Shouldn't have let him drive it

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Shouldn't have let him drive it
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In todays video we get delivery on our new shifter kart that goes 115 mph. Super fast. The next day we drive out to Andrew Carlson's track at ERX to hangout for the day and have an absolute blast. We ride and race just about everything. He shows us how to jump a side by side and then takes us on his track! We do time trials and later rip our new and old shifter kart's. It was super fun. Thanks to Gerald and his buddies for delivering our new kart to us.

Taylen Wade
Taylen Wade 16 dager siden
Please post more videos I have watched all of them and need more
wqdeqwe Moir
wqdeqwe Moir 18 dager siden
Chevrolet Silverado that's why you have so much stuff to fix on it LOL get a Toyota Tundra then you would have to fix nothing plus it will tow anything you people tow looks like you guys don't tow more than 10 000 pounds so ya .
Andrey Cholak
Andrey Cholak 29 dager siden
what tires were on the rs1 trying to get them for my street legal talon
Korben Clausen
Korben Clausen Måned siden
3:00 funny as crap voice crack
Jacob Dodd
Jacob Dodd Måned siden
Who came back just watch a old video
Yamaha Blaster200
Yamaha Blaster200 Måned siden
Is anyone else confused about that crf110r 9:38
Braedynn Saunders
Braedynn Saunders Måned siden
Banging on a dirtbik
Steven Villarreal
Steven Villarreal Måned siden
Ken was killing it 🤟🏼😂
Daniel Senise
Daniel Senise Måned siden
I like ya cut g 👏
demolition devil Kelby
demolition devil Kelby Måned siden
I really want to win something like four or seven whatever you want to give me please want I want four wheeler really though I really want to but really if you need my name my name will be it spins yes let me have four or something please
demolition devil Kelby
demolition devil Kelby Måned siden
No fair I never win nothing I don't know how to win anything on a channel no four wheelers and no sidewalks or nothing can you just please give me a side episode please
Colton Kaylor
Colton Kaylor Måned siden
Justin an ken are macing lap times and clothes
Andrew Gaylard
Andrew Gaylard Måned siden
i could go faster lol 21:29
ninja nitro bros
ninja nitro bros Måned siden
His mom makes his choices🤣😂
אלאא גמהור
אלאא גמהור Måned siden
Tate Warren
Tate Warren Måned siden
Where from mn are u I’m not off at paul
Lem johnson
Lem johnson Måned siden
Make Ken do sticker!!!
ThievsFrost Måned siden
dozer day sounds like child labor to me. lol
Juss C
Juss C 2 måneder siden
Damn this is almost exactly one year later october 5 2020
Stephen Egan
Stephen Egan 2 måneder siden
Imagine a cboys trophy truck
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts 2 måneder siden
Good video. little bit of everything
Ghouste YT
Ghouste YT 2 måneder siden
Robert Gollhardt
Robert Gollhardt 2 måneder siden
Is anybody else watching this during quarantine
Joseph Sarrubbo
Joseph Sarrubbo 3 måneder siden
Braden Crumbacker
Braden Crumbacker 3 måneder siden
8:43 my mom makes my choices.
Blake play’s 1
Blake play’s 1 3 måneder siden
I’m a NOpost and my name is BlakeAtchley
Rowans Channel
Rowans Channel 4 måneder siden
Will you give me the map work for free
Trent Townley
Trent Townley 4 måneder siden
Kens pretty negative
John Wick
John Wick 5 måneder siden
21:06 we know you’re baked Micah, eyes are glossy and said such a stoner thing. Next time make sure ya pass it to the rest of the boys.
Matthew teRiele
Matthew teRiele 5 måneder siden
Big Ken with the Ray Band’s
HANSEN 5 måneder siden
Ken is definitely the bitch of the group! "I just hate being lied to" FOR FUCK SAKE KEN, GROW A SET OF BALLS AND ACT LIKE A MAN!........ little biotch
Trx Clutch
Trx Clutch 5 måneder siden
My parents just broke their engagement
Dirt Channel
Dirt Channel 5 måneder siden
24:45 song name?
Tucker Fladmark
Tucker Fladmark 6 måneder siden
Yeah the Burger King sucks ass in pelican 😂😂😂
Matthias Leisure
Matthias Leisure 6 måneder siden
ken if you are reading this you are by far my favorite sorry others
The legends Mead
The legends Mead 6 måneder siden
That is why Ford is better
Lea Valley
Lea Valley 6 måneder siden
Bro that was sick
WAKEUPwakebourding !
WAKEUPwakebourding ! 6 måneder siden
Brooo that maverick sounds soooo good
Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke 6 måneder siden
I subscrubed
Kyler Farmer
Kyler Farmer 6 måneder siden
9:31 he said it must have takin hours to build the roll cage like you can build a roll cage in 15 mins lol
Brady Tatom
Brady Tatom 6 måneder siden
I have a rs1 1000
DirtBike Dylan
DirtBike Dylan 7 måneder siden
CJ what kind of guy are you dirt bike or quad?
kyle donovan
kyle donovan 7 måneder siden
What erx location is that I have an erx motor park by my house in Minnesota
Hunter Davidson
Hunter Davidson 7 måneder siden
Hey Bangin can I buy those off of you
Matlock 2009
Matlock 2009 7 måneder siden
That would be me
Fil Methot
Fil Methot 7 måneder siden
The crAZY CARTS wher just the small one there’s the xl witch is bigger and faster
Christopher Spencer
Christopher Spencer 7 måneder siden
I subscribed and liked with post notification on
Aryaan Ahmed
Aryaan Ahmed 7 måneder siden
Notice how jake beat the baja racer
jason giddens
jason giddens 7 måneder siden
Put mud tires on the shiftercart
TITAN WOLFE 7 måneder siden
Jake is my favorite cboy
Brennan Scott
Brennan Scott 8 måneder siden
Pierce McCauley
Pierce McCauley 8 måneder siden
Why is ken so depressed
Cindy Tjosvold
Cindy Tjosvold 8 måneder siden
I live in Minnesota and I’m from Minnesota
Carl Knaus
Carl Knaus 8 måneder siden
The fxr races are so fun to watch
Carl Knaus
Carl Knaus 8 måneder siden
When I went Andrew won
U Mumgay
U Mumgay 8 måneder siden
Ken is the parent
Jon Sodemann
Jon Sodemann 8 måneder siden
I live in an urban area and rip shifter carts and side by sides along with pit bikes
Liam Porter
Liam Porter 9 måneder siden
i like how the RS1 has dirt radials for a stock car
Jayden Henry
Jayden Henry 9 måneder siden
Can I please get the giveaway if you don’t I will cry 😢
CHRIS JAMES 9 måneder siden
If I would have won the maverick my neighbors would have hated me and my city would hate me
Cooper Lonson
Cooper Lonson 10 måneder siden
I didn’t know cheerleaders drive go carts😂
TD3269 10 måneder siden
DUMP KEN!! What a F#%king downer!
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 10 måneder siden
Hazy 11 måneder siden
Kens a whiney lil shit eh..
Stew Puddy
Stew Puddy 11 måneder siden
Ken is wearing capri pants and riding a scooter.
Eunan mc
Eunan mc 11 måneder siden
Anyone know what that montage song is called
Bryce Brenny
Bryce Brenny 11 måneder siden
You should go to the snow bike qualifier for xgames
Cassandra Foehr
Cassandra Foehr 11 måneder siden
can i buy every thing there plz
Justin Bonner
Justin Bonner År siden
What’s the song while they’re on the cart?
Ty Eikmeier
Ty Eikmeier År siden
Was this in Zimmerman Minnesota
Not RARΣ År siden
Andrew Carlson is low key my favorite pro-2 and pro-4 driver
nick Metal art works
nick Metal art works År siden
You boys have come a long way since I first found your First video life of a c boy 1 hour after it came out
Braap-a-holic69 Ride till i die*
Braap-a-holic69 Ride till i die* År siden
Wish i was in the states lol id bid on the mav inna heart beat, 2 of mine got stolen here in Ontario last month.
Melissa Harron
Melissa Harron År siden
The only one I dont like on the channel is ken sorry guy I'm new to this channel and he dont seem like he like to have fun and u cant joke with him at all
tyler lucky
tyler lucky År siden
why is it that you guys show off so much merch in the vids then theirs like no merch on the shop
Giovanni Topete
Giovanni Topete År siden
Can you guys buy me a atv
B Barrett
B Barrett År siden
Ken is like the big bro that keeps all the lil bros in line. "do it right the first time! There's lots of shit on this truck that needs fixed!" basically just told em to get it done! 😂💪😤😤Get em KEN!
Bobby G
Bobby G År siden
Bobby G
Bobby G År siden
Live in New Jersey what are you guys where do you guys leave that what state what town and what is Europe European your ground and what are you in California what is yours poor
2001dodgeramon44 s
2001dodgeramon44 s År siden
@6:30 Micah Abit stoned? Eyes glossy as shit and buddy behind him can barely open his eyes lmfao!
Rickwayback År siden
Song at 5:50???
Sawyer Treadwell
Sawyer Treadwell År siden
That’s sick I’m building a crotchet buggy
Sawyer Treadwell
Sawyer Treadwell År siden
Crotch rocket
Gabe Georgius
Gabe Georgius År siden
2:59 😂👌
Blake Smith
Blake Smith År siden
Jake bangin is the best on the channel buy him everything quad bike etc
KYLE År siden
mama ken
Zack Peters
Zack Peters År siden
Ken is literally useless... why is he here again
Stew Puddy
Stew Puddy 11 måneder siden
To be the fun sponge.
Oh Kay
Oh Kay År siden
That hat gonna get me shot. I need 3
sebastian baker
sebastian baker År siden
Lewis reid
Lewis reid År siden
This isn’t a shifter kart, this is a DD2 engine (2 gears + Neutral) on a CRG race kart
Kent Kollath
Kent Kollath År siden
i would love to ride the "backcountry" of the ERX compound
Gwyneth Joyce
Gwyneth Joyce År siden
goombastic17 År siden
Too bad u guys have to keep ken around he’s dragging u guys down
Blew År siden
I love the cboys but they haven’t been bangin they been doing half sends
Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins År siden
Redneck Ricer
Redneck Ricer År siden
Do a video with Braydon price
Dalton Graham
Dalton Graham År siden
When are you going to bring back the key chains?
Kayden Cline
Kayden Cline År siden
Where does bangin get his hat with the ear flaps I really want one 😂😂
Big Bad Boi
Big Bad Boi 3 måneder siden
It’s called a aviator hat
Jackson Neumill
Jackson Neumill År siden
I feel that they deserve more subscribers
TJ'ZZ WORLD År siden
i hate that u guys are giving that away
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
Powerglide Klyde Barrow År siden
Dont throw stuff away!!! give anything away and make someones day! hire me and ill do all the stuff you guys dont wanna do or dont have time to do!
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
Powerglide Klyde Barrow År siden
i have trouble understanding how you boys have all these toys and blessings but i do dig it!! the content is getting better! you gotta let more random ppl come out and send it! DO IT FOR DALE!
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