Longest Quad Two Wheel on YouTube

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Longest Quad Two Wheel on NOpost
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Thanks Ray’s Sport & Cycle for helping us get the new Timbersled Kits! If you guys are trying to get into the sport those are the guys to contact!
Huge thanks to Arcticfx for getting us 2 beautiful wraps!! Who wants custom Cboystv wraps for your toys?!
In todays video we put our new custom made wraps from arcticFX on our two giveaway quads and surprise the other boys with it. Then we go out riding and Ryan teaches Ben how to 2 wheel or bicycle a four wheeler. Then Ryan makes a bet that he can two wheel over 2 miles to the gas station (the cormorant store) if we buy him some icecream. He actually does it hahaha and we are confident this is the longest two wheel on youtube ever done on a fourwheeler or quad. Possibly a world record. Later we head Ray's Sport and Cycle to pick up 3 new timbersled kits by Polaris and we do an unboxing too.

Strat -YT
Strat -YT 6 dager siden
4:57 did the quad roll coal also some of their cars are rolling coal on a drift vid
Country Gamer
Country Gamer 6 dager siden
I could put it on two wheels I can
caden mickelson
caden mickelson 9 dager siden
polaris sled
Zach Pelkington
Zach Pelkington 16 dager siden
Ryan should try to do this again but faster.
Gavin Marquis
Gavin Marquis 16 dager siden
you got beat 21.3 miles
Daniel Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz 17 dager siden
the world record is 21.3 miles
David Martinez
David Martinez 18 dager siden
i like your videos and i like the quads i love cboys Tv
JOEL SAMBOLA 19 dager siden
meeeeeeeeeee plas i dont haf
Toby Magrey
Toby Magrey 22 dager siden
tomorows my bday
Cohen Griffin
Cohen Griffin Måned siden
Happy Ryan
Benjamin Benjamin
Benjamin Benjamin Måned siden
I was laughing because Honda tikes rule
Ashton Hall
Ashton Hall Måned siden
I think Micah was to focused on beating Ben
Porter Hoffman
Porter Hoffman Måned siden
Go Subscribe to The Fast Bros!!!
Layton Rathbone
Layton Rathbone Måned siden
Can I please have a quad
Brody 2 måneder siden
I can do this on my dirt bike
Owen Turner
Owen Turner 2 måneder siden
What year is jakes quad
matthew mabe
matthew mabe 2 måneder siden
I ride 2 wheels on my Honda 420 Forman
matthew mabe
matthew mabe 2 måneder siden
The oil on one side of the motor be burnin
Rahil Boda
Rahil Boda 2 måneder siden
Please🙏 me
Rahil Boda
Rahil Boda 2 måneder siden
I love you
RTVBossJupYT 2 måneder siden
I bet you can’t 2 weel on a dirt bike
Carter Johnston
Carter Johnston 2 måneder siden
Somebody come get her she is fucking up my dinner
Brooks Kilpatrick
Brooks Kilpatrick 3 måneder siden
jokull isleifsson
jokull isleifsson 3 måneder siden
ver is jeik
Ryder Lindow
Ryder Lindow 3 måneder siden
Joanne Leslie
Joanne Leslie 3 måneder siden
Plz blue and pink 🤞
Jc Noguera
Jc Noguera 3 måneder siden
Love these videos wish I had a fucking quad
Brady Kean
Brady Kean 3 måneder siden
Day 7 of asking my Milf to fuck
Sandra Logsdon
Sandra Logsdon 3 måneder siden
Jasper Hennen
Jasper Hennen 4 måneder siden
I didn't know people thought this was hard, I figured this out on my own on a Kawi v force 700 when I was litteryly 7
Shayla Gessler
Shayla Gessler 4 måneder siden
Why is this all my 2 year old wants to watch 😂😂 he loves four wheelers 😅
Hi By
Hi By 4 måneder siden
Yo I can’t find the wraps for quads
SSI Stealth
SSI Stealth 4 måneder siden
1:15 Ah yes. I dont even know how to count that well
Joseph Kalany
Joseph Kalany 4 måneder siden
Who else is watching this after they got the new shop
Evan Clark
Evan Clark 4 måneder siden
Can you buy me a quad
BananaBoy:D 4 måneder siden
im 13 and can do that on my 300ex
Carter Galloway
Carter Galloway 5 måneder siden
He was so happy lol
Up North Adventures with Jack
Up North Adventures with Jack 5 måneder siden
Love rays sport and cycle buy all my stuff from there
Caeylin Skye
Caeylin Skye 5 måneder siden
We bought our wheeler from the same guy at Rays! Love to see you guys in Northern MN!
Conspiracy_00 5 måneder siden
Anyone else call them bicycles?
Lindsey Pague
Lindsey Pague 6 måneder siden
I watch your channel every single day when I get out of Bad
Alexander Tena
Alexander Tena 6 måneder siden
Nicholas Visci
Nicholas Visci 6 måneder siden
Knowing what the cboys did to those quads I don’t wanna enter 😂
xorii 6 måneder siden
Hey, I can do that trick on my bicycle!
Walker Black
Walker Black 6 måneder siden
do you guys have kids sides for your murch?
Reaper Havoc
Reaper Havoc 6 måneder siden
I knew that because you looked at them
Reaper Havoc
Reaper Havoc 6 måneder siden
I slid
William Weyant
William Weyant 6 måneder siden
That rap is good
Justin Hofenbredl
Justin Hofenbredl 7 måneder siden
Funny how no one helps ken
sheinel gray
sheinel gray 7 måneder siden
I subscrlbed to all yar video
sheinel gray
sheinel gray 7 måneder siden
I have been watching yar video fst
Timothy Prudden
Timothy Prudden 7 måneder siden
finally banging full time
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 7 måneder siden
K Micah was legit moving his hips 2inches and expecting to be able to two wheel lol
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
I thought they were sleds
Jeremy Woods
Jeremy Woods 7 måneder siden
bananaguymike 7 måneder siden
Nice 👍
Christopher Perito
Christopher Perito 7 måneder siden
you guys need to buy some Pitbikes
Tyler Payne
Tyler Payne 7 måneder siden
The graphics are bangin
Ben 7 måneder siden
Lol my name is ben to and I have a quad to😂
Will West
Will West 8 måneder siden
Can we just say sandman kills it with graphics
IlSKiTzOlI Not behd
IlSKiTzOlI Not behd 8 måneder siden
U trash boi that’s shit that ain’t even long I went for over 20 minutes
hunter scheetz
hunter scheetz 8 måneder siden
New snow bike kits
Mike Monaco
Mike Monaco 8 måneder siden
I lovvvvvveeeeeeeeee cboystv i rip my snowmobile and quad just like them and I’m 7 years old
Jarrod Sergent
Jarrod Sergent 8 måneder siden
Almost 600k Like
Travis Mattocks
Travis Mattocks 8 måneder siden
You just do the cool videos ever and I The one that You jump over the bank of the to Lakes
Pierce Korpela
Pierce Korpela 8 måneder siden
Poor kid foggin up 😂
Nathan Kaiser
Nathan Kaiser 8 måneder siden
Bruh does anyone know where you get an arctic fx wrap for a quad. On their website it says just for sleds
Ian Meyer
Ian Meyer 9 måneder siden
HEY a man by the name of Side Wheele Billy broke this record
Dyllon Tichenor
Dyllon Tichenor 9 måneder siden
Try 2 wheeling in the maverick
Bill Orr
Bill Orr 9 måneder siden
all you should make a song like if agree
Corbin Brockbank
Corbin Brockbank 9 måneder siden
I bet you $1000 bucks + flights that i can beat you on the the quad riding on two wheels sidways
allen bond
allen bond 10 måneder siden
Those poor wheel bearings
Jeff Pleasant
Jeff Pleasant 10 måneder siden
I have wached since day one of y’all youtube chanale
Alice Rosalska
Alice Rosalska 11 måneder siden
Stop giving away shit
nathaniel manos
nathaniel manos 11 måneder siden
i live 40 min away from grand rapids
Specs Gaming
Specs Gaming 11 måneder siden
They literally only do a yamaha sled at arctic graphics
jamesregan7 11 måneder siden
You need to put more info in your titles, I would've clicked right away if I knew there was a riot unboxing. I just found your channel yesterday and after a couple videos I realized you guys are the shit! keep it up I have a cr500 snowbike nopost.info/throw/xNy7jICszKeJk5I/video
jamesregan7 11 måneder siden
Its super easy on a sled never tried it on a quad
Hunter Hfbv
Hunter Hfbv 11 måneder siden
I comeing for y’all I can ride two wheels after this vid on a Honda 250 recon
cody delaurentis
cody delaurentis År siden
Why were there 4 on the trailer
Spartan Gamer
Spartan Gamer År siden
bruh i been doing this on utility quads since I was like 12
Pin It
Pin It År siden
They were buying a snowmobile
AlexJvV År siden
That’s so easy....
daedae Rangel
daedae Rangel År siden
Can I plz get a jacket I love you plz happy Thanksgiving
Packedout 20
Packedout 20 År siden
Bruhhh you were in rapids? I live there and I could’ve met you but I didn’t 😭😭
Devin Baker
Devin Baker År siden
You got some lawnmower blades
Timothy Thrones
Timothy Thrones År siden
This video was actually worth downloading. Only cause of Ryan haha not Jake
Timothy Thrones
Timothy Thrones År siden
I show everyone this video every chance I get 😂 just his part lol
Codyjudy Robinson
Codyjudy Robinson År siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Did any of the cboys notice Micah make the quad numbers 69?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chelsea Thomas
Chelsea Thomas År siden
Can I have a ATV
Adam Lodzinski
Adam Lodzinski År siden
Track bikes
Adam Lodzinski
Adam Lodzinski År siden
Anyone want merch but is broke asf 😂
Adam Lodzinski
Adam Lodzinski År siden
Oh hell no when I seen those graphics 😎
Chris Fasulo
Chris Fasulo År siden
is it just me or is cboystv the absolute best youtube channel on the face of the earth.
Devin Shea
Devin Shea År siden
i can ride better than you all
Jackie Riess
Jackie Riess År siden
I'm gonna take the "over the head move" as a tribute :)
Skate Every Thing
Skate Every Thing År siden
Yup the quads aren't good anymore
Daylen Kangas
Daylen Kangas År siden
New Mav
Mike C
Mike C År siden
Another great video. Looking forward to the snow bike content!
Ok År siden
get outta here with your fake click bait thumbnail. nopost.info/throw/qrHRem3Jx69yc6M/video
josh pung
josh pung År siden
Yo I'm in minnesota around 3 and a half hours away
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