Riding Pit Bike at College

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2 måneder siden

We took our Pit Bikes to College!! (We aren't even in college lol)
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In todays video, we take our pit bikes to our old college campus and ride them around. We stop at boot barn and pick up our first cowboy boots. We build a sketchy kicker for Kody to hit on his Kx450 and we visit some of his pigs!
Pit Biking Through College Campus!!

CboysTV 2 måneder siden
Thank you guys for watching ❤️
Liana MacDougall
Liana MacDougall 6 dager siden
CboysTV Make more videos please and thank you because I’m such a big fan
maithaa hamoudi
maithaa hamoudi 22 dager siden
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Måned siden
Yo my dream is a dirt bike kawasaki450cc pls i am chasing my dream
Maureen Jordan
Maureen Jordan Måned siden
What do u call that brand?
Aaron leach Sr
Aaron leach Sr Måned siden
dhermanson31 57 minutter siden
You guys are lucky foreal! I live on university a little further down by 7th ave and ive seen guys get there homade motor pedal bikes taken. I thought you were at msu at first. Love the channel
camron brown
camron brown 7 timer siden
Lol you can pet pigs for sure, I taught a pig how to sit for an apple no cap. All my pigs would let us pet them
Liam Potts
Liam Potts Dag siden
How do they not Java a trailer
Belleveric 3 dager siden
Mustang pulls in... "everyone get tf out of the way of THIS guy" AHAHAHAH
Michelle Séguin
Michelle Séguin 9 dager siden
Hey can you shout my channel out @Michelle Seguin
Bullet Fist
Bullet Fist 10 dager siden
"i look like diesel dave right now"
twin indy
twin indy 14 dager siden
Only in North Dakota the best dam state in the USA
thatonekid1218 14 dager siden
That’s a lot of bacon
Alexander Eriksson
Alexander Eriksson 14 dager siden
this was my birthday when you guys made this video
Henry Dixon
Henry Dixon 14 dager siden
12.49 cj reaches for his belt in an attempt to look cool but already has it on
Kayden Dietsche
Kayden Dietsche 15 dager siden
I saw u at eagle river
fishing with Kyle
fishing with Kyle 18 dager siden
@12:48 cj nervous reaching for his seat belt that he already has on lmao
Hyena TV
Hyena TV 20 dager siden
Those bikes don’t seem heavy but I had a pw80 once and I could barley lift it lol... I was 8 tho
DrakeDracoDragon89 25 dager siden
3:53 name of that sweet looking mini bike?
Elliot Kargas
Elliot Kargas 27 dager siden
man spelled "allowed" as "aloud"
Jayden Hawkins
Jayden Hawkins Måned siden
Wa bike is that
Chev_man _13
Chev_man _13 Måned siden
Y’all should get a small trailer
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton Måned siden
Funny this was bens hat was on backwards!😂
Yamaha Blaster200
Yamaha Blaster200 Måned siden
Instead of buying an exhaust just take off the exhaust tip
Corey j
Corey j Måned siden
Every time they bring something new on the video it's "yeah we got these in may" why's it always may lol
Corey j
Corey j Måned siden
How do they not get pulled over. Is it legal to ride in their state
amanda powell
amanda powell Måned siden
how am i 5,1 and im ten
xJAGERVILLEX Måned siden
I have a smaller pair of the boots that ben liked
Sandya revanur
Sandya revanur Måned siden
One wheel
hazel powell
hazel powell Måned siden
How much are those pit bikes.
Trevor Fort
Trevor Fort Måned siden
Minnesota gang where you at
Abigail Yelle
Abigail Yelle Måned siden
You guys need to buy PitVipers and cowboy hats😂😂😂
Asher Scott
Asher Scott Måned siden
Just plz no more skinny jeans tucked in your boots
Milo Bell
Milo Bell Måned siden
What bikes are they
Lucas Carlson
Lucas Carlson Måned siden
Cboys having a shit ton off cool shit like dirtbikes and other sick stuff and good content me with a moped and i just want a moped with gear :(
Michal Jaroš
Michal Jaroš Måned siden
please give me pitbike
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover Måned siden
I what m
Sonya paul
Sonya paul Måned siden
How to take the dirt bike cuz I want one really bad
Sonya paul
Sonya paul Måned siden
Could I have the dirt bike cuz I really want one
Random Stuffs
Random Stuffs Måned siden
Nice to see you guys in my hometown. Go BISON!!!!!!!! hahaha Those pit bikes are a blast.
Heidi Hunton
Heidi Hunton Måned siden
Dewan fishing channel
Dewan fishing channel Måned siden
I wish i had a bike
Dana Babcock
Dana Babcock Måned siden
I remember watching videos just like this but with this shifter kart back when I first subbed ❤️
Dana Babcock
Dana Babcock Måned siden
P.s I have subbed on and off with different accounts but still
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!!
Spl4sh H2O
Spl4sh H2O Måned siden
How much was one pit bike
Rusty Sprocket Films
Rusty Sprocket Films Måned siden
How did you make your 110s so tall
Allen Montez
Allen Montez Måned siden
been wanting to meet you guys for a long time from cali just bought a 2020 crf 250r cuz of you guys central valley bound
Mason McBride
Mason McBride Måned siden
How do you not arrested
Red wolf
Red wolf Måned siden
Why tf dose Cody make the bike look small
Kelly Matrunich
Kelly Matrunich Måned siden
drive a dirt bike off the bed of the truck
Wurlz_ Måned siden
Just me or is it annoying how kody kept leaning forward when he was in air
wyatt johnson
wyatt johnson Måned siden
How do you get the bike up that clean i can not get mine up.
Peder Olsen
Peder Olsen Måned siden
Y’all should really do a event in Florida
Eric Bunkers
Eric Bunkers 2 måneder siden
Go Bison!
lil__dion _.
lil__dion _. 2 måneder siden
It’s crazzy y’all can get them to 133 dislikes but can’t ever get me to 100👍🏼
S1mmo 2 måneder siden
Where’s Jake
Devin Dunlap
Devin Dunlap 2 måneder siden
Yall should know I spent 160 bucks on the same pair of boots at tractor supply just sayin
Big ty ofb no comment
Big ty ofb no comment 2 måneder siden
what bikke is it
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 2 måneder siden
I love weasel brothers
Josiah Reyes
Josiah Reyes 2 måneder siden
I have those boots
sandstrom_ cody
sandstrom_ cody 2 måneder siden
Wisconsin bois were u at--------->
David S
David S 2 måneder siden
When will NDSU move up and play the big boys in football? Idk how you could root for a team that wins no matter what.
Bmoreink 410
Bmoreink 410 2 måneder siden
Crf110s are always fun 🤙🏻
Cashman Drummer
Cashman Drummer 2 måneder siden
Jesus loves you!!!!!
Äntän 2 måneder siden
Where is Jake
Gabriel Wenlund
Gabriel Wenlund 2 måneder siden
I Never released you lived in the fargo area
RAA Paintball
RAA Paintball 2 måneder siden
What kind of pit bike is that?
Connor McLeod
Connor McLeod 2 måneder siden
Hold up I have a real question. What do you mean by easy with the real first name. Who’s first name isn’t real
Evan Biava
Evan Biava 2 måneder siden
I’ve got those same boots Bean great minds think alike😂😂
Richard Rathje
Richard Rathje 2 måneder siden
James Poole
James Poole 2 måneder siden
Meet me at romkey dog
Mainely outdoors
Mainely outdoors 2 måneder siden
Meet up with Braydon price
Zach plays06
Zach plays06 2 måneder siden
Where is Jake
Zach plays06
Zach plays06 2 måneder siden
I miss him
Jordan Gurney
Jordan Gurney 2 måneder siden
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander 2 måneder siden
Yo you guys should really upload more i know im always stuck waiting a week for a cboys video and i enjoy them but think i can enjoy a couple of them a week
Landon Kulas
Landon Kulas 2 måneder siden
Can I get a quad wrap?
Joshua Cerrato
Joshua Cerrato 2 måneder siden
What state do you guys live in
Joshua Cerrato
Joshua Cerrato 2 måneder siden
I love you guys
Senpai Toad
Senpai Toad 2 måneder siden
how many likes for one of them pitbikes
Garrett MTB
Garrett MTB 2 måneder siden
Do a car video going over every cboys car
Tanner Martin
Tanner Martin 2 måneder siden
Where are all the vids
Owen Muncil
Owen Muncil 2 måneder siden
" mostly torso "
Gabriel Moody
Gabriel Moody 2 måneder siden
1:44 CJ reaching for clutch
CrispyBoys TV
CrispyBoys TV 2 måneder siden
"too bad i like limes!" that shit had me rolling hahahah iykyk
Tyson Schmidt
Tyson Schmidt 2 måneder siden
You guys should post twice a week that would be so much nicer
Matt Mcreadie
Matt Mcreadie 2 måneder siden
Great content, but Ben buddy you’re trying to be like Danny Duncan to much!
Hoax_Fire Clan
Hoax_Fire Clan 2 måneder siden
White van guy Free candy
White van guy Free candy 2 måneder siden
Where you jeans over your boots like a normal person
Brock Weesies
Brock Weesies 2 måneder siden
Dylan Meadows
Dylan Meadows 2 måneder siden
Ben got the same boots I got
Amanda Olson
Amanda Olson 2 måneder siden
Y’all should come to Beardsley Minnesota it’s an hour and a half away from fargo
screvan da bro
screvan da bro 2 måneder siden
Ohhh shoot ryan nearly gave away at the end that kens real name is grant
Newfiebombbravo17 2 måneder siden
"Be like larry, just gonna send it" 💯👌👌
Brayden Goerbig
Brayden Goerbig 2 måneder siden
You should make a video with Brandon Price
RTG X SPLASH 2 måneder siden
Danny duncan vibes u guys should collab
CF Fitness
CF Fitness 2 måneder siden
“New Boot Goofin”
Garrett male
Garrett male 2 måneder siden
What website do you make your raps on
Deezzydoo 2 måneder siden
yall should buy mopeds and tune them and which one drives faster and stuff like that
Brad 2 måneder siden
Hopefully you guys like your boots! That was an awesome scene lmao. Bought my first pair since I was a kid 3 years ago and it’s all I own now 😂
Teague Rus
Teague Rus 2 måneder siden
Ben got the same ones I have
Zander Kollatz
Zander Kollatz 2 måneder siden
yall come to albany wi
Eric Sturm
Eric Sturm 2 måneder siden
You guys should take all your cars to the drag strip, I’m curious to know some 1/4 mile times
noah simone
noah simone 2 måneder siden
I don’t know if it’s just me but I miss the videos from 2 years ago. Idk why but the older videos just felt more natural and were more entertaining. Don’t get me wrong these videos are still great but they’re just missing a certain touch. It used to just be guys hanging out and then happen to be filming.
noah simone
noah simone 2 måneder siden
Gang Nailz dang bud I’m not hating on them I love the cboys I’ve been a big follower for awhile I’m just voicing my opinion is that okay?
Gang Nailz
Gang Nailz 2 måneder siden
Maybe you should go live your life bud...the world is pretty awesome, you should check it out sometime lol
Yooperdude906 2 måneder siden
It was great finally meeting you guys last weekend in Eagle River!! Hope to do a ride along this winter!
Alden Pfeiffer
Alden Pfeiffer 2 måneder siden
You should put a fmf pipe on a smart car
Jakoby Haefler
Jakoby Haefler 2 måneder siden
its monday when ya posting
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