Water Skipping a Snowmobile While Pulling a Tuber!! (New Polaris Snowmobile)

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8 måneder siden

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In todays video we install new plastics and graphics on our 2019 KX 450 with Polaris Timbersled that we will be giving away to one of you! Later we get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having in Minnesota! We take out our polaris switchback assault and our snowbike to pull a water tube around on the ice and hit some jumps with it. We bring our girlfriends with too. Safe to say the snowmobile doesn't quite double as a boat! We end up water skipping the snowmobile and then later hook the water tube up to it and do it again pulling a person across it. Ryan finishes the day up by getting pulled across the water on his surf board and falling! He was so close to making it!! The water was freezing cold so we headed out immediately. Jake Ryan and Micah set up a super trampoline inside our shop later that night. And perform some worlds strongest trampoline tricks. Comment down below what you think of the new wrap!

CboysTV 8 måneder siden
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Bryson Porter
Bryson Porter 2 måneder siden
Schalk Vorster
Schalk Vorster 4 måneder siden
Connor Blaney
Connor Blaney 6 måneder siden
500th comment
Daniel Ricalton
Daniel Ricalton 8 måneder siden
I'm a huge fan of you guys in the summer I'd like to get some of your merch! Be safe lyy guys💕
Eli Erickson
Eli Erickson 8 måneder siden
life wide open
Carter Mx
Carter Mx 4 dager siden
What was the hoodie call that Ryan is wearing
Cassidy Hill
Cassidy Hill 13 dager siden
“He’s probably out cheating” *him
Teal Optic
Teal Optic 17 dager siden
Imagine winning the bike but you live in Florida 💀
QUEEN BEE 18 dager siden
did anyone else notice kens acholism he's drinking a white claw in the morning
disabled_spoon 29 dager siden
My dad has that kinda polaris
Ian Allen
Ian Allen Måned siden
Ken makes me so mad he never does anything
Brian_.j13 Måned siden
13:38 the murf helmet
Shandra freitas
Shandra freitas 2 måneder siden
I like all five you are one device or no
Blaine Spracklin
Blaine Spracklin 2 måneder siden
it’s a kx350
Jacob Frizzell
Jacob Frizzell 4 måneder siden
Shotgun and then start shooting like a mini gun ??
onewheel c1
onewheel c1 5 måneder siden
That intro was amazing
Jax Martin
Jax Martin 6 måneder siden
Jax Martin
Jax Martin 6 måneder siden
Skyuki 6 måneder siden
9:27 did he just say Mach 11teen?
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 6 måneder siden
I just found this channel a few months ago and since then have binge watched all there videos and this was actually the first video I ever watched
SlimShadysv2121 S
SlimShadysv2121 S 6 måneder siden
Dang that editing at the beginning was dope
Noah Vance30
Noah Vance30 6 måneder siden
He came in at the end and didn’t know there were not any bolts
Kyle Rayfield
Kyle Rayfield 6 måneder siden
Y’all need to pull like a pedal trike on the snow me and my brother been doing it with my fourwheeler since way back when
Brycen Potorti
Brycen Potorti 6 måneder siden
can i have it for fifty bucks
SWEET CANDY 7 måneder siden
SWEET CANDY 7 måneder siden
Traci Kerneklian
Traci Kerneklian 7 måneder siden
cboys you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Kadoun
Robert Kadoun 7 måneder siden
Everyone uses shot gun Jake MINIGUN HAHAHA😂
Cash Schierling
Cash Schierling 7 måneder siden
6:49 Mikes WAO WAO WAO was awesome 😂😂
Amelia Cannon
Amelia Cannon 7 måneder siden
Jake don’t shoot the wrap everywhere
Tanner Reinig
Tanner Reinig 7 måneder siden
I’m 14 and I am saving money for a snowmobile. Which is the best bet. Low mile 2013 166” Artic Cat m800 $3,200. Or a Low mile 2013 155” Polaris RMK $2,700. Or a 2014 155” Ski Doo Summit X $3,800. Thanks
Collinjabs 7 måneder siden
Give me the damn thing ion got money for one Ik how to ride tho
George Angootealuk
George Angootealuk 7 måneder siden
Nice Polaris
Andrea Geldart
Andrea Geldart 8 måneder siden
You need to give a 110 a way
Ross Scott
Ross Scott 8 måneder siden
Ken do something your boring your not even fun to prank
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry to say it but ken is the most pointless person
Kelly Sibbes
Kelly Sibbes 8 måneder siden
how do you enter
Ryan Bond
Ryan Bond 8 måneder siden
Ken sucks
BRAULIO APODACA 8 måneder siden
Watch out watch out watch out!!!! RKO
Martin Aunet
Martin Aunet 8 måneder siden
Hi gays
Nabaz Ahmed
Nabaz Ahmed 8 måneder siden
Mums says no lol ha hahaha
OGT Tyler
OGT Tyler 8 måneder siden
what company made the graphics on the klx 450
Connor Brady
Connor Brady 8 måneder siden
"mom says no"
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell 8 måneder siden
that goes for erased products too right? @CboysTV
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Yes sir 😎
Gman Goesbroo
Gman Goesbroo 8 måneder siden
Cboys it would be a dream to go ride dirt bikes or go snowmobiling with u I got a susuki rm 85 2 stroke and A polaris 500 love to ride and race with guys u guys inspired me to ride
Brad Cool
Brad Cool 8 måneder siden
"I'm just here so I won't get fined" was my Instagram bio for years😂😂
uncontrolled awesomeness
uncontrolled awesomeness 8 måneder siden
Get rid of ken he is such a bum
killerdino dan
killerdino dan 8 måneder siden
They should give Ken 3 no Ken do sticker and when he uses them all he has to do it. like so they see it.
Beth Nicholls
Beth Nicholls 8 måneder siden
Is it bad that I've watched so many videos I can go on Google maps and find your shop
The Icyy
The Icyy 8 måneder siden
March 31st is my birthday
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford 8 måneder siden
Y’all definitely do a video with cleetus McFarland
Ashton Maze
Ashton Maze 8 måneder siden
imagine if ken wasn't the world's biggest pussy
Grumpy Mercado
Grumpy Mercado 8 måneder siden
Ken doesn’t ever wanna do anything
enrique caravantes
enrique caravantes 8 måneder siden
Where's murf Tupperware been? I miss that guy 😭😭😭😜
Riley Nault
Riley Nault 8 måneder siden
Can the giveaway make it to Canada
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
Yessssir 😎
69 gang
69 gang 8 måneder siden
Can Jake do a backflipp on a dirt bike
Tucker Czarnick
Tucker Czarnick 8 måneder siden
Can we meet up at Little Sahara
eton ztekk2.0
eton ztekk2.0 8 måneder siden
Can I have a shifter kart or a quad bike??I really want one guys
Cameron 615
Cameron 615 8 måneder siden
Can u guys use the song leaders by lil uzi vert in a edit
Cameron 615
Cameron 615 8 måneder siden
If you can
Kerstepo 8 måneder siden
Is Ben selling his dirtbike?
Amanda Brodie
Amanda Brodie 8 måneder siden
I live in Florida and I went tubeing they have snow and also I really hope I win this giveaway because it is on my birthday and I have wanted to get a dirt bike for my birthday for so long but good luck to everyone else 👍
Billy Carter
Billy Carter 8 måneder siden
This is like jack ass
Jeppe Dau
Jeppe Dau 8 måneder siden
Damn is it just me or do you guys live the perfect place, like it gets nice and hot but I can also snow a lot. Damn wish I lived there. And keep up the good content.
Brian Field
Brian Field 8 måneder siden
What does Ken even do?
1320 kayden
1320 kayden 8 måneder siden
i’m so baked and this was so good
Dukx Song
Dukx Song 8 måneder siden
You guys made that poor dirt bike look horrible
Jtk.1999 8 måneder siden
Ryan should put a turbo on his skidoo 850 e-Tec
ryan tibbs
ryan tibbs 8 måneder siden
My question is weres the banshee at did y'all sell it
Kaden Bosek
Kaden Bosek 8 måneder siden
found your shop on google maps
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 8 måneder siden
demonetized lol
Hunter B Rosecrans
Hunter B Rosecrans 8 måneder siden
Wish I was 18 and able to enter into the giveaways
Bodman57 Bodman
Bodman57 Bodman 8 måneder siden
Not gunna lie not a fan of the graphics kit
Slade Mortensen
Slade Mortensen 8 måneder siden
You need to calab with @deegan38
Off-road outlaws Servant
Off-road outlaws Servant 8 måneder siden
Watch cboys on my work break i think yes
gord O
gord O 8 måneder siden
You kids are incredibly stupid
Toni Kuntz
Toni Kuntz 8 måneder siden
Really jake lol
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson 8 måneder siden
First nice day? It was like 63 last week
Stoetz 8 måneder siden
Bahahahah this edit is sick
Landon Ryan
Landon Ryan 8 måneder siden
Seeinng Larry in maine
Grant Rosendahl
Grant Rosendahl 8 måneder siden
Ryan had a good day a little water skiing some beer tapped to a gun and a new tramp.
ulysse3329 8 måneder siden
Super! Epic 👍💪👍🏆
Sean G.
Sean G. 8 måneder siden
What year is everyone’s sled (cboys only)
Easton Ahlbaum
Easton Ahlbaum 8 måneder siden
If Ken wants to be jake he has to do stupid shit and this is it
James Figaro
James Figaro 8 måneder siden
Ry guy FTW!
Jfox Gaming
Jfox Gaming 8 måneder siden
They should put the trampoline on wheels and pull the trampoline with something and just one it😂
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham 8 måneder siden
Please make a fat kid rides a quad shirtless v2 video
KeeganB Scoots
KeeganB Scoots 8 måneder siden
Me:wanting a new dirt bike C boys:getting a new atv every month
Shane Deruiter
Shane Deruiter 8 måneder siden
19x! Good choice!
yaritza Garcia
yaritza Garcia 8 måneder siden
I whant that
Tracey Boys Toys
Tracey Boys Toys 8 måneder siden
Hey wicked vid. Ryan your nuts my friend Bangin good job keeping him safe!!! Where was the XRS hiding first time I seen that in a long while. Nice Sled wanna sell it.
Allen 8 måneder siden
This was the idea I suggested to Bangin! Well, I said water ski behind a snowmobile but close enough
Devo116 8 måneder siden
i hope ken is not pay ..he do nothing lol #like a bush
BUBBA VLOGS 8 måneder siden
What happened to the ds and ltz winners?
CboysTV 8 måneder siden
They were shipped to the winner in Arizona!
Hockey Boi31
Hockey Boi31 8 måneder siden
The day it ends is my birthday can I plz get entered
Lvld_lbz 8 måneder siden
Ken is a loser. To scared to ever do anything. Why is he even a cboy lmao
Schiada95 8 måneder siden
You better vote Trump this go around as well.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mckay Leishman
Mckay Leishman 8 måneder siden
Why is ken such a little bitch about everything?
Walther and Kaytlin's Vlogs
Walther and Kaytlin's Vlogs 8 måneder siden
I hope i can win this bike 😭😍😍😍
Rangle Osborne
Rangle Osborne 8 måneder siden
Aren’t you in California
David 8 måneder siden
Ye guys should try that on a gt snow racer has 3 skis and would skip perfectly
Conman0320 8 måneder siden
Why did he let gooooooooo
JUSTIN SINGLETON 8 måneder siden
It would be so fun to do some shenanigans with you guys but I love in alaska😂
JJ_MX 8 måneder siden
My school was shut down from corona
MIKE ZIPS 8 måneder siden
Just ordered a bagin hat if I win id trip out🤣
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