Do we work normal Jobs?

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Do we work normal Jobs?
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In todays video we get gifted a new peanut a.k.a. a car that is unsellable and going to the scrap yard. Micah gets a new set of wheels and coilovers for his bmw and we take our new and old shifter kart out to see which one is better. We took the shifter karts out to the streets of our local town and put them to the test. It didn't last long though because our new shifter Kart broke down again and wouldn't run. We think it is the fuel pump. Before that from the looks of it the new kart is a lot faster when its running good haha but the old kart is more fun to drive because you can shift it and drift a lot easier making for a way more aggressive ride. After the new one broke down we ended up doing a Q&A for you guys, in which we each got to answer 3 different questions that you guys had sent us on our personal instagrams. There were a lot of good questions and we would have loved to do more but it would have made for too long of a video. Comment down below and let us know if you want us to do another one.

Jessica Yuhala
Jessica Yuhala 8 dager siden
You the best
Gmac Kid
Gmac Kid 10 dager siden
A maverick 4 seater
DA JKL BOIS 13 dager siden
Hang out with Bradon price
Barrett Bros
Barrett Bros 14 dager siden
Can Am 2seater
Nick Friday
Nick Friday 18 dager siden
You guys have the coolest job ever
Darren Sereda
Darren Sereda 18 dager siden
you should get a can am x3
Noah Marler
Noah Marler 27 dager siden
Austin Sanford
Austin Sanford Måned siden
Honda talon
Nathan Flowers
Nathan Flowers Måned siden
I’m so sorry about your dad
Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott Måned siden
you are awesome
Tyson Schmidt
Tyson Schmidt Måned siden
More q&a
Knut Ekman
Knut Ekman Måned siden
Kaden Pascal
Kaden Pascal Måned siden
you should get a for seater
Gsbe Torney
Gsbe Torney Måned siden
I'm going to flute Lake Michigan where it is you're good a fall summer and Winter
Lindsey Bedford
Lindsey Bedford 2 måneder siden
Dan Matz
Dan Matz 2 måneder siden
If you were using be no oil it is being based and it freezes in cold temperatures easy way to blow the motor up and turns into a jelly and does not mix with the gas
TravisTheBanana 2 måneder siden
8:40 HAHAHA! DONKEY D!CK!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHY IS IT SO FUNNY TO ME???!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Edward Larter
Edward Larter 2 måneder siden
sorry to hear about your dad
Jeff Dieckhoff
Jeff Dieckhoff 2 måneder siden
I have a rzr I. In missouri
AP Outdoors
AP Outdoors 2 måneder siden
I can get white chairs for $5 a pop off season sale baby
Model RC
Model RC 2 måneder siden
Definitely too lean due to the denser cold air
Logan Nelson
Logan Nelson 3 måneder siden
You should get a polaris rzr pro XP 1000
I’m dodo at Fortnite mobile
I’m dodo at Fortnite mobile 3 måneder siden
So sorry 😢
Aiden Linjanen
Aiden Linjanen 3 måneder siden
Sorry Micah about your dad love you bro 💙💙❤❤💜💛💚💜💛💚
Ashton Jones
Ashton Jones 3 måneder siden
Sorry for your loss michas
rmfavero1 4 måneder siden
Yo bro I got a sand pit you guys could come ride on and grass Fields and a track
Jer Wiebe
Jer Wiebe 4 måneder siden
You should buy a Honda talon
vCrxcified- 4 måneder siden
Show the red shifter some love
vCrxcified- 4 måneder siden
Get new everything on the red shifter also
Ben Martin
Ben Martin 4 måneder siden
I love your videos you guys are so relatable and funny but take that damn wheelie bar off that dirtbike haha...super squid
Carly Hill
Carly Hill 5 måneder siden
Bean thanks for being a conman from the terms of a confident man
ARMYGOOSE81 THATS ME 5 måneder siden
New SXS 2020 can am X30 Turbo RR I heard they got like 160 hp or something like that and can hit 115 mph
Rata Gods
Rata Gods 5 måneder siden
Yay you guys are my favourite NOpost channel
Jay's Garage
Jay's Garage 5 måneder siden
hey mike im sorry for your dad
Tobias Jørgensen
Tobias Jørgensen 5 måneder siden
It’s not the cart it’s you boys😂
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres 5 måneder siden
What's up cboys you want to hang out one day or what
Collin Bohac
Collin Bohac 5 måneder siden
4 seater
Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch 5 måneder siden
Can am maverick 4seater
shawn jones
shawn jones 5 måneder siden
Sorry micah
ליהי אפיק
ליהי אפיק 5 måneder siden
🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🤑🤑🤑🤑🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌉⛺🌇🌇 קוראים לי יעל ויש לי אופנוע שטח וטרקטורון אוליבר 🌉
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 5 måneder siden
Get s rsl
Ali Manning-Ross
Ali Manning-Ross 6 måneder siden
I drive a go kart racing this man automatic I wish you could come over and we can build a drift park
Jean Noël
Jean Noël 6 måneder siden
Urghhh why cant i like the video multiple times!!!
River Wolfe
River Wolfe 6 måneder siden
Sorry to hear about your dad Micah. I’m 18 years old and my dad lost his battle to brain cancer after fighting for 6 long years last june. Please remember that you’re not alone and that we’re all here for you and hope you’re doing well!
CboysTV 6 måneder siden
Sorry for your loss man appreciate that a lot thank you 👊🏻❤️
Jacky Dose motor bikes
Jacky Dose motor bikes 6 måneder siden
Do a can am maverick 4 seater
annoytodeath 6 måneder siden
Thumbs up for the bmw
Randy Vetter
Randy Vetter 6 måneder siden
Get a Yamaha 1000r
dominic howell
dominic howell 6 måneder siden
xorii 6 måneder siden
the old kart sounds like my mclaren senna in Forza XD
Steven Kleinpeter
Steven Kleinpeter 6 måneder siden
A honda
Jude Vayda
Jude Vayda 6 måneder siden
Get a canam maverick 4 seater
Giselle Jimerson
Giselle Jimerson 6 måneder siden
favroit part 10:44
5 k
5 k 6 måneder siden
Can I have the black one????🙏🏾 .. I'd fix it 🤷🇧🇧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Teo Augustsson
Teo Augustsson 6 måneder siden
Krock säker volvo
Thomas Hills
Thomas Hills 6 måneder siden
what are those shifter go karts called?
Tristan Witte
Tristan Witte 6 måneder siden
Minny boys where it’s at
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 6 måneder siden
You guys make my day every single day if im ever feeling down watch you guys and I gotta laugh thank you guys keep up the good work
Zachary Goodlett
Zachary Goodlett 7 måneder siden
I love the cboys helmet shirts i want to see long sleeve edition made. Anddd hoodies
coltonmotor7 4
coltonmotor7 4 7 måneder siden
Yo you guys should get a Joyner for a side by side there faster then any Polaris
Ludvig Snellman
Ludvig Snellman 7 måneder siden
Can am 2020
adam merritt
adam merritt 7 måneder siden
You need to get a Polaris rzr 1000 trubo four seat
Wanda Abel
Wanda Abel 7 måneder siden
lift the shifter cart
Kevin Karlstedt
Kevin Karlstedt 7 måneder siden
whos can-am is at the burnoutshop
Cameron Layne
Cameron Layne 7 måneder siden
Rip micahs dad stay strong micah
Joel Aronsson
Joel Aronsson 7 måneder siden
they said they bought a bmw but it´s a volvo s60?
colin sweet
colin sweet 7 måneder siden
sorry for your loss michah
Conner riley
Conner riley 7 måneder siden
Hey ken how are you supposed to drive it off a clif if it doesn’t run?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Derek May
Derek May 7 måneder siden
I live 1 hour away from you
Derek May
Derek May 7 måneder siden
I live in Minnesota
Nicholas Palmeri
Nicholas Palmeri 7 måneder siden
It is ok
CBOYZ 7 måneder siden
2 seater 👍
ATV and Motorcycle Fun
ATV and Motorcycle Fun 7 måneder siden
Four sites
Nicholas First
Nicholas First 7 måneder siden
and wider jets for colder weather
Nicholas First
Nicholas First 7 måneder siden
to help the kart run at full (running temp.) in cold weather cover a little bit of the radiator with cardboard or metal to reduce the amount of cold air passing thru the radiator .... Nick First
Troy Gosliga
Troy Gosliga 7 måneder siden
sure do more
adrien Recollet
adrien Recollet 7 måneder siden
ryans eyebrows are so big haha...but love you all boys
bornrebel701 7 måneder siden
Can am
Zac Conine
Zac Conine 7 måneder siden
Damn 2 strokes lmao
Taylor Latham
Taylor Latham 7 måneder siden
15:59 does ryan dye his eyebrows?
MuddyBoy06 8 måneder siden
omg Micah I'm going to cry im sorry
Kassidy Chubbs
Kassidy Chubbs 8 måneder siden
Lol big ken is the only one with some sense, everyone needs atleast one of those people in there group lmao
Tycen Willis
Tycen Willis 8 måneder siden
Can I have the black shift the car there black one so you don't have to throw it off a cliff
Harris Heat 1997
Harris Heat 1997 8 måneder siden
Play the clip back & it’s a clip of himself ⚰️
Ayden Harris
Ayden Harris 8 måneder siden
I love yalls videos
Konnor Coffey 36
Konnor Coffey 36 8 måneder siden
4 seater
Dustin Richards
Dustin Richards 8 måneder siden
Yamaha yxz 1000R they do wheelies
RocketPink 8 måneder siden
can i just work for you already?
Rahiri Porter
Rahiri Porter 8 måneder siden
You should just find the fastest side by side and buy it
Alexander Burg
Alexander Burg 8 måneder siden
Sorry to hear that Micah
Kamden Gaswint
Kamden Gaswint 8 måneder siden
4 seat Polaris turbo s
Sid Popple
Sid Popple 8 måneder siden
11:42 rip earbud users🤣
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 8 måneder siden
Ryan I love Minnesota too and same bout the seasons
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 8 måneder siden
2 seater SXS
Zurj_energizer 8 måneder siden
Surly I can join when I’m like 20 I’m 15 atm
Matt Frayn
Matt Frayn 8 måneder siden
Are u going to fix the mustang
Hunter Ward
Hunter Ward 8 måneder siden
get a 2020 polaris general
cody ritchie
cody ritchie 8 måneder siden
Plez get a nasty race side buy side!
Tommy bond
Tommy bond 8 måneder siden
4 seeter
Debbie Horjatschun
Debbie Horjatschun 8 måneder siden
sorry for your lost mica
Maria Guenter
Maria Guenter 8 måneder siden
2020 Polaris RZR Pro XPSxS
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