Buying Ford Raptor at age 20

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11 måneder siden

Buying Ford Raptor at age 20
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In todays video CJ apologizes for his latest scandal... Ben buys a new ford Raptor off of craigslist and we also get a major blizzard here in Minnesota. Jake and Micah hop on their racesleds and find some nice drifts and Ryan takes out his new polaris khaos with a turbo on it, just because we had that much snow!
Comment down below some videos and collaborations you'd like to see for this year!

Fan Adventures
Fan Adventures 9 dager siden
wait cj is a trump supporter?
jesse schwartz
jesse schwartz 10 dager siden
Haha v6 give likes now
Ethan Greening
Ethan Greening 12 dager siden
So what leave him alone Honest mistake
isaac yust
isaac yust 24 dager siden
i wood not be abol to tell the difices
Riley Sumner
Riley Sumner 27 dager siden
Loved the montage at the beginning
Wes Curtis
Wes Curtis Måned siden
cj: cuts down tree with splitting maul also cj: splits firewood with axe
CJ-Scoot 3 måneder siden
if you’ve watched Cboys TV then you know all of them drink beer, but ben is only 20???🧐 seems a little skeptical
Super king Tom
Super king Tom 4 måneder siden
I see you
PuRe Peleclips
PuRe Peleclips 4 måneder siden
Sorry I don’t speak v6
Mevius 5 måneder siden
Lol why such a small things became a big thing LMAO
Logan Bowyer
Logan Bowyer 5 måneder siden
It’s all good
507 outdoors
507 outdoors 6 måneder siden
Bro wtf is a splitting muall
Oscar Estrada
Oscar Estrada 6 måneder siden
Haven’t seen one Mexican on here
KJ MUDGE 6 måneder siden
Job well done
David Helt
David Helt 7 måneder siden
No cj they were saying you needed to pull the tree out of the ground with the truck
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
Can you please rerelease the construction hoodies like the one CJ is wearing in the beginning? Also the cboys sticker that’s shaped like an actual tv?
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 7 måneder siden
Can you please rerelease the construction hoodies like the one CJ is wearing in the beginning? Also the cboys sticker that’s shaped like an actual tv?
reaLeMoto 8 måneder siden
Not even close to as sick as the WRX, but not bad for a crappy truck XD.
Ctheisoutdoors 8 måneder siden
When you don’t use a chain saw😂
Guy Berestoff
Guy Berestoff 8 måneder siden
I got you playboy if it gets the job done axe or mall you do you boss
Nikolai Vedal
Nikolai Vedal 9 måneder siden
that truck would cost easily over 100k where i live! long live taxes lol
Shade Assassin
Shade Assassin 9 måneder siden
I can’t wait to get me a raptor next year
Quad Rippers 420
Quad Rippers 420 9 måneder siden
*Buys Shitbox At Age 20*
JoeFrank69 9 måneder siden
Custom offsets x cboys 2.0
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 10 måneder siden
What’s that song 14:30
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 9 måneder siden
At 10:18
Trista Puchalski
Trista Puchalski 10 måneder siden
I wish you can come here so we can go snowmobile together
Caleb’s Crazy Machine’s
Caleb’s Crazy Machine’s 10 måneder siden
Badass tree removal CJ
James Amsler
James Amsler 10 måneder siden
Did I hear no A/C???
Wayde Diegelman
Wayde Diegelman 10 måneder siden
*******[ That raptor needs a rap fast ]********
Charles Beauregard
Charles Beauregard 10 måneder siden
Nice. I am also 20 years old and I bought the new ford f350 tremor lariat
34 Hartman
34 Hartman 10 måneder siden
ford = fix or repair daily
JustinLoc 10 måneder siden
Man I Wish I Lived In A Place Where I could do this! Arizona Is Just Desert 🌵🥴😩
Christian Keeney
Christian Keeney 10 måneder siden
I think you lost more fans by saying trump
Caolan Henry
Caolan Henry 10 måneder siden
grind hard pluming tune in backround?
Michael E
Michael E 10 måneder siden
Any info on why he was selling the raptor? Assuming he upgraded to the Ram 1500 that was in his driveway, any insight on why he did that?
austin aanrud
austin aanrud 10 måneder siden
seems fake like they needed to come up with something quick for a video
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 10 måneder siden
What’s the damn difference between an axe and a splitting maul they look the same I thought it was an axe too I honestly do not care about the hate you got CJ it’s a f**kin axe a splitting maul is an axe.
andrew Voegtle
andrew Voegtle 10 måneder siden
Why did he split wood with the axe? He had a maul!
Chanler White
Chanler White 10 måneder siden
Bro cj you still got er done
James 10 måneder siden
uses axe to split wood...
Gav Dog
Gav Dog 10 måneder siden
Yo what’s a nice truck
Gav Dog
Gav Dog 10 måneder siden
CJ your amazing bro keep up the great work
Jack Henry
Jack Henry 10 måneder siden
daddy’s money 👏👏👏👏👏
Dave Yognaut
Dave Yognaut 10 måneder siden
I fucking love your guy's humor
The Contraversial Corner
The Contraversial Corner 10 måneder siden
Shoulda used the maul to split the fire wood
Trevor 10 måneder siden
Why yall being dicks they're my favorite you tubers and there content is funny and lit so stop being a debby downer because your jelous dont you have anything better to do
Zander Smith Projects
Zander Smith Projects 10 måneder siden
Name one fuel efficient car the cboys have bought that was not a peanut....I’ll wait
Christian Yates
Christian Yates 10 måneder siden
Galafilms The_Canadiankid_
Galafilms The_Canadiankid_ 10 måneder siden
Your old enough to sit at the bar lol
MXKID7 _ 10 måneder siden
Anyone else notice they showed the road signs for the intersection infront of their shop?
Aubrey Serpas
Aubrey Serpas 10 måneder siden
So how soon is the,Jake blew my raptor video gonna be out
Zachary McCullough
Zachary McCullough 10 måneder siden
Congratulations you bought an overpriced piece of s*** Ford should have waited for a TRX
Rydes Boys
Rydes Boys 11 måneder siden
To bad I missed you i we to revelstoke over New Years love riding there
Nick Nistler
Nick Nistler 11 måneder siden
The next upcoming SledNecks
erwin snufelguss
erwin snufelguss 11 måneder siden
Did u cut a check for it of finance/lease it
The roaring big block Channel
The roaring big block Channel 11 måneder siden
Y’all need a peanut 69.0 with a v8
LANE Owens
LANE Owens 11 måneder siden
Upload more
Cody Maslin
Cody Maslin 11 måneder siden
You boys should do a vid with tanner fox
Mikey Lord
Mikey Lord 11 måneder siden
you guys have the sickest youtube chanell you dezerv way more subs its better than any youtube chanell ive watched thank you for a great 2019 but where the 2 four wheelrs at and thans for a better winter than ive had I live in maine and have like 2 inches of snow thx soooooooo much good luck for a good 2020
Shania Hudson
Shania Hudson 11 måneder siden
Do a life in the day of jack
Levi Mendez
Levi Mendez 11 måneder siden
Levi Mendez
Levi Mendez 11 måneder siden
Get a seabreacher
Chad Mathews
Chad Mathews 11 måneder siden
Max Scarborough
Max Scarborough 11 måneder siden
Then he uses the ax as a splitting mall...
Kip Salo
Kip Salo 11 måneder siden
You guys have any guns. Shoot some shit up.
Dallin Morrison
Dallin Morrison 11 måneder siden
who else is a true OG
The Boys
The Boys 11 måneder siden
You guys always make me feel better because my 3 year old brother died last night😢😭😖
Jeffrey Ellis
Jeffrey Ellis 11 måneder siden
I live in the great white north too there boys!!! Where about are ya from?
Aaron Sip
Aaron Sip 11 måneder siden Bens subaru
VVatt Up
VVatt Up 11 måneder siden
Enriching middle eastern potentates and ayatollahs 🤔
Chris Sampson
Chris Sampson 11 måneder siden
Chris Sampson
Chris Sampson 11 måneder siden
If you like this check out “218 Riders” on NOpost
Duncan White
Duncan White 11 måneder siden
80,000$ f150 lol.... yup cant tow, cant have a sled deck, not a real off road truck, have fun buying groceries lol
Wyatt Rawson
Wyatt Rawson 11 måneder siden
pls bring back dumb stuff in the dark #bringbackdumbstuffinthedark
Clayton Hawkins
Clayton Hawkins 11 måneder siden
That one guy: you used an axe instead of a maul to split wood🥴
Kyle Barke
Kyle Barke 11 måneder siden
I'm 15 and I bought myself a 2018 Honda Civic coupe
Austin Deem
Austin Deem 11 måneder siden
Help me get to 500 followers on insta before February ad_outdoors03
Mateo Bolognini
Mateo Bolognini 11 måneder siden
How can people be so offended over a splitting mall and an axe🤣
Kellen Teubner
Kellen Teubner 11 måneder siden
Ben nice truck I add you on Snapchat how when you guys tell us your instagrams and Snapchat
unknown 3
unknown 3 11 måneder siden
Doed anyone else see the tanner fox sticker when Ben was looking at the truck on Craigslist
Jesus Quezada
Jesus Quezada 11 måneder siden
Made by GMC no thanks, Tundra is a real truck.
Jacob Grass
Jacob Grass 11 måneder siden
Dude y’all gotta put a modify exhaust
abe321 11 måneder siden
When is turf wars this year?!
Knolys Johnson
Knolys Johnson 11 måneder siden
Backyard Tool Reviews
Backyard Tool Reviews 11 måneder siden
What kind of hoodie is that? Looks comfortable and warm.
Jack 535
Jack 535 11 måneder siden
Just kidding
Jack 535
Jack 535 11 måneder siden
You know that’s not how chop with a axe
Luke McMahon
Luke McMahon 10 måneder siden
Brute 535 your grammar’s ass
Rylund Morrison
Rylund Morrison 11 måneder siden
What kind of sled does jake ride?
N O 11 måneder siden
Weak. Bought my first flesh light at 12 years old.
Quad Hub TV
Quad Hub TV 11 måneder siden
I just bought my first snowmobile a week ago and rode it for 10 minutes before it blew up :(
Jennae O'Connor
Jennae O'Connor 11 måneder siden
That waist of plastic on the tree
Boys of the south
Boys of the south 11 måneder siden
someone tell me that i can be a car guy and a truck guy 😂
Ayden 1.9
Ayden 1.9 11 måneder siden
Why is everybody making a big deal about somerhing like this
Anthony M
Anthony M 11 måneder siden
Those are much nicer than are 4 98s 99s polaris snowsleds
gavin crawford
gavin crawford 11 måneder siden
Laddie. You defo don't know the length of your truck to drift hahaha you near wiped the back end out ya bell end
millzzzyy 11 måneder siden
Time for some new wheels for the raptor!! Now bring it down and hangout with me and Braydon Price
David Edie
David Edie 11 måneder siden
cant belive you ben ford guy
Jeremy87 !
Jeremy87 ! 11 måneder siden
Nice truck was that in fargo?
Daniel Postiff
Daniel Postiff 11 måneder siden
@Cboystv So you guys got hatters and to be honest I do to I'm glad I got them because it means that people always watching you guys and give you guys more and more views
Logan Morgan
Logan Morgan 11 måneder siden
The only way to deal with hate! I love you guys!!!
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