Brand New Polaris RZR SMASHED!!

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Brand New Polaris RZR TOTALLED!!
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In Today’s episode Ryan, Micah, and Jake fly to Spokane Washington for the 509 Volume 14 Film Premiere. They take some RZR’s into the mountains of Coeur d’Alene and wind up with a broken down new one with no tow rope. Later on the the video they also go visit Airway X moto track to check out the riding. To top it all off they head back to Minnesota to get one last surf in before the boats are pulled.
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Lill Twinn x Mizzy Coke - YAWN
Produced by: Just Add Water
Engineered by: G the Shep
Vocals/Written by: Lill Twinn & Mizzy Coke
X.ILE - MALAYSIA (feat. Lapse)
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If you’re still reading this comment “509’s best good riders"

Cohen Rachoy
Cohen Rachoy 9 dager siden
Hit me up next time you're in Washington
Fat fish Tacos
Fat fish Tacos 11 dager siden
Oh I want a shout out I Love banging he is the most funniest guy ever
Emily Rollins
Emily Rollins 10 dager siden
He you mean they
Fat fish Tacos
Fat fish Tacos 11 dager siden
I want to sponsor
nupen å co
nupen å co 17 dager siden
is that a boatyota supra
Karen Schlosser
Karen Schlosser 20 dager siden
shout out to all of the 509ers
Christian Victor
Christian Victor 23 dager siden
This app was great 😊 the end and the day Seaboard keyboard TV
jaxon metcalf
jaxon metcalf Måned siden
get another mav agin pl
Wings Nuttツ
Wings Nuttツ 3 måneder siden
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott 3 måneder siden
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott 3 måneder siden
she is a big D
Beast gaming Goddard The god
Beast gaming Goddard The god 4 måneder siden
gaming all the way
gaming all the way 4 måneder siden
Were do you buy your dirt bikes from
DJDiLLPICKLE fundays 4 måneder siden
That is offensive you said that Canadian is Useless
Jack Rego
Jack Rego 4 måneder siden
6:08 “THATS A FUCKING ROCK”🤣🤣🤣🤣 I fucking choked🤣
Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler 4 måneder siden
My name is Jason
Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler 4 måneder siden
I like your videos they are so funny and I like seeing allVideos
Ripper 5 måneder siden
David's truck is lit
Ripper 5 måneder siden
@CboysTV You guys should really get one. We have an '07 Ram 2500 Longhorn edition w/ 6.7L V8, 8ft bed, and tow package. We had about 3 different Rams before that and they are super reliable. AND IF YOU DO RESPOND IMPORTANT NOTE....Im moving to Coeur D'Alene by this September. PLEASE PLEASE hit me up for some riding.
CboysTV 5 måneder siden
Thanks maroon on black is so sick... plus Long box is a flex 🤣 so sick
Coopgames08 5 måneder siden
Yea Karen no rzr’s
Connor Denes
Connor Denes 5 måneder siden
Look at that woman’s stance...
kylie knight
kylie knight 5 måneder siden
I know that exact spot you guys were at, North Idaho baby
Louis V.
Louis V. 5 måneder siden
Jacob's reasoning for why he does shit is just too hilarious
Danger Quinn
Danger Quinn 5 måneder siden
I live in spokane wa
ron1418online 6 måneder siden
You should have jake catch food in his mouth again and do like trick shots off 4 wheelers and dirt bikes
Coleman Orenstein
Coleman Orenstein 6 måneder siden
Micah those neature walk references get me every time bro 😅
Carson The farmer
Carson The farmer 6 måneder siden
Dang Karens
MindBrapp 6 måneder siden
What is the song playing after they throw the dvds it goes standing by the edge looking down
Christian Rager
Christian Rager 7 måneder siden
How many tickets have u guys gotten from the dnr
Appleajaa 7 måneder siden
WENDY BOYCE 7 måneder siden
"What the fuck richard" 😂
WENDY BOYCE 7 måneder siden
"That's a fucking rock"
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 8 måneder siden
Evan Mundt
Evan Mundt 8 måneder siden
If that trail you were riding on wasn’t for ATVs what else is it for what els are you going to send it on
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward 9 måneder siden
Why does ken always look like his dog died lol
Austin Farley
Austin Farley 9 måneder siden
is that lake rosevelt
Mower Trend
Mower Trend 9 måneder siden
Dnr=do not ride
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson 10 måneder siden
You guys are the shit! #BANGIN dont ever stop!!
Canadien15Farmlife 10 måneder siden
The way micah imitated "YoU'Re RuInInG oUr LaNd" at 4:51 killed me
Justin LaBar
Justin LaBar 11 måneder siden
Yo I live in Spokane love riding here
ctb0302891 11 måneder siden
Fernan! Great ridding.
Owens Outdoors TV
Owens Outdoors TV År siden
509s best good riders
Matt Davis
Matt Davis År siden
Fuck off antifa. That guy in the black was pretty rude
Braden År siden
Let out a tear when they were at airway x and I was just there
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes År siden
Kens nick name should be the fun meter
cobrasvt347 År siden
Jesus fucki mg Christ what ignorant noob. Do the brakes work with it off, and the frame went into the engine thing. Ya need to jump in get dirty and learn something. It's embarrassing as hell when ya know absolutely shit about anything ya drive or do. guy. Y'all make awesome videos but imagine how much more epic things would be having everyone on the same page and modding and creating some insane crazy contraption to break youtube with. Keep the vids coming but instead of paying someone to fix y'alls shit how about jumping in and do it yourself that way there wont be any more ridiculously stupid comments any more. That shit makes me want to slap the shit outta dude.
Gw Sweeney
Gw Sweeney År siden
Y'all r gay as hell
JJ_MX År siden
Oh yeah you put a Tobi Lou song in the vid
Benny_ Hauna
Benny_ Hauna År siden
Any one else from Washington?
Andrew Beskar
Andrew Beskar År siden
You guys better holdJake to gapping I 94
Motodrew År siden
Dizzle keeping the kids out of trouble!
ThatLame Chevy
ThatLame Chevy År siden
Ahhh I can't believe I always miss you guys when you come to CDA !! I want to meet the cboys 🙏🤘 Let me know next time you are up here ! Oh and don't mind the crazy tweaker lady , those are common round these parts 😂😂
Robbie D
Robbie D År siden
What song is that at 14:00
Schmiddy’s Quads
Schmiddy’s Quads År siden
As A Canadian That's Broke, That 5 Was Sad Getting Sucked Away, Lol!
Cole Rippel
Cole Rippel År siden
the editing on these is amazing your'e most recent vids kill it
Tyler Burton
Tyler Burton År siden
Ur guyss videos r so sick
b hall
b hall År siden
smh bangin just disrespects 5 Canadian dollars
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions År siden
I wonder if it really is affecting any type of nature doubt it
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions År siden
Top daily watch list Mark Freeman Cboys🤘 Sxsblog Cleetus mcmullet Nelk Cassidy Campbell Roman atwood
Dave Ritschel
Dave Ritschel År siden
Reason why i wouldn't buy a used one that's still overpriced
R R M År siden
stop saying "literally" Just say the same exact thing, minus Lilllarrry
Brandon Richards
Brandon Richards År siden
“509’s best good riders”
DirtbikeJ07 År siden
u guys should move up here u guys can be Coeur d’Alene boys
Easton Thomas
Easton Thomas 8 måneder siden
Then they wouldn’t be the cboys/cormorant boys
DirtbikeJ07 År siden
i have always wanted to see u guys
DirtbikeJ07 År siden
i ride hat airway heights
DirtbikeJ07 År siden
yo guys i love it guys and i live in Coeur d’Alene it me up
Lukas Dubek
Lukas Dubek År siden
When someone wins the Mav do they have to take the wrap off
Waterfowl ONE hit one box
Waterfowl ONE hit one box År siden
Best video on the channel great work boys
The Rubikz
The Rubikz År siden
Next time you guys come to cda bring me along
Avery Runstrom
Avery Runstrom År siden
Next peanut u get you should cut the muffler off
Ben Dover
Ben Dover År siden
Jake is my fav bro Stay lit jake
Graham Humphreys
Graham Humphreys År siden
yalls videos have gotten so much funnier over the past year
Dubes År siden
"What the fuck, Richard" XD 6:27
Sonny Piper
Sonny Piper År siden
Bangin needs a mullet 🤘🏼
Nathan Bleecker
Nathan Bleecker År siden
Maverick so six we see if baggin Can do wheelies
kick stand
kick stand År siden
I love it you guys should me us at the brainerd jaycees ice fishing extravaganza this year we will be doing meet and greets and wining free stuff ..
Justin minzghor
Justin minzghor År siden
I just came across this video where are you guys from? I live in Coeur d’Alene.
IowaOutdoors 150
IowaOutdoors 150 År siden
You guys need to get a boat and wrap it to match the mav
Blake Smith
Blake Smith År siden
Do a meet up in Spokane !!!!!!!
Dent'd Garage
Dent'd Garage År siden
the red Bangin hat is FIRE boys... i just copped. keep bringin the heat!
00 00
00 00 År siden
why the f don't you guys have 100 mill subs?
Aron År siden
when the snow comes you should get a 500 ¨peanut¨ snowmobile or sum like that pls like so they can see
Switch Click
Switch Click År siden
67 degree lakes! That’s Canada all year boyz!
TINK TINK1983 År siden
Click bait crap
Nolz1303 År siden
“Look at that pony tail swing” LMAO😂😂😂
Isapongo ?
Isapongo ? År siden
Wtf I literaly drove that road yesterday 3:00
Braden Arthur
Braden Arthur År siden
U guys are the best
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore År siden
We wanna see more content of the mustang 🔥🔥💪💪
vaughan adams
vaughan adams År siden
NOpostr be like " NEW POLARIS *SMASHED* CLICK NOW* Reality: Small chip of plastic came off
Macca År siden
Click bait bullshit
Brad Downes
Brad Downes År siden
Just order a hat and some socks!! to match my new Maverick!!🤘🤘❄❄
Skyler Mummert
Skyler Mummert År siden
Damn all those bad ass riders I'm jealous
Skyler Mummert
Skyler Mummert År siden
That lady is on meth
Nic Yahnke
Nic Yahnke År siden
Bangin - he throw it and hit the gym floor ceiling 🧐
Blake År siden
can I win in Canada
Justin Thiessen
Justin Thiessen År siden
Water skip the maverick it’ll be cool if you do
OffroadCanadian År siden
lol 67 is nothin thats end of august temps
Lorenzo Bowser
Lorenzo Bowser År siden
4:45 Fucking Ryan😂😂
Keegan Stiefel
Keegan Stiefel År siden
509’s best good riders
Dyllon Haines
Dyllon Haines År siden
Not to sound like a smartass in the comments but it sounds like Ryan’s clutch is slipping on the raptor!
PaRaDoX500 År siden
Aye boys how it doin. I bought a back pack and stickers and it said it would be in the same package but it didn’t come with any
Young Goat
Young Goat År siden
I live in cda and you guys went up the fernan saddle rightv
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