Demolition Derby with Friends

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Demolition Derby with Friends
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In todays video we go into the news station WDAY in Fargo, ND to go on Jay Thomas's show. It was really fun. Later we head back to Cormorant to meet up with the Winner of our Maverick Giveaway Adam and his Dad William from Long Island, New York. They were super nice guys we were happy to see the maverick going to a good home like theirs. Next, we get to do something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And that, is to have multiple peanuts of all shapes and sizes and have a race/demo derby and just really get into some shenanigans like the good ole times!! Some cars lasted a while, some not long at all… We made sure by the end of the day that there wasn’t much left of any of the cars. This is definitely something we want to do again because it is just plain fun.
Shout out Honda Civic

Twhicks 15 dager siden
Should’ve played the Tokyo drift song as your showing the cars
Randy Pellerin
Randy Pellerin 15 dager siden
you guys and everyone else that's in this is amazing
Maddex wilson
Maddex wilson 16 dager siden
Eetu mustonen
Eetu mustonen 21 dag siden
K M 25 dager siden
R2d2 scream at 0:23
Corey j
Corey j 25 dager siden
Where is he going to ride that in New York, and the kid was def a little weird
Minecraft With myla
Minecraft With myla 29 dager siden
Mike cokslong Ben dover
Mike cokslong Ben dover Måned siden
Micah Mcdowell
Micah Mcdowell Måned siden
Micah in da focus My name is micah and i drive a focus
Corn dog Me
Corn dog Me Måned siden
Not even watching the video I’m guessing the Astro van gonna win based on demolition derbys
Rett Zirker
Rett Zirker Måned siden
who else is watching in 2020 and relizing that they are at the new place racing
Daniel Mansfield
Daniel Mansfield Måned siden
What even is your guises email and by the way I am a big fan
Alec Wells
Alec Wells 2 måneder siden
You guys nead to get poket rokets
Øyvind Melkevik
Øyvind Melkevik 3 måneder siden
Can you taket back the snow camo hoodie.
Gunbir Brar
Gunbir Brar 3 måneder siden
19:30 “sounds like kens ass”
beanman mcbruh
beanman mcbruh 3 måneder siden
I love demo derbys
Jayden Wooden
Jayden Wooden 4 måneder siden
What song was that
Daan Tuinenga
Daan Tuinenga 4 måneder siden
Not a 1980 civic nooo
Charlie Wills
Charlie Wills 4 måneder siden
The funny thing the vape pic then the vape ad
Brody Hicks
Brody Hicks 4 måneder siden
Can u bring back that blue shirt please I’ll buy it
Conspiracy_00 5 måneder siden
That Volvo is sick
Boe Standage
Boe Standage 6 måneder siden
I wanna know why you didn’t take the person that jumped the jet ski on the talk show, love you guys
Caden Pagnac
Caden Pagnac 6 måneder siden
19:30 lol
Logan Jeppesen production
Logan Jeppesen production 6 måneder siden
It’s so funny to where the money go’s when u buy merchandise
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 6 måneder siden
My favorite part of this video 0:59
Devin Bullard
Devin Bullard 7 måneder siden
Cj u need to get those tight ass pants off
Gunnar R
Gunnar R 7 måneder siden
this was easily my favorite video i have ever seen you guys put out. i would 100% buy a car to join you in your next derby!
Jay Lanahan
Jay Lanahan 7 måneder siden
That's civic hatch not a coupe smh 😔
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 7 måneder siden
That dude that won the Mav needs a mop chop and his dad grandad I don’t know needs to stop smoking he sounded bad like really bad he must smoke 100 a day
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 7 måneder siden
Does anyone know where I could listen to this interview I wanna hear it I know it was on radio but I got like in America I live in the Uk any help would be appreciated thanks.
laken w
laken w 7 måneder siden
Lil Timmy Perry
Lil Timmy Perry 7 måneder siden
Jake you should jump a schoo L bus
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc 8 måneder siden
jack i will hold your deer
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc
Ian Hgugjnknnvcc 8 måneder siden
cboys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cooper Bateman
Cooper Bateman 8 måneder siden
Bro let’s go your videos are the best
Leo Kridelbaugh
Leo Kridelbaugh 8 måneder siden
You Guy's are all I watch
Tyler Atkins
Tyler Atkins 8 måneder siden
What’s the intro song
iToxicGemini_ Yt
iToxicGemini_ Yt 8 måneder siden
That poor Honda Ef hatch
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 8 måneder siden
Well atleast we know the Mav daddy got sold for beer and cigarette money so hopefully it’s next owner being this mavs third owner will put it too good use
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown 8 måneder siden
Man behind the camera:that car sounds like kens ass Me: laughing my ass off laughing 😆 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shane Ings (STUDENT)
Shane Ings (STUDENT) 8 måneder siden
Tido Bear
Tido Bear 9 måneder siden
Buddy probably sold it lol
Jakob Storhaug
Jakob Storhaug 9 måneder siden
PLS come to norway i love u guys
Boost it Racing
Boost it Racing 10 måneder siden
Why the ef
tire 10 måneder siden
The roaring big block Channel
The roaring big block Channel 10 måneder siden
12:16 lol
Luke Cates
Luke Cates 11 måneder siden
Her: my standards aren't that high. Her standards: 8:55
Jordan Simcox
Jordan Simcox 11 måneder siden
Lol Honda Civic coupe it’s a hatchback lol
Greyling Jm
Greyling Jm 11 måneder siden
Why don't you guy's ride a bike onto a car?
Nicole sargent
Nicole sargent 11 måneder siden
Do you miss the mav
Honda4life 450
Honda4life 450 11 måneder siden
Ryan yea Jake the crazy one
Honda4life 450
Honda4life 450 11 måneder siden
I’m watching this right after the mustang blown up
Tellun YT
Tellun YT 11 måneder siden
yo my dad has a 93 honda coupe, and it runs amazingly. i wouldve lowkey bought that civic from you for a couple hundred bucka
william pedersen
william pedersen 11 måneder siden
Fak ääs
Chad Varnell
Chad Varnell År siden
If Ben hasn't already, he should read Orson Scott Card's "Enders Game" and the accompanying books on the character "Bean" he is a little guy, but kind of a bad ass. I'd be ok with the nickname from there. Edit: I propose an annual race/demo derby/jump off, then sell the Peanuts to the salvage, and donate the $ to a charity!
Pat Wainio
Pat Wainio År siden
This different is amazing
Banana Sprite
Banana Sprite År siden
Bro what’s the intro song called
Cameron År siden
Best video on the channel
512 Leon
512 Leon År siden
Jake should hav whos own NOpost channel of him doing stunts and sh!t
Dalton James
Dalton James År siden
Monster truck!!!!!!
Joseph Lowder
Joseph Lowder År siden
I want to come and jump cars
oskari sahramo
oskari sahramo År siden
can i order yours merch if i am from finland ?
merican rebelzz
merican rebelzz År siden
16:51 did anyone see the middle muffler in the trunk
Smari McKinstry
Smari McKinstry År siden
aidin causevic
aidin causevic År siden
Pouya won the Maverick?
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze År siden
Matt Morrison
Matt Morrison År siden
That Honda getting demolished is sad
m4st3rm1nd År siden
amazing show guys! love it!
Great entertainment!! Haha awesome guys! I was entertained for sure!! Love it keep having fun CBoYs!!
Mike C
Mike C År siden
Great video. Need more demolition or races in the future!! Can’t wait to see the sleds get brought out.
hensleyoutfitters guessing to hunt
hensleyoutfitters guessing to hunt År siden
Love it bro I dided
Caleb M
Caleb M År siden
You guys make my day because all of my car friends don't live near me thanks for making my day
FreshChamp11 År siden
Do y'all ship to japan?
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Pinkamena Diane Pie År siden
*Why did I subscribe just to unsubscribe*
John Kelly
John Kelly År siden
"That's the most fun thing we've done in a while" Last week *Jake jumps a jet ski over a road*
Sleeples_YT År siden
I really want the Snow camo hoodie but the sizes are to big and i already got a new fox racing hoodie
Demented Unicorn
Demented Unicorn År siden
You guys should show the aftermath on the vehicles on these kinda videos :D
Stephanie Zangari
Stephanie Zangari År siden
Mica has a new van
Rob Nowak
Rob Nowak År siden
Bangin should have been there
Hunter Weinhold
Hunter Weinhold År siden
the 14th is my birthday
Ben Friesen
Ben Friesen År siden
Can i plz get a shout out I have been a fan for a year and a half and I love all the vids so can I plz get a shoutout My name is also Ben I ❤ Bean u r my fav cboy
Mr Pritchard
Mr Pritchard År siden
I cant for the life of me understand why, but I cant stop watching your videos. I live in northern bc. We still have no snow. And just got myself a 2006 M7. I'm watching your sled vids until vanderhoof bc gets snow. I need you to make more sled vids. Cheers
Hey CBoys, Just had a friend turn me on to your NOpost channel, Watched a bunch of your videos and loved them! I put on a ice race here in MN every year and thought this would be a great video shoot idea for you guys. All you got to do is get yourself $500 car and stud the wheels out. Its a blast, you guys will LOVE IT!!!! Let me know if you want more info. I will attach some links to the past years of the ice race.
Tyler Mohney
Tyler Mohney År siden
Who would like to see a Cboys podcast start up?
nico westerhoff
nico westerhoff År siden
Give away a dirt bike
Moto Squid
Moto Squid År siden
The Maverick winner looks like pouya 🤘
M Mac
M Mac År siden
Ken...there’s a hatch on the back of it, clearly states civic hatchback
Chase Mccormick
Chase Mccormick År siden
Where can I buy the bangin sunglasses ?
Mason Stomberg
Mason Stomberg År siden
you know it’s a Cboys video when big ken is airborne and jake is losing races
Caitlin Arterburn
Caitlin Arterburn År siden
Hi i live in minnesota and im woundering if we can hang out
upbeat_ planet709
upbeat_ planet709 År siden
You guys should come to Canada newfoundland and get in are derbys watch the derbys on NOpost search up Musgrave harbor derby 2019
sam turner
sam turner År siden
jake wearing sitka......
Rods N’ Scales
Rods N’ Scales År siden
If i buy something from erased product’s does it enter me in the giveaway or is it only if i buy cboys merch?
Rods N’ Scales
Rods N’ Scales År siden
Okay Thank you so much!
CboysTV År siden
Nope it enters you in the giveaway as well! 😎
M800 Productions
M800 Productions År siden
We should meet up some day I live in mn
tom mcqueen
tom mcqueen År siden
What mount are you guys using for your go pros under the visor.
Ttrain18 Red Devils
Ttrain18 Red Devils År siden
can we still buy tomorrow
Ttrain18 Red Devils
Ttrain18 Red Devils År siden
and have it count as an wntry
BigCountry Outdoors
BigCountry Outdoors År siden
Bro did you see the new custom offsets vid you got to take them up on their offer
John Tressler
John Tressler År siden
You guys are awesome! I wish I was in the cboys! Can you please make a compilation of everything jake has done so far at the end of this year??!?!??? 😂
Lathan Howe
Lathan Howe År siden
Hey my birthday is on the 14th!!! It would kinda be cool if I could get a hat or a sweatshirt...
Blowing Up My Friends Car!!
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