Lawn mower Slip n' Slide!!

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In todays video, we head out on the lake on our buddy Marc's boat to have a good time and film some really good wake boarders tear it up, we do a little tubing and surfing too! Some subs stop by and show us their Camaro and mustang and do some burnouts and donuts. Later we decide we want build a slip n slide but we realize we don’t have a hill so we had to improvise. We grab supplies and our lawn mower and it ended up being a really good time!

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Lawn mower Slip n' Slide!!
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CboysTV 4 måneder siden
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code CBOYS20 at → Your balls will thank you 😉
Raymond Culliton
Raymond Culliton 4 måneder siden
No idea why it posted twice but maybe you’ll notice lol
Raymond Culliton
Raymond Culliton 4 måneder siden
CboysTV you guy gotta get a Toyota Matrix for a peanut, will guarantee it’ll be the hardest to kill unless you blow it up 💯💯
nikolos perivolotis
nikolos perivolotis 4 måneder siden
Ordered one 🔥
MasonLedwig 4 måneder siden
What’s the song during wakeboarding
Trenton Jolley
Trenton Jolley 4 måneder siden
Who won the rs1
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley 3 dager siden
Anyone remember murf on I forgot what his name is is shirt?
Trellmix Baby
Trellmix Baby 4 dager siden
U should of used the quad
Geoff Ball
Geoff Ball 8 dager siden
This was the only time that Ken didn't hit a tree
MysteriousKyle 14 dager siden
try this with an auger stuck in the ground
Dakota Kelley
Dakota Kelley 16 dager siden
When they where putting the sand bags in there u could see his truck slowly start going down 😂😂😂😂
Mike Waters
Mike Waters 16 dager siden
Dallas Aidan Mitchell
Dallas Aidan Mitchell 17 dager siden
I subscribe
cindal menard
cindal menard 18 dager siden
I do not haft to ask them bc they said my last name
Brodee Doyle
Brodee Doyle 22 dager siden
I saw a roof and I was like slip and slide from the roof yee yee
Caleb McPherson
Caleb McPherson 23 dager siden
CW 23
CW 23 24 dager siden
Ryan did a Ken smashing into the tree 🌲
Bass Fishing
Bass Fishing 27 dager siden
9:50 he said pernament not permanent
Savage_ Panda
Savage_ Panda Måned siden
That's a really nice boat
Allen Wayne Armstrong
Allen Wayne Armstrong Måned siden
I love the fact that cj’s mask is up side down
Eli Smith
Eli Smith Måned siden
They are now the cleanest people in the world
bailey matthews
bailey matthews Måned siden
Do a slip and slide soccer mach
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis Måned siden
To keep the pole from bending fill it with concrete
Hunter Kemmet
Hunter Kemmet Måned siden
I go to school with the kid Who gave you the truck
Salas Daniel
Salas Daniel Måned siden
Salas Daniel
Salas Daniel Måned siden
Salas Daniel
Salas Daniel Måned siden
I know you guys are a bunch of stoners. The editor probably takes fat bong rips lol you guys look like pipe and bong smokers definitely not blunt smokers can't even roll up . Maybe stuff cones but you guys are definitely pot smokers
Salas Daniel
Salas Daniel Måned siden
That's what happens when your potheads you guys start getting lazy bbrrooo lol
Gerardo González
Gerardo González Måned siden
Why don't yall stand up in the slip'n slide
YouAreBored Måned siden
I hope all your wounds heal and your troubles go away ❤️ Don’t ever give up and if you need someone I’m here
Rt Energie
Rt Energie Måned siden
i like when rayan films
Jessica Withrow
Jessica Withrow Måned siden
I hope there’s no girls watching this
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Kody has my vote for a CBoy member!
Shobi Playz
Shobi Playz Måned siden
at 8:41 the sandbags pushed dkwn there suspension
Pro offroad
Pro offroad Måned siden
Damn near cut my left testicle off shaving last week.🤣🤣🤣
Bluewolf Explores
Bluewolf Explores Måned siden
Poor editor rip
rachelle delorme
rachelle delorme 2 måneder siden
Cj: “Manscaped has spent the last 18 months thinking about your balls!” *me a girl* Cj: “YEAH, YOUR BALLS!”
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell 2 måneder siden
hey im a dig fan
Parker hindmon
Parker hindmon 2 måneder siden
5 poeple line on it
Brady C
Brady C 2 måneder siden
Wtf with the intro
Vyry Beltran
Vyry Beltran 3 måneder siden
When they blow up the dishwasher and Ben was like Yesss big boom hahahaha
Alex Kestner
Alex Kestner 3 måneder siden
All the girls in the first part
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 3 måneder siden
This is the greatest thing I ever saw
King Tyler
King Tyler 3 måneder siden
i think this was the first time i've ever watch a youtubers promo all the way
Bryan Theriault
Bryan Theriault 3 måneder siden
Feel bad for the Editor
Ivy 3 måneder siden
17:38 bruh that sheet was weak as a bi 17:41
URaBOT_Yt-flouts We are goated
URaBOT_Yt-flouts We are goated 3 måneder siden
you else couldn’t stop laughing at cj at the start like all i hear is balls balls balls
Cole Frederick
Cole Frederick 3 måneder siden
How did u say the sponsor part with a straight face
Snowpro811 3 måneder siden
The intro though all the 12 year old kids watching this 😑. 🤣🤣🤣
Christiann Jordan
Christiann Jordan 3 måneder siden
You could see the truck getting lower as they were putting the sand bags in
Noah Rochon
Noah Rochon 3 måneder siden
The editor had to see that stallion
zay plays
zay plays 3 måneder siden
Cj you're tan line danm
Long dong John Danny
Long dong John Danny 3 måneder siden
Go on 17:35
Long dong John Danny
Long dong John Danny 3 måneder siden
If anybody wants to see it it’s on 17:35
Noah Moorer
Noah Moorer 3 måneder siden
Where is hangin?
Detroit Diesel707
Detroit Diesel707 3 måneder siden
Justin’s back!
Caden Jarvis
Caden Jarvis 3 måneder siden
Most of the people watching are like 13-8
Will Barlas
Will Barlas 3 måneder siden
ahah love that ad
Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson 3 måneder siden
If you guys wanna add diversity to your group I’m down for anything just drop addy and I’m there
Garreth Dile
Garreth Dile 3 måneder siden
The next project should be a mini wipeout like the old tv show
Charlie User
Charlie User 3 måneder siden
You guy should make a slalom skiing video.
bacon boy2
bacon boy2 3 måneder siden
Stole the idea from top grier
brian simonsen
brian simonsen 3 måneder siden
the best part of this video is the ad
Nik Liinamaa
Nik Liinamaa 3 måneder siden
They should make manscaped toilet paper “your ass hole will thank you”
Declan Lannin
Declan Lannin 3 måneder siden
I really like your ending of your video keep it up
Jessen Elliott
Jessen Elliott 3 måneder siden
Guarantee they actually use this sponsor and CJ ran out like "YO GUYS LOOK AT MY BALLS" and ben was like "YOOOO"
RVbilly 3 måneder siden
11:06 your welcome
Tristan Wat
Tristan Wat 3 måneder siden
Bruh your your audience is like 10 and you’re making a manscaped commercial and have discounts and gifts🤣🤣🤣
thomas eglinton
thomas eglinton 4 måneder siden
kens got baps
Teagan Welch
Teagan Welch 4 måneder siden
Where has shebagin been
Zack scott
Zack scott 4 måneder siden
Next time buy baby soap tearless so it don't burn your eyes or just use baby oil
Elite-Owww w45
Elite-Owww w45 4 måneder siden
Is the MasterCraft xstar bens it was in old vids just wondering
Jacob Rudolph
Jacob Rudolph 4 måneder siden
This wake boarding reminds me of wii sports
Live Extreme Essentials
Live Extreme Essentials 4 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how at 9:49 he said pernament and not permanent
Kristin Payton
Kristin Payton 4 måneder siden
You make good videos Commen back
Hayden Featherstone
Hayden Featherstone 4 måneder siden
I did this exact same thing but with a wheelchair is is so fun lmao
Brody Heppner
Brody Heppner 4 måneder siden
2 questions: 1, what fire works do you use to blow things up. 2, how much land is your bike track on
beau hollinshead
beau hollinshead 4 måneder siden
Where can we find these fireworks 😂
Ryan Duley
Ryan Duley 4 måneder siden
The end😂😂
William h_2x69
William h_2x69 4 måneder siden
He's going like 12 mph 😂
William h_2x69
William h_2x69 4 måneder siden
Who else watched the Duramax barely sink 😂
Justin Sherman
Justin Sherman 4 måneder siden
Justin is fucking hilarious, he needs to be in more videos
Alex Shultz
Alex Shultz 4 måneder siden
Nicholaus Barrett
Nicholaus Barrett 4 måneder siden
lovin the og murf wanted shirt
Taylor Harcourt
Taylor Harcourt 4 måneder siden
10:35 That’s America’s ass
YT ELKS MERCZ 4 måneder siden
As they put the stuff in the back of the truck it went lower and lower
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 4 måneder siden
You guys should post more
River Harrell
River Harrell 4 måneder siden
Wakeboard more
crazy fast
crazy fast 4 måneder siden
Why did you use soap
Nickols 4 måneder siden
Where do you guys live?
Cody Sheppard
Cody Sheppard 4 måneder siden
I’m nine years old and I have ball hairs but I don’t shave them because there’s not that much not being gay
Carter Strazzo
Carter Strazzo 4 måneder siden
Jack OLSON 4 måneder siden
ken needs to get a girlfriend so she will show him up
Brad Gilvear
Brad Gilvear 4 måneder siden
where can i apply to become a full time c boy?
Jean Berry
Jean Berry 4 måneder siden
8:46 what happened to the rear window of the truck
Sniper Ranger
Sniper Ranger 4 måneder siden
On the time lapse at Menards the truck squatted slow
Landon Turner
Landon Turner 4 måneder siden
I think kens my favorite character lol
Joe Hunt
Joe Hunt 4 måneder siden
We will miss sherbangin
Landon Turner
Landon Turner 4 måneder siden
Why does the lawnmower need the wood tho lmaooooo
SMURF_PRESTON 4 måneder siden
i mean my nuts r hair e
Jayden SEVIGNY 4 måneder siden
What happend to bangan
ItsKeanuu 4 måneder siden
Here is an idea for a video, buy a dirt bike on amazon, put it together and gives us your review on it!
Brandon V
Brandon V 4 måneder siden
Ben should not advertise MANSCAPED. He doesn’t even grow facial hair!!! Lol
turtledex 4 måneder siden
CboysTv20 or is it Cboys20
CboysTV 4 måneder siden
Ethan Criswell
Ethan Criswell 4 måneder siden
"perniment" 9:48
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