Testing $300 Amazon Pocket Rocket!! (It gets Destroyed)

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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Testing the $300 Amazon Gas powered Crotch Rocket's we bought off of Amazon!!
Testing $300 Amazon Pocket Rocket!! (It gets Destroyed)
In todays video, we carry on our Amazon Testing series with two brand new pocket rockets we ordered off Amazon. They were really small and pretty fun to ride too! After we try a new tik tok trend with our Limo and play a funny prank on Ken!

CboysTV 23 dager siden
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped at → manscaped.com/CBOYS Your balls will thank you 😉
Cody Howard
Cody Howard 16 dager siden
Hey @CboysTV I sent a message on your all’s Facebook channel please get back with me you won’t regret it I promise
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles 18 dager siden
Korben Clausen
Korben Clausen 19 dager siden
penciltaping K
penciltaping K 20 dager siden
Hey guys I really need your help my dream is to have a dirt bike I’m 11 years old my family is struggling a lot and you guys make me happy I sound dumb I’m sorry I need your help pls :(
Erik Zimmerman
Erik Zimmerman 20 dager siden
can I have the engine from the pocket rocket
Itsjusta2v 5 timer siden
Sooo Mario kart 50cc class anyone
Hc 437
Hc 437 21 time siden
Why are they so slow I had one that was wayyy faster it was from the 80s though
Stevie-Rae Twist
Stevie-Rae Twist Dag siden
I got a t shirt from you guys and I can’t wait till it gets finally in
Frybancee149 F4rt
Frybancee149 F4rt 2 dager siden
Dude that add was helarious
ReVoLuTiOn N
ReVoLuTiOn N 4 dager siden
8:08 😭😭😭😭😭
Max Bashore
Max Bashore 6 dager siden
u should have a meet up then have every body in the that has one of those and like 100 fans riding down the streets lol
Wyatt Shafer
Wyatt Shafer 7 dager siden
Dumb stuff in the dark is back
Isaac Salazar
Isaac Salazar 9 dager siden
You should try a razor
Michele Pulver
Michele Pulver 9 dager siden
Make a new video this is so funny
ATV Media
ATV Media 10 dager siden
I honestly hate people like that soooo much, who just show up in the first place just to get clout
ATV Media
ATV Media 10 dager siden
This has got to be better then the actual manscaped ads
jake johnson
jake johnson 10 dager siden
You guys act tough but your the same kids me andy buddies laugh at! Tell your dad's thanks for there hard to get you to where you are!! You guys are weak!!!
Jayden Boyde
Jayden Boyde 10 dager siden
Jayden Boyde
Jayden Boyde 10 dager siden
If you lose I will beat you up
Atem Manyok
Atem Manyok 10 dager siden
Your should get a grom clone off of Amazon
30Graydon L
30Graydon L 12 dager siden
Wheels it
Challecombe Millar
Challecombe Millar 13 dager siden
Copying bikes n beards 🤭
Zheangail Zamora
Zheangail Zamora 14 dager siden
Nene Eck
Nene Eck 14 dager siden
Yo I see that bick under the chair
ReptilianFx trader
ReptilianFx trader 15 dager siden
can we win giveaway im from canada?
Brady Saint
Brady Saint 16 dager siden
What’s the song at 11:29?
Nathan Nelson
Nathan Nelson 16 dager siden
whens the new video for this week coming out
XTGAMER 2334 16 dager siden
Yo I had a pocket rocket when I was 3 and got a street bike at 5
Keegan K
Keegan K 16 dager siden
When are u posting a new video
Jaime Jamieson
Jaime Jamieson 16 dager siden
can i whin the crf 110f
Zach popping
Zach popping 16 dager siden
I want a 125 dirt bike that's loud I live in wellsboro pa grand canyon
Justin Saurer
Justin Saurer 16 dager siden
hahahahaha this is sooooo much more funny to me cuz every time I drive by and see him at work ... I yell something super obnoxious and he has the same fucking look on his face ....
Royce Cramer The Gamer
Royce Cramer The Gamer 16 dager siden
you guys should come to Aitkin mn this winter
Brandon Holman
Brandon Holman 16 dager siden
When are you going to get a Nother peanut
Charlie Townsend
Charlie Townsend 16 dager siden
Dude cboys always got fire background songs😂
chase wyant-smith
chase wyant-smith 16 dager siden
When are you guys drawing or whatever for the pit bike
Jacob Dube
Jacob Dube 16 dager siden
you sood get a maverick x3
Jeff Mielke
Jeff Mielke 16 dager siden
End of the week and no videos to watch. You guys are so inconsistent. Why tell us you gonna do 2 videos a week. We lucky to get one a week.
UNC40pilot 16 dager siden
Does anyone on NOpost have an original idea anymore?
Mar Malcolm
Mar Malcolm 16 dager siden
You should do a 1\5 scale r c test with a rovan baja
bryce hall
bryce hall 16 dager siden
We’re is Ryan’s keep at ?
Arthur Pavlik
Arthur Pavlik 16 dager siden
Bro the in Washington I live here can y’all do like a meet all my friends so hyped and post a vid can y’all went sledding
Jacob Kuykendall
Jacob Kuykendall 16 dager siden
I want to come to one
Jacob Kuykendall
Jacob Kuykendall 16 dager siden
Are you doing more turf wars
Ethan Sarchenko
Ethan Sarchenko 16 dager siden
copy bikes and beards ​exact video idea 3 times in a row can't you come up with something creative and not take their whole idea and copy their thumbnail, and no credit was given. I understand once but after 3 times it's clear you saw it got views and completely ripped them off. this is sad.
Anastacia Bajenting
Anastacia Bajenting 16 dager siden
Amazing testing vedios keep on vlogging
Harry Watts
Harry Watts 16 dager siden
Blow them up with tanerite
Rylen Stacy
Rylen Stacy 16 dager siden
What camera do you guys use
Jesse Osmond
Jesse Osmond 17 dager siden
What time is the Merch drop
Tucker Evans
Tucker Evans 17 dager siden
PIT BIKES in the snow who’s with me
James The quad rider
James The quad rider 17 dager siden
Bought a shirt and I got five entries
Aaron Penton
Aaron Penton 17 dager siden
Y anit y’all posting
Ryker Good
Ryker Good 17 dager siden
Can you guys make more videos
dirtbike Maniac
dirtbike Maniac 17 dager siden
What dose cboystv stand for
DopeBoi ENT
DopeBoi ENT 17 dager siden
Love yll CBoys but honestly u should really link up with Braydon Price and have him come out by yall n yall go out by him i think yall would have a great time n make a record video
Carter Baton
Carter Baton 17 dager siden
tell jack to come back to cboystv
Jock McDougall
Jock McDougall 17 dager siden
Can u do an og cboys vid and just ride ur dirt bikes and do wheelies and stuff
wallace badur
wallace badur 17 dager siden
is 300 doller nothing to you
Anders Hovdenes
Anders Hovdenes 17 dager siden
when you gonna get a shop car
Anders Hovdenes
Anders Hovdenes 17 dager siden
sorry cow
Joe Matthew
Joe Matthew 17 dager siden
Should buy Amazon proper dirt bike
Mark 17 dager siden
Hey Cboys I have a Nice idea. Put wheels on the snowmobile that could be amazing to see . I ❤️ your channel.
JAXON HERRICK 17 dager siden
please upload more mondays and thursdays are the best
Jonathan Van niekerk
Jonathan Van niekerk 17 dager siden
Make more videos
ON1WHEEL 17 dager siden
bring back the tiktok kids
Rowan Wiens
Rowan Wiens 17 dager siden
what app do you guys use to edit your videos
Jared Davidson
Jared Davidson 17 dager siden
Brycer M
Brycer M 17 dager siden
I see yall in Spokane wa I'm from colville so I go to Spokane alot but it would be sick to meet up.
AonSaleh420 17 dager siden
Bro it is better to make happy poor kid by giving this free pocket bikes if having humanity
Andy Lien
Andy Lien 17 dager siden
And the Danny Duncan copycats post another “amazing” video
Daniel Fosdick
Daniel Fosdick 17 dager siden
Hey guys so I rlly want to ride with you guys but their is no way that gonna happen because I live in Oregon and you guys are in Minnesota i’m 13 I broke my arm twice but I’m clear in December and I’m sure you’ll never see this but if their is even a slight change you could even read this that is cool
Daniel Fosdick
Daniel Fosdick 17 dager siden
I have also been subscribed since the beginning and I absolutely love you’re guys videos
Logan Tyner
Logan Tyner 17 dager siden
Where are guys where’s the video
Shifts _19
Shifts _19 17 dager siden
They got another maverick can am
Shifts _19
Shifts _19 17 dager siden
@TTV Albie2139 I know them. It’s brown and black and says RC on the other side
TTV Albie2139
TTV Albie2139 17 dager siden
how do you know?
Jake Gen
Jake Gen 17 dager siden
Cboyz be lackin with these uploads
Big spoops
Big spoops 17 dager siden
"it looks like a friggin ducati" *pulls out a repsol honda clone*
Dawson Brown
Dawson Brown 17 dager siden
This is such a funny video LOL
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi 17 dager siden
Hey you guy should get another one of those amazon dirt bikes and actually upgrade it to make it good like engine grips everything handlebars suspension pegs tires etc, like so Cboys can see plz.
Carson 17 dager siden
No upload?????
Randy Pellerin
Randy Pellerin 17 dager siden
dude i died of laughing at 8:04mins in lmao
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 17 dager siden
I got broke on one of those pocket rockets before. After a case of beer I thought I could do some mission impossible shit on it. I tried to do a stoppie on the street and spin around on the front tire. Didn't work out the way I planned it in my head. Covered in blood but nothing to serious hahaha good times🍻🍻😎
Chalee Bergren
Chalee Bergren 18 dager siden
You guys are fun to watch great entertainment for sure and don’t live all that far from us! My 2 year old is obsessed with you guys she always says cboys?! Cboys!? What do you want to watch? Cboys!!! Lol she’s your guys biggest fan, I’m pretty sure we’ve went thru and watched all your videos. Have a kick ass day :)
Leon Luna
Leon Luna 18 dager siden
Ben quit tucking skinny jeans inside of your boots brotha. Go get some proper jeans.
Tristan Hossack
Tristan Hossack 18 dager siden
Boys Bring Back the Acorn Haircut!!
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles 18 dager siden
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles 18 dager siden
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles 18 dager siden
Piles Kami HAV THE FORIOR $800
Bena BoysTV
Bena BoysTV 18 dager siden
You guys should give something away to your community like do a drawing or something
Dylan F
Dylan F 18 dager siden
best youtubers in the world
Lil_haiden 18 dager siden
Can you guys make more vids like this its really interesting and the dirtbike vids
Ben Friesen
Ben Friesen 18 dager siden
I thought u guys post monday and Thursday
Cash Young
Cash Young 18 dager siden
Love your vids
SKVL Liam 18 dager siden
Who thinks they should get Ryan an actual pit quad get em a Ds 90
اساطير محمد70
اساطير محمد70 18 dager siden
انا عربي.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 18 dager siden
Yo im new to y’all’s video I’d buy a bike just go fuck around with y’all on a bike or quad my name is Alex I’m from Houston tx
riley thibault
riley thibault 18 dager siden
Tristin Harnar
Tristin Harnar 18 dager siden
Where’s the crazy guy with the mustang
Bryant Auger
Bryant Auger 18 dager siden
Anyone seen the fake Cboys on tik tok? I say Ryan does a wheelie contest
Ethan Greening
Ethan Greening 18 dager siden
Hey are you from Canada
Braydon Bukauskas
Braydon Bukauskas 18 dager siden
When the pond is frozen you need to do studded tire pitbike
Landon Krull
Landon Krull 18 dager siden
cboysTVs you should do rocket league with your quads or smart cars I think that would be a good idea
Jaxon Brunell
Jaxon Brunell 18 dager siden
Pause at 1:29 like the best camra angle ever😆
Lucas kincade
Lucas kincade 18 dager siden
when the new vid
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q 19 dager siden
Homie gained some weight since the last Amazon quad lol
Tanner Combs
Tanner Combs 19 dager siden
Where is tiny
bentley val
bentley val 19 dager siden
Ban has same gloves as me
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