Massive Sandpit Dirt Bike Riding *Crash*

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5 måneder siden

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Part 2 of our dirt bike trip to Gold Creek Lodge Idaho. Micah, Ben, and Ryan pack their bags to meet up with 509 David and others, over 18 hours from home. We jam packed our entire week there with dirt biking, camping, and good times. Gold Creek Lodge is truly one of the most spectacular places we've visited and something about the riding and the atmosphere is irreplaceable. This episode we find a massive sandpit with super steep hills and Ben crashes his dirt bike!
Edited by Ben Roth

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Massive Sandpit Dirt Bike Riding *Crash*
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parker 4 dager siden
living my dream so much respect to you guys have fun
Tyler Binkowski
Tyler Binkowski 4 dager siden
“Not every butt is for me”
T.J. Dimon
T.J. Dimon 6 dager siden
They should bring pit bikes ther
Kaden Price
Kaden Price 10 dager siden
I just realized that Mika has the same moto fin as me
ju.vsdawrld YT
ju.vsdawrld YT 11 dager siden
1:28 😂
Ziyaad Adams
Ziyaad Adams 17 dager siden
Ben is the best
James Heilman
James Heilman 21 dag siden
ooff. i get why you set the speakers up that way but damn if anyone rolls it lmao
Toxic On sticks
Toxic On sticks 23 dager siden
You guys need a shop pup
Logan Lamb
Logan Lamb 27 dager siden
no duh hes good, he rides a gas gas
CW 23
CW 23 Måned siden
Ya should of got fresh tyres
CW 23
CW 23 Måned siden
Your all quite good
Autumn Cates
Autumn Cates Måned siden
i ride dirt bikes broook colr bon
sleepyy Nash Ψ
sleepyy Nash Ψ 2 måneder siden
Keep up the great work Cboys!
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
You my favourite NOpost channel
AdventureBroo 3 måneder siden
" i already know the cameras not gonna do the justice for this hill" me IT LOOKS LIKE A STRAIGHT CLIFF
Marlene Jones
Marlene Jones 3 måneder siden
Why doesn’t cj come on the trips
Amy Lester
Amy Lester 3 måneder siden
The bike that mika is riding ronny mac rode it
Felix Mackay
Felix Mackay 3 måneder siden
And it is my dream thx cheers felix
Felix Mackay
Felix Mackay 3 måneder siden
Hi my name is Felix i would rlly like the rs1 Why? becuase me and my dad love motocross but sadly we cant afford it, so i was thinking if i get it i cound trade it in for gear and a dirtbike maybe. The cheers Felix
Brandon Hadfield
Brandon Hadfield 3 måneder siden
You guys are friggin nuts I’m so stoked I randomly stumbled upon this channel. Also what is the song at the end?
ER Flame128
ER Flame128 3 måneder siden
I really like that beta, and the only was you makin it up that hill is with a trials bike
Calthecool 3 måneder siden
10:01 That TV is shamefully small.
scorpion mk
scorpion mk 3 måneder siden
These guys need more clout
Myles Duncan
Myles Duncan 3 måneder siden
If I spend 6 thousand dollars of c boys merch can I have the give away vehicle
Myles Duncan
Myles Duncan 3 måneder siden
You need to build a v8 go cart
Myles Duncan
Myles Duncan 3 måneder siden
The title of the video should have Ben The boys have history class in the middle of dirt bike ride
All-Ways Gaming
All-Ways Gaming 3 måneder siden
Wtf is the song at the end
tyler f-j
tyler f-j 4 måneder siden
Nice bike wash on the morning of the last day
603SportsShop 4 måneder siden
It’s 2020 stop click baiting
Summ3r 4 måneder siden
If your going through water duck take your boots to your pants so no water
Role Model
Role Model 4 måneder siden
@7:15 What bike is that?
Trevør Ackert
Trevør Ackert 4 måneder siden
Ur mom
Alexander Eswein
Alexander Eswein 5 måneder siden
I think they did more pushing than riding.😂
Jackie Hyatt
Jackie Hyatt 5 måneder siden
Kyle Wayne Brinckman
Kyle Wayne Brinckman 5 måneder siden
Nelk boys but with dirt bikes... always full send eh
Pass the weed Plz
Pass the weed Plz 5 måneder siden
Ok so funny story so today was my first day ever riding a dirt bike cause I wanted to try something new and I didn’t know how to shift so my brother showed me and I released that clutch and hit the gas and the bike was above my head lol
Melvin Hulit
Melvin Hulit 5 måneder siden
Rs1 is beautiful literally dude I wish I could get something like that 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Amanda Farquharson
Amanda Farquharson 5 måneder siden
Bru I'll brb
Burnouts Fur days
Burnouts Fur days 5 måneder siden
The but end ahhaha the heel
Akeisha and coleen World
Akeisha and coleen World 5 måneder siden
i hope i got a dirtbike for my brother
Dan Arrato
Dan Arrato 5 måneder siden
RS1 Mickey Mouse lookin ass
PotatoHandles 5 måneder siden
Do you guys ride pro scooters?!?!
DbwaCLAn 5 måneder siden
What's the song at the end of the video
Anthony Bye
Anthony Bye 5 måneder siden
Are you in elensburg
Evan Bodfish
Evan Bodfish 5 måneder siden
What happen to tiny
the Wild boys
the Wild boys 5 måneder siden
Where is Tiny
Loading 5 måneder siden
You should hit up 5150 whips for some dope whips
Bryson Johnson
Bryson Johnson 5 måneder siden
Song at the end?
HZE WOLF 5 måneder siden
You guys should all fix anything that y’all have wrong with y’alls machines and all go to a local trail park and go ride quads and bikes
cole Pringle
cole Pringle 5 måneder siden
Can you give me a shewtout I am a huge fan of your videos
Noah Lamothe
Noah Lamothe 5 måneder siden
Is it for Canada to?
Owen KH
Owen KH 5 måneder siden
I remember the first sandpit video
throtl 5 måneder siden
you guys are nuts!
Lewis Davis
Lewis Davis 5 måneder siden
What would be a good big bike for a 16 year old
Brandon Loeb
Brandon Loeb 5 måneder siden
Shane Moody
Shane Moody 5 måneder siden
Where is Ben
Topher Tryon
Topher Tryon 5 måneder siden
you guys are literally living my dream life i just binged watched like your entire channel
Epic4real 22
Epic4real 22 4 måneder siden
Yo I did the exact same thing lmao I mean I’ve been watching them for 3 years now but like not every vid like this lol
Justin Martin
Justin Martin 5 måneder siden
Should start putting song titles in the corner of videos
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett 5 måneder siden
What is that song
Dylan hoad
Dylan hoad 5 måneder siden
What u guys riding
Gary Klein
Gary Klein 5 måneder siden
Hey guys love the video just bought a hate and hoodie from you guys day one guys here lol but anyway I have a peanut if yall are interested 400 dollar even 200 its all your lol just like or comment and ill see how we could get in touch
James Cluff
James Cluff 5 måneder siden
A year ago I asked you guys to put names in bottom of screen when there riding. Today you guys stepped up. Nice work boys.
Kayla the , , 746764
Kayla the , , 746764 5 måneder siden
AggyFilms 5 måneder siden
does anyone know what camera they use?
Ahmed Alshehhi
Ahmed Alshehhi 5 måneder siden
You should come to the UAE Desert and ride motorcycle on the hills
Kyle Beddow
Kyle Beddow 5 måneder siden
Make a youth merch
Gavin Salyer
Gavin Salyer 5 måneder siden
Dude I hate not being able to afford a dirtbike
Chris Atwood
Chris Atwood 5 måneder siden
Ryan is doing better
Dakota Pettit
Dakota Pettit 5 måneder siden
Dang I would buy a few things to enter to win but I’m a large and most things seem to be sold out in that size. I’d even buy stickers for my dirt bike or locker but there aren’t any of those either. Can’t wait for a restock. You guys have cool stuff. Awesome buds too. Keep it up!🤙🏼
William Penhale
William Penhale 5 måneder siden
what song was that 13 00
Penderveld 5 måneder siden
Ryan has the micheal shwax pen
THE UNIT TV 5 måneder siden
Anybody else think what if they roll it with the speakers on the outside of the roll cage🤔
Kyle Kivari
Kyle Kivari 5 måneder siden
Where has Micah been?
Frosti Sólon
Frosti Sólon 5 måneder siden
Can you plizz by a king quad
Leon Alexander Nielsen
Leon Alexander Nielsen 5 måneder siden
Do a colab with the Funk Bros
LaBela Vida
LaBela Vida 5 måneder siden
What about when you guys roll the rs1, the speakers will get smashed! 😂😂😂
Isaiah Lunsford
Isaiah Lunsford 5 måneder siden
The boys need to try a flying tube behind the boat
Travis Cloutier
Travis Cloutier 5 måneder siden
What song is that
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 5 måneder siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!
Solomon Lack
Solomon Lack 5 måneder siden
When is ken getting back on a quad
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 5 måneder siden
Are the Honda radiators supper fragile?
tommy solberg
tommy solberg 5 måneder siden
When are you giving it a way
austin zhang
austin zhang 5 måneder siden
can u add light bars???
Caleb Ertel
Caleb Ertel 5 måneder siden
Y’all should water skip a dirt bike. Put some paddle tires on them
Chris Andika
Chris Andika 5 måneder siden
Love you so much the best vids ever 😍😍😍😍
Newfiebombbravo17 5 måneder siden
You guys should gear up some light bars and cubes on it!!
Andrew Taipalus
Andrew Taipalus 5 måneder siden
Anybody know what that song was at the end?
Apollo Crawford
Apollo Crawford 5 måneder siden
The bois look fire with beards
William Swain
William Swain 5 måneder siden
is justin still a cboy
Chase Wood
Chase Wood 5 måneder siden
Chase Wood
Chase Wood 5 måneder siden
That was Ben frank lolllll
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson 5 måneder siden
Would yous send r1 to the uk ??
PaRaDoX500 5 måneder siden
Who thinks that they should make a song video
xander72. 5 måneder siden
i looked it up just now from my house to where your shop is it is an hour drive. broooo whatttttttttt
Dillan Land
Dillan Land 5 måneder siden
This was a cool ass video man
Tristan Crain
Tristan Crain 5 måneder siden
What song is this
larson beez
larson beez 5 måneder siden
*gamer time with the boys* 😎
Kohen Ewing
Kohen Ewing 5 måneder siden
I cried when the life wide open hoodies went out I am so mad I could not buy it on time
Jayden Reynolds
Jayden Reynolds 5 måneder siden
Get a roof for the rs1
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Off-road Outlaws & Car Parking Multiplayer 5 måneder siden
Badass NOpostrs and riders!
MattWilcox 5 måneder siden
Nice click bait
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