20ft Tree on Lifted Chevy Duramax!!

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11 måneder siden

How to do Christmas Right!! (GIANT TREE)
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Today on CboysTV, we do our annual Christmas Toy shopping. This year we donate to Jessy's Toybox a non-profit organization that gives toys to children in pediatric units around the midwest. After we head back to cormorant and enter on our journey to find the biggest Christmas tree in the world, to put in our shop for the holidays. We chop the tree down by hand and throw it on top of our lifted Chevy Duramax it looked pretty funny driving down the road lol. Comment down below some video content you would like to see for 2020! Merry Christmas!

Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson 11 dager siden
I'm 12 years old and I'm positive that I could cut down a tree faster than any of you boys.
Ashton G
Ashton G 5 måneder siden
Yo wtf was this for 3:18 lmao
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 7 måneder siden
This actually puts a huge smile on my face because my sisters and I were the ones benefiting from this type of stuff when we were little. Always take the time to give back a little. Y'all just gave me another reason to like y'all👌👌😁
RG W 11 måneder siden
Why does it matter
Seth Miller
Seth Miller 11 måneder siden
Axe ! Ha ha ha ha
chester roaders tv
chester roaders tv 11 måneder siden
To all the people commenting abt tha xe thing lol wut ever it gets da job done I wouldve used a saw but
Hudson Feierabend
Hudson Feierabend 11 måneder siden
Y’all need to stop with the mistake he made let it go
Gamende pyro vloggers
Gamende pyro vloggers 11 måneder siden
Not special, with the scouting we have a tree like the same size on top of a Citroën 2CV AK400. That car can fit twice in that insane cool pick up truck. lol
Hazy 11 måneder siden
Cboys = city boys.
Moore Outdoors
Moore Outdoors 11 måneder siden
is it just me or do they say organization weird lol
Hilmer 22
Hilmer 22 11 måneder siden
god bless cboys !
spencer westbrook
spencer westbrook 11 måneder siden
take off that ugly def tank haha
Carson Unruh
Carson Unruh 11 måneder siden
I guys should put an axle dump exhaust on ur truck!
Brenden Scott
Brenden Scott 11 måneder siden
Bring merf back
Aaron Sip
Aaron Sip 11 måneder siden
Ben Manning
Ben Manning 11 måneder siden
Sherby chillin?
Mdogthegod Gaming
Mdogthegod Gaming 11 måneder siden
Thank you guys for doing this for the toy box it means the world to my mom, dad, sisters and me.
Jakob Neels
Jakob Neels 11 måneder siden
Whats the hold up been 4 days since a video drop. Lets get it going boys
Trenton Larson
Trenton Larson 11 måneder siden
Use an axe next time
Braden Graeme
Braden Graeme 11 måneder siden
I really want to put a picture of my Mitch in the chat but idk how to do that
doodreally 11 måneder siden
😂 so many tree lovers pissed off lmao
special ed
special ed 11 måneder siden
So were was the chainsaw😂
The-OG-Smoebody 11 måneder siden
The tree was in backwards. Also why use a splitting maul, could use a saw
DAMADIO TV 11 måneder siden
Are you guys not making a vid tonight
Griffin 11 måneder siden
and who doesnt have a chainsaw either! oh my
Griffin 11 måneder siden
geez who has a truck without a toolbox without a ax in it lmao these plebs
FFI_VaPoR 11 måneder siden
Jandré Coetzee
Jandré Coetzee 11 måneder siden
Lekker ouens julle is die beste in wat julle doen
Andrew Ziebach
Andrew Ziebach 11 måneder siden
I subscribed and hit that bell and liked the video
Andrew Ziebach
Andrew Ziebach 11 måneder siden
That was so nice
Cooper Hewgill
Cooper Hewgill 11 måneder siden
it is brutal watching you guys use an axe lol
Drew Barr
Drew Barr 11 måneder siden
They used a maul
Peter Thoma
Peter Thoma 11 måneder siden
Anyone else notice the blue and orange sled in the background? 🤔
[NFLD] Granada
[NFLD] Granada 11 måneder siden
You guys really don’t know how to use an axe
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez 11 måneder siden
Wow wow wow !! Why is the video this short, there usually at less 15 minutes!! Don’t get lazy in making a short video for less editing
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson 11 måneder siden
you guys should get a def and egr delete.
Garrett Wolcott
Garrett Wolcott 11 måneder siden
Shout out to cboystv tik tok
Jason Koski
Jason Koski 11 måneder siden
Not even an axe. The tree went in the truck the wrong way too
Thatcoolguy 11 måneder siden
An actual axe would of worked great, that’s a splitting maul.
Mark W.
Mark W. 11 måneder siden
Any of you guys from Sherbrooke Qc?!New to your channel!
Brock Cook
Brock Cook 11 måneder siden
Amos @brockc2003
jake Leininger
jake Leininger 11 måneder siden
Ill sell someone a go cart replie if interested
RFVC 250 TV 11 måneder siden
Oh yea give a kid a gambling addiction lmao🤣🤣
Redneck Robby
Redneck Robby 11 måneder siden
you need to leave the tree there all year
Richelle Friend
Richelle Friend 11 måneder siden
When you said lights there was Bud light😂💀
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst 11 måneder siden
This is how to do Christmas Holiday right, but the WHOLE point Christmas was created was because it was the day our Saviour Jesus was born
Logan Kessler
Logan Kessler 11 måneder siden
a maul instead of an axe🤔🤔😂😂😂in all seriousness it’s good to see these guys giving back to the community
Kage Von
Kage Von 11 måneder siden
You guys are like the fucking griswolds
harry schutt
harry schutt 11 måneder siden
New favorite channel. I used to watch hoonigans and lz but I been watching all your old episodes trying to catch up and loving it
Jeepsterdaddy 37
Jeepsterdaddy 37 11 måneder siden
Same here! Kinda lost a little respect for them since they don't know what a axe and a splitting maul is but they got my respect back because they actually got it down with a splitting maul. Lol
screaming diesel
screaming diesel 11 måneder siden
Cj that's a splitting maul for splitting wood not choping tree's down just saying it would make it easy if u had an axe
Everything Outdoors
Everything Outdoors 11 måneder siden
Yall need more reflective jackets. Hell of a video.
Kaleb 11 måneder siden
We are in a hospital right now with my son and Santa brung us stuffed animals because people like you thank you so much he’s so happy he’s 10 days old today
isaac finney outdoors
isaac finney outdoors 11 måneder siden
Buddy uses a maul to cut down a tree
Johnnyt1998 11 måneder siden
Buy jake a banshee and put a snow bike kit on it you’ll get a lot of attention with it too!!!
Patrick Mckenna
Patrick Mckenna 11 måneder siden
Why you using a splitting mall bro?
Deb Know
Deb Know 11 måneder siden
Can you guys make a 360 video
tyler morrison
tyler morrison 11 måneder siden
When they use a splitting maul not a axe 😂😂😂
Coop Laroche
Coop Laroche 11 måneder siden
Maybe if u used an axe it woulda taken like 10 minutes less instead of using a 6 pound maul 😂😂
Damon Elder
Damon Elder 11 måneder siden
Why cant I LIKE the shit out of your videos?! I'm only allowed 1 like?? Come on
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 11 måneder siden
Lol here you go for next year. One chop on 45° , one chop straight on, one 90, one straight lol....
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 11 måneder siden
Lmao paul bunyan there brings a splitting maul to cut down a tree.
jakerbob14 11 måneder siden
I bet half of the comments are gonna be telling you how you shouldve used an axe instead of a splitting maul...
WESTON GRONEWOLD 11 måneder siden
do a shop tour
Joel 11 måneder siden
Fakest fall I seen I hate seen Cringe shit like that
Joemama Racing
Joemama Racing 11 måneder siden
Are you guys going to the snow bike races
Jamie Hart
Jamie Hart 11 måneder siden
I was actually driving the other way on 10, saw the tree in the back of CBOYS1 and thought..... get a rope and let Bangin take it for a ride in the ditches back to the shop
hektor hasting
hektor hasting 11 måneder siden
Umm IT works alot better when you Axe sideways
Alex Weber
Alex Weber 11 måneder siden
They used a splitting maul 😂😂😂
Hunter S
Hunter S 11 måneder siden
You guys should start doing “a day in a life” of each member of the your trap crew
chester roaders tv
chester roaders tv 11 måneder siden
John Williamson
John Williamson 11 måneder siden
Do y’all like fords or Chevy
D S 11 måneder siden
Hey Clark you guys get a big enough tree lmfao! That's out Minnesotas do yess
Brent Lewis
Brent Lewis 11 måneder siden
Honestly yall are the best NOpostrs out here
Hector Jansson
Hector Jansson 11 måneder siden
extreme camo
Mark Schramel
Mark Schramel 11 måneder siden
Merry Christmas CBOYS!!
T Painless
T Painless 11 måneder siden
Wtf are you guys telling me not one of you owns a god dam chainsaw
CboysTV 11 måneder siden
We had one it just wouldn’t have been as fun to watch
Maine Outdoors
Maine Outdoors 11 måneder siden
damn, how come ken is still single
Syver Bertilrud
Syver Bertilrud 11 måneder siden
Did Jake put a bigger gas tank on his sled
TurboMoomin 11 måneder siden
Guys! I think Ken is secretly a hair model www.viikonloppu.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/4-619x597.jpg XD
ghpjerry 11 måneder siden
All of your parents should be very proud of the great men they raised. You should be proud of yourselves too guys, in today's society it's too easy to go the other route, you men are to be admired. Merry Christmas!!
EPK _tot
EPK _tot 11 måneder siden
Nice splitting maul
Ian Garland
Ian Garland 11 måneder siden
Please make a video of you guys torching it when the holidays are over
Hotrod Farmer
Hotrod Farmer 11 måneder siden
Gona be 100% honest, u guys need to sit ken down and tell him not to be so condescending or so quick to snap with negativity everything y’all say or try to do, as a supporter that’s been here since day 1 watching you guys, I’ve seen everyone on here grow and make the channel what it is and keep the bar high and growing but ken is tough to watch sometimes like he’s not happy to be there or involved in the stuff you guys do and these are the things that has made you guys grow and become who people come here to watch and make u what you’ve became today, not saying kick him off just maybe a little push into the direction you guys are going instead of being negative and non supportive , thanks just my 2 cents , happy holidays guys
Just Braaap It
Just Braaap It 11 måneder siden
To funny bro you guys using a splitting maul to chop a tree Haha. You need a axe bros. Great vid
Just Braaap It
Just Braaap It 11 måneder siden
Better yet grab a 372xp and sing it be down lol
Tyler Klemetsen
Tyler Klemetsen 11 måneder siden
Where are you guys from? I noticed all the license plates were MN.
Samuel Brockman
Samuel Brockman 11 måneder siden
You are Using a splitting mall use a axe next time
Jake Tizzard
Jake Tizzard 11 måneder siden
Not cutting
Jake Tizzard
Jake Tizzard 11 måneder siden
You used a axe for splitting wood 😂😂
Bob Sullvian
Bob Sullvian 11 måneder siden
I’ve been there in hospital for 3 months I’m 13 and the donations and toys really help
Jack Cook
Jack Cook 11 måneder siden
Laird McQuarrie
Laird McQuarrie 11 måneder siden
I’ve been around since the first gift giveaway! Legit love your channel
Brapp Bros
Brapp Bros 11 måneder siden
Buddy’s dense
Nathan Schmoll
Nathan Schmoll 11 måneder siden
Who’s is that orange Polaris
Braap Moto
Braap Moto 11 måneder siden
Could have been threw that tree way quicker with a axe rather than a splitting maul😑
Sledhead Gaming
Sledhead Gaming 11 måneder siden
When you dont know the difference between a splitting maul and an axe
Evan T Godard
Evan T Godard 11 måneder siden
A Christmas March drop
Carson Down
Carson Down 11 måneder siden
What was the orange and blue sled in the shop?
Michael Eisinger
Michael Eisinger 11 måneder siden
Agreed. a maul is not the proper tool. CBOYS should get a chainsaw!!! and operate it WIDE OPEN.....
Firearms,Fourwheelers, And Fire
Firearms,Fourwheelers, And Fire 11 måneder siden
I love you
Richard Tiscoff
Richard Tiscoff 11 måneder siden
Buy some more peanuts
Mathias Konstantin Christensen
Mathias Konstantin Christensen 11 måneder siden
they are going to burn it after christmas;)
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