NEW Shifter Kart in the Rain!! (Already broken)

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NEW Shifter Kart in the Rain!! (Already broken)
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In todays video we get a shipment of new riding gear from 509. Micah surprised his girl friend Jordyn with a new puppy! Next we decide to take our new shifter kart out to the streets as promised but it was raining pretty hard. We really wanted to make a video out of it so we took it out anyways and its safe to say that was a mistake. Taking the shifter kart out in the rain ended up breaking it hahaha. It was really fun while it was running though. We were sliding and drifting around. Since it was so slick we thought it would maybe be cool to drift (slide) our personal cars around the parking lot as well. They all did pretty good but its safe to say Jakes mustang did the best. Unfortunately for Ken his focus RS did not like all the drift action it was getting as it ended up breaking his awd system. If you read all this comment down below what you think we should do next.

Gavin Koppmann
Gavin Koppmann 2 dager siden
Whats the song at 10:55
Rocco Raiders28
Rocco Raiders28 7 dager siden
New shifter Cart with a nice wrap
Erik Sundell66
Erik Sundell66 9 dager siden
What kind of motor is in in the shifter cart
Jo Crozier
Jo Crozier 11 dager siden
I like the rap on your guys his truck
Jo Crozier
Jo Crozier 11 dager siden
Do you ours are so fucking crazy
Jo Crozier
Jo Crozier 11 dager siden
I think you are the best NOpostrs on NOpost
Jo Crozier
Jo Crozier 11 dager siden
Are you guys are crazy
Jo Crozier
Jo Crozier 11 dager siden
I got a dirtbike that Ktmit is all customized out
Zack Flores
Zack Flores 13 dager siden
Where can I get me one of them shifter carts?!
OTB Perk
OTB Perk 14 dager siden
I like that
Aaron Saeger
Aaron Saeger 15 dager siden
jo mama
Ulises Martinez
Ulises Martinez 16 dager siden
Bruh i did not know cjs evo was a disel 🤣🤣
ignacio iniguez moreno
ignacio iniguez moreno 17 dager siden
Criptic Nog
Criptic Nog 19 dager siden
No wonder i smelled rubber that day (I live in Florida)
Lachlan Waghorne
Lachlan Waghorne 19 dager siden
Give away one of the shiffter carts
Positive Jay
Positive Jay 22 dager siden
I wish I was white y'all have to much in activities like this
Erik Lund
Erik Lund 24 dager siden
Carter Lund Ijuswtiwemefsum
Nathan Butcher
Nathan Butcher 24 dager siden
the redshifter kart
Dion Haxha
Dion Haxha 26 dager siden
the go cart 👌🏻🔥
Red Fusion
Red Fusion 28 dager siden
That mustang sounds like a devil
Joseph Congelos
Joseph Congelos 28 dager siden
Yahmir Hightower
Yahmir Hightower Måned siden
I like all but the drift cart is different
lifewithtae lifewithtae
lifewithtae lifewithtae Måned siden
Tony Pangallo
Tony Pangallo Måned siden
Terry Tingue
Terry Tingue Måned siden
Ac3 Clipz
Ac3 Clipz Måned siden
Lit 🔥
Ac3 Clipz
Ac3 Clipz Måned siden
Lit 🔥
Donna Bradberry
Donna Bradberry Måned siden
What type of mustang is dat
Monster Cookie
Monster Cookie Måned siden
7:30 you can thank me later
stanced garage 306
stanced garage 306 Måned siden
So wait, did anybody let their car warm up? Or you did this with them cold?
stanced garage 306
stanced garage 306 Måned siden
That evo is running rich as hell
ps4 player
ps4 player 2 måneder siden
I want that mustang
Bigg Tay
Bigg Tay 2 måneder siden
Y’all subscribe to me I am trying to start a NOpost channel
Perry Hoons
Perry Hoons 3 måneder siden
micah is officially certified for donuts after that lol
Carry Freak
Carry Freak 3 måneder siden
You should not be driving the shifter car on a public road. Totally illegal
Carry Freak
Carry Freak 3 måneder siden
You guys really should learn how to drive responsibly
Carry Freak
Carry Freak 3 måneder siden
Why are you trashing perfectly good cars?
Carry Freak
Carry Freak 3 måneder siden
Why would you treat a perfectly good BMW like that?
Fat fish Tacos
Fat fish Tacos 3 måneder siden
What is banging’s Instagram
Jthockey 48
Jthockey 48 3 måneder siden
Raptor *
XTGAMER 2334 3 måneder siden
The car w cboystv license plate sounds like it says cboyst
Wyatt Justice
Wyatt Justice 3 måneder siden
It’s the spark plug
Joshua Mello
Joshua Mello 3 måneder siden
(bashes shifter kart in the rain) (justin gets on it, it breaks) Cboys: I don't know what we did to it, but that sounds bad
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 4 måneder siden
So is the kart semi auto or do you have a clutch pedal?
Ryan Lemke
Ryan Lemke 4 måneder siden
Ayyy Cboys, is it just me or is kens thing just whippin the car. It was way easy to get him to whip like a pro lol. Good stuff you guys are inspiring 💯.
Landen Cates
Landen Cates 4 måneder siden
Lol cars are cool
intervention 5 måneder siden
carbs dirty from the dirt on the road
Carino Family
Carino Family 5 måneder siden
The dirt bike
Stizzy 5 måneder siden
I want a shift cart😔
Kayla Monn
Kayla Monn 5 måneder siden
Can I get a dirt bike
Ski doo 20
Ski doo 20 6 måneder siden
Give away the cboystv
Obiora Nwolisa
Obiora Nwolisa 6 måneder siden
I wish I had a go kart
snipez nf
snipez nf 6 måneder siden
I here cars that sound like that mustang every night
Cooper fegely
Cooper fegely 6 måneder siden
Matthew Freitas
Matthew Freitas 6 måneder siden
Shifter cart
Daniel Ellenburg
Daniel Ellenburg 6 måneder siden
Cole Acred
Cole Acred 6 måneder siden
The shifting card the new one
James Dec
James Dec 6 måneder siden
Funny how its gotta be raining and wet for u to do donuts in ur forg fuck stane five point slow or 4.6 lol i got a 5.7 ls1 trans am that will take a big steamy corn filled shit on those ford and rice burner shit boxes and id do it on dey pavement
Christoher Lopez
Christoher Lopez 6 måneder siden
Did any one seee the go kart jump on 15:43
ytwolvey 6 måneder siden
when i get dogs i only get the biggest of biggest
first order stormtrooper
first order stormtrooper 6 måneder siden
give away the musthang plz
Schroeder 6 måneder siden
Does anyone know where the video is that they buy this new kart?
Ayden Knight
Ayden Knight 6 måneder siden
Give me the mustang
Jonathan Sylvester
Jonathan Sylvester 6 måneder siden
That is what a ford does for u
lilpump molly
lilpump molly 6 måneder siden
Reaper Havoc
Reaper Havoc 6 måneder siden
Drift biks
Clay Mclaurin
Clay Mclaurin 6 måneder siden
The mustang
Snowpro811 6 måneder siden
My names remy like your dog
keelin terrey
keelin terrey 6 måneder siden
i got the same go kart as yous
Adam Lamb
Adam Lamb 6 måneder siden
A dirt bike
Raptor YT
Raptor YT 6 måneder siden
Remi Storie
Remi Storie 6 måneder siden
Hey your dogs name is my name that is cool how is it spelled Remy or Remi mine is Remi
William Penhale
William Penhale 7 måneder siden
jakes stang
Wlg_chris 09
Wlg_chris 09 7 måneder siden
How many horses is the cart?
Eli Leitch
Eli Leitch 7 måneder siden
dirt bike
Jack Moore
Jack Moore 7 måneder siden
The bangin car
Stephen 7 måneder siden
I wonder where can I get them from cause I’m buying one and can’t find one
Nelson Reyes
Nelson Reyes 7 måneder siden
Going to Minnesota
Angel Romero
Angel Romero 7 måneder siden
Mika's car is so ugly That I stoped watching
Bengt Paulsen
Bengt Paulsen 7 måneder siden
Caelum Soetaert
Caelum Soetaert 7 måneder siden
Giveaway Jake's car
Christal Threlkeld
Christal Threlkeld 7 måneder siden
Pro Toni
Pro Toni 7 måneder siden
Your car 😉😂😅
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
No jake wins deaf contests every day
Kaia Schremp
Kaia Schremp 7 måneder siden
You guys are my hero's.
Lil BLUEFACE 7 måneder siden
You should giveaway the Drift stang
Chase Sanchez
Chase Sanchez 7 måneder siden
what go kart is ths
Johnny Montesrin
Johnny Montesrin 7 måneder siden
Cj car
William Penhale
William Penhale 7 måneder siden
Jake's mustang
Tyler Gould
Tyler Gould 7 måneder siden
I am used to it my grampa dose it easy time he comes to my house
Tyler Moulden
Tyler Moulden 8 måneder siden
rong car its an R5
Tyler Moulden
Tyler Moulden 8 måneder siden
the R6 7 tho
Schroeder 8 måneder siden
Jake:”we’ve never changed no oils” Shifter kart: “boi I’m a two stroke”
Ian Brodrick
Ian Brodrick 7 måneder siden
@Schroeder well not rebuilt but maintenance on it. I've heard it from people that run 125cc 2 stroke shifters that they have to maintenance the engine or just rebuild it
Schroeder 7 måneder siden
Ian Brodrick Id like to know what you mean by rebuilt, I have a 80cc two stroke shifter and I have never had to rebuild it after hitting the track. The engine is also perfect fires right up every time.
Ian Brodrick
Ian Brodrick 7 måneder siden
that's also why it broke, the two stroke shifter kart engines have to be re built after each race or they'll do that
Tyler Blystone
Tyler Blystone 8 måneder siden
Blue wrap
Cody Leonard
Cody Leonard 8 måneder siden
whats the song called at 12:47
Caleb Green
Caleb Green 8 måneder siden
I think it is gonna be a mustang
Rigo Laija
Rigo Laija 8 måneder siden
Jake is so cease
Jaden Knotts
Jaden Knotts 8 måneder siden
the mustang should be gave away
mowingkid10 ultimate
mowingkid10 ultimate 8 måneder siden
Not supposed to get that close do it's a 50/50 car at 50 feet looks good or at 50mph past u
J R 8 måneder siden
what is the name if the shifter car
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