Stealing the Wheels Off My Friends Car (Funny)

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10 måneder siden

Stealing the Wheels off of My Friends Car
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In todays video, we finally get to surprise Big Ken. We surprised him pretty good by sneaking into his apartment's parking garage and taking the wheels off of his Ford Focus RS and waiting for him to come down to it in the morning on his way to work. Following that we head back to the shop and host a hot wing eating contest between our girl friends. With the winning prize of $500 dollars. Comment down below what your favorite car is and "Congrats on the surprise Big Ken"

Hunter Fitzgerald
Hunter Fitzgerald 9 dager siden
I would drink all that hot sauce and I hate hot sauce just to show all the girls up
heje Ok
heje Ok 11 dager siden
No efence but faze sway eat 20 something hot wings 🤐
Cᴏʀɴᴇʀ_SᴛᴏʀᴇPᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏシ 12 dager siden
Guys somone took my phone
ReRo An
ReRo An 16 dager siden
Not going to lie, your girlfriends better have more to them then complaining and nagging. Feel like this video's ratings are lower because of it.
Kevin Janzen
Kevin Janzen 19 dager siden
4:23 poor ken
Yamaha Blaster200
Yamaha Blaster200 Måned siden
If your Mexican like me you would ate all spicy wings
Brandon Charles
Brandon Charles Måned siden
Dude ken is such a baby. Just be cool
asa mckinney
asa mckinney 2 måneder siden
i feel bad it looks like he was crying fr
Itsthepyro 3 måneder siden
The girls like watching the guys suffer and the guys can’t watch them suffer for onece
woopZEWT 3 måneder siden
i feel like big ken is the dad of the group
Thomas Dercole
Thomas Dercole 3 måneder siden
how did they get his wheel lock key?
Ben Manning
Ben Manning 4 måneder siden
Apparently Justin isn’t a cboy
cP_TBossWest 6 måneder siden
Well that’s a no ken do
Epic4real 22
Epic4real 22 6 måneder siden
I love how all of there girlfriends are blonds😂😂
HRF BoyzTV 6 måneder siden
I think the real question is, how did we get Ryan’s phone back?
Paula Moss
Paula Moss 6 måneder siden
Poor ken🤬🤬🤬you guys😏😏😋
Dalton Cunninghan
Dalton Cunninghan 6 måneder siden
Love that Ken was feeding them with a dog bowl
Joel Rush
Joel Rush 6 måneder siden
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis 7 måneder siden
Where is Justin’s surprise
Fordkiller 2863
Fordkiller 2863 7 måneder siden
Do a tug of war with the Chevy and the ford
jwaad10 8 måneder siden
the girls are so annoying
Rylee Lent
Rylee Lent 8 måneder siden
So what happened to Ryan’s phone?
Wes Grippin
Wes Grippin 9 måneder siden
Ken is such a douche in every video. He’s always miserable. What does he actually do?
Thomas Owen
Thomas Owen 9 måneder siden
Should of got sum ugly rims and pit on there to see if he noticed it😂😂
Larry Hager
Larry Hager 9 måneder siden
Do them wings up correctly fresh fry the batch pour it a big bowl and give a good toss.
Tannin Grant
Tannin Grant 9 måneder siden
At 0:30 what brand of goggles are those on the right
David Mayell
David Mayell 9 måneder siden
justins gf def got an attitude
Paul Lacombe
Paul Lacombe 10 måneder siden
“Bone innn?!?!”
Logan Reitzner
Logan Reitzner 10 måneder siden
I sent you a business strategy and many messages. I'll give the guy who rides the dirt bike track cause he will understand me more. You guys can listen or not listen its up to you. I'll give you until february 14th to call me. I have called ID. It will say cormorant. Or w.e This is for real as theres way to much to write. 763.248......01
TD3269 10 måneder siden
Big Ken SUCKS ! Was relieved when I didn’t have to look at him in the last couple videos!! And BOOM there he is being his crybaby self!!
jack teriar
jack teriar 10 måneder siden
Dustin Parker
Dustin Parker 10 måneder siden
Where has this channel been hiding all my life. Shit reminds me of my childhood with all my cousins in alaska
Cody Maslin
Cody Maslin 10 måneder siden
When a new vid coming boys hit us a new one sone please
Bjerke Boys
Bjerke Boys 10 måneder siden
are you guys going to the old timers run
Nick Rafios
Nick Rafios 10 måneder siden
CBOYS!!!! I'm a huge fan I watched every single one of your videos and can never get enough. I wish I could buy your guy's merch but sadly I'm to broke. I grew up riding and my best bike I had was my 230 Honda 2007 and my 660 raptor. But they both got stolen from me. Keep up the good videos guess I love yall!!!!
Austin Saunder
Austin Saunder 10 måneder siden
Yall slackin on videos.
Kyle Raymond
Kyle Raymond 10 måneder siden
Where’s the new vid
Harley Shifflett
Harley Shifflett 10 måneder siden
jet ski jake mad it onto the best sports vines january 2020 part 3
IMALieI 10 måneder siden
When are they gonna post they missed a day
adriand12 10 måneder siden
Justin’s girlfriend 😵
adriand12 10 måneder siden
Jordan’s sweet
Fishing With Zachary
Fishing With Zachary 10 måneder siden
You guys should hook some nos up to a shifter cart
CARTER MORTIMER 10 måneder siden
How about justin
SlappyBag9 10 måneder siden
nice vid (comment)
HANSEN 10 måneder siden
Ken is such a whine ass... his attitude ruins everything.
ERLC /Gaming
ERLC /Gaming 10 måneder siden
Did Ryan get his phone back
Cooper Mills
Cooper Mills 10 måneder siden
Where is Mondays video like bruh
Albert 10 måneder siden
That hyperblue STi in Big Kens parking garage though!
Cameron 615
Cameron 615 10 måneder siden
Can u guys use off-road amino more
Parker Nabbefeld
Parker Nabbefeld 10 måneder siden
Got my merch in the mail, love it. Only problem is I’m still waiting on the phone call telling me to come to Cormorant!
Sadie Arnold
Sadie Arnold 10 måneder siden
when does ken get his tesla
Julio Posadas
Julio Posadas 10 måneder siden
ken just sucks
J&J Bassing
J&J Bassing 10 måneder siden
Took a break from YT, and all SM for a while. And come back to you guys with over 500k?? So fucking dope! Glad y’all are getting bigger!
Samuel Siegel
Samuel Siegel 10 måneder siden
What about the seventh boy Justin
Michael Thrailkill
Michael Thrailkill 10 måneder siden
Hey guy's I just wanted to say thank you. Not only for the knowledge you guy's put out about quads and bikes but just for the motivation and push to go and have fun and do the things you love. My father just recently took his own life and each day I've been watching your guy's videos to help cope with it. I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you and show some appreciation
Patrick Hartt
Patrick Hartt 10 måneder siden
Ken might be the dad of the group... but I got every dollar of my moms money that he would beat all y’all asses in a arm wrestling competition..
Raw Dawg Ewok
Raw Dawg Ewok 10 måneder siden
We need a cboys gaming channel lol
ColeKTM 10 måneder siden
All blonde except Micah's girlfriend, we need to have a talk with him. They all seem very sweet though :)
Landon Miller
Landon Miller 10 måneder siden
This is Landon Miller jake please text me back on instagram at Landon Miller
Jaxton Hamlin
Jaxton Hamlin 10 måneder siden
Cboys you should colab with Brayden price
Matthew Bjordahl
Matthew Bjordahl 10 måneder siden
You guys just doxed big ken lol i know where the location probably is
Jonah Crowell
Jonah Crowell 10 måneder siden
Ummmm Justin??? And did you get the phone back????
Gavin Brooks
Gavin Brooks 10 måneder siden
Justin get a surprise or no?
Carson Swagel
Carson Swagel 10 måneder siden
When are you guys going to bring out the ski doo
Landon Bender
Landon Bender 10 måneder siden
if micahs gf thought that was a lot does this mean something about micahs weiner ?? 🤔🤔
Lucky 03
Lucky 03 10 måneder siden
Y'all should definitely start a prank war
RythiK 10 måneder siden
Hey guys, i just recently found ur channel, but ive been going through and watching all of your videos... lately i have been going through the lowest point in my life and i cant help but see ur videos as motivation for me to keep going. All of you guys make me see what my life could be. At this point in time you guys are the main inspiration in my life and i cant thank you guys enough for the content you guys put out! ❤️❤️
CboysTV 10 måneder siden
Much love ❤️ glad we can be of help!!
Blaine Goodrich
Blaine Goodrich 10 måneder siden
I wish Justin was on the channel more
Matthew Holmgren
Matthew Holmgren 10 måneder siden
Is it me or did Jake strongly resembles the the joker when he’s leaning against the pole in the garage 😂😂😂
Brayden Lowe
Brayden Lowe 10 måneder siden
What about justin
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia 10 måneder siden
How did he not see he’s tires haha
Tully Warren
Tully Warren 10 måneder siden
Bangin should have put it in reverse with the brake on so ken would see to wheel in the rear view camera
1FaStFox90LX 10 måneder siden
What about Justin?!?
mr machinist
mr machinist 10 måneder siden
Honestly lol. If one of my buddies jacked my shit up and pulled my tires and wheels I friggin killem eh.
Jaycee Chandler
Jaycee Chandler 10 måneder siden
“WOAHHHH alright I’m leaving”😂😂😂😂😂
John Knight
John Knight 10 måneder siden
What about Justin’s surprise
Owen KH
Owen KH 10 måneder siden
What about Justin
Stratuss 10 måneder siden
I don’t get it where was kens surprise
Caleb Cantrell
Caleb Cantrell 10 måneder siden
did ryan get his phone back
Sotos Economides
Sotos Economides 10 måneder siden
I watch you guys on the reg. I love y’all’s videos and I will never stop watching them. I had and idea for you guys. Y’all should make things like dirt bike grips that say Cboys tv or sell your graphics that y’all put on the give away items. Anyway I’m just thinking out loud. Really love you guys videos keep up the amazing work guys. Lots of love from the dirty south
zhish 10 måneder siden
When the guy took the phone and you didn't notice my anxiety went like 😣
Mobimba Larson
Mobimba Larson 10 måneder siden
Thumbnail was kinda cringe IG But probs ok vid
The Trucker Dude
The Trucker Dude 10 måneder siden
Dude I was also wondering where the heck Ryan’s phone went had to get it back had the footage
Hairy Larry
Hairy Larry 10 måneder siden
I would stop after Ken touched the wing
Derek Schreiner
Derek Schreiner 10 måneder siden
I was just starting to get into cboys videos again until Ken came back 😒
lebron james
lebron james 10 måneder siden
money on the line to see who can last the longest, escalating in the scare of hotness. and money is involved. 👉🏽👌🏽
Douche Bag
Douche Bag 10 måneder siden
Ken is such a buzzkill on this channel.
Landyce Faine
Landyce Faine 10 måneder siden
Where’s Justin
nick pafumi
nick pafumi 10 måneder siden
what happened to justin
Tanner Sutton
Tanner Sutton 10 måneder siden
Guess justin's not a cboy then?
Amps & Ramps
Amps & Ramps 10 måneder siden
what about justin
Daniel Spanier
Daniel Spanier 10 måneder siden
What about justin
Wyatt Rosemier
Wyatt Rosemier 10 måneder siden
So what happend to Ryan’s phone?
Grant Long
Grant Long 10 måneder siden
2019 GMC Sierra 3500HD Congrats on the surprise Big Ken
DeVan Helmoski
DeVan Helmoski 10 måneder siden
This legit happened to me last night. It’s not a very fun feeling. It wasn’t a prank either..
Konner Strout
Konner Strout 10 måneder siden
I saw banging’s snap story about the wings just saying
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams 10 måneder siden
Is anyone curious what Justin’s surprise was
Jacob Kaufman
Jacob Kaufman 10 måneder siden
"I just had chicken nuggets and pizza rolls!" I'm dead!!
lil tmills
lil tmills 10 måneder siden
What about Justin 🤔
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson 10 måneder siden
Ken sucks
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