Worst Craigslist Trade Ever: Dirt Bike for Quad

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6 måneder siden

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In todays video, CJ makes the tough decision that it is time to sell his dirt bike (crf 450) that we gifted him around 1 year ago. In the process of looking for a pit bike he was proposed a trade for a quad. It was a 2006 Yfz 450 with supposedly only 10 hours on it off of craigslist. He makes the trade and Ryan shows CJ the ways of the 4 wheeler lifestyle later.
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Worst Craigslist Trade Ever: Dirt Bike for Quad
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CboysTV 6 måneder siden
Did CJ make the right decision or not?
Laura Primm
Laura Primm 14 timer siden
André Kruger
André Kruger Dag siden
No way
marwan ahmed
marwan ahmed 5 dager siden
can i have the quad
Logan Vlogs
Logan Vlogs 11 dager siden
the life of a gamer101
the life of a gamer101 12 dager siden
Max Berg
Max Berg 23 timer siden
Pinned by CboysTV CboysTV 6 months ago Did CJ make the right decision or not? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Dirt recker Race
Dirt recker Race 2 dager siden
Bryan Ouellette
Bryan Ouellette 3 dager siden
Wow RIP off u are traded a beat to piss bike your words for a good 450 then beat the piss out off of the. Say it mlm runs like shit get a 2.stroke if you can handle it
Brady Wilburn
Brady Wilburn 4 dager siden
Maybe you should go buried underground fill it up with water and go get a dirtbike
Piston Valley
Piston Valley 7 dager siden
To the 1% reading this stay safe and have a wonderful day (my dream is to be a famous moto vloger)thanks❤️
Faze_tiny Yt
Faze_tiny Yt 7 dager siden
If he likes it ha but if he doesn’t like it no
Melvin Ingvarrson
Melvin Ingvarrson 7 dager siden
yeah you got 4 wheels instead of 2
Hagan Hess
Hagan Hess 8 dager siden
Korey Barkley
Korey Barkley 8 dager siden
It is horrible
Dakota Kelley
Dakota Kelley 8 dager siden
I traded my 450 2stroke for a 700 raptor
Owen Schonaerts
Owen Schonaerts 8 dager siden
Lunch it off a cliff
Trevaughn Taylor
Trevaughn Taylor 10 dager siden
try do a wheelie all the way and when you do that hold on and just sping
Braydon wise
Braydon wise 10 dager siden
Hey cboys I know that this video is old but I really dig it. I have a four wheeler when I was younger when I was older, but sadly my parents sold it. Because i couldn’t ride much. Now I have tons of time and have a desire to have a quad. If you guys could support me in any way to get one. It would be fantastic. Thanks for being an such an inspiration. Keep rockin
Nathan Kaiser
Nathan Kaiser 6 dager siden
I'm interested in helping you out
Nathan Kaiser
Nathan Kaiser 6 dager siden
How old are you
hm 211
hm 211 11 dager siden
or the best raptor 700 cc
hm 211
hm 211 11 dager siden
can i have a cobra 400 cc or 250 plsss
John Barron
John Barron 12 dager siden
Funny thing is they are all quad guys now
Jim Berry
Jim Berry 14 dager siden
Right decision? Nope. Need to put that quad in the bin next to the baffle. Fun video though.
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker 19 dager siden
No he needs to seek it and buy a ktm 450
Hardwick Gaming
Hardwick Gaming 22 dager siden
You should throw the quad with the baffle
JUICY GOOSEY 24 dager siden
I never thought I’d get emotional over an engine a frame and some plastics
mcarbajal562 23 dager siden
Bro and that grab bar is rare to get and find and I want one and was going to tell him I’ll buy it buy he bent it 😠😢
Glenn Fisher
Glenn Fisher 27 dager siden
Backflip it off Mount Everest
Lucas Dakake
Lucas Dakake 28 dager siden
i getting a crf150r 4 stroke honda
The Royal Gonzalez Family
The Royal Gonzalez Family 28 dager siden
I love quads but dirt bikes are definitely better i would of kept the 450 bro
Alex Loza
Alex Loza 29 dager siden
if you dont want the quad can i have it
Kyler Summers
Kyler Summers 29 dager siden
Why would he do that? You guys did that for him them he turns around and trades.if for a quad.
Norxaz 29 dager siden
Robby Shade
Robby Shade Måned siden
What’s the song they preview called?
Paula Quinnell
Paula Quinnell Måned siden
Get a can am
DenissOG Måned siden
who hates on quads sucks
Lukesterrules Måned siden
“Hey, do you have a girlfriend” “Yeah” “That’s ok, she will leave you for a guy with a dirt bike soon” That hurt me
JakeYFZ Måned siden
Bro you snapped a $313 subframe. I did the same oof. Had to buy a new one.
Eric Forbes
Eric Forbes Måned siden
I have a Electric pit Bike
kermit yes
kermit yes Måned siden
bad trade
Lori Crock
Lori Crock Måned siden
Put a hmf pipe on it
Michael Hutchison
Michael Hutchison Måned siden
that’s my dream quad bro give here
THE SPARTAN Måned siden
Ive never understood hating on one or the other fun is fun
FaKe Jacob
FaKe Jacob Måned siden
If it’s 2020 it’s around 10K in cash for that quad
Glenn Hodgins
Glenn Hodgins Måned siden
Sam Estill
Sam Estill Måned siden
i learned how to use a clutch on a yfz450
ENVY COBRA Måned siden
Crash the quad
Will Doyle
Will Doyle Måned siden
I wanna see you sell it
AFI technicalities
AFI technicalities Måned siden
Hit a trail then player
Noah Lincourt
Noah Lincourt Måned siden
Misson specalist
Misson specalist Måned siden
Qauds are awfull
Tara Melen
Tara Melen Måned siden
i have a kx60 and get one
Tara Melen
Tara Melen Måned siden
RTG on YT Måned siden
Bro bad idea that's a nice bike 😅 I feel bad for you 😭😐 I love quads but they aren't and 450 dirt bike 😶🤦‍♂️
Matthew Casale
Matthew Casale Måned siden
Why would you trade a dirtbike for the quad
Pacy Drop_7
Pacy Drop_7 Måned siden
He’s a stupid idiot trading a dirt bike for a quad
bababoey Måned siden
honestly qauds are not that bad,they seem fun.i ride dirt bikes so there's a big diffrence.
Duhitskur-_- Måned siden
What that app called?
Corey Stack
Corey Stack Måned siden
Life with rich parents seems more fun
DRC_halo Live
DRC_halo Live Måned siden
Y would you sell it
Mountainside Måned siden
My name is cj
DeftFxcus Måned siden
I have a quad it’s a raptor 700
Gio Reyes
Gio Reyes Måned siden
I drive a Yamaha ssr 300 cc atv
Mia Smith
Mia Smith Måned siden
You need to jump it
Kasparas Markevičius
Kasparas Markevičius Måned siden
Give Me this quad plzz
Camden Perry
Camden Perry Måned siden
Get a 150 or 250
Static gaming
Static gaming Måned siden
I have a quad and a dirtbike and I always leave my key on my quad and ma dad gets mad at me for that but atleast I can still pop up those good wheelies
Ruudi Utšenikov
Ruudi Utšenikov 2 måneder siden
yall realise a quad is worth more??
Payton Gibson
Payton Gibson 2 måneder siden
Do a doughnut
Send it Squad
Send it Squad 2 måneder siden
How come cj doesn’t need a 450 but Mike does
Nash Bruner
Nash Bruner 2 måneder siden
It needs rejetted cause you took the bafle out
Barrett Ortega
Barrett Ortega 2 måneder siden
Ur so dumb😂 quads are for women
Mutt Supreme
Mutt Supreme 2 måneder siden
Lmao this is like pawn stars: let me call a buddy
Mutt Supreme
Mutt Supreme 2 måneder siden
Dude that’s a bad trade 😬
I AM THE SPIRIT 2 måneder siden
That guy was kinda nasty in a quad
Oakley DeRango
Oakley DeRango 2 måneder siden
Can u help me find a dirt bike thats a 90 or 80 that’s used
Jenner Hutson
Jenner Hutson 2 måneder siden
Very bad trade
Bemidji, MN Outdoors
Bemidji, MN Outdoors 2 måneder siden
The guy who traded cj the quad is my brothers friend
Jeremy Paulus
Jeremy Paulus 2 måneder siden
You should do a custom build
Steven McBroom
Steven McBroom 2 måneder siden
Jump it dude
Tom Eden
Tom Eden 2 måneder siden
As a Knicks fan I know all about bad trades
AP Outdoors
AP Outdoors 2 måneder siden
Those kids scammed your ass bruh
Daniela RiveraHuertas
Daniela RiveraHuertas 2 måneder siden
Get another one
JigglesTheKid 2 måneder siden
Man is dumb for that trade
Caleb Fountain
Caleb Fountain 2 måneder siden
i want it
Will Vasilko
Will Vasilko 2 måneder siden
Quads are gross
Mr Iveko
Mr Iveko 2 måneder siden
Is that a yamaha raptor?
phaSe Fortnite
phaSe Fortnite 2 måneder siden
Ryan gets a new quad next vid
danny lane
danny lane 3 måneder siden
Contact chad Holmes on Facebook in Washington
Kristijan. YT
Kristijan. YT 3 måneder siden
Your hurting me i have 2 quads 😢😩😤
2 stroke cowboy
2 stroke cowboy 3 måneder siden
Gotta say I grew up on four wheelers and always wanted a dirtbike, now that I have a bike I can't go back as far as joy riding, but quads have their own utility purposes, bottom line bad trade bro😭😭😭
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 3 måneder siden
can i have the quad😂
kris breezyy24
kris breezyy24 3 måneder siden
did it overheat?
Rice Farmer
Rice Farmer 3 måneder siden
This hurts to watch, you traded such a good bike for a lame quad. I can tell you regret it.
Aiden Furness
Aiden Furness 3 måneder siden
What is the song they play in this video I gotta know
Ya boy Ghe
Ya boy Ghe 3 måneder siden
😭best quad is a banshee
Mr.Shadow 3 måneder siden
This vid definitely popped
Jaxon Jenkins
Jaxon Jenkins 3 måneder siden
Cj needs to make his yfz a flat track wheeler
Forza Addict
Forza Addict 3 måneder siden
Bruh I gots a 125 pit bike and I’m lookin for a 450
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 3 måneder siden
Not gonna lie quads look hella dope, fresh grass? Nah.
Zyx Clan
Zyx Clan 3 måneder siden
What is the song
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 3 måneder siden
The other man started really after him so technically that wasn’t a fair competition
lydia steele
lydia steele 3 måneder siden
I also have a quad
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 3 måneder siden
Hating on quads is like hating on the other console that you don’t have. Theres no point
Astro-_-dom 29 dager siden
@Rice Farmer but it’s really not for women it’s for anyone but since you wanna be a lil b*tch about it ig you must ride quads
GRMO Måned siden
@Nut Buster off road atvs are more of a Canadian thing what does being a Mexican have to do with quads
Jake Chunasamy
Jake Chunasamy Måned siden
I have a dirtbike quad and a go kart and I still like my quad
Jésús Christ
Jésús Christ Måned siden
Quiet quad guy
Bo Solseng
Bo Solseng 2 måneder siden
Sounds like something a quad rider would say
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 3 måneder siden
Trading a bike for a quad is always an upgrade lol
C00LST3R 3 måneder siden
A quad is probaly a good decision for CJ.
I got a Quad.
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