Getting new motor for the Monster Car!!

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7 måneder siden

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In todays video, we put our Blown up Monster Car Tiny on a trailer and haul him over to our friend and pro mechanic Brian. Where he will be putting a new (to us) Chevy Vortec Motor in it! So we are hoping it will run a lot better as well as have a lot more power too obviously!! Maybe we will be able to do a wheelie lol. Later we pay some tribute to MX vs. ATV by doing some outfit selection in honor of 5.0.9. day for 509 inc our favorite riding gear brand out there :) and Ben jumps over our new peanut.
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Getting new motor for the Monster Car!!
Building New Dream Shop!!
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CboysTV 7 måneder siden
Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!
Ruben De Leon
Ruben De Leon 7 dager siden
Whistlindiesel says hi
Devyn faria
Devyn faria 5 måneder siden
Lmao I'm from mass and when Ryan said Tom Brady lookin ass I died 😂 (I hate Tom Brady)
Kj ThaBoss
Kj ThaBoss 6 måneder siden
CboysTV red
Allavalle 5656
Allavalle 5656 6 måneder siden
I should cop it
Alexander Wolters
Alexander Wolters 7 måneder siden
CboysTV hey!!!! Cboys if you guys see this. The Kawasaki 450 give away bike is for sale on Facebook market place in maple grove.
Mason Demello
Mason Demello 2 måneder siden
I love ben
Deandre Oh
Deandre Oh 2 måneder siden
Don’t worry Ben I’m not gonna rost you your my favorite
Jonnyboi 125
Jonnyboi 125 3 måneder siden
The new peanut is as powerful as Ben truck
Tyler Wickline
Tyler Wickline 4 måneder siden
Ford raptor🤢🤢🤮
Amber Marcoux
Amber Marcoux 4 måneder siden
Bray G
Bray G 4 måneder siden
Bray G
Bray G 4 måneder siden
Ben your truck is a no Ben do
TEDDY 5 måneder siden
What’s the outro song
matthew korinchak
matthew korinchak 5 måneder siden
Until Ken can do what Ben can do on a bike or anything cool. There is no need to roast Ben.
Jaxson Schnarr
Jaxson Schnarr 5 måneder siden
The v 6 is so cool
Life is a meme So live it like one
Life is a meme So live it like one 5 måneder siden
It’s bad cuz it’s a ford lol
Life is a meme So live it like one
Life is a meme So live it like one 5 måneder siden
Do they not get paid by NOpost cuz they sensor curse words
lorencofs 5 måneder siden
be cant even ride a dirt
Mr S
Mr S 5 måneder siden
Ben “ Tom Brady Lookin Ass “ Swifty
Dirt biking_ Hockey
Dirt biking_ Hockey 5 måneder siden
What’s the song you played at the end ???
Jack Noel
Jack Noel 5 måneder siden
😂 the part about whistlen diesel was halarius
PsYcHo Here
PsYcHo Here 6 måneder siden
This is how many times Ben said champion(s) ⬇️
Tyler Waren
Tyler Waren 6 måneder siden
You guys mite make fun of Ben but he is probably grinding more then all of you guys
Owen Anawak
Owen Anawak 6 måneder siden
I cant beleive that tiny is going to have a better engine than ben's truck
Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson 6 måneder siden
Ben is a pause with that ford rapte
Spoiled Ketchup18
Spoiled Ketchup18 6 måneder siden
Ben looks happy to talk about Raid
cxnvic 6 måneder siden
When u realize u ate a Poison catipilar
Wyatt Nikodym
Wyatt Nikodym 6 måneder siden
You should Cummins swapped it
Jennifer Cowart
Jennifer Cowart 6 måneder siden
You never read my roast
Simon Kolstad
Simon Kolstad 6 måneder siden
Ben looks like Daniel James
BN_ WAYDA 6 måneder siden
Nick The Pond King
Nick The Pond King 6 måneder siden
That's some one wheel skills! Badass!
kason gaming
kason gaming 6 måneder siden
I watches videos
Hunter Sargent
Hunter Sargent 6 måneder siden
What happened to jake
Wesley Howe
Wesley Howe 6 måneder siden
six in the v you proabaly sit down to pee
Caydain Walton
Caydain Walton 6 måneder siden
All of the Ford raptors and even forward
Damen Willigar
Damen Willigar 6 måneder siden
Hey i think Ben is one of my favorite guy on cboys tv
Jeff K
Jeff K 6 måneder siden
So what was in it for an engine before?
Nolan Parker
Nolan Parker 6 måneder siden
I call dibs on the next giveaway bike
Brycen Potorti
Brycen Potorti 6 måneder siden
james gisbeched and rylan handsen
Astin Gibson
Astin Gibson 6 måneder siden
I doubt they even play the game😂
dirty riders
dirty riders 6 måneder siden
The outro was the best thing ever mom man
Van Stedum Videos
Van Stedum Videos 6 måneder siden
Need more chevy I love the duramax that little v6 raptor is junk
Lowkey Beats
Lowkey Beats 6 måneder siden
So much bullshit tags in bio 😂
Lowkey Beats
Lowkey Beats 6 måneder siden
Still cant put a tag @ justin starling for the song 😂
Curtis New
Curtis New 6 måneder siden
Turbo it
JesseFpv 6 måneder siden
Ben always wearing a hoodie that says life wide open. Only thing he runs wide open is his mouth. P.S & that peace of Shit V6 Raptor.. lmao much love Boyz...
VANGE Nygaard
VANGE Nygaard 6 måneder siden
You guys should do a dirt bike stunt at high Prairie
Matt Maugeri
Matt Maugeri 6 måneder siden
Micahs green screen edit was perfect
Buggs Bunny
Buggs Bunny 6 måneder siden
Where’s bangin
Austin Roberts
Austin Roberts 6 måneder siden
Ben is the first piece of bread, everyone touches him, but no one wants him
Shane Koehn
Shane Koehn 6 måneder siden
@mxfactory and @joeymac420 and I like the last set of gear
Jay 0711
Jay 0711 6 måneder siden
After looking through a couple years of videos, I have determined that Micah is absolutely gay. It’s not even a possibility that he’s straight.
BO BOETTCHER 6 måneder siden
When the peanut is better then bens truck
Jackson Degner
Jackson Degner 6 måneder siden
ben was going full whistlen on the unit
Jason Jaeger
Jason Jaeger 6 måneder siden
People are bitching about that dude buying a raptor? I have a 5.3 V8 with lots of mods and I'd swap to that Raptors motor in a second.
Stephanie Arbeau
Stephanie Arbeau 6 måneder siden
I love you guys
Caleb Gastman
Caleb Gastman 6 måneder siden
when literally nobody knows anything about the 2nd gen raptors
Venom Airsoft
Venom Airsoft 6 måneder siden
V6 and eats *****
Kyle Hann
Kyle Hann 6 måneder siden
Bens new truck is so lame
Ty Hahn
Ty Hahn 6 måneder siden
Lowkey Ben is the best rider
Brenton Carpenter
Brenton Carpenter 6 måneder siden
Ben looks better roasted
Drew Deilkes
Drew Deilkes 6 måneder siden
Brian Hoffman
Brian Hoffman 6 måneder siden
This is the latest i've ever been
Chloe Hudson
Chloe Hudson 6 måneder siden
Hey What going on with your guises go karts did you sell them?
Trevor Demmons
Trevor Demmons 6 måneder siden
Bens my favorite🤘🤘
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 6 måneder siden
That thing is gonna be sick with that ls
William Clifford
William Clifford 6 måneder siden
I love how everyone is beating on Ben for is v6 raptor even tho it puts out more power than a v8 and is a nicer truck then most of us will ever have
William Wageman
William Wageman 6 måneder siden
Your raptor is sweeeeet love it
Spicylanden 15
Spicylanden 15 6 måneder siden
I think everyone would love to see a vid of just riding like if u agree
Sam Lambert
Sam Lambert 6 måneder siden
am french bat i now a to speek in English
Douche Bag
Douche Bag 7 måneder siden
Bens the type of dude who watches his dad get out of the shower.
John Daniels
John Daniels 7 måneder siden
bro Ben is the best Cboy
matts v8
matts v8 7 måneder siden
now it wolnt sound like every honda ever
Nathaniel Vanasse
Nathaniel Vanasse 7 måneder siden
Pentus truck is sick but the haters are just jealous
Aidan Morrison
Aidan Morrison 7 måneder siden
My dads Chevy Malibu is a v6
moto madness gamin
moto madness gamin 7 måneder siden
Pfft who buys a v6 raptor waste of your money
Leo Petrowski
Leo Petrowski 7 måneder siden
What is ur phone number
Ethan Stanford
Ethan Stanford 7 måneder siden
its ok ben your still the best
Michael Dowd
Michael Dowd 7 måneder siden
You guys should do engine work to the D max
Cody Petansky
Cody Petansky 7 måneder siden
Despite the v6 of the raptor Ben I still a cool dude
Gerrit Boonstra
Gerrit Boonstra 7 måneder siden
Put the super swampers onto the duramax!
Parker Renzo
Parker Renzo 7 måneder siden
Get kids T-shirts and hoodies
Aries Cook
Aries Cook 7 måneder siden
What’s the song at 12:57 ?
kyler Kelly
kyler Kelly 7 måneder siden
Ben is for sure best wheelier in cboys
Caleb Pushard
Caleb Pushard 7 måneder siden
cj going "yeah nice" to him going case ontario
Aidan Patton
Aidan Patton 7 måneder siden
I dont know much but he didn't cover the rear brake for his whole last wheelie
Jeremy Harward
Jeremy Harward 7 måneder siden
Shameless plug lol 🤟🏻
Jose Tinashlu
Jose Tinashlu 7 måneder siden
It's so cool
Kent Wold
Kent Wold 7 måneder siden
Ben still breastfeeds.
Tyrin Robins
Tyrin Robins 7 måneder siden
I wish you guys could make me a Diaper bag
Jesse Wolfram
Jesse Wolfram 7 måneder siden
Matthew Clark and tyler stevens
Shattered Cookie
Shattered Cookie 7 måneder siden
wheres jake at boys
Curtis Neufeld
Curtis Neufeld 7 måneder siden
lol we just got snow
Jeremy Kangas
Jeremy Kangas 7 måneder siden
Ben is a savage👍👍
bryce walsh
bryce walsh 7 måneder siden
Ben may look 12 but he has a better looking women than most of us.
bryce walsh
bryce walsh 7 måneder siden
Ben may look 12 but he has a better looking women than most of us.
J K 7 måneder siden
@CboysTV what skid plate does Ben have on his bike?
Kyle Dempsey
Kyle Dempsey 7 måneder siden
Ben is the smartest one there 🥺
YungS 7 måneder siden
Why did the new peanut do better then the Ben's v6 ford. Even did a burnout
North Dakota 322
North Dakota 322 7 måneder siden
i just realised you guys are 20min down the road from our lake place in DL
Farm Boys TV
Farm Boys TV 7 måneder siden
You guys should all get duramaxs and straight pipe them
Bobby Bannon
Bobby Bannon 7 måneder siden
Here come the “that’s an axe not a sledgehammer” comments
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels 7 måneder siden
Does Ben have a 450 ??
Asher 346
Asher 346 7 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Ryan upchurches song holler boys fit perfect with cboys
Tiny got a new motor
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