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CboysTV Shop Tour
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Today on cboystv, we throw our old tires back on our lifted Chevy 2500 duramax. It was really funny because our old wheels and tires are not a good fit for a 4.5 inch lifted truck so it looked pretty funny! We did a huge burnout on the truck and then every light on the dash came on and the truck cut out it sounded like something broke we were pretty scared. Later we give you guys a fairly detailed tour of the shop (CboysTV HQ) and show/tell you guys a fair bit about our business. If you read this whole thing comment "Burn out gone wrong"

OTC Production's
OTC Production's Dag siden
6:00 its turbo surge
chase wyant-smith
chase wyant-smith 12 dager siden
You guys should do a video on like how you guys keep your Razors and dirt bikes and four wheeler’s and snowmobiles all clean
Natasha Corrier
Natasha Corrier 18 dager siden
Why was murffs helmet on the helmet rack
Andreas Helle dahle
Andreas Helle dahle Måned siden
have a good day! :]
85sx Braap
85sx Braap Måned siden
All diesels do that when you let off the gas at high rpms
kevin Brown
kevin Brown Måned siden
Rick and Morty is my favorite show and you’re my favorite NOpostrs
Camden Perry
Camden Perry Måned siden
The first time I watched this vid it was one day after the giveaway
Lane Ramos
Lane Ramos 2 måneder siden
1:07 is it just me or does it look like a big juul behind ben to the right
Scourage71 2 måneder siden
It was 11 months
Robert Dekker
Robert Dekker 2 måneder siden
You guys shod give away a full set of dirt bikr gear
YTM_tolne 3 måneder siden
15:28murfs helmet
Jthockey 48
Jthockey 48 3 måneder siden
What you all are from Minnesota I am to
Hist man Histe
Hist man Histe 3 måneder siden
It is the Turbo
Bo Eves
Bo Eves 3 måneder siden
The problem is it is a Duramax
Nicholas Nowell
Nicholas Nowell 4 måneder siden
Pit bike needs timing chain
SSI Stealth
SSI Stealth 4 måneder siden
Did you try put it in rice?
Alex Playoust
Alex Playoust 4 måneder siden
Which of the CBOYS plays the drums? There was a drum kit upstairs...
Judas Vasquez
Judas Vasquez 4 måneder siden
Ken was right 9 months
Mr wolf gaming yt
Mr wolf gaming yt 5 måneder siden
It was the turbo spooling
seckou toure
seckou toure 6 måneder siden
Should of got a ford
Ole Politi
Ole Politi 6 måneder siden
My biggest dream is to Get a Yamaha Tt-r125 LWE
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan 6 måneder siden
You guys need a impact gun
RJ Johnson
RJ Johnson 6 måneder siden
How does he own all of the sheds
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 6 måneder siden
Of course the truck broke. Its a Chevy lmao
Radical Humphry
Radical Humphry 6 måneder siden
Beet way for you to grow is to have separate channels for each member and have c boys as an account of the whole group that way your not sharing the money from the c boys channel you can have your own money and use the channel money as a investment to grow
Tomas Dyson-Holland
Tomas Dyson-Holland 6 måneder siden
Is micha the only person who lives in the shop
Colten Post
Colten Post 6 måneder siden
When his Snapchat notifications goes off
Raymond Santos
Raymond Santos 7 måneder siden
Can I be your barber
Benjamin Nielsen
Benjamin Nielsen 7 måneder siden
What kind of chip do you guys have on that truck?
Austin Wisyanski
Austin Wisyanski 7 måneder siden
burn out gone wrong
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
That rick and morty screen saver though!!!
Chris the king
Chris the king 7 måneder siden
What do you guys use for motocross boots
Aiden House
Aiden House 7 måneder siden
Murphs helmet ???
vaughn 7 måneder siden
I’m surprised you guys don’t have a car lift yet
Angel Georgiev
Angel Georgiev 8 måneder siden
What brand and model are Ryan's sunglasses :Ddd I need a pair of it :D
Shane Webber
Shane Webber 8 måneder siden
When your truck stops and goes stustustsustsutu it’s just the friction in the tires and the ground not wet, the stustustu is the turbo
Shamus Flyer
Shamus Flyer 8 måneder siden
@grill mater daddy
zachary bruce
zachary bruce 8 måneder siden
If you guys ever see this. It happened to my truck it’s bc of the wheel bearing to do with your traction control your wheels are spinning more in the back than the front even though you shut it off the computer takes over and has to shut it off before it breaks just have to clear the code
Mery Calvino
Mery Calvino 8 måneder siden
A want to see you guys fix the pitbike and ride with it in the snow
Dumencha Cat
Dumencha Cat 8 måneder siden
Rose Lemke
Rose Lemke 9 måneder siden
15,28 mervs helmet
Wyatt lavis
Wyatt lavis 9 måneder siden
that sound was the turbo btw
Joshua Hock
Joshua Hock 9 måneder siden
It won’t hurt the truck
Joshua Hock
Joshua Hock 9 måneder siden
The sound at 5:59 was called a turbo bark
Jeremiah White
Jeremiah White 9 måneder siden
That noise was a turbo chatter
Rebel Dipper
Rebel Dipper 9 måneder siden
Y’all have never heard a duramax turbo bark buys a 75,000 duramax and doesn’t know what the turbo does after spooling the turbo
tjc1ny 10 måneder siden
How do you guys not have a cordless impact.
Conor Hogan
Conor Hogan 10 måneder siden
I just recently sold my Hummer H2 and the one problem I had with it was that the tires looked ridiculously small. Even though the stock tires are 37’s, the Hummer was just so big that it made them look like training wheels
Brennyn Garcia
Brennyn Garcia 10 måneder siden
That’s why you don’t by a fucking Chevy
Adam Yarian
Adam Yarian 10 måneder siden
See who all the Cgirls are and who is their boyfriend
Austin Desforges
Austin Desforges 10 måneder siden
Gavin McNulty
Gavin McNulty 10 måneder siden
turbo chirp next time don't let off the send it pedal its fine
Dalton McElhaney
Dalton McElhaney 10 måneder siden
That was a waste gate bc he was running so much boost during that burn out 😂
Ethan McFadden
Ethan McFadden 11 måneder siden
thats why you dont buy a chevy
Jacob's Lifestyle
Jacob's Lifestyle 11 måneder siden
send me the mic's i can use them! Its a Lifestyle
lucas smith
lucas smith 11 måneder siden
9:30 "where Micha burned off his snow tire" 😂😂😂
DirtBike Dick'n
DirtBike Dick'n 11 måneder siden
it would help if you had a 4way to take the lug nuts off
CompairedCartoon 11 måneder siden
That’s Chevy for you should have got a ford
William Felty
William Felty 11 måneder siden
When I got into my wreck and became paralyzed and laid up in the hospital bed I was scrolling though NOpost and seen one of y’all videos and the whole time though recovering from it I watched all of talks videos and caught up on talks most recents I honestly miss being able to do the stuff that y’all do everyday riding around playing and hanging out but one day imma get back out there might not be a dirt bike or a racing four wheeler but I’m gonna get out there. I appreciate y’all videos and y’all are doing a good job. Hope one day I can come hangout with y’all
Epgp Schwank
Epgp Schwank 11 måneder siden
I love your video 🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
Mobimba Larson
Mobimba Larson 11 måneder siden
U guys ever heard of an impact wrench cause u should think about getting one
Eli Garrison
Eli Garrison År siden
Turbo chop?
Tannin Grant
Tannin Grant År siden
Those trucks don’t like burn outs it is hard on a rear end
Raleigh Bennett
Raleigh Bennett År siden
that would be dope if you sent piciecs of tire tread in packages in little plastic bags
Amelia Jones
Amelia Jones År siden
Matthew Woodworth
Matthew Woodworth År siden
My brothers genius idea is just stick a bar over the normal wrench and the send it instead of a breaker bar
Thunder Halden
Thunder Halden År siden
When you send your truck to kustom offsets and they fuck it up good
George Chancellor
George Chancellor År siden
Burn out gone wrong
Call that the frickstart
Elliott Hill
Elliott Hill År siden
Lol at the turbo flutter 😂
J garfield Garza
J garfield Garza År siden
Big boobs Jessica... tanner's channel.... I was wondering why my shirt had a cali address lol
J garfield Garza
J garfield Garza År siden
J garfield Garza
J garfield Garza År siden
Never do BURNOUTS on D....... 1st gear dummies
Dagger Dick
Dagger Dick År siden
Gat a ford
Dagger Dick
Dagger Dick År siden
Chevy problems
Buster Brown
Buster Brown År siden
"Burnout gone wrong"
RK Reviews
RK Reviews År siden
Only chevy problems🤣
Lil Pipsqueak
Lil Pipsqueak År siden
I thought you guys blew up the rear diff
Marco Duerink
Marco Duerink År siden
wat is murf his helmet doin in your storage ;)
andrew Voegtle
andrew Voegtle År siden
If you loosen something with a torque wrench you have to get it recalibrated
Ante Cutuk
Ante Cutuk År siden
Found this channel week ago and am binge watching
Theyhate Zix
Theyhate Zix År siden
Pave a part just for burnouts
Hayden Driscoll
Hayden Driscoll År siden
Do the funny conversations w the wireless mikes
Dawson McNary
Dawson McNary År siden
I saw Murfs helmet real ones know
Jake Kifer
Jake Kifer År siden
It’s a Chevy you can’t break it
Brett Naylen
Brett Naylen År siden
Do you mean rims
Jackson Bowman
Jackson Bowman År siden
where’s the banshee
Jimmy savage
Jimmy savage År siden
I love you
Tyler Lester
Tyler Lester År siden
They have a truck that is turbo diesel but don’t know what a turbo bark is?
Jeffrey Farabaugh
Jeffrey Farabaugh År siden
Reminds me of an Aussie burn out car
Jace Price
Jace Price År siden
That was the turbo
Jacob Kuykendall
Jacob Kuykendall År siden
Word of idvice use the jack handle
Sean Ziegler
Sean Ziegler År siden
long island baby!!!!!
Jaxson Magee
Jaxson Magee År siden
Talk about some turbo flutter
Josh Maccartney
Josh Maccartney År siden
Cboys cars tour?
Dylen Smithberger
Dylen Smithberger År siden
Give a tour of every ones car
mason bluml
mason bluml År siden
Do a toolbox tour
Jaydan Mueller
Jaydan Mueller År siden
Definitely need a car tour
Wisco Pit Bike
Wisco Pit Bike År siden
Come destroy my blazer boys!! Live in spooner Wisconsin not a far trip for yall. Get at me would love to make a video with the cboys team!!!!
Zachary Iverson
Zachary Iverson År siden
"Burn out gone wrong"
We Bought a New Shop!!!
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