The Best Place for Dirt Bike Riding in the Country!!

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Today's video is part 1 of a wild 2 part dirt bike trip to Gold Creek Lodge Idaho. Micah, Ben, and Ryan pack their bags to meet up with 509 David and others, over 18 hours from home. We jam packed our entire week there with dirt biking, camping, and good times. Gold Creek Lodge is truly one of the most spectacular places we've visited and something about the riding and the atmosphere is irreplaceable. This episode is a long one so sit back and enjoy!
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The Best Place for Dirt Bike Riding in the Country!!
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RILEY Hoy 8 timer siden
This is my favourite channel but we’re is cj
Mason Loepp
Mason Loepp Dag siden
yo cboys love the vids keep them coming. do more trail rides
Eric Haarstad
Eric Haarstad 2 dager siden
I would've woke up and punched that dude in the side of the head. Idiocracy....
cmrka cmrka
cmrka cmrka 3 dager siden
20:10 turns into broke back mountain
Tamica Phillippy
Tamica Phillippy 6 dager siden
"Dirtbikes" It's like Ryan forgot how to be a NOpostr, and only says ONE word.
Topnotch 20
Topnotch 20 6 dager siden
How hard is biking really?
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher 6 dager siden
Nelk boys if they didnt drink and were country instead
Landon Munn
Landon Munn 8 dager siden
tommorow i will make a jump for my dirt bike and also i have only be riding for a week
Maxxton Solomon
Maxxton Solomon 10 dager siden
were tf is cj
Jared Abdul
Jared Abdul 12 dager siden
What is the electric start BS. lol.. I need this for my CR500AF
V الروح المحتضرة
V الروح المحتضرة 20 dager siden
says get anything we need to survive in the woods literally gets a 58 inch tv
James Heilman
James Heilman 21 dag siden
next stop, redbull hare scramble? ;)
North_ rprFig
North_ rprFig 23 dager siden
Love this channel
Abbey Aaseby
Abbey Aaseby 23 dager siden
I live in post falls just a couple minutes from cda and ride snowmobiles at gold creek up there during the winter! Y’all should text me on insta @abbeyaaseby27
Liam Mauti
Liam Mauti 27 dager siden
Sick car keep up the good work you guys are awesome
owen pritchard
owen pritchard 28 dager siden
Michas chain was super loose when he was washing his bike 😂
Skye Averill
Skye Averill 28 dager siden
can i get a dirt bike its my birthday
Ayson Hernandez
Ayson Hernandez 29 dager siden
thats like mountain biking but mountain biking is so much faster because the bike is so lite you can through it around and have so much control
Jay Martin
Jay Martin 29 dager siden
Who's Cherokee ?? Nice ride ,looks like mine
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson Måned siden
I wish I could get an dirt bike but I can’t and my founds are low and my uncle has cancer
Istealyyotingy Måned siden
for steeve✊
robby bessert
robby bessert Måned siden
You litterly have my dream life
Andreas Helle dahle
Andreas Helle dahle Måned siden
Idk about y’all but this content is my childhood dream, I loooove this channel
bartosz ponichtera
bartosz ponichtera Måned siden
Ik I’m commenting late but are those pit bikes 110cc or what?
steven grubaugh
steven grubaugh Måned siden
So I guess the atv/bike scene is poppin in MN who knew
Callen Stoner
Callen Stoner Måned siden
heyy im from havre montanaaaa
YUZZY Måned siden
Where is CJ?
Michael Bourgeau
Michael Bourgeau Måned siden
You guys should come ride pit bikes down here in washington with me
Ryan Gasper
Ryan Gasper Måned siden
I live in Grandview idaho
Chase Pickles
Chase Pickles Måned siden
Bro I live in Coeur d’Alene
Parker Bolt
Parker Bolt Måned siden
If you ever come back to Idaho go to Christmas hills
William Ferguson
William Ferguson Måned siden
That’s a lot like mountain biking but your bike isn’t 200 pounds
Tara Melen
Tara Melen Måned siden
get a kx60
Norman Anderson
Norman Anderson Måned siden
My brother is in Coeur d’Alene at the college wrestling
Water Måned siden
i wanna know what kind of truck that is
Ethan Colson
Ethan Colson Måned siden
I would love doing that lol I want to get a dirt bike really bad they look fun
Cormac McCrory
Cormac McCrory Måned siden
Some one should a dirt bike video game with this style of riding and not motocross because in my opinion this is way better
Carter Hammer
Carter Hammer Måned siden
Salem Sue
Dee-Bee Kooper
Dee-Bee Kooper Måned siden
Nice. I own property right by Gold Creek. Idaho is my happy place.
ITZ_AcidBurn Måned siden
The NELK of dirtbikes and quads
Brandon 1
Brandon 1 Måned siden
Where are
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 måneder siden
This is probably my favorite vid on cboys
dash plays
dash plays 2 måneder siden
Rylan Reid
Rylan Reid 2 måneder siden
who else lives right near cda?? spokane/libertylake/postfals gang. like if your from one of these places
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts 2 måneder siden
Very good editing. love the video
Xavier Batie
Xavier Batie 2 måneder siden
Evan looks like Jake from behind😂😂
Gabe Johnsen
Gabe Johnsen 2 måneder siden
It’s so awesome to see them in a place you recognize.🤘🏻
•The Trio•
•The Trio• 2 måneder siden
oh sh!t the there a tree here got me good
Jackson On Mountainbike
Jackson On Mountainbike 2 måneder siden
I live in Montana
Hoggar 2 måneder siden
2:30 “Jesus Christ” “That’s a big cow” 💀💀
LilWhite-_- 2 måneder siden
bro these guys are living it up, this is all i wanna do with my life is go on motor trails with a bunch of friends:/ and drive up the sides of moutains.
Tina Franken
Tina Franken 3 måneder siden
I hope that they will not stop this
JacobjJN Estridge
JacobjJN Estridge 3 måneder siden
I'd love to go somewhere like this to ride,
JohnBoy Kulowiyi
JohnBoy Kulowiyi 3 måneder siden
Ben saying Evan is the best rider. Thats not true. Therefore to me Ben is the dirt bike God. I see Ben as the best dirt bike rider. Ive been watching him with his dirt bike and dreaming to get one. Being the most jealous person. I have been dreaming since I was 7 years old. Now I'm 18 and still cant afford one. Ben. Thank you for entertaining the whole world. I love you CBOYSTV!
NacreousElf 3 måneder siden
i just want to go biking with some friends like this ^
adam pritt
adam pritt 3 måneder siden
dude, how did you not go through a clutch just this visit? rode it on all your uphills it seems
Kalob 3 måneder siden
15 years old and you guys are living my dream
Jaxon Preslar
Jaxon Preslar 3 måneder siden
if you gave a thumb's down u suck
Skiddmark—stank 3 måneder siden
That jeep is identical to the one my oldest brother has
Colton Brown
Colton Brown 3 måneder siden
That cow is in North Dakota in Bismarck I live in Dickinson
jax lazzari
jax lazzari 3 måneder siden
the betieful sound of two stroke
Landon Fire
Landon Fire 3 måneder siden
Next weekend ima go to corderlane Idaho silverwood water park
Pro Gamer101
Pro Gamer101 3 måneder siden
10:37 lookin like a music video..
Jesús Estrada
Jesús Estrada 3 måneder siden
I live In Idaho
Myles Duncan
Myles Duncan 3 måneder siden
I dropped a like for you Steve
Kolin Soots
Kolin Soots 4 måneder siden
I subscribed because I love y’all’s group dynamic. Y’all have fun without ego or always trying to be the top of the group. Everything is in good fun and props are given where props are due. Also great content!
Shelby Perkins
Shelby Perkins 4 måneder siden
That snow is nothing
Salt Water Daddio
Salt Water Daddio 4 måneder siden
Need a cap where do i get one
Lisa Capaldi
Lisa Capaldi 4 måneder siden
Can I have the bike
Walid Amosa
Walid Amosa 4 måneder siden
That looks like a coolass escape trip with the lads, smiled the whole time watching this....keep up the great work/fun boyz
rkojis playz
rkojis playz 4 måneder siden
11:00 me and boys going to mcdonald
Richard Conte
Richard Conte 4 måneder siden
I like riding in California
Tigga503 4 måneder siden
I have got to ride with the CBoys lol
YZ MAN 4 måneder siden
And that my friends is why you ride a 2 stroke 🤤😂
Anthony Pickens
Anthony Pickens 4 måneder siden
ive always wanted a pit bike
Garrett Hamby
Garrett Hamby 4 måneder siden
How did you guys rent dirt bikes? Where at?
BuddyHandsome 4 måneder siden
Please don't start heading down the road of Nelk Boys TV. They're a bunch of Alcoholic binge drinkers which is cool until you're 25 and out of college living back in mom's basement drinking off a fifth of vodka every morning to stop the shakes and delirium tremens. On a more serious note, glorifying alcoholic tendencies to the youth on NOpost is a mistake
BuddyHandsome 4 måneder siden
A mistake they're going to regret when they get sober and they still have videos uploaded that are encouraging the youth to binge drink with the false pretense they're going to get rich from it
BuddyHandsome 4 måneder siden
Just goes to show doing wheelies in a straight line on a flat road is alot different than climbing a mountain and doing legit hardcore trail riding
john beach
john beach 4 måneder siden
Dave Banach
Dave Banach 4 måneder siden
Jack Farrington
Jack Farrington 4 måneder siden
thx for the warning for the headphone users
Cadence Rogers
Cadence Rogers 4 måneder siden
I live right next to gold creek lodge lol I go there daily
Rhett Walker
Rhett Walker 4 måneder siden
Hey lookup Tough LIke RORR i helped make some of theat trail!!
Malachi Turner
Malachi Turner 4 måneder siden
you guys inspire me so much, I wish I had a dirt bike, or friends, literally almost cried, keep up the good work
fps louis
fps louis 4 måneder siden
Legit same
Carson Laybourne
Carson Laybourne 4 måneder siden
Sandpoint is a lot of fun to go ride in too lots of old logging trails
APRIL RICE 4 måneder siden
ya bro best trails i live in sawtooth idaho
Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson 4 måneder siden
Should have came to Spokane wa like 30 miles away if that
Trx Power
Trx Power 4 måneder siden
Man wish I woulda know you guys were in new Salem to see the cow come back again sometime
Cayden da goat
Cayden da goat 4 måneder siden
Is it jus me or is it that I have the worst bike
XD Power
XD Power 4 måneder siden
Y have i went on a dirtbike more than ryan and im 12
Wyatt Jaramillo
Wyatt Jaramillo 4 måneder siden
You guys need to get a cr500 you will get anywhere I have one and you won’t get stuck and it has a ten inch extended swing arm
Pheelers 4 måneder siden
They should try one of those electric ktm freerides
Jaden Bauer
Jaden Bauer 4 måneder siden
Who else lives in cda idaho
SJ_Synzz 4 måneder siden
18:35 to 18:45 yes music to my ears bro
Sandeep Teja
Sandeep Teja 4 måneder siden
You guys should stay on the trails so riding areas like this don't get shut down.
Reagan Maassen
Reagan Maassen 4 måneder siden
They should have called it dirtbikes and dipshits
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 4 måneder siden
Make Evan a cboy because he literally is one with the bike lmao
Wyatt Westrup
Wyatt Westrup 4 måneder siden
U come to me home city
Ian Snyder
Ian Snyder 4 måneder siden
I have a great place for ya’ll to ride. First of all, there’s no amazing camp sites or hotels, but there is one thing... A bunch of land to ride on, now yes, it may be illegal to ride there, but if your fast, then your fine. Plus, the owner doesn’t actually care. If your still reading and still interested, it’s called (by locals) “The Brickyard” and it’s in Wadsworth Ohio. BTW, it’s not on the map, but ask people with dirt bikes in their driveway, they’ll tell you the way.
Bob Rawlings
Bob Rawlings 4 måneder siden
Is it 2 stroke Tuesday because there sure is a lot of 2 strokes, also I know stroke are preferred when doing this kind of stuff
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