Ramirez 8 måneder siden
12:09 was the best part of the video sup little bitches
Kyle Nay
Kyle Nay 8 måneder siden
Watching Jake run away from that tumbling sled 🤣🤣🤣
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Getting his steps in for the day
Luke Baker
Luke Baker 8 måneder siden
next level editing boys!! keep it up
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Thanks bro!!
Lindy Boinske
Lindy Boinske 8 måneder siden
Who was riding the skidoo
Terry Terwilliger
Terry Terwilliger 8 måneder siden
7:36 bens face almost got destroyed
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Was almost a very bad situation 😂
Arlen Brownless
Arlen Brownless 8 måneder siden
What is that mini monster truck they did the burnout on🤣🤣
tate willey
tate willey 8 måneder siden
Jack Boggs
Jack Boggs 8 måneder siden
Love the new video!
Derek eagles
Derek eagles 8 måneder siden
Why tf is ther a lifted prius
Ryan Brickss
Ryan Brickss 8 måneder siden
big ken in the merch thing he was like why am i here
DAWSON TRAUN 8 måneder siden
I don't know how I just relized it but the new rap for the give away bike Looks like a wrap for diet MTN Dew
Carter Voll
Carter Voll 8 måneder siden
Are you guys gonna do daily stuff?
Charles Maloney
Charles Maloney 8 måneder siden
This is whut i did to my truck but i burnt the tires to the rims
Hudson Kinney
Hudson Kinney 8 måneder siden
yall should do a black on white
Tim Vanderipe
Tim Vanderipe 8 måneder siden
Who else thinks big ken is a hottie
Chuck Marcheschi
Chuck Marcheschi 8 måneder siden
Jake rocking that dad bod. Hell yeah
Slade Doll
Slade Doll 8 måneder siden
Micha the ground hog: sup lil bitches
Cross SQUAD 8 måneder siden
I'm digging that snow bike.. ben hella 11 o clock wheelies lol almost 12.. good job guys. Haven't finished watching the video so back to it..
Tom Scheffler
Tom Scheffler 8 måneder siden
Big Ken straight posted up
Slade Doll
Slade Doll 8 måneder siden
The branch almost went up bens ass
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 8 måneder siden
That red and white summit 😍
zinzor 8 måneder siden
yall living my dream life since forever now...
Cayden LeBlanc
Cayden LeBlanc 8 måneder siden
Birthday is the day after the giveaway ends. Gonna entre and hope i win it 😩🤧
Bryson Barnwell
Bryson Barnwell 8 måneder siden
O had tensors on a defender and they weren't good at all
Wing It Willie
Wing It Willie 8 måneder siden
The RS1 looks gnarly as fuck now with those wheels and tires. Now she needs a badass wrap that makes it stand out like a neon or bright ass green or orange or a green/orange/purple camouflage wrap would be sick!
Cody Mccrae
Cody Mccrae 8 måneder siden
put the fronts on the rear not and go drifting with the new ones on the front
Connor Meharg
Connor Meharg 8 måneder siden
I can tell bean and Cj are cousins they sound similar when talking
We made him do this.
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