HOW TO RUIN A JET SKI... Jet Ski vs. Polaris RZR RS1 ON ICE!!

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9 måneder siden

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In todays video, we reminisce over all the good times had with our now legendary Jet Ski. Some might even say the most legendary Jet ski on NOpost. Unfortunately, it is winter time and the lake is topped with a 2 ft layer of Ice. So we did what we do best.. Improvise. We gave our good friend Big Ken a call and asked him if we could borrow his New Polaris RS1 that we gifted him a few videos back. He of course said yes being thats pretty much always his immediate response. So we end up pulling the Jet Ski around with the RS1 and hit some nice jumps and do some nice whips it was pretty much like tubing. Until Big Ken showed up to announce he is the new Bangin' in training he hoped in the RS1 and within seconds destroyed the Jet Ski and then broke his Polaris RZR RS1. We were all pretty blown away. Comment down below what you think about this whole Big Ken gone Sherbybangin thing and let us know what you think about it.

HOW TO RUIN A JET SKI... Jet Ski vs. Polaris RZR RS1 ON ICE!!

CboysTV 9 måneder siden
Looks like we are in the market for a new jet ski boys 😂 if you got one for sale dm us @cboystv
Ian Bergman
Ian Bergman 13 timer siden
i have this same model in orange. ill sell it haha
Daddy Mama
Daddy Mama 25 dager siden
CboysTV I have one for sale
kris vold
kris vold 8 måneder siden
Polaris should make a jet ski again
Mirkoo 9 måneder siden
@CboysTV you should do a wrap for the new jet ski That should be nice
Richie Montanez
Richie Montanez 9 måneder siden
Can I have a free sweatshirt I don't got no money for it
Daniel 15 dager siden
Totally sucks you guys shoulda never fucked that thing up it was epic
Sullen Snake
Sullen Snake 24 dager siden
You had my curiosity but now you have my attention
Daddy Mama
Daddy Mama 25 dager siden
Where in Minnesota are you
Unicornrobloxgirl 26 dager siden
he man is the adeva
DrakeDracoDragon89 28 dager siden
They got fined for that? Whack.
Landon Davis
Landon Davis Måned siden
800k yesssssss
Tate Warren
Tate Warren Måned siden
U should turn it into a sled
Cheese Wax
Cheese Wax Måned siden
That news report was in my town
michael2998 Måned siden
why u have to ruin a waveraider like that :(((
Bdog212 Mega desk
Bdog212 Mega desk 4 måneder siden
I am ten I have a large helmet
shawn jones
shawn jones 5 måneder siden
Who else saw Murff Tupperwares helmet at the beginning of the video
Christina Rife
Christina Rife 5 måneder siden
Tristan Witte
Tristan Witte 6 måneder siden
Ryan............................... I feel you haha. I look stupid in hats very often, but like (I think CJ said) Eventually people get used to it/get used to you looking stupid haha.
puma pounces
puma pounces 6 måneder siden
Poor jet ski
iiiSnowy 6 måneder siden
ben has the same birthday as me
Matt Savage
Matt Savage 6 måneder siden
Who’s grant matthees 😭 I thought it was ken 😳
3-wheeler Hooligans
3-wheeler Hooligans 8 måneder siden
You guys need to do a 3-wheeper video sometime! Would be freaking epic!!!! Check out my NOpost to give you some ideas please(:! Subscribe if you want! 3-wheeler hooligans
Travis Clarke
Travis Clarke 8 måneder siden
Is there a tow hook on the back of these rs1 ?
Kaden Perdue
Kaden Perdue 8 måneder siden
Get a seadoo
ProfessorKaos 8 måneder siden
This is like the extreme version of when we were kids and we would pull our friends around on sleds attached to our parents lawn mowers or four wheelers.
Mark J
Mark J 8 måneder siden
they should blow it up
The Brody channel #1
The Brody channel #1 8 måneder siden
I have a big head
Stunt the biker
Stunt the biker 8 måneder siden
Brett Mckay
Brett Mckay 8 måneder siden
What was that song in one of the last clips
Chris Merricks
Chris Merricks 8 måneder siden
Jake is annoying enough why would I want 2of them
Jadon Bailey
Jadon Bailey 8 måneder siden
Damn I came here to see some light hearted fun, but all i saw was Bean get roasted like chicken dinner
Bryson Jolley
Bryson Jolley 8 måneder siden
This is literally just the fattest roast fest
Patrick Barto
Patrick Barto 8 måneder siden
thats what happens when you pull up with a shitty attitude ken. like a kid poking at a pond of water when every one else is getting shit faced and tubing. and you soo broke that jet ski on purpose, probably in his head like ( they want me to rip right, ill rip! opps i broke the jet ski..., that means no more driving my side by side ohhhh noo. now time for me to destroy the rest of this event and rip the tow strap up by burning out on it.. that'll show em! oh no i almost riped my rear axle out and am not going to take any of the blame, Ken 1 ---Every one else 0!!!))) lameeeeee
Adam Weege
Adam Weege 9 måneder siden
Like to bring Justin back?
darkest 9 måneder siden
Brock Walseth
Brock Walseth 9 måneder siden
From reckless TO life jacket citation? Woah... easy boys. Never mind, this video paid for the next 100🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Luke Hooker
Luke Hooker 9 måneder siden
Big ken Nooooooo
Josh Morey29
Josh Morey29 9 måneder siden
They are gone to the funks house now btw
Guy Berestoff
Guy Berestoff 9 måneder siden
NOW YOU GUYS need to let jet ski Jake jump that some. But with a snowmobile and see what happens
Soybean Beanson
Soybean Beanson 9 måneder siden
you guys should come out to Alaska if you can. were getting dumped on right now in petersville.
Jake c
Jake c 9 måneder siden
Jake c
Jake c 9 måneder siden
Darius Williamson
Darius Williamson 9 måneder siden
you should let me jummp some thing with Jake and lets me jump a dirt bike in to a pond.
Marick Baronet
Marick Baronet 9 måneder siden
Please free bike dude
Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson 9 måneder siden
Are you guys going to hay days 2020
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
Yes we will be!
almond joy
almond joy 9 måneder siden
What kind of drone do you guys use?
Mirkoo 9 måneder siden
@CboysTV you should do a wrap for the new jet ski That should be nice
zachary bruce
zachary bruce 9 måneder siden
Jake hands down favorite Cboy the most skilled rider in the cboy land. Bet jake himself though won’t thank me though
Sean Royer
Sean Royer 9 måneder siden
Who else is waiting for the next vid
Isaac Croneiser
Isaac Croneiser 9 måneder siden
U guys should but a honda 450r
Connor Stork
Connor Stork 9 måneder siden
Honestly, how does PewDiePie have more subscribers than you guys?
melanie mac donald
melanie mac donald 9 måneder siden
Jake is the best
Andrew 69
Andrew 69 9 måneder siden
Guys how can a get a rzr sponsor 😭🥺 i need parts :(
Anthony Sterling
Anthony Sterling 9 måneder siden
Jake jr fck love it
VitaminFreddy 9 måneder siden
I know how Ryan feels, I have worn a large helmet since like 4th or 5th grade
Gavin oelschlager
Gavin oelschlager 9 måneder siden
u guys are the best u make me laugh so hard it isnt funny hit me up let me join bangin' is the best go jake
Bill Orr
Bill Orr 9 måneder siden
make a disstrack cboystv
anthony gaboii69
anthony gaboii69 9 måneder siden
i lick peepees
Jack Plas
Jack Plas 9 måneder siden
no more jet ski vidios
Gjøvdal racing 85
Gjøvdal racing 85 9 måneder siden
Where the video
JKemme Sends
JKemme Sends 9 måneder siden
More like ruin an RS1
Noah Masseau
Noah Masseau 9 måneder siden
Like this if it was funny and a bit stupid ( nice video)
William Arnwine
William Arnwine 9 måneder siden
This webisode was Bangin'
Richie Montanez
Richie Montanez 9 måneder siden
Can I have a free sweatshirt I don't got no money for it
pyrohead564 9 måneder siden
I cant believe yall got to chill with tanner fox that's wild
kaullin kurtz
kaullin kurtz 9 måneder siden
Rip R1
Jaime Henning
Jaime Henning 9 måneder siden
do it with a dirt bike
Devin Studer
Devin Studer 9 måneder siden
Jamie Fehr
Jamie Fehr 9 måneder siden
I don’t know what’s worse kens driving or the fact jake thought the control arms were tie rods
kam mahle
kam mahle 9 måneder siden
Who is the youngest
Henry Irons
Henry Irons 9 måneder siden
you guys should come visit i live pertty close to you guys
Henry Irons
Henry Irons 9 måneder siden
you guys are the best
steven morton
steven morton 9 måneder siden
I'm next.on that death trap
The Reaper
The Reaper 9 måneder siden
You guys have been watching too much WhistlinDiesel
JUSTRIPPIN 9 måneder siden
Find some deep powder and hooker up to the sno gos
cameron botkins
cameron botkins 9 måneder siden
Pm me i have a good deal on one
cameron botkins
cameron botkins 9 måneder siden
Cboys yall lit asf u need give a jet ski away or take a snow mobile too the lake
Derrek Bartz
Derrek Bartz 9 måneder siden
Why does ben seem high asf lol
Ethan Gen02
Ethan Gen02 9 måneder siden
"Hes got a little 2000 in him". Had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
OMGitsYazzy- 9 måneder siden
Jake 100% needs a mully
SunGlassesWilliam 9 måneder siden
You guys should buy CJ a timber sled upgrade for his dirt bike so he can ride with you guys!
Eric Eidenberger
Eric Eidenberger 9 måneder siden
that poor wave raider and trailer :D haha jk
Landon Holland
Landon Holland 9 måneder siden
But you would not get stuck if you had the x3 still
LEWIST570 9 måneder siden
Restore the jet ski and drop in a crazy engine
William Stamper
William Stamper 9 måneder siden
I laughed hard when y'all said made in the 90's...and poor Bean barely made the cutoff... If i was there for this vid y'all had been on your backs on the ice laughing when i said im from '69...!
Logan Burkhammer
Logan Burkhammer 9 måneder siden
I just want to see Jake rip another DS 450 and some quads. 👎🏼😥
sony8331 9 måneder siden
So can we get a shirt of ryan in a hat? Like could this be a thing? I'd wear that thing
Adam Mayfield
Adam Mayfield 9 måneder siden
That's pretty pathetic that you guys waste a perfectly good, someone would have loved to have had that.
Nick J
Nick J 9 måneder siden
I miss the old intros
Kenyen Jeffers
Kenyen Jeffers 9 måneder siden
Let g-reg drive the rs1
4 MD's
4 MD's 9 måneder siden
How do they afford all of these toys
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze 9 måneder siden
Shouts sunhat kid😂😂👌
Exotic Caden
Exotic Caden 9 måneder siden
I know how to break a JetSki just give Jake a JetSki and tell him to break it
Timothy Russell
Timothy Russell 9 måneder siden
Good job ken!! Fing jerk
Joe Raffone
Joe Raffone 9 måneder siden
My cousins name is Cj Motzer
Chris Shields
Chris Shields 9 måneder siden
MICAH!!!!!!!!! You need to design bangin jumping the ski over the road on a t-shirt!!!! It helped put you guys on the map even more and made a statement!!!! Lets see it!!!! l will be the first to buy it!!!!
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas 9 måneder siden
“No no no, the fans want you to say no”
Matthew Schimberg
Matthew Schimberg 9 måneder siden
I wonder what it takes to be a c boy because Ken has no talent I could do better than him
Aiden Sweet
Aiden Sweet 9 måneder siden
The c boys way of sledding
Austin K
Austin K 9 måneder siden
So did it hit the truck ????????????🤓🤓🤓
Jack Robberson
Jack Robberson 9 måneder siden
Ken had one job
Paul Charlebois
Paul Charlebois 9 måneder siden
You guys are straight silly!! dont tie off a rope near the bottom where the tire catches. Need to tie it off higher! not at the top of the RS1 but near the middle kinda, so its away from the tires and doesnt make the RS1 top heavy. Cheers!
bob builder
bob builder 9 måneder siden
Gut the jet ski and built a in closed sled
harry cornthwaite
harry cornthwaite 9 måneder siden
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