Polaris RZR vs. Snowmobile on Snowcross track!!

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Polaris RZR vs. Snowmobile on Snowcross track!!
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In todays video, we go to ERX to ride snowmobiles, snow bikes and some Polaris UTV's with Andrew Carlson on ERX's snowcross track. It was a really fun time. We wrap it up by Jake racing Andrew with his modified snowmobile against andrews RZR 1000 Turbo. We finish the video back home by putting a new custom Cboystv wrap on our new giveaway snowmobile. (2019 Polaris Pro RMK 850 Turbo!)
Comment down below what you would do if you win our snowmobile.

Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson Dag siden
Kaiden Todrank
Kaiden Todrank 6 dager siden
Don’t cus
Fat fish Tacos
Fat fish Tacos 7 dager siden
Big Ken is sassy
Bela Bischoff
Bela Bischoff 20 dager siden
Dream live 🥰🥰🥰
Slade Arnett
Slade Arnett 29 dager siden
i wish i had friends like this but when you don’t have money it’s hard
Alonzo Krack
Alonzo Krack Måned siden
I got one 3 days ago it is so fun
Alonzo Krack
Alonzo Krack Måned siden
Get a Coleman 200cc mini bike
Tyler Kadlec
Tyler Kadlec Måned siden
The best thing u can do is drop the the Polaris and hop on the ski doo
Vexyy 311
Vexyy 311 Måned siden
I wish I had one of the rzr
Vexyy 311
Vexyy 311 Måned siden
Please make my dream come true
TheCountryBoyzTV 3 måneder siden
Jam the same way jerky throttle I think it’s cause we think it sounds kool
Claudia Valenzuela
Claudia Valenzuela 4 måneder siden
I love the vids bro
Frano Antonini
Frano Antonini 5 måneder siden
Every day of cboys: dudee this is the best day of my life! i wish i lived like you guys
Bailey Blake
Bailey Blake 6 måneder siden
You need to let Ken drive his own RS1
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
Bye A TROPHY TRUCK Edit: please
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 8 måneder siden
If they went an hour north from where they are at is my house
Devon Thiessen
Devon Thiessen 9 måneder siden
make longer vids 😎👌
martin fjell
martin fjell 10 måneder siden
Jake on his snowmobile reminds me of someone gaming car games on keyboard, you push the button its full throttle, nothing in between xD
Daniel T . P. B.
Daniel T . P. B. 11 måneder siden
Jake Was Soo,Excit3d
Quentin Garfin
Quentin Garfin 11 måneder siden
Can I have the snowmobile and I love your video
Owentheboss 2
Owentheboss 2 11 måneder siden
I live by that track
Carter Tarrant
Carter Tarrant 11 måneder siden
You guy's are my favourite NOpost channel
FFI_VaPoR 11 måneder siden
Bradley Lintz vlogs
Bradley Lintz vlogs 11 måneder siden
Jake would be even more bangin with a mullet
Joey Robel
Joey Robel 11 måneder siden
RZR 170, Artic cat wildcat 700 trail, eleven years old and need this nowwwww!!!!!
Jonah Hviding
Jonah Hviding År siden
I live near the ERX track!!
mike carlson
mike carlson År siden
Prinston, MN??
Valley Tractor Services
Valley Tractor Services År siden
Buffalo race track in glyndon?
IslandBoy Millie
IslandBoy Millie År siden
What’s the beat @ 16:46 ??
hockeyplayer0241 År siden
Man they blow at riding what is this channel?
K T År siden
Turn off that gay ass music
aeawaawwawa Abcdefg
aeawaawwawa Abcdefg År siden
I bet ryan asked her "are you a quad?" :D
Econo Bikes&toyz
Econo Bikes&toyz År siden
is the giveaway open to Canadians
Landon Carr
Landon Carr År siden
Y’all need another can am x3 but u need to get one of the new can am x3 rc turbo bc the new can am x3s come whith more horsepower than the new rzr does stock
Ashton hall-martinez
Ashton hall-martinez År siden
You guys should put tracks on your razor for the snow
Sergio Ortiz
Sergio Ortiz År siden
Diane Thompson
Diane Thompson År siden
@paul_thompson3 add me on snap and Insta
John Washington
John Washington År siden
I'll send a peanut further than y'all ever seen let's get it boys it's gonna be some dirty dangles boys.
John Washington
John Washington År siden
I've been commenting on every video. And hitting y'all's comments hard im just asking for a chance.
Giovanni Minotte
Giovanni Minotte År siden
Wait you guys are located in MN???
super nova
super nova År siden
I want a snow bike kit so bad
Joshua Stadterman
Joshua Stadterman År siden
It's my dream to meet y'all
The King
The King År siden
I wish I could have a nice snowmobile like these guys and just pull money out of my ass
Dylan Snyder
Dylan Snyder År siden
Where’s the new video
frank white
frank white År siden
My step dad and i always had a rocky relationship. This was my first purchase for a chance to win y'all giveaways. I asked him to spot me the money to win the $12,000 then he asked why don't we rip it til spring. Winning the snowmobile would bring my step father and I closer than ever before. It means a lot to me. All my boys got machines. All I got is a bayou 220 I got fot trade from a tree job that I beat the crap out of and never lets me down. I'd just like to rip with the man that gave me everything he could, even when he didn't have it. Thank y'all man. Love the content. Peace.
john pregont
john pregont År siden
Would you guys be interested in a four wheeler
Luke Dawson
Luke Dawson År siden
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk År siden
7:26 “Minesweeper” hahahah😂😂😂🙃
Josh Hulm
Josh Hulm År siden
why editing software do you use
sony8331 År siden
Who misses that classic intro ?
Quin2322 År siden
What kind of camera do you guys use?
FRX Fire
FRX Fire År siden
if i won the snowmobile i would take it to michigan U.P with my family and go riding!
JetSki Brothers
JetSki Brothers År siden
Every motor heads dream for sure 👍
CyklopJanne År siden
stop talk so much and drive the machines instead!
Collin Ostrowski
Collin Ostrowski År siden
U guys should do a collab with Braydon price
Oliver Larsen
Oliver Larsen År siden
Bro, is that flames, 8:09
Vincent Carroll
Vincent Carroll År siden
Lol Justin looks like NICKTHESMOKER look him up
Young Vlogs
Young Vlogs År siden
Jake’s vlogging skills improved so much out of nowhere😂😂😂 love you jake no homo 😉
Sam Orth
Sam Orth År siden
Damn they were at the elk river erx I used to live like ten minutes out love that you guys came here
Jake Parsons
Jake Parsons År siden
Ryan had way too much Red Bull before this 😂😂
Mike Myers
Mike Myers År siden
With a Name like " Bangin" ...you Can't loose the Fricken Race !!! I 🤣
Jennifer Bougie
Jennifer Bougie År siden
yo boys why the mavrick still at the shop
Mason Eaton
Mason Eaton År siden
Make more merch ! 😩
Gerald_the gat Cat
Gerald_the gat Cat År siden
I wood of kept it black on black
Christian Bertsinger
Christian Bertsinger År siden
I wish I had my old sled but I needed a truck but man if I could get another sled that would be awsome I miss riding sleds, all I got is my wheeler and that thing sucks in the snow, love you vids guys I wish I had the time to start a youtube channel keep up the awsome vids
JB Babisky
JB Babisky År siden
I live in reval stoke
Travis Clary
Travis Clary År siden
i would love to send it on a snowmobile like that... Big Send.
Julian Valdes
Julian Valdes År siden
that would be awesome if i were able to do that
Biker Chickens
Biker Chickens År siden
Are you guys going to have a restock before Christmas
Noah Jacques
Noah Jacques År siden
Can you shout me out I love a vids wish I could come see you guys I want to ride ya four wheelers I ride a Polaris scrambler 500 I rip wheelies too and a kx 100 2 stroke
Chris Foster
Chris Foster År siden
Lol 17:27 his fat ass broke the rear suspension hahaha
Aaron Belford
Aaron Belford År siden
Damn I was driving by when you guys were there. I knew I should have stopped by. LOL Next time!
Big Cungis
Big Cungis År siden
I live in Becker near ERX
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze År siden
Will ben ever have facial hair? 😂😂😬
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers År siden
LOLOLOL “big air” 8 year old snowcross racers go bigger
Caleb M.
Caleb M. År siden
Nick Rogers have you ever actually ridden a snowmobile- jumping is scary as fuck and they are going pretty big so if they crash they would be paralyzed 100%
Christin Mate
Christin Mate År siden
how old do you have to be to enter
Tanner Warren
Tanner Warren År siden
What's the song in the end of the video
James Rushing
James Rushing År siden
Hey guys check out cars and karts tv my buddie started this and is new to NOpost
Nick Garay
Nick Garay År siden
you guys should build your own track
Nico Fox
Nico Fox År siden
Andrews really chill
MXbass År siden
Those were kinda baby airs.
Kynz Frost
Kynz Frost År siden
You should have like 10 million subs
Spencer Moser
Spencer Moser År siden
If I were to win this snowmobile I would ride trails in iowa. probably go to the mountains. sled up there. bury the thing then do it all over again. Oh yea and you can’t forget the can. I am only ripping around on a polaris 500 from 1980s and it took a crap on me last year. I could really use an upgrade. Now how do you enter this Give away?
Stephen M
Stephen M År siden
paddles/atv tires on shifter cart. in the snow.
marquice watkins
marquice watkins År siden
Rip it around my property and just freaking send it everywhere
James Bender
James Bender År siden
You guys make pretty entertaining content and I'm rooting for ya being from North Central MN myself. However... you guys SUCK at snocross lol
leviradford46 År siden
You guys need a rzr
Justin Cavinder
Justin Cavinder År siden
Did anybody honestly think the razr even had a chance against a sled. Even with turbo side by side, it wouldnt even beat a 600cc sled. Especially with no traction
Cameron År siden
How do we enter the giveaway?
450 rippin
450 rippin År siden
What sleds are they riding?
FASCHO År siden
Snowmobiling season is back!!!
Tomas G
Tomas G År siden
Like a good neighbor cboys is here
Grady Wesner
Grady Wesner År siden
tucker hibbert is the best
Carter DeHaan
Carter DeHaan År siden
When are you going to revelstoke?
Jack Brinkman
Jack Brinkman År siden
When are you guys restocking the black camo hoodies
Jonah Christensen
Jonah Christensen År siden
Yo it’s Joe you signed my cast
Connor Croft
Connor Croft År siden
Rip the giveaway
Jacob Fromerth
Jacob Fromerth År siden
Best looking wrap yet!
Lil Mole
Lil Mole År siden
Just whent snowmobiling
Aydan & Ryan
Aydan & Ryan År siden
R u guys stopping thru castlegar bc on the way. If so let me know lol. I'll try and meet u guys lol
Luke Misco
Luke Misco År siden
Yoooo littt video
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