Tiny Wheels on Monster Car!

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In todays video, we announce the start of our new giveaway as well as a brand new merch drop! We go trail riding in Akley, Minnesota with our quads and dirt bikes! The trails were really wet and Micah crashed pretty hard but we still had a lot of fun! Especially going through the puddles. We come back home and our friend Kody comes over because he has the idea that he wants to jump over our old van from a couple months back, off of a berm! Later we put the smallest wheels that we could find on our monster car Tiny. It doesn’t last long because we end up breaking the drive shaft and 4 wheel drive.
If you need new wheels or tires for your ride click this link!!

CboysTV 3 måneder siden
New Merch Drop is Live! Every $5 spent gets you 1 entry. cboystv.com/
chassiferd 23 dager siden
Never seen anyone do brakes like that before. Sweet
taskforcereaper 2 måneder siden
Should have strapped it to something, was cringy watching that driveshaft scratch the ground. Was waiting for it to get caught on to something and ruin the diff
Jarrod Payne
Jarrod Payne 2 måneder siden
girlfriend cleans my 4wd! watch my 3rd recent video!! GIRLFRIEND CLEANS CAR..
Gerson Arias
Gerson Arias 2 måneder siden
So how does that work
Gerson Arias
Gerson Arias 2 måneder siden
I’ve been bought stuff last week for it
not maddox just kidding
not maddox just kidding 3 dager siden
anyone else love ryans back left fender flopping around??
Aiden Mfalme
Aiden Mfalme 7 dager siden
Don't do it Benroth
offroad outlaw
offroad outlaw 10 dager siden
I have the same bike yfz450 blue
Blake haas
Blake haas 12 dager siden
I think everyone on cboys got a new bike /quad except for Ryan think it's time for him to get a new quad
Ant Bully
Ant Bully 13 dager siden
No comments not watching this stupid video
Zack Flores
Zack Flores 13 dager siden
Should try a 2000 Polaris 250 2 stroke trail blazer
Christos Psarras
Christos Psarras 16 dager siden
Drive shaft left the chat
landon rea
landon rea 16 dager siden
can i have a pit bike pleas i never hade one
Chase Hill
Chase Hill 18 dager siden
The jet tag thats on the yfz is the same one i got on my key for my limited edition(orange) kfx400
Bass 0117
Bass 0117 21 dag siden
Me and kody have the same name 🤘
TH3 S0R3NS3N 21 dag siden
My brother has one of your shirts
Elijah Spry Hernandez
Elijah Spry Hernandez 22 dager siden
I am gonna buy some of your merch so I can be entered , I have a dirt bike but it messed up the wheels are messed up the break doesn’t work it needs a new carb there’s just a whole bunch of work that needs to be done . I would really like to win that quad
Nathan Larson 24
Nathan Larson 24 22 dager siden
No way I have been on that Paul bunyan statue I live in SD
andrew753951 23 dager siden
Soooo you just went back to stock tire size😂😂
13497ELIAS 25 dager siden
John A
John A 29 dager siden
you should do small in back large in front
Marcellino Mafia
Marcellino Mafia 29 dager siden
Tyler Morrow
Tyler Morrow 29 dager siden
Also y’all need a mechanic @me
Tyler Morrow
Tyler Morrow 29 dager siden
Hey guys love the content but people usually don’t mud ride with race four wheelers they usually use utility ones like Polaris 500 -scrambler and can am renegade 1000 and such for trails mud and logs and rough terrain
Harrison Ochoa
Harrison Ochoa Måned siden
Looooooooooooooooooooooooo9999l=(6999 gob lolol lol popo mierda
Unicornrobloxgirl Måned siden
on man car on man
Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt Måned siden
You’re hub caps are suppose to go in the wheel before you put it on .
WorstFreefirePlayer 2020
WorstFreefirePlayer 2020 Måned siden
I would like to have a quad
Harry Scott
Harry Scott Måned siden
$100 bucks spent
Broman Bam
Broman Bam Måned siden
450 is to much for mike he needs a 50
bubbly William
bubbly William Måned siden
Can I get the quiet I need it so bad what do I need to do till I get it
Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson Måned siden
I was at Paul bunion statute when I was little! No way!
Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson Måned siden
Do u guys live by Walker Minnesota
Noah B
Noah B Måned siden
Where should I buy a quad from
Jayden Wiseman
Jayden Wiseman Måned siden
How can I win the 4 wheeler
Zryocod Måned siden
that sound that its ,aking when he trys to shift that the tran, and was that the drive shaft that fell?
Saif Al Ali
Saif Al Ali Måned siden
Natertater Wiggins
Natertater Wiggins Måned siden
You should put a diesel 12 valve in tiny please
BananaSon O__O
BananaSon O__O Måned siden
what is that song called they play in the montages?
Andries Louw
Andries Louw Måned siden
Damn lucky that thing didn't pole vault
Sebastian Cruz
Sebastian Cruz Måned siden
Damm that's a nice car tbh
fw.cooper 69
fw.cooper 69 Måned siden
yo yall should make a snow quad
Logan Starr
Logan Starr Måned siden
They had 3 4 wheelers but took 3 dirt bikes where was the 3rd
Cams Gaming
Cams Gaming Måned siden
Tiny look stupid as hell
AAKKing Måned siden
Love your vids man stay safe
DriftProYTSF Måned siden
i like how he makes goving away a 4wheeler a BIG hyps, then im like thats nothing compared to itsjusta6's giveaways
BigCFilms Måned siden
put the original tires fro mthe monster car on the front and the little ones on the back
drippy 1400
drippy 1400 Måned siden
I mean not free an the bike won’t even get Raffled off till the get enough $5 enters to cover the bike price
Landon Andrus
Landon Andrus Måned siden
Make Kody a CBoy!!!
Travis Pellicane
Travis Pellicane Måned siden
I just saw this vid on recommend and i instantly subscribe bc they make stupid vids
Colton Abrahamson
Colton Abrahamson Måned siden
What place is this and do they rent quads??
JJStreamzzz JAM
JJStreamzzz JAM Måned siden
nice merch
Corbin 18
Corbin 18 Måned siden
What’d the ups guy think of it 😂😂
Gamer boy
Gamer boy Måned siden
I think that’s cool
Lakshman logaswaran
Lakshman logaswaran Måned siden
just put it in 4 then try to drive it like full accelarator then try to put it in drive while the roms are at their max and try to zip tie the drive shaft for the 2 wheel drive back on and put it in four and slowly ease onto the gas.
Reid Eisen
Reid Eisen Måned siden
Just found this channel and i'm obsessed! Copping some merch soon.
Beumer Reed
Beumer Reed Måned siden
You are so cool
Steven Barnes
Steven Barnes Måned siden
What was that song?
D.S.A. gaming
D.S.A. gaming Måned siden
Ot would be a good tv show
Jeni López
Jeni López Måned siden
me gustaria ganar esta moto para mi novio
Dylan Streeter
Dylan Streeter 2 måneder siden
Ben can ride the shit out of a dirt bike
L2wrxck_YT 2 måneder siden
Where’s Jake
TOOinsaneforyou 2 måneder siden
Stroppy Beast
Stroppy Beast 2 måneder siden
Where is bangin?
ⰏakoΨ 2 måneder siden
Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith 2 måneder siden
gev me fwel and i bot mroch
Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith 2 måneder siden
And i spit 5 dors
Jett Cline
Jett Cline 2 måneder siden
I wish I could enter the give away
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions 2 måneder siden
Micahs living a dream eh at the shop always someone to hang with or you just smash bitches all day in your sweet room that’s my dream to live in my garage
Jacob Gormley
Jacob Gormley 2 måneder siden
Should make a compilation video called cj stalls
Creed Osborne
Creed Osborne 2 måneder siden
Smart car soccer?
Zwoosh vids Inc
Zwoosh vids Inc 2 måneder siden
You should put the big tires on the back keep the front small switch to rear wheel drive and see if it will wheelie
Zwoosh vids Inc
Zwoosh vids Inc 2 måneder siden
Like this guys so they’ll see
BRAAP Boy 2 måneder siden
If anyone got a 2008 Canam DS450 frame for sale let me know
Country boys Yeee haw
Country boys Yeee haw 2 måneder siden
You should take tiny on the track
Donny Dirt Slinger
Donny Dirt Slinger 2 måneder siden
The song 679 & no diggity brought back so many memories from the summer of 2017
Jake Boe
Jake Boe 2 måneder siden
Bro 8:58 literally sounds like a Disney channel show transition you should do more of those 😂
Justin Warden
Justin Warden 2 måneder siden
Shouldnt have run it with a bad u joint and definitely not in 4 wheel drive
Jarrod Payne
Jarrod Payne 2 måneder siden
girlfriend cleans my 4wd! watch my 3rd recent video!! GIRLFRIEND CLEANS CAR..
logan graham
logan graham 2 måneder siden
hey its logan graham ilove yourr voide im 13b trying to get my dream true you guys help aa lot im going to entry for you love you
colton haney
colton haney 2 måneder siden
I would do anything to own a bike like that 😔
Alexzander Hedman
Alexzander Hedman 2 måneder siden
hi cboystv that march is dope
z_zander 2 måneder siden
i have $15 sucks
z_zander 2 måneder siden
man you guys are the best moto channel man i don't have a lot of money to spend to enter for the quad
The crazy boys
The crazy boys 2 måneder siden
You guys realize you have to put those on behind the tires before you put the tires on
The crazy boys
The crazy boys 2 måneder siden
It would be a lot more fun if you guys had bikes that were set up with suspension an arms
Yannick Dupuis
Yannick Dupuis 2 måneder siden
You guys should get pit vipers
Sid Johnson
Sid Johnson 2 måneder siden
Subscribe to Sid Johnson
ELT Almighty
ELT Almighty 2 måneder siden
Umm it’s Thursday where’s the yt video?
CboysTV 2 måneder siden
Always at 7PM central!
420chevy1 2 måneder siden
Ues Santa Claus is a real guy and he lives in Finland
FrOg FrOg
FrOg FrOg 2 måneder siden
Yo! About three days ago I found your channel. It’s insane! You guys are awesome, thanks for the awesome content!!!!
Jake Poore
Jake Poore 2 måneder siden
Cloys haven’t posted in 6 days what’s up
Kevin King
Kevin King 2 måneder siden
Who is the best dirt bike ridder on cboys tv
Nim Snipez
Nim Snipez 2 måneder siden
Where is the Monday vid at
FND Sxld
FND Sxld 2 måneder siden
My mom just told me she lived were your shop is
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 2 måneder siden
I can’t wait till they fix it but the it still doesn’t work becuase CJ decided to find the shit out of the gears because he though trying 14 times would eventually make it work.
Jesse Loeber
Jesse Loeber 2 måneder siden
Can u do Q&A again
Brock 2 måneder siden
Where’s kens quad?
Leanne Slankard
Leanne Slankard 2 måneder siden
Yeah I would love to buy merch but I don't have the money and I've also wanted to quad
Aaron Shaw
Aaron Shaw 2 måneder siden
Leave the tiny wheels up front and big in the back leave it in 2 wheel and see if it will do a wheelie
Aaron Shaw
Aaron Shaw 2 måneder siden
I wonder if u leave the tiny wheels up front and bigger in the back leave it in 2 wheel and see if it will do a wheelie 🤔
pirrepvp 1
pirrepvp 1 2 måneder siden
That intro was sick
Sid Sturgis
Sid Sturgis 2 måneder siden
Logan Perry
Logan Perry 2 måneder siden
literally you guys said you were gonna get a new truck and get rid of the 2500 what the heck
Jonathan 《Playz_Fortnite》
Jonathan 《Playz_Fortnite》 2 måneder siden
Thats sick
Xavier Snyder
Xavier Snyder 2 måneder siden
This is the stuff I like to do in beamng
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