Riding Pit Bikes in Skate Park!!

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2 måneder siden

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In todays video, we take the Pit Bikes to a skate park about an hour away. It was so fun the park was about perfect for the pit bikes. We fix our limo and take it out on the town! And Ryan gets new Rohana Wheels from Fitment industries on his Srt 8 Jeep!

CboysTV 2 måneder siden
j mus
j mus 6 dager siden
I would like some March but my mom won't let me
Finley Davies
Finley Davies 2 måneder siden
The king of Boredom
The king of Boredom 2 måneder siden
Pit bike race through Walmart
Slugz 1911
Slugz 1911 2 måneder siden
We didn’t want to say anything that we might regwet
Chad Unland
Chad Unland 2 måneder siden
What u guys recommend for a first like motorized vehicle a dirt bike or a 4 wheeler. BTW I'm 13
Paul Clement
Paul Clement 2 dager siden
What song is that??
Brooklyn Kasella
Brooklyn Kasella 5 dager siden
yall should get crandall to wrap the limo
Junior Salazar
Junior Salazar 11 dager siden
Can I get one plz
Auhsoj Doow
Auhsoj Doow 11 dager siden
Alcoholism at its finest
Dominic Dimaio
Dominic Dimaio 13 dager siden
I freaking love that transformers little clip
berg_ Gorilla
berg_ Gorilla 15 dager siden
Deutsche hier?😍✌️
Noah Scoots
Noah Scoots 16 dager siden
Anyone notice how Ryan’s keep didn’t even have plates lmao
YEAH SURE 18 dager siden
Please do this again
JustDripz 19 dager siden
There vids have a little bit of everything a men does
League of Kansas Municipalities
League of Kansas Municipalities 20 dager siden
I love it
Seth Ebenstein
Seth Ebenstein 20 dager siden
If it was a wood park it would have been completely different
YZ NED 22 dager siden
Yo please check my vids out, trust me just one video and you’ll be hooked🗣🤙🏽
not maddox just kidding
not maddox just kidding 26 dager siden
wrap or paint the limo
Plasma entetainment
Plasma entetainment 28 dager siden
So cool
Entertainment Con
Entertainment Con Måned siden
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Delivery guy: So um, Do you just want me to tip your $2,000 wheel set up off the ass end of my truck or what?
SuperMario Logan
SuperMario Logan Måned siden
The best mom
McNall MotorSports
McNall MotorSports Måned siden
Now all ryan needs to do to his jeep is lower it
Karl Hagemann
Karl Hagemann Måned siden
Are these Hondas?
Dylan Gagnon
Dylan Gagnon Måned siden
A buddy of mine has a jeep that puts 900hp to the wheels
Scout2M4 Måned siden
dont wanna be creepy but if you look at cormorant on google maps you can see all the cars and the blue van at the old shop
Corey j
Corey j Måned siden
I don't like those rims at all they look like they're burnt brown
pandasareasain Måned siden
They should make a collaboration with wiseling disel
Isaiah Merty
Isaiah Merty Måned siden
Love that mom she was so chill lol
@CboysTV what is the first song called for when you guys are riding at the skate park. And also that skate park is like a mile from my house.
Python Dragon
Python Dragon Måned siden
You guys should turn the limo into a monster truck version and call it the monster limo so it could be a monster truck limo
Alex Keogh
Alex Keogh Måned siden
Should by a school bus and bring it to ur college and go on top of it with ur pitbikes
Yung_kidnotkidding Måned siden
These guys are so free as people they don’t care about the guidelines and just have a good time regardless
zertify capalot
zertify capalot Måned siden
yo where do u guys get your pit bikes
Milo Bell
Milo Bell Måned siden
What bikes are they
Xr Pals
Xr Pals Måned siden
I love cigarettes good old lung cancer right? Ya known breathing well by the time I’m 35 is stupid I’m excited for that respirator!
Flynn McFarland
Flynn McFarland Måned siden
Realize Im late to the party. Not sure if you got the smell in the limo taken care of or not but an ozone machine will take it out.
Senifer Måned siden
Would any of you ever do a giveaway with your pit bike?
Speedy Boi
Speedy Boi Måned siden
If that security system is as effective as the no regwet helium Ill buy it😂
Speedy Boi
Speedy Boi Måned siden
Pt2 please
not maddox just kidding
not maddox just kidding Måned siden
lift. the. limo and give it a monster engine
Boone Loon
Boone Loon Måned siden
Iam not disin on the evo but I am it doesn't have the 4g63 so not saying that I'd doesn't look nice i like tge evo x but if it had the 4g63 then it would be a proper evo
troy davies
troy davies Måned siden
Swish bro the Bronze wheels are way nicer than blacked out one's for sure
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!!
Caleb Ash
Caleb Ash Måned siden
this is goals right here
liam is a QT
liam is a QT Måned siden
how much are those pit bikes
Michael Wald
Michael Wald Måned siden
I've gotten the cops called on me for swearing at the skatepark how did they not get the cops called
Clay Kernodle
Clay Kernodle Måned siden
Put the tires that came off the jeep and put on the limo
Skekilo Måned siden
W-wait a minute is CJs evo diesel or what I saw black smoke
Skekilo Måned siden
Wow ur guys are funny heheh.... I'm 9 you guys are so lucky you guys got dirtbike You guys are the best motor channel
Ignite Måned siden
And to think just a while ago Micha split his knee now you guys all have them great content guys 👍
Ben’s scooters Adventures
Ben’s scooters Adventures Måned siden
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell Måned siden
Bronze wheels are the move I just picked up some for the ST🤙🏼
Full DrawTV
Full DrawTV Måned siden
What’s the riding rolling song
TRN SW1F7 Måned siden
Ok now to can stance it come on
Riley Jickels
Riley Jickels Måned siden
At 11:30 it looks like a Jeep ad
Mac Anon
Mac Anon Måned siden
Hey i'm not wrong if i say i've seen CJ's girlfriend in one of NELKs videos right?
Domonic Jones
Domonic Jones Måned siden
Keep smoking it’s good for you deadass I like it
Ridge Mobley
Ridge Mobley Måned siden
I like this channel but Ben was annoying through this whole video 😂
White Banner
White Banner Måned siden
Wen r you going to be able to gown too go to the skatprk
Chace rolle
Chace rolle Måned siden
Poot the old wheels on the limo
Blake Pudiwitr
Blake Pudiwitr 2 måneder siden
My dad runs for the octane ink derby team
finn chiaradia
finn chiaradia 2 måneder siden
you guys should buy a nissan 350z and do it up
Carter Mouw
Carter Mouw 2 måneder siden
Lol I have that same ups man
Sam's Frags
Sam's Frags 2 måneder siden
Evo vs Ken’s rs
Lenny Rustic
Lenny Rustic 2 måneder siden
Make a t-shirt and hoodie with "No Regwets" on the front
Kyle Pearson74
Kyle Pearson74 2 måneder siden
I can see many crash videos with the simply safe in the shop
Nash Bruner
Nash Bruner 2 måneder siden
Ryan needs too get a 110 quad
Calthecool 2 måneder siden
3:40 Wait, why didn’t his voice change?
Calthecool 2 måneder siden
You know you are popping when even the Karen mom is a fan.
Caden Beriman
Caden Beriman 2 måneder siden
Delivery guy wanna just tip them out? I’m sitting here thinking there’s not even rims in and I wouldn’t just throw them out and then I see that the rims are already mounted in this guy just wanted to tip the damn things out of the truck 😬😬😬🤯🤯
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson 2 måneder siden
also keep up the pitty vids
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson 2 måneder siden
you guys should get some Honda 50's
Miguel Griffin
Miguel Griffin 2 måneder siden
Anyone else think cboys are the best NOpostrs🤟🏻
SuperRedHawk Indy 400
SuperRedHawk Indy 400 2 måneder siden
Hey I just found your channel and watched your sled videos from last year and you have a new fan you do a really nice job on the editing and sledding keep it up👍🌠
Matt Neese
Matt Neese 2 måneder siden
Y’all should Cboy wrap the limo
Adra Cater
Adra Cater 2 måneder siden
I wish I had thereby to give to my grandson ME for days for one
Ndrustad701 2 måneder siden
I miss Jake
Landen Wiens
Landen Wiens 2 måneder siden
Post every day
lewis koljonen
lewis koljonen 2 måneder siden
restock your oakly backpacks
Alexander Requena
Alexander Requena 2 måneder siden
End I want a Dirtbike
Alexander Requena
Alexander Requena 2 måneder siden
I am 11
Alexander Requena
Alexander Requena 2 måneder siden
I am a fan
Alexander Requena
Alexander Requena 2 måneder siden
I want 1
Alexander Requena
Alexander Requena 2 måneder siden
Can I have a dirt bike
Isaac Gonzlez
Isaac Gonzlez 2 måneder siden
Where’s the Ds
Auzi_Nation27 Harvie
Auzi_Nation27 Harvie 2 måneder siden
We need to go ridding
Dominic O
Dominic O 2 måneder siden
Can Ken be my driver on my 21st😂😂😬
ColeKTM 2 måneder siden
Did I hear a hoodie allen song in this vid? Damn, that brings back memories.
Brandon Gamble
Brandon Gamble 2 måneder siden
That Jeep looks almost identical to the Jeep I made on forza horizon 4 almost a year ago
Caiden Elliott
Caiden Elliott 2 måneder siden
What town do u live in we shuld ride snowmobile or dirt bike
Henry DeSantis
Henry DeSantis 2 måneder siden
Ryan u got to turbo charger her now 😂that would be nuts
DB Rebuilds
DB Rebuilds 2 måneder siden
Love what u do
Jordan Hale
Jordan Hale 2 måneder siden
Aussieboy101 2 måneder siden
i am meant to be doing school
Jacob Sanford
Jacob Sanford 2 måneder siden
Super charged v12 welded diff on the limo
Cody Robison
Cody Robison 2 måneder siden
That jeep is totally somthing a chick would drive man card revoked
Mihlali Fihla
Mihlali Fihla 2 måneder siden
Do you send your merch all over the world. can I also win the bike if I stay in an other country
J T Hodgins
J T Hodgins 2 måneder siden
Drop more Canadian merch. We all watch your shit especially sled season.
Hockey Tutorials
Hockey Tutorials 2 måneder siden
This is my skate park in downtown Fargo
Jordan_16 11
Jordan_16 11 2 måneder siden
260k views and 11k like cmon people needed start showing more love
Steak Plays 27
Steak Plays 27 2 måneder siden
I didn't know they smoked.
SK XXsavageXX -_-
SK XXsavageXX -_- 2 måneder siden
Dose ben still have the raptor if so you should wrap it
Brady Hall
Brady Hall 2 måneder siden
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Delivery guy: So um, Do you just want me to tip your $2,000 wheel set up off the ass end of my truck or what?
Garrett Sludge
Garrett Sludge Måned siden
Sometimes you don’t send it.
Cooper Brill
Cooper Brill 2 måneder siden
Lmao what
Hans Zuerner
Hans Zuerner 2 måneder siden
Was so happy to see that mom not be a karen 🙏🏻
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