Buying the New Tesla Cyber Truck

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Buying the New Tesla Cyber Truck
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In today's video we throw a surprise retirement party for Jake since he quit his job to go full time on NOpost. Ken orders the new Tesla Cyber Truck and we go Christmas light shopping and decorate the shop. As well as announce the winner of the double quad giveaway Congrats David.
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Lori Leone
Lori Leone 4 dager siden
where is it ken
Chase Anthony
Chase Anthony 5 dager siden
how the boys doing
F3clanfn 9 dager siden
When is he going to get the truck???
Dodge Woods
Dodge Woods 9 dager siden
How was this a year ago
CASH KOENIG 11 dager siden
You didn’t even get a cyber truck bro
Jeremiah Vanravenswaay
Jeremiah Vanravenswaay 13 dager siden
ken said ruff in stead of roof
Jennifer Hallum
Jennifer Hallum 19 dager siden
Ethan Colson
Ethan Colson 24 dager siden
I thought you were getting a cyber truck
Kanine Psycho
Kanine Psycho 28 dager siden
Bro they need to pre order it for the electric bike
JJ_MX Måned siden
chris hoover
chris hoover Måned siden
Are the red white an blue hoodies still available
Landon Dionnevlogs
Landon Dionnevlogs Måned siden
Most people dont wanna end up like there dad but I pray to god I dont end up like a ken
Capn Clxpz
Capn Clxpz Måned siden
saturdays are for the boys !!!
Top Notch Pressure Washing NJ
Top Notch Pressure Washing NJ Måned siden
stanced garage 306
stanced garage 306 Måned siden
You guys honestly deserve more clout
lenox 206
lenox 206 2 måneder siden
And now he's not a Cboy anymore.
Brock Wagg
Brock Wagg 2 måneder siden
pretty sad watchin this now knowin he’s gone and no one really knows why
TheMXboys 3 måneder siden
What if they peanut the cyber truck
Ryan Errthum
Ryan Errthum 3 måneder siden
why didit i win.
Teo Augustsson
Teo Augustsson 3 måneder siden
they buys car like its candy
Jacob Game play
Jacob Game play 4 måneder siden
What is this like a college rewind😂
Heather Matten
Heather Matten 4 måneder siden
Billy Miller
Billy Miller 4 måneder siden
Old shop vibes
Full Send Junkyard
Full Send Junkyard 4 måneder siden
That was a little bit click bait
Affirmed Pie7446
Affirmed Pie7446 4 måneder siden
3:30 amagine the look on the cashiers face when they walk over with all them chairs. He's prolly thinkin "oh sh!t what are they doing with these"?
Brian Castaneda
Brian Castaneda 4 måneder siden
Arizona don’t got dunes 😭I live here so Ik but in San Diego they do so they like 12 hrs away😖
Braden Fluegge
Braden Fluegge 4 måneder siden
People that drive past the shop mmmmm wonder who’s shop this is
Harry wild
Harry wild 4 måneder siden
Do they enjoy smashing chairs in the USA 😂
Parker S
Parker S 4 måneder siden
Put the snow man on the roof
Tyler Jankura
Tyler Jankura 5 måneder siden
My neighbour is the rapper in this 😂😂😂
Leon Vanwormer
Leon Vanwormer 5 måneder siden
You should get the cyber 4wheeler
Ryan Bowden
Ryan Bowden 5 måneder siden
Now he’s gotta get the cyber quad when it comes out
muney money
muney money 6 måneder siden
this videos f****** clickbait
james Falk
james Falk 6 måneder siden
Fuck you guys you said that you were getting a Tesla and there is no proof you did so fuck you I am unsubscribeing
Tristan Witte
Tristan Witte 6 måneder siden
Do a "behind the scenes" video, where you show and introduce everyone who helps with the videos. (i.e. Editing - if anyone other than some CBoys - or people managing merch, money etc.) that'd be really cool.
Will Ferguson
Will Ferguson 8 måneder siden
I think bangin was drunk 🥴
16th rider
16th rider 8 måneder siden
Jake would probably still blow the Tesla motor up
Sven Madngarpi
Sven Madngarpi 8 måneder siden
Where do the cboys tv live
Darius Williamson
Darius Williamson 9 måneder siden
if you see this you should let me jummp some thing with Jake in the summer and you should spacer me in motercrocce
Hunter Lyon
Hunter Lyon 9 måneder siden
Y'all should give away a car
Dirt Shaker
Dirt Shaker 9 måneder siden
I just had to go on here and saying the Tesla truck is f$u$ing ugly!!!!
Tommy Blazer
Tommy Blazer 9 måneder siden
Dude how can I find the songs you guys use. They’re all bangers
Bmx bro
Bmx bro 9 måneder siden
When i saw jake smashing chairs I already wanted to be there
Bmx bro
Bmx bro 9 måneder siden
My dream is to have a mountain sled with cboystv on it you guys rock
Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill 10 måneder siden
Jack jump a jetscy ya go do it put lights up hell no 😂🤣
Matthew Gillies
Matthew Gillies 10 måneder siden
Yo whatever happened to kens cyber truck?
Sadie Arnold
Sadie Arnold 10 måneder siden
when does ken get the new truck
Nicholas 10 måneder siden
I never realized Jeremy McKinnon was part of the Cboys crew.
ok boomer die
ok boomer die 11 måneder siden
Ken smash Ed the first chair
Chad Varnell
Chad Varnell 11 måneder siden
FYI, you can make a RNG formula in Excel...
BossKing 2000
BossKing 2000 11 måneder siden
Arturs Sturitis
Arturs Sturitis 11 måneder siden
So where is the TESLA???????
Luke klassen
Luke klassen 11 måneder siden
hey talked to a friend of mine named camron from yukon Canada we live in a small town called HJ Legit EVERYBODY loves your guys videos we got the mntns you boys need to ride Keep up the great work guys!! and FULL SEND ER NO SEND BUDDY
This Furry Snake
This Furry Snake 11 måneder siden
Click bate
Lliam Highley
Lliam Highley 11 måneder siden
Turn it into a flat bed pickup
Cash Schierling
Cash Schierling 11 måneder siden
Where can I get a bangin visor like that, that says bangin on the lense 😂😂
Cash Schierling
Cash Schierling 11 måneder siden
CboysTV I would definitely buy one, great vid guys 🤘🏼
CboysTV 11 måneder siden
Maybe in the future!
unreleasedraremusic__ 11 måneder siden
They throwing money around like its ain't nothing
Mike King
Mike King 11 måneder siden
Do a giveaway that includes Canada plz. U boyz r dope keep on grindin. Been sub since the beginning 🤙🤙🧢🧢
Nathan murrin
Nathan murrin 11 måneder siden
Know you are hard up for views when you got to lie about the video lmao
theswamp 83
theswamp 83 År siden
All for clickbait
Anthony French
Anthony French År siden
I got a cammed LS3 to put in the Tesla 😂
Kyle Pearson74
Kyle Pearson74 År siden
Jake absolutely got layer after the party
Where does all your money come from???
Dominic Perro
Dominic Perro År siden
"I'm very love the christmas" ----Bangin
W P År siden
You didn't sell out no one wanted one haha
Chris Mason
Chris Mason År siden
Is the 19 Polaris/$12G giveaway open to Canada?
mikeyboost4 life
mikeyboost4 life År siden
That kind of sucks he's from Arizona you guys should offer him something of equal value if he'd rather have it because the snowmobile is going to be absolutely useless to him as everybody knows maybe you guys could buy a quad nor dirt bike or something around the same value love the content guys awesome giveaway you guys they're going to go far with this channel this is the only channel that I literally check a couple times a day to see if you guys posted I've never seen a Bad episode of they're always awesome keep it up happy holidays
ford life
ford life År siden
It's not a truck it is a suv
Dalton Ruttan
Dalton Ruttan År siden
can you put the jackets back on please
Carson j Dolan
Carson j Dolan År siden
Please please please make a blue bangin sweatshirt !!!!!!
Joesph Smith
Joesph Smith År siden
You sir can’t afford that truck .
Kronik1Spazz År siden
Did yall hear about the 4 wheeler that can mount in the bed and charge of the new truck
Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell År siden
Where is Jake's Mustang
rokyle2323 År siden
I don't think anybody's ever said I want to watch somebody smack a lawn chair but it got really awesome
Travis Williamson
Travis Williamson År siden
Is that 7 o’clock eastern or pacific time???
OMGitsSethie År siden
Boys, we need some sledding videos here soon!
Kyran M
Kyran M År siden
yess hot rod is amazing
JJ Hamilton
JJ Hamilton År siden
Jake you should hit me up and we should ride 4 wheelers 🤘
deqz År siden
Click bait
Thomas Schnicker
Thomas Schnicker År siden
Is the mustang blown up
hey guys you live an 1 hour and 35 min away from me keep the good work on
Holden Malenich
Holden Malenich År siden
Should have done c boys logo on the side
eric Wise
eric Wise År siden
I like your guyses vidios i dont know how to spell vidios like jake doesn't but realy like your guyses vidios call me at 417 531 1335
Robin Moe
Robin Moe År siden
ugly af
Crazy Blaize
Crazy Blaize År siden
Im in classe and I cant stop watching
Noah Masseau
Noah Masseau År siden
love the video you guys rock
Jesse J.S
Jesse J.S År siden
When does the merch restock tomorrow?
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho År siden
You guys should get the Tesla quad
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith År siden
Wearing Jon Olssons merch love that
Tristyn Lewis
Tristyn Lewis År siden
What the hell jake can't even see you at work any more
Conrad Vakili
Conrad Vakili År siden
16:06 guys im confused why is there a Maverick next to CJ in the background?
Alice Rosalska
Alice Rosalska 11 måneder siden
Probably and old vid
Karsten Connely
Karsten Connely År siden
Jake needs truck nuts for the mustang
Alex Podolsky
Alex Podolsky År siden
Getting a Tesla truck wrapped would be cheap it's all straight body lines little to no stretching
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk År siden
That Tethla thing is definitely not a truck. Put a snowmobile deck on it if you do get it. 🙃
Epicconor 2006
Epicconor 2006 År siden
How much are the boxes
tbaby27tr År siden
Stop click bating
Smokey The Boogaloo Bear
Smokey The Boogaloo Bear År siden
Video starts at 16:16
Michael Simon
Michael Simon År siden
your doing it got style and love my brothers
Carrie Manchester
Carrie Manchester År siden
What's with the mustang
Daniel Ricalton
Daniel Ricalton År siden
Jake u are the lucky st man alive ti have these amazing freinds!!!❤☺
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