Friend Crashes My New Pit Bike

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6 måneder siden

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In todays video, Ben goes and picks up a new Crf 110 Pit bike off of craigslist. Shortly after Micah hops on it and crashes. Later Micah tries waterskipping his Dirt bike with a timbersled kit on the back!
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Friend Crashes My New Pit Bike
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CboysTV 6 måneder siden
Thank you guys so much for watching! Love you all
Carson Nix
Carson Nix 10 dager siden
So casual just a normal trip to the er
Nolan Mcmullan
Nolan Mcmullan Måned siden
Connor Gilbertson
Connor Gilbertson 2 måneder siden
Me my brother my dad and my grandpa drove 5 hours for a piece of crap boat.
Logan Random
Logan Random 2 måneder siden
Dam right
Marissa Dixon
Marissa Dixon 3 måneder siden
Like your videos
Haiden Spencer
Haiden Spencer 21 time siden
Their is a store around me that has 4 crf110
SubaruForLife 2.0
SubaruForLife 2.0 Dag siden
I swear to you I saw that knee and I threw my phone
Garrett Flock
Garrett Flock Dag siden
I got a Klx that u ain’t gonna by it
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 5 dager siden
That will deff work just need to be going about 50 mph or higher IMO
Eron Schmedes
Eron Schmedes 5 dager siden
Me wondering how there’s wasn’t more blood = mind blown
Clay Adams
Clay Adams 6 dager siden
I’m scared to ride my bike now
TyLeana Faith
TyLeana Faith 3 dager siden
I want one and now I dont😂
Joey D
Joey D 6 dager siden
Mickyyyy down feel better bud
YEAH SURE 8 dager siden
When you realize Micah has a cast on his knee
Johnsxn 8 dager siden
Love the way they filmed the open knee
Shana Poppen
Shana Poppen 9 dager siden
Not fair you get ice cream and he gets like 12-30 stitches
Shana Poppen
Shana Poppen 9 dager siden
Was that real if it was ewwwww and owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🤕 that is for sure stitches
Adam Page
Adam Page 10 dager siden
yall need sur ron
Kendle Hall
Kendle Hall 10 dager siden
I subscribed and liked
jakep preston132
jakep preston132 11 dager siden
i have a 125 and i just hooon round the streets cause it goes 80 its sick
Adi 11 dager siden
I just got sliced right by that spot last mounth I got stickers it sucked
Mike Suita
Mike Suita 14 dager siden
5:14 this is what you came for
Hunter Hanson
Hunter Hanson 16 dager siden
I had to get 8 stitches in my knee to
Solar Dewey
Solar Dewey 16 dager siden
Dude I was eating
Petty fan
Petty fan 16 dager siden
I need a pit bike
Autumn Anderson
Autumn Anderson 18 dager siden
That’s crazy
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 18 dager siden
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer 18 dager siden
I have a try 110
fuggum junior
fuggum junior 19 dager siden
I had to skip the part where micahs knew was open but much love my dude
Purple Ninja
Purple Ninja 19 dager siden
5:45 thank me later
Creator 44
Creator 44 21 dag siden
jason curro
jason curro 21 dag siden
i have one that you might want
Aneshia 23 dager siden
Wait why would you just want to dip it in the first place but you just know you miss bowling know in
Eric Hiles
Eric Hiles 24 dager siden
You too have a 14 well I have a four stroke beat that one day
Ethan Moehn
Ethan Moehn 24 dager siden
“I just saw micahs bone” Me: what kind of video is this
jonah baker
jonah baker 25 dager siden
Hey I have a ssr 125tr and I had it for 8 years
Chasity Swartzentruber
Chasity Swartzentruber 26 dager siden
I always wanted a dirt bike and I ask my mom every day and she says we will see
Molly Clark
Molly Clark 26 dager siden
Simon Pritchard
Simon Pritchard 27 dager siden
I have owned an SSR 125 for nearly a year and I havent done a single mod and it's working fine
Isaac Voeller
Isaac Voeller 28 dager siden
First mistake: Buying a pitbike. Second mistake: letting Micha use it.
Isaac Voeller
Isaac Voeller 28 dager siden
The air filter is under the seat so you would have to sink it about a foot more to hydrolock it.
sabagecabageYT 28 dager siden
Wait how’d that happen by falling over jesus
Bekim Dashi
Bekim Dashi 28 dager siden
Bekim Dashi
Bekim Dashi 28 dager siden
Fakkkkkkkkk FAKKKKK
Halden- Gutta-44
Halden- Gutta-44 29 dager siden
Im joining with my Honda 110
Lydia Millar
Lydia Millar Måned siden
Coy Kenyon
Coy Kenyon Måned siden
i got a honda crf 110 and a klx 140
Ak47legend Mahon
Ak47legend Mahon Måned siden
I have a 110 klx Kawasaki
Mark Cannon
Mark Cannon Måned siden
why did they show me that
Ulrika Karhulahti-Norrback
Ulrika Karhulahti-Norrback Måned siden
Knees. Wide. Open.
Heidi Palmer
Heidi Palmer Måned siden
I have a ttr110
Ryan Amo
Ryan Amo Måned siden
thats why you dont be stupid on a dirt bike
Israel's Adventures
Israel's Adventures Måned siden
Vixyboy 666
Vixyboy 666 Måned siden
Jake Bentley
Jake Bentley Måned siden
Where is Jessica hyde
Lana Channel
Lana Channel Måned siden
Ssr ar a good brand
Remae Thomas
Remae Thomas Måned siden
I have CRF
Jorden Vantuyl
Jorden Vantuyl Måned siden
I have a Honda
Elliot's Records
Elliot's Records Måned siden
American people are rich
BlindspotPunk Måned siden
Know we all know micah can't ride a dirtbike if his life depended on it... Looked so unnatural and unsteardy riding it and that's what ya get for thinking ya Travis pastrana and not wearing the proper protective equipment... That's why dirtbike riders wear shin guards so this doesn't HAPPEN. hahahah was funny tho cause its a reason WHY PEOPLE SHOULD spend the extra money and cash to keep yourself as safe as possible... No matter how experienced you are if you come off with nothing on... Especially if you're on the road riding fast and u got nothing on I mean at that point the road is like butter I mean it's so hot your skin would just melt off. Always wear protective at all times.
Collin Marth
Collin Marth Måned siden
He got scraped by the peg
Raiquill Slathar
Raiquill Slathar Måned siden
This is enjoyable watching as I crashed a friend's Honda a couple days ago and now I'm sitting here with a cast.
VStvsquad Måned siden
if u wana buy things offer up is supper good i sell lotes of pit bikes
LuvCharcoal Måned siden
I wish I had a pot bike
Harry Woodman
Harry Woodman Måned siden
I cut my knee open like that on a 250
Max Robinson
Max Robinson Måned siden
I want to the dirt bike for about a couple months now
dillan aubie
dillan aubie Måned siden
Just started watching these guys and I don't wanna stop
DexifyMerk Måned siden
Are u stupid it’s not a pit bike it’s a dirt bike
Adam Farmer
Adam Farmer Måned siden
I broke my leg and I had stitches underneath don’t like it I mean pit biking
Adam Farmer
Adam Farmer Måned siden
I did the destruction to my name but I needed but I actually broke it and I’m 10
Adam Farmer
Adam Farmer Måned siden
I did this song remind me I broke my leg and I needed nine stitches
Christina Spaulding
Christina Spaulding Måned siden
Are you OK
Tee -money
Tee -money Måned siden
That’s the exact one I have lol
rickymartin4life Måned siden
Bro put a tunnel on it and it might generate some wawa lift
Luke Anderson [U2M]
Luke Anderson [U2M] Måned siden
The pit bike you got was the same model as my first motorbike now I’m on a 100
Chloe and Candi Briggs
Chloe and Candi Briggs Måned siden
I have a klx
Reece Wagner
Reece Wagner Måned siden
That was my cousin house he sold it
Jack Metzsch
Jack Metzsch Måned siden
Who loved the little sound Ben made when he crashes
Hoax_Fire Clan
Hoax_Fire Clan Måned siden
I Ride 2-strokes
I Ride 2-strokes Måned siden
6:08 Ben sounds like the guy from wall e
James Jackson
James Jackson Måned siden
I got the same bike for 650
Charmoni Oglesby
Charmoni Oglesby Måned siden
Charmoni Oglesby
Charmoni Oglesby Måned siden
William Burbage
William Burbage Måned siden
That is something
Nash can’t Crxnk
Nash can’t Crxnk Måned siden
Sucks for mike man, hope he’s good. Overall happy for Ben to get a pit bike 🤗
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald Måned siden
I hope you get beater bro
Matt b
Matt b Måned siden
I have a ttr 125
IRealBreezy OG
IRealBreezy OG 2 måneder siden
i been wanting one for weeks now that’s sounds so rich lol
Dylan Beasley
Dylan Beasley 2 måneder siden
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh
Coltin Tfyctfvtfvyh
Coltin Tfyctfvtfvyh 2 måneder siden
Me from pit bike experience those crf110 foot pegs destroy skin
ryan doggy
ryan doggy 2 måneder siden
go to offerup .com and there is pitbikes]
308PL 2 måneder siden
5:44 looks baaaaaaaad
xChrxs20kx 2 måneder siden
Thank You for dA tricks ANd Hypes Of us geting Pumpe d for the Day
Itskye123yt 2 måneder siden
Who is the owner of this channel
Quinton Mcghee
Quinton Mcghee 2 måneder siden
Yoooooo I have a 50cc crf Dirtbike
Evan Parker_115MX
Evan Parker_115MX 2 måneder siden
buy a piranha 140 they are the best
Tres Quiroz
Tres Quiroz 2 måneder siden
I watch your videos but i. Don't have money
Waylon Cade 416
Waylon Cade 416 2 måneder siden
Mihca lives wide open
Jordyn Teuton
Jordyn Teuton 2 måneder siden
That’s fake
infernoagman on 60fps
infernoagman on 60fps 2 måneder siden
thats a 110 2stroke i think because a have the exact same one
Ryan Jaffe
Ryan Jaffe 2 måneder siden
Hey guys I live in the Chicago area and have a drz 110 very clean if you are interested
HockeyKid 2 måneder siden
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 3 måneder siden
Micah : uh I need stitches .... a lot of them lmao that had me dying and then asked if he can record it I would 1 be screaming and 2 rolling around
Hi 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who covered the screen when they showed his knee
Esai Gutierrez
Esai Gutierrez 3 måneder siden
Good shit got him in the truck quick quick
We got Pit Bikes.
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