Quad Wheelie School for Dummies

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2 måneder siden

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In todays video, Ryan attempts to teach the boys how to wheelie their quads. Ryan rides a huge wheelie down the highway. We ride some pit bikes on the docks and Ben makes CJ go swimming. We have a billiards competition for a pair of air pod pro's and Ben puts a new wrap on his crf 110 pit bike.

CboysTV 2 måneder siden
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped at → manscaped.com/CBOYS Your balls will thank you 😉
Skyler Mummert
Skyler Mummert 2 måneder siden
Ethan Smith they all do
Skyler Mummert
Skyler Mummert 2 måneder siden
Manscaped sucks
Bryson Porter
Bryson Porter 2 måneder siden
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 2 måneder siden
You guys should have a quad race to see who's quad is faster
Tre Olhausen
Tre Olhausen 2 måneder siden
Donna Simpson ok
SaucyAnt 50
SaucyAnt 50 4 dager siden
Why do people always say in Mexico but they aren’t
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson 7 dager siden
I wish I can get one I’m just suppressed my uncle died my grandma has corona and my auntie has breast cancer
Jill Leonard
Jill Leonard 9 dager siden
Get 250 Polaris Trail Blazers
Brennan Seiat
Brennan Seiat 11 dager siden
I love you guys
Dallas Davidson
Dallas Davidson 11 dager siden
what is this song called
Matthew Fleming
Matthew Fleming 14 dager siden
I really want a quad
Michael March
Michael March 17 dager siden
If u look at the thumb nail whos riding the day 459
Asheton Sundberg
Asheton Sundberg 19 dager siden
i want some mech it has been a dream I love you guy's so much you guy's are nice hop to see you soon and you guy's are the best.
Not Zexrow
Not Zexrow 22 dager siden
I know where that Zorbas is bro
Vaughn Buetter
Vaughn Buetter 23 dager siden
Regwet ken
Tyler Whitten
Tyler Whitten 24 dager siden
Try popping the clutch 🤷‍♂️ just a thought
Natgan Reed
Natgan Reed 25 dager siden
When they say private road on Mexico when they live in Minnesota
Edward Newton
Edward Newton 26 dager siden
When can i attend the school?🤣
DrakeDracoDragon89 28 dager siden
I thought you guys were actually going to teach me how to do a wheelie.
Marqurious Felder
Marqurious Felder Måned siden
121 dislikes are straight haters that Hack Warzone
DJ Browntown
DJ Browntown Måned siden
I have a mud artic cat 550 cc I can’t get it up
Owen Barry
Owen Barry Måned siden
How did he do a wheelie that long
Yamaha Blaster200
Yamaha Blaster200 Måned siden
Is Ryan’s raptor a 700r?
Timothy Henson
Timothy Henson Måned siden
Kens speech . Omg that’s embarrassing
Frank Myers
Frank Myers Måned siden
I'm now subbed
Zach Bailes
Zach Bailes Måned siden
Ken regwets his decisions
Collin Thomas
Collin Thomas Måned siden
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!!
Melissa Ross
Melissa Ross Måned siden
Hi Ben
Calthecool Måned siden
Mexico looking really green this time of year.
sleepyy Nash Ψ
sleepyy Nash Ψ 2 måneder siden
Dude the intro made me shit my pants 😂🤣
Caiden Elliott
Caiden Elliott 2 måneder siden
I think i saw your cboys truck in branerd last year
GAME STATION 2 måneder siden
Who else wants to see Jake on a Ds 450 again
dirt madness
dirt madness 2 måneder siden
on the 110s that have stock exhaust take the bafflers out it sounds heaps better
Jaydin Bercier
Jaydin Bercier 2 måneder siden
Love the content
TYZGMH81 2 måneder siden
Where’s Jake been
Kappa L
Kappa L 2 måneder siden
Dm @braapvlogs
Gage Palmer
Gage Palmer 2 måneder siden
What should I do if my choke fell off
Layne Green
Layne Green 2 måneder siden
These guys cold sell ice to and Eskimo
kiwi tech
kiwi tech 2 måneder siden
Where’s Jake at
HydrationStation 2 måneder siden
What happened to jake?
KYLE 2 måneder siden
dude the grass is already mowed
Ryan Zaparniuk
Ryan Zaparniuk 2 måneder siden
Did you... did you swing a left handed club right? Lmao
Ashton Laiwa
Ashton Laiwa 2 måneder siden
What happen to jake
Joshua 951
Joshua 951 2 måneder siden
Let me get savage with you guys bro
Joshua 951
Joshua 951 2 måneder siden
You guys are badass im trying to tear it up with you guys
Joshua 951
Joshua 951 2 måneder siden
Hey guys can I come out and slide my truck around with yall
Joshua 951
Joshua 951 2 måneder siden
Hey guys you should let some viewers come tear shit up with you i have a silverado im tryna burn tires and do some savage shit with yall im in Oklahoma lmk!!!...
Devo116 2 måneder siden
Where is Jake? this channel is borring lol
Juul Shark
Juul Shark 2 måneder siden
I was literally listening to the song that they used for B-roll right before watching this.
Braylon Black
Braylon Black 2 måneder siden
Where is bangin
Rippin N' Slippin
Rippin N' Slippin 2 måneder siden
You guys are way underated
Isaiah Mayega
Isaiah Mayega 2 måneder siden
Post twice a weak
lincoln patton
lincoln patton 2 måneder siden
Can you plz plz plz plz plz make youth life wide open shirts
Mogens Hovde
Mogens Hovde 2 måneder siden
We miss jake
Mogens Hovde
Mogens Hovde 2 måneder siden
Where is jake?
Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen 2 måneder siden
where is jake ?
Isaac 2 måneder siden
White van guy Free candy
White van guy Free candy 2 måneder siden
No boddy gonna talk about the limo
Your wife’s Boyfriend
Your wife’s Boyfriend 2 måneder siden
Petition to buy Ryan a new quad. I swear he’s had that quad longer than any of the cboys have had anything else
Conor Barth
Conor Barth 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or is that a ds 450 in the intro
Noah Rader
Noah Rader 2 måneder siden
In snow season you should come up to colville Washington there's nice power and a cool trip up to Canada I'm going with my uncle this year
It's_Taco_ Playz
It's_Taco_ Playz 2 måneder siden
You guys aren't smashing chairs anymore ur smashing traffic cones😂
Torsten 2 måneder siden
nice vid but a cboys quad video is not complete without jake :'(
jplx 2 måneder siden
2:00 rip cone
Maddox Brown
Maddox Brown 2 måneder siden
Where’s jake gone
Broke Misfits
Broke Misfits 2 måneder siden
We gotta get Ryan on a new raptor lol
Wyatt Hammack
Wyatt Hammack 2 måneder siden
Dduuuuuuddddeeee I want that fuckin ducks unlimited table
Joel Gilliland
Joel Gilliland 2 måneder siden
CAn you buy me a yz 250 f
Andrew Conover
Andrew Conover 2 måneder siden
Andrew Conover
Andrew Conover 2 måneder siden
Cody Jacobs
Cody Jacobs 2 måneder siden
Damn cjs hairline is wack
Brayden Chandler
Brayden Chandler 2 måneder siden
what happened to 50k likes and Micha and ken get quads
Boston Waldhoff
Boston Waldhoff 2 måneder siden
Where’s jake
Tom Watkins
Tom Watkins 2 måneder siden
Y’all could produce fire commercials 🔥🔥👌🏼
Riley Peck
Riley Peck 2 måneder siden
Why are you using kens beard hair as ball hair 😂😂
Riley Peck
Riley Peck 2 måneder siden
This is a joke
Cyber Hq
Cyber Hq 2 måneder siden
STEVO _Media
STEVO _Media 2 måneder siden
Why the f*** does Justin look like Markiplier
Michael Frederick
Michael Frederick 2 måneder siden
didn't ben sell his quad
Wyatt Mangano
Wyatt Mangano 2 måneder siden
I wanted to watch the ad
John Stienessen
John Stienessen 2 måneder siden
What kind of car does Micah have
Daine 2 måneder siden
Ben using a left handed club on a right handed stroke, makes sense ;)
Rosa Torres
Rosa Torres 2 måneder siden
Please i never had one
Rosa Torres
Rosa Torres 2 måneder siden
I need the quad i want one how much for it
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason 2 måneder siden
Racing lawnmower???
Frozen.vibezz *
Frozen.vibezz * 2 måneder siden
tharsoz 2 måneder siden
DS 450 in the thumbnail 👀
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 2 måneder siden
The best manscape commercial I’ve seen
Colby Huolt
Colby Huolt 2 måneder siden
The manscape ad😂😂😂
AceZ Empire
AceZ Empire 2 måneder siden
Id wheelie comp them and im 16 (not talking trash) love the vids💪🏼❤️
Chandler Draper
Chandler Draper 2 måneder siden
Did you swing a left handed iron?
MLG RPGKILLER 2 måneder siden
What is the song when ryan goes on the street
cP_TBossWest 2 måneder siden
as i was watching this the merch i ordered came in
SlackerSteve2004 2 måneder siden
was this a Manscape or John Deere ad lol
Brett Antuan
Brett Antuan 2 måneder siden
Song called?
Jake Scott74
Jake Scott74 2 måneder siden
I love there adds so much I watch them completely. Hilarious!!
Michael McAdams
Michael McAdams 2 måneder siden
Love the videos
Jonathan Björklund
Jonathan Björklund 2 måneder siden
buy nerf bars for that Raptor
ISKITI 2 måneder siden
Can I just have fourwheeler
Kahootboii69 420
Kahootboii69 420 2 måneder siden
Make a shirt that has a face tatted version of ken that says no regwets that’s shit would be funnnnnyyyyyyyy
J Garr
J Garr 2 måneder siden
who should go to south lake tahoe
Cole Arentsen
Cole Arentsen 2 måneder siden
To anyone in these comments who does know how to wheelie. I have braking, shifting and everything as far as wheeling down. I can turn on loose surfaces but can’t seem to lean or tweak my wheelies on pavement. Does anyone have any tips? I’m on a 400ex if that means anything.
Keagan Grube
Keagan Grube 2 måneder siden
Where do you guys get your dirtbike graphics from?
Ripp Films
Ripp Films 2 måneder siden
Ok hold up here boys the picture of the video is a ds450 not Ryan’s quad ????¿ boys I’m on to u
I got a Quad.
Ganger 733 k
Riding Pit Bikes in Skate Park!!
my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
Ganger 2,4 mill
Reckless Golfing
Ganger 837 k
Lawn mower Slip n' Slide!!
Ganger 532 k
Learning how to wheelie GONE WRONG!!
Crashed his new car into a tree!!
my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
Ganger 2,4 mill
Unboxing LG's Mind Blowing 8K 88-inch OLED Beast
Ganger 1,4 mill
World's BRIGHTEST Flashlight?
Hacksmith Industries
Ganger 1,2 mill
Salted Cod for Dinner
Ganger 66 k