His New $2000 Off-Road Jeep Build!!

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8 måneder siden

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In todays video we pull another prank on Big Ken by sticky noting his whole car!! It took around 3600 sticky notes and 2 hours worth of work including help from some of his co workers. Later, CJ and Jake race Justin's new puppy, CJ tries to fix his broken front bumper and Micah shows us his new budget Jeep build that he recently bought! And we head out to do some off-roading and test the capabilities of his new Jeep!
His New $2000 Off-Road Jeep Build!!
Cheap off-road Jeep Build!!
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CboysTV 8 måneder siden
What was your guy’s first car?
Anan Siackhasone
Anan Siackhasone 4 dager siden
Don’t have one
Parzival _
Parzival _ 15 dager siden
2012 Chevy camaro
THE SQUAD 18 dager siden
Crf 150😂 I hope a grom
Joey Fife
Joey Fife Måned siden
02 Ford Explorer that I got from my grandparents neighbors for free
Fil Methot
Fil Methot Måned siden
CboysTV Audi rs4 with 430 hp
Jordynn Hetz
Jordynn Hetz 2 dager siden
A lifted Toyota truck
Bros Numeral Dos
Bros Numeral Dos 22 dager siden
It’s a Ford Fiesta now
Dennis Christensen
Dennis Christensen 29 dager siden
This needs to be made into a tv show 💪
Grayer Niblett
Grayer Niblett Måned siden
I’m 9 and I watch you
Daniel explosions 912
Daniel explosions 912 Måned siden
I would like 👍 the video but you were literaring.
Candice Powers
Candice Powers Måned siden
Lock your diff
Brady Bithell
Brady Bithell 2 måneder siden
Ken is such a sore loser I love it
matt jordon
matt jordon 2 måneder siden
I got the same Jeep with the lift and everything
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 7 måneder siden
Let some air out of your tire next time you go offroading
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason 7 måneder siden
How are they not at 1 million yet?
Boone Swenson
Boone Swenson 7 måneder siden
Micha needs to weld his diffs
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
I love that the middle ages coworkers were just like, yes gimme
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
You. Need. A. Tv. Show! This is basically what MTV should go back to airing like nitro circus, the fantasy factory, viva la bam, rob and big, jackass, etc.!
Little bug 51
Little bug 51 8 måneder siden
Your guys videos are bangin
Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson 8 måneder siden
Convert the jet ski into a moped. Cut a hole in the bottom for the two wheels but then use the same seat and frame. The moped handlebars would have to come through somehow. Essentially using the jetski body as a shell for a moped.
Cajun Beast
Cajun Beast 8 måneder siden
I think ya made need to balance your tires judging by the wobling of the steering wheel😂
Brad Cool
Brad Cool 8 måneder siden
MY BUDDY FAKE SPRAY-PAINTED MY CAR WHILE I WAS AT WORK! Check out his video, his channel is @ ohElements
Josh Duggan
Josh Duggan 8 måneder siden
Dude weld the rear end
Cullen Brady
Cullen Brady 8 måneder siden
buy my purple 4 door wrangler! its a 2016
chumdogchuck 8 måneder siden
that’s a clean ass xj🤤
Karo Staro
Karo Staro 8 måneder siden
jeep needs lockers
All 4wd, Fishing Adventures
All 4wd, Fishing Adventures 8 måneder siden
jeeps are shit get a toyota landcruiser
Matt Lemay
Matt Lemay 8 måneder siden
What year is the Jeep?
Jeepsterdaddy 37
Jeepsterdaddy 37 8 måneder siden
$600 in lockers and you'll be damn surprised what that jeep will do. I'd get winch too though because everything will get stuck.
Granyte Ferch
Granyte Ferch 8 måneder siden
Upgrade his suspension or something good
Cooldodude 8 måneder siden
Ken is the cboys grandad😆😆😆
Brogan Mccartney
Brogan Mccartney 8 måneder siden
Ball joints gone 🤣 drift in 2wd unless it’s sloppy mud
Tanner Elkins
Tanner Elkins 8 måneder siden
Get so beefy tires
Garrick Allen
Garrick Allen 8 måneder siden
Cj: you’re on the frame bro Micah: shoot 😂😂
zach brown
zach brown 8 måneder siden
I have a 3 jeep Cherokee's 🤟#xj gang
Dabomb21 8 måneder siden
I saw that jeep and was going to buy it but it was sold in a few hours
Samuel LaCroix
Samuel LaCroix 8 måneder siden
10:11 those cv axles are begging for mercy🤣
Ole Miker
Ole Miker 8 måneder siden
12:03 your on the frame 😳🤷‍♂️ already know they don’t work on there own shit
Bohdan Porteous
Bohdan Porteous 8 måneder siden
Does it to the wrong car haha
Zane Smith
Zane Smith 8 måneder siden
Let some air out of the tires and it will have more grip
Bubba Davila
Bubba Davila 8 måneder siden
Who els wants to see them colab with brayden price
Off-road Outlaws lover
Off-road Outlaws lover 8 måneder siden
I love your videos do more
Cameron Hoover
Cameron Hoover 8 måneder siden
Jeep needs lockers
bonefied_customs 8 måneder siden
I just graduated from basic training and the first thing I did when I got my phone was catch up on y'alls videos 🤘
Jepo Pro
Jepo Pro 8 måneder siden
Not a hard core fan but. Why no subarus anymore?
Saif Mohammad 577
Saif Mohammad 577 8 måneder siden
GMC Sierra
Ethan Mendoza
Ethan Mendoza 8 måneder siden
Yooooo Justin’s back !
Hayden Young
Hayden Young 8 måneder siden
Hayden Young
Hayden Young 8 måneder siden
I want to go to cboys
Elias Plüss
Elias Plüss 8 måneder siden
Nice Jeep 🤙🤙🇨🇭
Elias Plüss
Elias Plüss 8 måneder siden
you guys must buy a mini quad or a pocket bike
Elias Plüss
Elias Plüss 8 måneder siden
mor shifterkart action 🤙🤙🇨🇭
House Rule
House Rule 8 måneder siden
Jake win u going to pull out the mustang
TheMarkedOffGalaxy 8 måneder siden
What editing software do you guys use..?
HUnter Erickson
HUnter Erickson 8 måneder siden
Can you guys bring back the flannel shirts
Luke 8 måneder siden
You gotta get lockers for that thing
Braeden Baker
Braeden Baker 8 måneder siden
So kens window said honk if your horny and cj honked 🤷‍♂️???? Did he expose himself
Jonah Christensen
Jonah Christensen 8 måneder siden
Darragh Ryan
Darragh Ryan 8 måneder siden
Jake needs a quad
Andrew Rangel
Andrew Rangel 8 måneder siden
My first car was a Subaru WRX sti
Andrew Rangel
Andrew Rangel 8 måneder siden
Where’s murf
Sean Broderick
Sean Broderick 8 måneder siden
A silver stock xj from my uncle for $200! I ended up building it up myself, lifting it, tires rims, subs, etc. But I sold it and bought a bigger piece of shit. Was supposed to be a good “daily”.
tjc1ny 8 måneder siden
We need at least two more sledding videos
Rex Calon
Rex Calon 8 måneder siden
Common u guy did Evan weld the rear diff
d4e2r0p 8 måneder siden
Honestly surprised the horn works 😂
Aiddin Cantrell
Aiddin Cantrell 8 måneder siden
do u guys have toletpaper
Blayne m
Blayne m 8 måneder siden
Bring back the old intro
Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins 8 måneder siden
Disconnect that front sway bar and you will be good to go
Blake H
Blake H 8 måneder siden
Yo I am pulling up to your garage
Brandon Schroeder
Brandon Schroeder 8 måneder siden
You guys should do a video about all the specs on the bangin mobile
Riding Dirty
Riding Dirty 8 måneder siden
Great video keep them coming!!!btw I'm digging my new shirts n socks thx got here in no time plus no shipping cost 👍
Shor Miller
Shor Miller 8 måneder siden
Next time you guys should jack it up put wood under it by the axle so he can’t see it in make it like 3 inches off the ground so when he try’s to drive it won’t go 😂
Caleb Acott
Caleb Acott 8 måneder siden
Ben get a chevy
Ali Fuad
Ali Fuad 8 måneder siden
You guys really need to buy jake a yfz450
Wyatt Hammack
Wyatt Hammack 8 måneder siden
Cj: its on the frame Me: ITS A UNIBODY!!!
Stephen Tbn
Stephen Tbn 8 måneder siden
More vids with the jeep looks so fun
savge mac
savge mac 8 måneder siden
yoo u guys should try to make more videos i love them
Trappers Outdoor adventures
Trappers Outdoor adventures 8 måneder siden
I got a new sled but can’t drive because where I live there isn’t much snow
Trappers Outdoor adventures
Trappers Outdoor adventures 8 måneder siden
You guys are the only reason I am surviving the no school days because of the corona virus
SLICKMCGEE 2 8 måneder siden
You guys should built a motorized bike and mess around with it
Blake Moore
Blake Moore 8 måneder siden
I already have one and a Diesel duramax dually
Zach Inskeep
Zach Inskeep 8 måneder siden
You guys need to buy an old cop car as a peanut.
J Booker
J Booker 8 måneder siden
love these ones girls
Gage Glaser
Gage Glaser 8 måneder siden
Same car but white
cameron geddes
cameron geddes 8 måneder siden
Best purchase this year
Cameron Brown 4JR
Cameron Brown 4JR 8 måneder siden
Make a q &a video
Sarah 8 måneder siden
Check your floors my guy
Ethan Techmeier-Stewart
Ethan Techmeier-Stewart 8 måneder siden
Where is the banging mustang??
1stGenDak 8 måneder siden
A Jeep as clean as that in Northern Michigan would run you like $4,000😂
Merica Shawn
Merica Shawn 8 måneder siden
Love the jeep I have a nice one just like it but it midnight purple not red
TheDevonwurz 8 måneder siden
Xj owners right here
oogabooga Man
oogabooga Man 8 måneder siden
ken is lowkey a party pooper...
oogabooga Man
oogabooga Man 8 måneder siden
and sounds like you need some PSF in the Jeep.
Budget Power Garage
Budget Power Garage 8 måneder siden
Get you a locker for the front and it will crawl up all the stuff. If its leaking a lot of oil its probably the o ring seal on the oil filter adapter.
chevy boy
chevy boy 8 måneder siden
Put it in 4low
Richard Tiscoff
Richard Tiscoff 8 måneder siden
Get some more peanuts 🥜
Enzo Prosciutto
Enzo Prosciutto 8 måneder siden
This was better then most off road channel's.
Just Braaap It
Just Braaap It 8 måneder siden
It's a clean jeep tho. Fucking bomb it everywhere you go. Great vid
luke 8 måneder siden
Lol imagine calling the cops on some people sticky noting someones car.. the world we live in
Robert Guenther
Robert Guenther 8 måneder siden
Why is ken just standing there or complaining in all the videos
xBiitx 8 måneder siden
Best content out there, love watching you guys every time a new vid comes out
xBiitx 8 måneder siden
Best content out there, love watching you guys every time a new vid comes out
Jessica Giddeons
Jessica Giddeons 8 måneder siden
I wanna see more of the jeep
The Brody channel #1
The Brody channel #1 8 måneder siden
Ken work with nice old guys nice
The Creekhead Podcast
The Creekhead Podcast 8 måneder siden
Mike needs lockers now😂
Blowing up my friends Jeep!
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