We got Pit Bikes.

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We got Pit Bikes.
In todays video, CJ and Ben travel across Minnesota to pick up two new pit bikes one of them being a 2021 crf 110 and the other being a built 2019 crf 110. We do a bike run down, ride some wheelies and take them on our backyard track to try some jumps. We even give Ken a web redemption after the last time he was on a dirt bike. We also fix our monster car Tiny (kinda).

CboysTV 2 måneder siden
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Flynn Beveridge
Flynn Beveridge 23 dager siden
Guys we have to sub they said soo
Purple Ninja
Purple Ninja Måned siden
Salvador Vulcano
Salvador Vulcano Måned siden
You gotta change the gears in the transfer case when u go to super small tires like that. There a small gear in the bottom and a big one on top. Reverse them and the driveshaft will be fine.
Bubba Art
Bubba Art Måned siden
Not trying to be mean but in the intro you sounded like you were just Dustin
Tryhardclanyt0 Disson
Tryhardclanyt0 Disson 2 måneder siden
Hy cboys biggggggggg fan please shout me out plzz
Tanner Tuten
Tanner Tuten 8 timer siden
Lowkey Ryguy
Lowkey Ryguy Dag siden
Why don’t the bikes have clutches?
Holly Nidell
Holly Nidell 6 dager siden
Seriously. CJ, I really like you, but you need to buy a camera that doesn’t shake or don’t use the camera. Shakes waaaay too much when you’re filming.
N E 10 dager siden
What's your favorite? Pit bike or Dirt bike?
Topnotch 20
Topnotch 20 11 dager siden
Already done
Jay Clark
Jay Clark 15 dager siden
Not trying to be rude but why do you guys keep buying honda pit bikes
YEAH SURE 17 dager siden
I know why cj hurt his foot because the devil is on his number plate🤣
Samuel Gagnon
Samuel Gagnon 17 dager siden
8:23 CJ dosen’t understand he cant shift went the bike is of ahahha
Dillon Reynolds
Dillon Reynolds 20 dager siden
Should've got the x3
Lil_haiden 21 dag siden
What are those bikes I wanna get one for christmas
Parkour Pro
Parkour Pro 25 dager siden
Can I have your old ones
SumoToad 26 dager siden
Lmao Ken doing all the real work only furthers his Dad persona 🤣
Hooligan Måned siden
Cam been come to my birthday party
5kicks Måned siden
yo cboys can you tell me where to buy a 110 please by da way i love your vids
rashon parker
rashon parker Måned siden
I love those bikes I want one
Eddie Myers
Eddie Myers Måned siden
I like how I watch you when I will die for a motorbike or a quad
Colton Magoon
Colton Magoon Måned siden
I have a ssr 125 pit bike what is the difference from a pit bike from a normal bike
Worldstar Trash
Worldstar Trash Måned siden
I Got my 2020 coolster speedster starter bike and fell twice trying to do wheelies lmao haha
Forrest Strong
Forrest Strong Måned siden
You need a double Cardon rear drive shaft. The angle is too steep for regular u joints.
MotoDBN Måned siden
Great Channel Just Subbed!!🙏👌🔥
yolo gal
yolo gal Måned siden
tiny got bubble gum tylnal in it
Sonya paul
Sonya paul Måned siden
Can I have a pit bike
Melissa Vanderhei
Melissa Vanderhei Måned siden
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!!
Waylon Boswell
Waylon Boswell Måned siden
If you keep rewinding at 12:34
Daltyn Dibert
Daltyn Dibert Måned siden
@braydonprice it'll buff
Pro Gamer22
Pro Gamer22 Måned siden
Micah was smart and wore pants this time lol
otxros Måned siden
I want a pit bike
Hjalmar Anton Aronsen
Hjalmar Anton Aronsen 2 måneder siden
Where is Jake, haven’t seen him in a long time?
Logan Sobering
Logan Sobering 2 måneder siden
You guys should get timber sled rippers for your pit bikes
jason elliot
jason elliot 2 måneder siden
you should do a collab with the deegans
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 2 måneder siden
Brayden price and cboys need to get together it would be the best video
Tyson Bridge
Tyson Bridge 2 måneder siden
How much did you pay for the pit bikes
asa mckinney
asa mckinney 2 måneder siden
ryan is like the old guy from the vlog squad but for the c boys
Jacob Thiessen
Jacob Thiessen 2 måneder siden
Where's Jake been
Angelica 2 måneder siden
Where is jake
Jake Vennard
Jake Vennard 2 måneder siden
love your vidoes
Darrel Stout
Darrel Stout 2 måneder siden
Yo if you guys sell them hit me up I’m looking for a pit bike and can’t find any My insta is @darrel_stout_101
DIRTBIKE BOYS 13 2 måneder siden
Can i come over
Cole Colberg
Cole Colberg 2 måneder siden
I would hire you at my birthday party
Build Mania
Build Mania 2 måneder siden
I just got a new dirt bike for my birthday
clayton beam
clayton beam 2 måneder siden
6 holes in the air box then put plaster tape over it
Henry Clarke
Henry Clarke 2 måneder siden
What bike is the second one
Logan Dunn
Logan Dunn 2 måneder siden
your trans cooler in tinys radiator is cracked and is sucking coolant into the trans and overflowing
Unbelievable Gaming
Unbelievable Gaming 2 måneder siden
What year are those 110s
cangell 2 måneder siden
You guys should get pw80’s
Jake Arsenault
Jake Arsenault 2 måneder siden
Don't ever compare the cboys to brayden price you lol
Jr’s Garage
Jr’s Garage 2 måneder siden
What gear do y’all wheelie in? I have a 125 cc pit bike cutch driven and can’t keep that ho up for long
owen wolfgang
owen wolfgang 2 måneder siden
I cant wait to get a dirt bike i have a quad I am 13 I do the same
Koleka Problem
Koleka Problem 2 måneder siden
Its funny how these guys can just casually buy two pit bikes while i gotta do a full financial statistic check and schedule all my money usage in the next year just to maybe buy a old moped.
garrett esham
garrett esham 2 måneder siden
Why don't you talk about baging
Villum Andersen
Villum Andersen 2 måneder siden
when is baggin coming back
Trevor Macintosh
Trevor Macintosh 2 måneder siden
Villum Andersen where’d he go? I don’t follow them enough but noticed he wasn’t in a few vids
Dakota Larson
Dakota Larson 2 måneder siden
You guys should have 1 last car meet up in cormorant before it gets to cold out !
brade maidl
brade maidl 2 måneder siden
im a og c boy love the content keep it up boys!
Jenna Szabelski
Jenna Szabelski 2 måneder siden
I am subscribed I liked your video and my Dad's Super Poor he can never give me anything I want i don't want to tell him because I don't want him to get him upset
Jenna Szabelski
Jenna Szabelski 2 måneder siden
Can you please buy me and my brother a bike I am 10 and my brother is 9
Leander Saganash
Leander Saganash 2 måneder siden
Can Canadians enter the giveaway???
Alex Carabetta
Alex Carabetta 2 måneder siden
you guys should make a video game for conseles
Gavin Rentfrow
Gavin Rentfrow 2 måneder siden
What kind of Yamaha would you want
Solar_f8te 2 måneder siden
What happened to bens other pitbike
Jw Vlogs
Jw Vlogs 2 måneder siden
Braydon price an cboys need to collab
Gavin Werkheiser
Gavin Werkheiser 2 måneder siden
I heard he left
Beau Little
Beau Little 2 måneder siden
Meet up with @Full Throttle Edits
Beau Little
Beau Little 2 måneder siden
Meet up with @full throttle edits
Josiah Shepherd
Josiah Shepherd 2 måneder siden
can you guys bring your wind breaker back into the shop, the one that ryan was wearing in the video its one of my favorite clothing of the cboys i missed it when it came out so i didnt get to buy it
Wnyoa Racing
Wnyoa Racing 2 måneder siden
When you guys getting that cyber truck
Camden Walker
Camden Walker 2 måneder siden
When it comes available
Slim Win
Slim Win 2 måneder siden
Get sherbybanging out there
Alex Petrowski
Alex Petrowski 2 måneder siden
Sorry I did not come to the meat in eagle river I was hunting
Richard Vanni
Richard Vanni 2 måneder siden
What happened to bagin
OnGoModeTv 2 måneder siden
Cboys where the new upload ?? We need that ASAP!
Ryder Little
Ryder Little 2 måneder siden
Make a new video
Get iRie
Get iRie 2 måneder siden
666 wrap 😂
Travis Kleiman
Travis Kleiman 2 måneder siden
What happened to baggin
im_cracked-yt 2 måneder siden
You guys should take either tiny on the track or the shifter karts with bigger tires! That would be awesome
XDjakeisthename 2 måneder siden
U should make some custom helmets
justin white
justin white 2 måneder siden
At 6:00 mins when you guys were joking about the t-case i swear you were imitating ross creations spaghettios in the gas tank
Ty gaming Deaf
Ty gaming Deaf 2 måneder siden
I want at. Please l am 12
Koryn Koinzan
Koryn Koinzan 2 måneder siden
Where do you get your helmets. There sick. 👍👍🤣🤪
Oliver Olson
Oliver Olson 2 måneder siden
Ok it’s Monday we’re is the post
William Ferguson
William Ferguson 2 måneder siden
Nobody Not even a single soul Ben: brings his 450 to a party and calls it his girlfriend
Wyatt Chase
Wyatt Chase 2 måneder siden
why did you guys get crfs are they just the best pitbikes i’m new to dirt biking
Camden Walker
Camden Walker 2 måneder siden
Yea they are.
damion coles
damion coles 2 måneder siden
Micah prob sitting his pants looking at them 🤣🤣
Aidan Schumaker
Aidan Schumaker 2 måneder siden
Shoutout to Ross for the mechanic and danimals joke 😂 love vlogcreations
Miguel Legault
Miguel Legault 2 måneder siden
Hello CboysTV
Luke Lindeman
Luke Lindeman 2 måneder siden
You guys should do a shop tour like you did before on the old shop
BRAAP Boy 2 måneder siden
If anyone got a 2008 Canam DS450 frame let me know please
Sniper Ranger
Sniper Ranger 2 måneder siden
I’m going to get a 250 should I get rm kx crf ktm
Ayden Bosworth
Ayden Bosworth 2 måneder siden
I still don’t understand how y’all don’t have a million yet people are missing out
James Schneider
James Schneider 2 måneder siden
Mark of the beast on your bike? Unsubscribed.
Jonathan Cavanaugh
Jonathan Cavanaugh 2 måneder siden
Great video guys! All, and everyone have an amazing and Blessed day, and praise the Lord, for he is good!
Max Danks
Max Danks 2 måneder siden
Just seen the first ever video I watched of you lot and it was the wheelies on ice with quad and it was 2 years ago crazy how time flys and I’m still watching now shows that you are doing a great job and keeping me entertained well done guys
Edisen Score
Edisen Score 2 måneder siden
When you boys were in fargo we passed you in the other lane had a freak out and realized how cool that really is
Janek Schwarz
Janek Schwarz 2 måneder siden
Micah is looking the best thinking left going right.😂
Jonathan Hester
Jonathan Hester 2 måneder siden
take that 666 off
Yves Gagnon Vlogs
Yves Gagnon Vlogs 2 måneder siden
Like where are all these guys
Yves Gagnon Vlogs
Yves Gagnon Vlogs 2 måneder siden
MATT Turcotte
MATT Turcotte 2 måneder siden
I just want to see snowmobile videos really bad because I just bought a RMK 800 2015
Patrick *
Patrick * 2 måneder siden
you should get on of the electric pit bikes
Spyroplyr 999
Spyroplyr 999 2 måneder siden
I have the same bike it’s very good for the pits
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