Snowmobile Water Skips Entire Lake!!

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Water Skipping my new snowmobile across the whole lake
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we pick up a water cross snowmobile off of Facebook Market place for $1,900. We take it out to a shallower spot in the lake to practice with it and it ends up sinking twice! After getting all the water out of the motor (Twice, it was hydrolocked both times) CJ hops on it and water skips it around the whole lake! Later Ben rips his Ford Raptor in a near by sandpit and we take our Pit bike out and ride around too.

CboysTV 29 dager siden
800K!!!! Thank you boys so much 🤘🏻
That Nick Longo
That Nick Longo 3 dager siden
What is the song at 6:55?
Brandon 11 dager siden
Ken wanna water skip it, that’s a no ken do
Brandon 11 dager siden
Your welcome
Gabriel Lewis
Gabriel Lewis 12 dager siden
How do I join to win the bike ?
Janaka Gilland
Janaka Gilland 19 dager siden
Let’s get to 1m boys
Jeffrey howes
Jeffrey howes 59 minutter siden
What did you guys do with that sled?
Cameron Commerford
Cameron Commerford 2 dager siden
Honestly this made me subscribe
Ian Yakinneah
Ian Yakinneah 3 dager siden
Great video you guy's are awesome 👍
That Nick Longo
That Nick Longo 3 dager siden
Whats the song at 6:55?
Carving Life
Carving Life 4 dager siden
Stuart Henderson
Stuart Henderson 4 dager siden
pull a wakeboard with the sled
Gavin Melanson
Gavin Melanson 5 dager siden
4:17 Im wondering that to
Gavin Melanson
Gavin Melanson 5 dager siden
Awesome vid!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!
Hockey Shot
Hockey Shot 5 dager siden
I live in Coldspring Minnesota
Gonzodd 6 dager siden
So cool
Zach Dekoning
Zach Dekoning 6 dager siden
The way to water skip is too literally pin it and keep it pined
Alain G
Alain G 6 dager siden
haha I'm ure the neighbors love the sound of free exhaust
Rylan Henderson
Rylan Henderson 8 dager siden
Why is cj so good at everything
Hayden G
Hayden G 8 dager siden
What’s the name of the song at about 7:00
OKHMAN PAVEL 9 dager siden
What ids the purpose of GD words?
Logan Smiley
Logan Smiley 10 dager siden
I think they need to jump in on the jet ski jump
Brandon 10 dager siden
Ken wanna skip it no that’s a no Ken do LOL
Orange Eclipse
Orange Eclipse 10 dager siden
Perfect outro tho
Orange Eclipse
Orange Eclipse 10 dager siden
Getting a Honda crf 125r big wheel as my first dirt bike should be fun
Brandon 11 dager siden
Ken wanna water skip it, that’s a no ken do. LOL
Krysta Drugge
Krysta Drugge 12 dager siden
That was awesome guys
Bikes & Wrenches
Bikes & Wrenches 12 dager siden
Right when the ice on the lake gets about 2 inches thick yall should skate on it. It makes a crazy sound
shane129 12 dager siden
I need one of those lights for my pit bike! That looks sick
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 12 dager siden
Here's your problem its a ford
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 12 dager siden
Hydroplaning not water skiping
Zane Vought
Zane Vought 13 dager siden
You should get Ryan a small atv
WhyCantIGetADamnedLife 13 dager siden
"I think it's because they assume it was an accident" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO
Topiccs 13 dager siden
By far the best youtube chanel
Nathan Hearld
Nathan Hearld 13 dager siden
The pit bikes would be better with 125cc motors
Jack Firmage
Jack Firmage 14 dager siden
Where is banging
Front Wheel Drip
Front Wheel Drip 14 dager siden
If there’s a Guinness world record for snowmobiling over water, which I’m positive there is, CJ just broke it
Front Wheel Drip
Front Wheel Drip 14 dager siden
Oh my god never mind the world record was set in Canada by Kyle Nelson and went 43.3 miles on sept. 3rd, 2005
MyMrMelon 15 dager siden
Dude this has gotta be in a james bonde movie, just going along on the snow, OH NO, WATER, no problem.
Jeffrey howes
Jeffrey howes 15 dager siden
You guys going to the u.p. this winter if so do you have a date cause I would love to meet you guys and be there and get some merch and ride!!
Hillary Langlais
Hillary Langlais 15 dager siden
Clean Machine Auto Detailing
Clean Machine Auto Detailing 16 dager siden
Get Ken on something. Don't let him puss out on a "no Ken do"
Daky_ Heinze
Daky_ Heinze 17 dager siden
That was a pretty dope water skip
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson 17 dager siden
Snowmobile trips for sure are my fav, loved when you guys slept in the tunnels
Triple S
Triple S 17 dager siden
My uncle has that exact raptor and he hit a deer and popped a tire
alexander moreno
alexander moreno 17 dager siden
Stay on the gas
Lego Master
Lego Master 17 dager siden
I love how it goes to driving a snowmobile across a lake to doughnuts to jumping a truck then riding pit bikes i love this chanel it is very inspiring and keep doing what your doing because you only live once
XOl UNDT lOX 17 dager siden
I love all your vids btw
r315 18 dager siden
you are gonna blow that up real fast burp the throttle running wide open smh
Dylan robbs
Dylan robbs 18 dager siden
This just hyped me up so much for sledding 🍻
Octopus 1. 9 er 9 er
Octopus 1. 9 er 9 er 19 dager siden
I’m 14 and I’ve been riding since I was 2 Never herd of a watercross sled before but now I need to get my hands on one 😂 If it’s anything like a 600r then it must be pretty insane
Alicia Cliffe
Alicia Cliffe 19 dager siden
My dad no’s the guy that sold them that
Eric Bunkers
Eric Bunkers 19 dager siden
Biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had is water skipping a stock 1989 Indy 500 across a lake. We took off the seat and tied a couple inner-tubes to the tunnel. It floated just enough for us to fetch it with a pontoon and drag it to shore.
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon 19 dager siden
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon 19 dager siden
Nice one hand on the pit bike in the garage
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon 19 dager siden
Nice job boys that was a awesome water skip
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon 19 dager siden
How do we win bike bro
Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice 19 dager siden
why is the lake so clear damm lol
Hayden Cutter
Hayden Cutter 19 dager siden
lol the pit bike outro was funny 😂😂
Killer Official
Killer Official 19 dager siden
So on your site wide open parts is in CAD$ or US$
OverwatchSIX / CANADACHILL RUST SERVER 19 dager siden
lol 9:48 need yerself a yeti there pal XDDDDD SHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Victor Rost
Victor Rost 20 dager siden
replasment jet skea
peter MacKenzie
peter MacKenzie 20 dager siden
Are we just gonna ignore how well that snowmobile synced up with the music at about 9:00?
Rom Bro’s
Rom Bro’s 20 dager siden
You shud see if you can ride the snowmobile on the snow
William Sprang
William Sprang 20 dager siden
Wow only 30 minutes away from meee
Syzygy 21 dag siden
More aggressive track will give you better results.
Nathan Lazareanu
Nathan Lazareanu 21 dag siden
Yes sir
Morgan Zawada
Morgan Zawada 21 dag siden
Someone please tell me what bars and riser that is
griffin charlebois
griffin charlebois 21 dag siden
what’s the song playing when he’s going across
Jennifer Witt
Jennifer Witt 21 dag siden
I love you guys so much your content is amazing keep up the good work boys. FULL SEND!!!!!!!!!
Riot Man168
Riot Man168 21 dag siden
Good vid
Jersey Riders
Jersey Riders 21 dag siden
Getting famous off of comments day 64 just trying to live the dream , live life to the fullest 🤙🚀
Samuel IIIsam
Samuel IIIsam 22 dager siden
i won i love it
Aiden Fairfax
Aiden Fairfax 22 dager siden
I feel bad for the people fishing.😭😂😂 but Dj’s talent is awesome.
NICK_YOO_ HOO 22 dager siden
Hoon the water sled at the sand pit.
RUSSEL LUGINBUHL 22 dager siden
the sled is has to bounce up and down
Morrel Dicaprio
Morrel Dicaprio 22 dager siden
I really need that 110 I am a really good rider I got chased by cops I wheely good now I jus need a new bike bed I just need help this is probrely my only chance
Jonah Collins
Jonah Collins 22 dager siden
I have always wanted a dirt bike but my mom and dad say we don’t have the money we already have a four wheeler but it just doesn’t feel the same as when I get on a dirt bike when I get on a dirt bike it doesn’t feel like I’m riding it when I go it feels like I’m just moving through the air love you guys so much you all are literally the best 🔥
Bolt Productions
Bolt Productions 22 dager siden
You can’t drift a truck, just accept it. You should’ve gotten a Dodge Challenger hellcat, it would’ve been around the same price.
Jesse Abel
Jesse Abel 22 dager siden
That was epic CJ, I love that stuff, all of it I love all Ur contents
mr.obvious 22 dager siden
Ben needs some real off-road tires on his raptor
yu du
yu du 23 dager siden
hey guys im 13 and all my freinds have bikes down here and i would lovee to be able to get one ill take a old crappy one justr please man we dont have the money to get a bike but i know how to ride from my freinds just please boys please
Caleb McPherson
Caleb McPherson 23 dager siden
best channel ever hands down!
Kullen Schreifels
Kullen Schreifels 23 dager siden
I wish I would’ve met you😭
robby bessert
robby bessert 23 dager siden
Witch hat should I get
ijixo ?
ijixo ? 23 dager siden
i can’t wait till the snow and ice comes and we’ll see the subie drift like old times
Nut Twg
Nut Twg 23 dager siden
You rookies your suppose to jump on the bumper to get it out of the sand
Nut Twg
Nut Twg 23 dager siden
Put skis and paddle tires on a four wheeler and skip it across the lake
Duane Edrington
Duane Edrington 23 dager siden
You guys are awesome.... lol love it the snowmobile was the best .... love the pit bikes boyz
Mid Nebraska Motorsports
Mid Nebraska Motorsports 23 dager siden
Not gonna lie. I was kinda wanting CJ to seize that up half way across the lake.
camron brown
camron brown 23 dager siden
Once ya get cookin water skipping is easy, but yeah when you have no run up it hops and will yeet your ass 😂
Avery Holtrey
Avery Holtrey 23 dager siden
How do you make so much money to do this stuff
Josh Mayhem
Josh Mayhem 23 dager siden
Go drifting with the raptor I dare you to
Josh Mayhem
Josh Mayhem 23 dager siden
The raptor is the best at doing donuts
Josh Mayhem
Josh Mayhem 23 dager siden
It's like you can't let go of the gas or else It would sing
ZBruh 23 dager siden
There is a fine for sinking anything into a lake. The DEQ will come and slap it on ya, might not be your local authorities, but DEQ never fails to show up
chris warren
chris warren 23 dager siden
this is insanely impressive
arcticcatkickass 23 dager siden
Badass check out 603goons on youtube first video is up atvs sleds mechanics bullshittin in Newhampshire east coast
JuanOnController 23 dager siden
Is he afraid if the throttle in the raptor😂😂
leo rawlinson
leo rawlinson 23 dager siden
Air down the tires to 15psi and get the pit bikes out the back and you'll really be impressed with what that truck can do
Michael Frazer
Michael Frazer 23 dager siden
More water skipping
Chance Gries
Chance Gries 24 dager siden
What song is this 6:45
B E 24 dager siden
It's bouncing around because you only weigh 90lbs son. Gotta be a man to get down on that.
Ben 24 dager siden
Any suggestions on where to get my bikes frame powder coated?
Ethan Hennix
Ethan Hennix 24 dager siden
I’m assuming you were at the target did you at least try Val’s the little burger joint just down the road
Darius Boykin
Darius Boykin 24 dager siden
I was smiling the whole time like I was there love it letsss gooo Cj 😂🤘🏽🐐
tesla pete
tesla pete 24 dager siden
you need the ram TRX so badly...
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