Signing with Polaris!!

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11 måneder siden

Signing with Polaris!!
Get entered to win our Turbo'd Polaris Pro RMK here:
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You can get entered for our snowmobile giveaway at these sites too:
In todays video, we assess Jakes first month on the job with a thorough performance review. We announce some really big exciting news with you guys and head to Polaris Head quarters. Jake tried to break the world record in docs drank in a sitting; and then we pull a really funny prank on him at an abandoned mansion on the lake. We scare him really good!
Comment down below some future video ideas you'd like to see us do!

Bradley Dugan
Bradley Dugan 4 dager siden
141 dislikes is can am owners
Chase Gregory
Chase Gregory 8 dager siden
sign with canam
DomanatingBea Beast
DomanatingBea Beast 21 dag siden
I live ne’er the Polaris head quarters
Peyton Bergeron
Peyton Bergeron 23 dager siden
I re watch every vid
Peyton Bergeron
Peyton Bergeron 23 dager siden
Jaxsyn Hearn
Jaxsyn Hearn Måned siden
Lochie Thorpe
Lochie Thorpe Måned siden
Lochie Thorpe
Lochie Thorpe Måned siden
So cool
Wil Leners
Wil Leners 3 måneder siden
You guys should post more quad content
Cboystv Cboystv
Cboystv Cboystv 3 måneder siden
Gorf 4 måneder siden
Alright where the fuck did you get a plane lmao
Charlie F
Charlie F 4 måneder siden
No wonder my box was empty
Isaiah Roa
Isaiah Roa 4 måneder siden
Your videos are the best been here since day one
Grady Garrison
Grady Garrison 5 måneder siden
wait the polaris shop didnt get burned down damn
Johndeereboy 5 måneder siden
I love Polaris!
Wyo-colt 29
Wyo-colt 29 5 måneder siden
They need to get a Polaris jet ski
Nicholas Wood
Nicholas Wood 5 måneder siden
Is doc like soda, and energy drink or beer?
RacerKing1X 5 måneder siden
8:04 “ Two is even worse “
Jonas Skjortnes
Jonas Skjortnes 6 måneder siden
Get a atv
Nicholas Peña
Nicholas Peña 6 måneder siden
The mask looks like a teatical face
Liam Scottreid
Liam Scottreid 7 måneder siden
Ben Opem
Ben Opem 7 måneder siden
Wish I would have seen this and been following more closely like I used to, if this is the office in Plymouth/Maple Grove is less then a mile from my house and would have swung by!
V.T.T. kumaj uses code litty ay
V.T.T. kumaj uses code litty ay 7 måneder siden
I’ve been here since day one sorry but I don’t now how to reply
Hi 7 måneder siden
Bro jake was ready lol
DORYTOS MEDIA 7 måneder siden
overdosing on energy drink can be terrible with cafeine especially causing heart attack and seizure
12LOOK4 2FAST 7 måneder siden
Congratulations 👏 but good products sell them selves. CAN AM all day. It's proven and I'm not paid to say that. Polaris has not been good for me . Thought ib would go from x3 to rzr that lasted 3 months. Was disappointed.
Thenewguy 7 måneder siden
Could yall imagine a 24/7 Jake cam?
Native_blood_kg 8 måneder siden
At 12:00 jake pulls out the glock lmao 😂
Ryan McCurdy
Ryan McCurdy 8 måneder siden
They hype it up in the video like nobody knows but it’s litterly the thumbnail
Slade Johannesson
Slade Johannesson 8 måneder siden
whats doc
Tanner Barber
Tanner Barber 8 måneder siden
What happens if you ride a ski doo?
Michael Opie Vlogs
Michael Opie Vlogs 8 måneder siden
People:Avengers Endgame was the biggest crossover event in history Cboys and Polaris: Hold our doc
Trappers Outdoor adventures
Trappers Outdoor adventures 8 måneder siden
When Ryan heard the gun he prolly crapped himself he was like y’all better not bring that
Andrew Vigil
Andrew Vigil 9 måneder siden
ya'll should send me a case lol
Tyler Reichel
Tyler Reichel 9 måneder siden
The realest shit about call of dutyspoken ever
Your Real plug
Your Real plug 9 måneder siden
its funny that they live very close to me
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 9 måneder siden
Seems like a great employee to me🤣🤣
Will White
Will White 9 måneder siden
Calm music playing. :meanwhile at home, "WHATSSS UP YOU GUUUUUUUYYYYYYSSSS"
David V
David V 10 måneder siden
Jake loads the handgun and everyone else like............. hahahahaha. Great video again. All of you. Congrats. Ride it out.
Ben haakenson
Ben haakenson 10 måneder siden
So Jake can’t ride Polaris or is that a joke
Crazy For Donuts Cookies & More
Crazy For Donuts Cookies & More 10 måneder siden
9:07 jake when he dies to a camper
Gavin Rabon
Gavin Rabon 10 måneder siden
He got high on energy drink
Collin0110 10 måneder siden
Congratulations guys to all of you!!!! great videos!!! I live in Hutchinson so I'm hoping to make it out to turf wars this year to meet my icons every time I watch a sled video it makes me want to go ride but with and old sled i know I cant bang as hard as y'all but it's still fun lol keep up the awesome videos guys
Cheeto Henke
Cheeto Henke 10 måneder siden
When he talks about cod though
Chuck Beef
Chuck Beef 10 måneder siden
I wish i could screw around all day and still make a shit ton of money.
Adam Hull
Adam Hull 10 måneder siden
Congrats guys! Hard work is paying off. Look forward to future content.
Matthew Holmgren
Matthew Holmgren 10 måneder siden
So is Ryan just the designated driver?? 😂😂 he’s always the one driving anywhere you guys go 😂 Who thought it was a good idea to leave jake alone by himself 😂
Gage Hale
Gage Hale 10 måneder siden
Will you guys be in Houston Texas at the Polaris meeting this year if so I will be to for my grand father
Mikey Furst
Mikey Furst 10 måneder siden
Jake has a juul at 2:40
NC Coonhunter
NC Coonhunter 10 måneder siden
Get polaris highlifters and go mud bogging
Glenn Bronson
Glenn Bronson 10 måneder siden
Love the prank on bangin.... The balls chin would scare me too 😂
Kyle Fitzgerald
Kyle Fitzgerald 10 måneder siden
Good for you guys! Can’t say I’d buy another Polaris, haven’t had great luck with any of their machines. But hope the best of luck to ya and keep making great videos
Lightskin Gaming
Lightskin Gaming 10 måneder siden
Hey cboys just to let y’all know that jake is the new Steve-o 😂 if you agree! LIKE THIS UP!
Townhall 12
Townhall 12 10 måneder siden
Bangs gonna have a heart attack
Steven Trevorrow
Steven Trevorrow 10 måneder siden
12:12 Ryan’s life flashed before his eyes
cboys gang
cboys gang 10 måneder siden
I am crazy when I start driving a four-wheeler or a razor
cboys gang
cboys gang 10 måneder siden
My dad said I am the mini Jake
cboys gang
cboys gang 10 måneder siden
Y'all need to ride at boggin on the plains in Auburn Alabama and and can you please make it around April that is my birthday and I've always dreamed of riding with y'all I have a Polaris 1000 and there are some crazy trails for Jake to just send it
JÄGER 10 måneder siden
Wow this is unreal congrats dudes !
William Arnwine
William Arnwine 10 måneder siden
You guys need cboys crew/team shirts for the team only
William Arnwine
William Arnwine 10 måneder siden
Hell boys hire me full time 🤔 grab my kfx n be on the way
Roderick Morin
Roderick Morin 10 måneder siden
I love you guys because I believe in my self
Eric Nistler
Eric Nistler 10 måneder siden
who flies the cessna?
special ed
special ed 10 måneder siden
Jake when nobody is home 😂😂
Nick Panciuk
Nick Panciuk 10 måneder siden
This video was a fuckinn mess
Quentin Garfin
Quentin Garfin 10 måneder siden
Can I have new snowmobile
machew2009 10 måneder siden
So does this mean no more BRP Products
Cole Porter
Cole Porter 10 måneder siden
Where can I buy the bangin sunglasses I couldn’t find em on your website
Luketw 28
Luketw 28 10 måneder siden
So stoked for you guys!
Bailey Greenham
Bailey Greenham 10 måneder siden
does he know we can hear the cans hitting the bottom? mans takes 2-3 sips per can and throws it out lmao
Nosnorb Repooc
Nosnorb Repooc 10 måneder siden
Dude those half barf burps are hilarious hahahahaha
Nosnorb Repooc
Nosnorb Repooc 10 måneder siden
Good job and well deserved boys. Hard work pays off!
Reece Vantland
Reece Vantland 10 måneder siden
Bet they wished they they signed with ski doo...New 850 turbo bet Polaris is going to copy ski doo again like they did with the 850
Sutton Taliaferro
Sutton Taliaferro 10 måneder siden
They say pop not soda
ColdCanadian Man
ColdCanadian Man 10 måneder siden
Skidoo released a new sled a 2 stroke 850 turbo !!!!!!!
Jordan Deck
Jordan Deck 10 måneder siden
What town are they from? I was driving from pa to Montana when my clutch gave out in my car. The car is in the shop, however now I’m stuck in North Dakota. I am wondering how close I am. Maybe they can tell me what there is to do in this state other than drink.
WYATT LENZ 10 måneder siden
like the video so keep it up
Braeden Desjarlais
Braeden Desjarlais 10 måneder siden
Jake drinking the doc was probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen "Oh I don't feel good at all.... but in needs to be done"
Andre Pettersson
Andre Pettersson 10 måneder siden
you can't leave jake alone
James Ouellette
James Ouellette 10 måneder siden
funniest one in a while guys! beginning was priceless.
Twicks 10 måneder siden
Merch collab with polaris?!
Borho 2133
Borho 2133 10 måneder siden
Good job guys but my opinion should’ve signed with canam but I can’t really say much you are always on a Polaris
Johnny Lopez
Johnny Lopez 10 måneder siden
Oh no boys I just got word that duke the mayor died look it up
Jake Goehringer
Jake Goehringer 10 måneder siden
Yo cboys now that your said with Polaris you should see is they can send me a new back tire and starter I broke mine and me and my family can’t afford to get it fixed
Fishy 069
Fishy 069 10 måneder siden
R.I.P Duke the dog mayor
Pug Productions
Pug Productions 10 måneder siden
Duke died ☹️
Mayh3M_Tv 10 måneder siden
Probably would’ve gotten more views if you titled it “Jake shotguns entire case of doc”
Carter Bowden
Carter Bowden 10 måneder siden
You guys have cake so far since I’ve began watching keep it up boys
Dominick Tronnes
Dominick Tronnes 10 måneder siden
Kent Kollath
Kent Kollath 10 måneder siden
Saw the truck at Benihana in maple grove Friday.
Kent Kollath
Kent Kollath 10 måneder siden
You didn’t mention anything about the new assault.
Connor Allen
Connor Allen 10 måneder siden
Where did Ryan get his 4 wheeler
Tommy Deutsch
Tommy Deutsch 10 måneder siden
Like if they should give away Ryan’s xrs
Tommy Deutsch
Tommy Deutsch 10 måneder siden
My dream sled 😔 I wish 👍🏻
Noah Banister
Noah Banister 10 måneder siden
Rest In Peace duke.
1CLAP Gaming
1CLAP Gaming 10 måneder siden
Wait so is this like a repost re edit or?
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake 10 måneder siden
I just bought a shirt, bracelet, and key tag, so I’m really hopeing to win the rmk🤞🏻
Ethan 10 måneder siden
Good idea changing the name, definitely the highlight of the video. Congrats guys
Drake Falkner
Drake Falkner 10 måneder siden
Took away jakes title
Stfu 10 måneder siden
Jye Sander
Jye Sander 10 måneder siden
Where’s the big news at?
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