We made the news for this.. (Apology Video)

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We made the news for this.. (Apology Video)
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In todays video, Jake apologizes for the Jet ski jump and we explain our side of the story. Its funny because the whole thing got so blown out of proportion and the news made it sound like Jake was going to Jail when in reality he got a ticket for not wearing his life Jacket and care less operation of a watercraft on a small pond of water that the farmer who owned it said he was cool with it. Either way its all good the DNR were just trying to do their job. Later we take the two quads out that we are giving away and went riding. We rode a few wheelies and hit a few jumps then rallied the car we got for free and ran it into some old cabinets hahaha. Comment down below what you think of the whole Jet Ski jump fiasco and dont forget to subscribe!!

Adele Hewitt
Adele Hewitt 4 dager siden
yes ben
Adele Hewitt
Adele Hewitt 4 dager siden
yes cj
Adele Hewitt
Adele Hewitt 4 dager siden
yes big ken
Dylan Small
Dylan Small 4 dager siden
I thought that was awesome
Randy Pellerin
Randy Pellerin 14 dager siden
lol don't need to apologize for shit u guys still give and do more then anyone in town like older ppl never did anything for like fuck off let u guys have you r fun you r all fine fucking haters love you guys looks hella fun cheers
Henry Hoffer
Henry Hoffer 15 dager siden
Why dont you ask for permission?
tggamer lando
tggamer lando 16 dager siden
this is like jumping into a pool from a roof its not a deal
Connor Beacham
Connor Beacham 18 dager siden
Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was AMERICA...
Nicolas Andrews
Nicolas Andrews 18 dager siden
There is nothing wrong with jumping a road
Pit Bike
Pit Bike 21 dag siden
I don’t understand why is it such a big deal that they jumped a jetski they didn’t do anything wrong they shouldn’t of even made a apology video
Corbin 18
Corbin 18 22 dager siden
That’s bull shit u jumped a road and almost got arrested 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
grumpy duck
grumpy duck 23 dager siden
you legands
Christopher Durbin
Christopher Durbin 23 dager siden
He didn’t even touch the road
Peyton Copeland show
Peyton Copeland show 23 dager siden
This is my fav NOpost channel
Peyton Copeland show
Peyton Copeland show 23 dager siden
How is the jet ski vid fake cause it isn’t
collin scheaffer
collin scheaffer 26 dager siden
If someone got hurt I could understand them getting in trouble but litterally nova do got hurt except for the bottom of the ski. Cmon now get over it
rasmus 28 dager siden
Ooh no i wil not accept the fact that its already a year old it feels like 2 months
Fletcher Margeson
Fletcher Margeson Måned siden
Wtf it was cool not a crime
Ghouste YT
Ghouste YT Måned siden
I dont get it they can't jump the road with jetskey but there's x games
Peter Lenko
Peter Lenko Måned siden
Hey American media, the 90s called, they want their self-righteous, mollycoddling, sensational six o'clock news back. Busy body yellow journalists.
Peter Lenko
Peter Lenko Måned siden
Stunting is part of healthy male development, I guess law enforcement and the news would sooner you sit on your ass, play video games, take up smoking and balloon into a big fatass like the rest of the country.
Michael W
Michael W Måned siden
you shoudnt have wasted ur time on this video it was literly a road in the middle of nowhere who cares
John G.THEGUY Måned siden
Never apologize for a job well done , fuck the bullshit laws , u guys ares awesome
Clayton Waymire
Clayton Waymire Måned siden
Little did we know there wouldn’t be a next year
Ben Bogucke
Ben Bogucke Måned siden
I watch the video like eight times damn
andrew b
andrew b Måned siden
thats like saying you cant jump a dirt bike thats one of the most ridiculous things ive ever heard
Garin Glessing
Garin Glessing Måned siden
Don’t do it/ don’t record it
Israel Aguirre
Israel Aguirre Måned siden
hunter loftus
hunter loftus Måned siden
IM SORRY BEN funniest shit ever 😭
Ruhan Vermeulen
Ruhan Vermeulen Måned siden
Why Nobody was Hurt why why
Zac Scooter
Zac Scooter Måned siden
Loved the jump
Dmitriy Kostenko
Dmitriy Kostenko 2 måneder siden
the funny part is that they meant 0 percent of this video
A sad kid
A sad kid 2 måneder siden
Ez pub
MD Turbo
MD Turbo 3 måneder siden
F*ck the news. F*ck the haters
Rylen Click
Rylen Click 3 måneder siden
It’s crazy how that made it on the news but somethings are actually more serious than kids having fun and it doesn’t even make it on the news
Summer R
Summer R 3 måneder siden
There is even no law saying that you can’t do that 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ethan Bruce
Ethan Bruce 3 måneder siden
It was sick
Jackson Corson
Jackson Corson 3 måneder siden
My question is that they said the the don’t saw them when you they did nit
Jackson Corson
Jackson Corson 3 måneder siden
The dnr
D'sfishing_and_outdoors 4 måneder siden
y.o.l.l.o what ever no one got hurt, life is short make it sweet
Mr Fizzz
Mr Fizzz 4 måneder siden
Myotherhobbies 4 måneder siden
what the hell is wrong with people nothing wrong with jumping a jet ski ..
leia huffman
leia huffman 4 måneder siden
fuck 12
Austin Nipper
Austin Nipper 4 måneder siden
Don't apologise, politely laugh in their faces. Figure out the laws and do another LEGAL video which grazes the edge for a big middle finger. Do put the typical safety warning in it though.
Grant Revermann
Grant Revermann 4 måneder siden
Anyone watching in the spring and now he is not in any of the vids
Tyler hearnden
Tyler hearnden 4 måneder siden
There mad bc they have no life and can’t have fun
Theoren Netmaker
Theoren Netmaker 4 måneder siden
Love the powwow music
Giovanny Melendez
Giovanny Melendez 4 måneder siden
I don’t care that shit was fire 🔥
Nathaniel Foster
Nathaniel Foster 4 måneder siden
It’s just a dirt road in the middle of nowhere
Nathaniel Foster
Nathaniel Foster 4 måneder siden
He didn’t do anything wrong
Nathaniel Foster
Nathaniel Foster 4 måneder siden
I honestly don’t see that it is a big deal!🙄🙄🙄
Jeffrey the Outdoor kid
Jeffrey the Outdoor kid 5 måneder siden
Must suck to live where you live I would go crazy if someone tried to give me a ticket for that awesome stunt
zrpxx 5 måneder siden
“Winter is coming”
JoJo 44
JoJo 44 5 måneder siden
That one part 2:08😂😂
Sport Gamer
Sport Gamer 5 måneder siden
Where here to support
simon duggan
simon duggan 5 måneder siden
They jumped like a 5 foot road 😂 how is this a problem 😂
cap Customs
cap Customs 5 måneder siden
Liberals get offered by everything I swear
Crackh 0412
Crackh 0412 5 måneder siden
Ben killed me at 11:00
random dog picture
random dog picture 5 måneder siden
Welcome to the USA, where having fun is against the law
Heather Parker
Heather Parker 6 måneder siden
That is stupid
Greyson Cobus
Greyson Cobus 6 måneder siden
The ticket is kinda stupid
Zander Reese
Zander Reese 6 måneder siden
Such wimps let me go out there and jump some stuff with you they are butthurt that they can't send it like he can. I think I can send harder than this wimps and i'm new at dirt biking
Geffrey Jaggers
Geffrey Jaggers 6 måneder siden
good fuck the haters, i liked the video
Logan Oldenburg
Logan Oldenburg 6 måneder siden
My mom on the 4th: get away from the fireworks you could burn yourself Them: Lights one in the garage full of gas filled toys
Grace Duggin
Grace Duggin 6 måneder siden
They said it was death defying We all know that no one died The news where acting like the jumped a whole highway But we know he only jumped a little dirt road
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 6 måneder siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!! Nice vid!!
Spoiled Ketchup18
Spoiled Ketchup18 6 måneder siden
Why should the boys have hate
Isaiah D.
Isaiah D. 6 måneder siden
Dude that is bullshit
noah pepper
noah pepper 6 måneder siden
lool wtf i thought it was dope!!
Evo Emperor
Evo Emperor 6 måneder siden
They get so many views yet they don't even subscribe what the hell guys.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia 6 måneder siden
Who wouldn't like a qaud
Gabe Gardner
Gabe Gardner 6 måneder siden
How many Cboys does it take to get a front wheel on top of a car?
lugnut 58
lugnut 58 6 måneder siden
Oh NVM just got to the part where you start laughing and stop caring. Lol
lugnut 58
lugnut 58 6 måneder siden
Bro you don't need to apologise to the viewers the only thing you did was make a great video that brought me to your channel and that's how I found your channel. You did nothing wrong. The only thing you did was make a banger video for the best NOpost channel on the platform.
Sly. Jay
Sly. Jay 6 måneder siden
what the freak it's not that big deal 😂😂😂😂
Ashten Hansen
Ashten Hansen 6 måneder siden
There stupid no harm was done
William Penhale
William Penhale 6 måneder siden
all the other pepole are watiching bitches
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael 7 måneder siden
Shoulda pulled a Conor mcgregor when “apologizing”
Professor_ Toucan
Professor_ Toucan 7 måneder siden
Don’t understand why this would be so bad it’s just the boys trying to live it up
Another Bass
Another Bass 7 måneder siden
Who actually cares you guys were just having fun keep making videos ps fuck the News
Syver Bertilrud
Syver Bertilrud 7 måneder siden
Jake still hasn’t got a new quad yet
Walker Strahan
Walker Strahan 7 måneder siden
They are jealous because they can not do it.
Drdat 7 måneder siden
nothing happend there wasnt anyone wtf is this for bullshit
America farm Rancher
America farm Rancher 7 måneder siden
Do it agian bangin
Nathan Larson 24
Nathan Larson 24 7 måneder siden
But the one reporters awesome he's actually big brain
Nathan Larson 24
Nathan Larson 24 7 måneder siden
Who cares if they jet ski 😂😂😂😂
Nathan Peterson
Nathan Peterson 7 måneder siden
Next Video Jumping car over lake Video after that: Jumping over lake with car apoligy video Lol I love this channel for all the stuff a cannot do lol
Logan Ching
Logan Ching 7 måneder siden
they really just said "Death Defying Stunts"
Jeff Mclearen
Jeff Mclearen 7 måneder siden
They were jealous they didn’t think of it first👌🏽
Bro J
Bro J 7 måneder siden
These guys are legends and the news can't compete with there awesomeness
Bro J
Bro J 7 måneder siden
Hey this is a freaking country, and untl there is a law about jumping g jet skies, let them do whatever the f#$k they want.
Ben Daniels
Ben Daniels 7 måneder siden
That is bullsh*t what law does this break? Lmao I love the cboys
Hunter Carney
Hunter Carney 7 måneder siden
You drove a jet ski 20mph, jumped a 10yd wide dirt road that was closed with no one around. No one was and no property was damaged. This is dumb af. Lighten up. Assholes.
Nathan Bogdan
Nathan Bogdan 7 måneder siden
Nikko Cruz
Nikko Cruz 7 måneder siden
Imagine if jake said" Im sorry...FOR ABSOLUTELY NOT GIVING A FUCK
Caleb Hendricks
Caleb Hendricks 7 måneder siden
That’s sooo stupid. Who cares nobody got hurt and you were just trying to make good content and it was sweeeet as s***
Jake_ 104
Jake_ 104 7 måneder siden
Who cares?!?!?!?!?????
Dodge Normington
Dodge Normington 7 måneder siden
I like how Micah casually snaps Ben’s leg and is like “oh shit man I’m sorry”😂😂
Dylan Coltman
Dylan Coltman 7 måneder siden
Fuck the cops like if agree
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
You need to get a shop with hella land so you can make y’all’s own dirt bike and bmx tracks with huge jumps and a nice concrete slab/parking lot/racing strip or racing track with some ponds on the land lmaoo
Gary Dooley
Gary Dooley 7 måneder siden
bagin baby
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