Testing $300 Amazon Dirt Bike!! (It gets Destroyed)

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Testing $300 Amazon Dirt Bike!! (It gets Destroyed)
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, CJ gets his foot X-rayed after his crash last video. It comes back as a sprain but he still can't walk on it so he shows up to the shop with a mobility scooter and the boys tear him apart. We install new plastics, wrap, wheels and seat cover on the YFZ 450. And test the $300 dollar amazon dirt bike (the cheapest dirt bike you can buy) on our backyard track. It doesn’t last very long. Ryan also crashes his four wheeler.

CboysTV Måned siden
New merch drop this Thursday 10/15/20
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright 11 dager siden
@Jax Diaz hi i am a fan
Jax Diaz
Jax Diaz 12 dager siden
Hi my name is jax
Jax Diaz
Jax Diaz 12 dager siden
Hi my name is Jax
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Måned siden
I am a fan of cboys
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Måned siden
Erin Esler
Erin Esler Dag siden
You guys are mean to your friend
Hope Hampton
Hope Hampton Dag siden
Can i have a pitbik it is my dream to have one and my dad doesn't have enough money.
Tiny Man
Tiny Man Dag siden
Y’all should buy a general lee
Lynx _yt
Lynx _yt Dag siden
What video was this
Dropdown123 2 dager siden
Yo I won the atv runs great thx bro
totomorenoo 26
totomorenoo 26 4 dager siden
I could of used that 😂 😞
X Killer Ziko
X Killer Ziko 8 dager siden
u can just give it to me instead of destroy it :(
LOWKEY_VIBEZ 13 8 dager siden
6:40 the guy on the crazy cart said “this nigga packed in there “
Eric Rouse
Eric Rouse 8 dager siden
You'll giggle like little girls.
Derek Rishel
Derek Rishel 9 dager siden
"I just want my friends to be quad guy" 9:18 ya think why they like dirt bikes more
Ethereal Playz
Ethereal Playz 9 dager siden
what song is at 10:05 i cant find it.
Dreamcastkid 9 dager siden
Not really admirable..
Topnotch 20
Topnotch 20 11 dager siden
Ryan “I want my friends to be quad guys” it’s ok dude i feel your pain
Common Sense
Common Sense 11 dager siden
“I wanna wheelie over it” got everything he deserved 😂😂😂
Tyrone Adderley
Tyrone Adderley 14 dager siden
Can I have one of your dirt bikes I live in the Bahamas can you ship it to me please I would really appreciate that please
og_sniff 14 dager siden
Gotta love channels like this, 6 minutes into the video and still no sign of the thing that's literally in the title.
Renee Charette
Renee Charette 14 dager siden
What size good for 9 year old
Erick Stephenson
Erick Stephenson 16 dager siden
Yall just made the quad look new to a 2005 quad😂
Ethan Sarchenko
Ethan Sarchenko 16 dager siden
literally, copy the bikes and beards video idea and even the thumbnail and don't even credit them.
claudio teixeira
claudio teixeira 17 dager siden
it was the perfect revenge of the cheap pit bike in the spoiled kids, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏for the pit bike, learn for good! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤫
Easton Thomas
Easton Thomas 17 dager siden
When I go on arctic fx it won’t let me design for a quad how do I I need to know
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles 18 dager siden
Zepek Eno
Zepek Eno 18 dager siden
Its so stupid
Kyle_Visuals 18 dager siden
@cboys can I get that bike? @cboysTV
faheem Ali
faheem Ali 19 dager siden
Fak video
cam rigby
cam rigby 19 dager siden
Who else would just be thankful for this beauty
Bastian Kvist
Bastian Kvist 22 dager siden
i want The quad i don’t have quad 😬😬😬😬😬😬
Trippy boy Trippy boy
Trippy boy Trippy boy 23 dager siden
I would love to have that are out here destroying it
Taylor McClish
Taylor McClish 24 dager siden
if you take of the hade lites it will start batter
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips 24 dager siden
Love the videos but you are destroying something I don’t have money for and have been wanting 3 years
Dmanthe mAd
Dmanthe mAd 25 dager siden
These videos are 50% something not related to the title and thumbnail 25% buying the thing that is in the title and thumbnail and the last 25% using it so a total of 3-5mins of what is accually in the title and thumbnail
Barry Walsh
Barry Walsh 25 dager siden
Awfully lame you guys have to copy bikes and beards for video ideas. Unoriginal hacks. And your idiots.
Its_justa_system202 ,.
Its_justa_system202 ,. 26 dager siden
Are those the red alba racing beed locks??
Aleks Hess
Aleks Hess 26 dager siden
Takie cross jakie niszczycie chciał bym ale rodzice nie chcą kupic mi
Andre Joana
Andre Joana 27 dager siden
fares alsalahi
fares alsalahi 28 dager siden
will buy for 2 cents
Mason Dappert
Mason Dappert 28 dager siden
I have the little one
Tj 28 dager siden
Ryan actually ran hisself over 😂
Official Drop
Official Drop 28 dager siden
What’s the 300 one name I need it
Adam Jabbar
Adam Jabbar Måned siden
I live in England and two strokes are like 100 dollars
Ami Brewer
Ami Brewer Måned siden
I love that for wheeler
Лариса Букина
Лариса Букина Måned siden
Braxton Corder
Braxton Corder Måned siden
yo cboys can you ship me some dirtbike goggles lol
Terry Hurdle
Terry Hurdle Måned siden
I follow you can I get the atv
Christian Victor
Christian Victor Måned siden
Jemez was the only reason that he had been there before the end and the end of the end and the time I did was not to his own and I would have a call 📲 in a little slow to do the things I do for the rest and I don’t have any other time and the other guy was going out for his own birthday 🎉 💸💸💸
Christian Victor
Christian Victor Måned siden
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Måned siden
乂Perxcky乂 Måned siden
Someone with very little money and buying this... This video was painful to watch 😔
Anna Hyatt
Anna Hyatt Måned siden
Where do you guys buy your wraps for the quads? Because I would like to put a wrap on mine but can’t find a reliable source 😕
Seirge Bill Gufork
Seirge Bill Gufork Måned siden
Ken ay barow dat
ImaginaryStar_Playz Måned siden
I really wonder how it got destroyed
Peter69 Zouaoui
Peter69 Zouaoui Måned siden
its not 50cc its 49cc
curt Måned siden
That would of made a nice birthday gift for a kid.
Aaron Greenway
Aaron Greenway Måned siden
I love this!!! My whole channel revolves around sending pit bikes up some serious enduro trails!
Gavin Brand
Gavin Brand Måned siden
I ride a KTM 65.
Gavin Brand
Gavin Brand Måned siden
I also want a hybrid 150cc quad really bad.
Gavin Brand
Gavin Brand Måned siden
You guys should come to my house I have 126 acres and hard trails and also a big motocross track.
David Francisco
David Francisco Måned siden
Sirko Wolter
Sirko Wolter Måned siden
Codyandpaws Måned siden
Is it sad that I have the same dirt bike and I still use it
carmela cancu
carmela cancu Måned siden
yo nesesito una moto desa
Tigekrceex Måned siden
I just broke my leg I’m glad I’m not the only one
tyler&angie Slayton
tyler&angie Slayton Måned siden
This ground is soooo hard
Lilacker Man
Lilacker Man Måned siden
Can some1 give me the link to the dirt bike?
Tony Pangallo
Tony Pangallo Måned siden
Yo dude love u guys
William Stamper
William Stamper Måned siden
9:20 last time we were on quads and one landed on top of a person it was at night and the machine was running just sitting there, couldnt find my friend. It was parked dead nuts on top of him and he said "get this damn thing off me". My other friend said "im not going with you guys nothing good can happen after 2am" The guy who went over the handlebars got a handlebar end jambed into his armpit which swollen up size of a grapefruit. Problem is he ripped my then new SFI drag racing coat
Dakota Shroyer
Dakota Shroyer Måned siden
wish i could win you Ben
L and L Landscaping
L and L Landscaping Måned siden
What section do you make atv graphics on?
Larry Hager
Larry Hager Måned siden
Sprained mine playing volley ball spiked the ball hit the person on the other side of the net. Damn ball came down under my foot HOLY SHIT i thought it was broken nope sprained and doctor said you would have been better off breaking it hello thank for painkillers
Trent Knutson
Trent Knutson Måned siden
You know you must be getting old when all I'm thinking is... Im all up for dumb shit but wear a bloody helmet.
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Måned siden
A sprain ankle is not bad i got one and still played soccer
Kent Jay Dela Peña
Kent Jay Dela Peña Måned siden
Co Hawk
Co Hawk Måned siden
If there looking to upgrade it and stuff they make a high compression engine for it.
Sem Verfuurt
Sem Verfuurt Måned siden
these guys are just breaking this while I've been saving all my life and couldn't even buy one but if still I love your videos keep it up
Sem Verfuurt
Sem Verfuurt Måned siden
@Charlie I mean the $ 3,500
Charlie Måned siden
It was 300. How old are you 3?
FreeSJ Måned siden
2:10 confirmed douchebag driver
FreeSJ Måned siden
finished the video wanna confirm they are not only douchebags but they genuinely are special needs
ItsKeanuu Måned siden
this is great! i suggested this idea a couple of videos ago!
Nate H
Nate H Måned siden
Y’all are funny asf, I’m def subbing
VerticalExtractGamer Måned siden
This really pisses me off because some people will put in all of there Hard Working EARNED money to buy this for there child or themselves and these people are flinging it around like it a peice of plastic for 99p
cookupts -
cookupts - Måned siden
Wasting money
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes Måned siden
What’s the company that built the wrap
toxic' Måned siden
Ay so um I'm 14 and I'm thinking of buying a dirt bike my first time idk what type I looked on amazon but all I see is those $299 ones and I'm working for it😎 so um if u can inform me like what's good and what's not thx
Stance Lives Matter.
Stance Lives Matter. Måned siden
Lol instant karma 🤣 he really thought he would go over that 🤦🏽‍♂️
SonsyWhale Måned siden
for a kid thats actually pretty cheap lol
Matt Clemons
Matt Clemons Måned siden
These videos blow gimme some money guarantee I make better videos
Diana Reta
Diana Reta Måned siden
hey I would like to have Dirt Bike and yall destroying Dirt Bike can i have one?
XOl UNDT lOX Måned siden
Lmao if you have not got ran over with a quad your not a quad huy
Yamaha Blaster200
Yamaha Blaster200 Måned siden
They should start making decals, they would make a ton of money
dalton duh nub
dalton duh nub Måned siden
Travis poostrana
AGUS GamingYT Måned siden
Yuami zura mimi
Romania Is Here
Romania Is Here Måned siden
9:18 Karma:)
Diana Brennan
Diana Brennan Måned siden
Elijah Herdina
Elijah Herdina Måned siden
I seen there truck at Walmart in Detroit lakes
Aiden Kilpela
Aiden Kilpela Måned siden
Banger boys
Rayshawn Hollingsworth
Rayshawn Hollingsworth Måned siden
i want to winn
Nova 15
Nova 15 Måned siden
Did Micah need some more screen time or what? Already shooting with a go pro but also getting his face too at the same time
spade! Måned siden
I wanted it you like throwing money in the trash
Easton Ricks
Easton Ricks Måned siden
That quad is fire
Connor Shroyer
Connor Shroyer Måned siden
you guys should get a golfcart
Kipp Dorsey
Kipp Dorsey Måned siden
the give away 4 wheller is sick
Daniel Teckenbrock
Daniel Teckenbrock Måned siden
So after all that and the little $300 bike was still running?
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