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December Drop just went LIVE!! cboystv.com/
Every $5 spent at any 3 of our websites automatically gets you entered to win a 2019 Polaris 850 RMK with a Silber Turbo!!
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Huge thanks to 509 for making this trip possible!!
Footage Credits - David Mckinney & Trent Hooks
In today's video, we made our way from Cormorant MN all the way to British Columbia Revelstoke for the best snowmobile and Snowbike riding in Northern America. The night we got there we surprised Ryan with a brand new Silber Turbo for his Polaris 850. On the first day, we got 2 feet of snow and learned how to ride DEEP mountain snow again! The following 2 days were filled with tight tree-riding and massive cliff drops with snowmobiling pros and some of the best in the industry. This was part 1 of a 2 part series so stay tuned for part 2 next Monday!
If you are still reading this comment "What's up baby"

509Films 11 måneder siden
99% sure that jakes "stuck counter" was off by about 240
Mike Waters
Mike Waters 14 dager siden
nicole meeks
nicole meeks 25 dager siden
Carson Delwisch
Carson Delwisch 3 måneder siden
Aaron Pavila They arent gonna give you a free sled.
brayden dambrosio
brayden dambrosio 5 måneder siden
Aaron Pavila stop
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 8 måneder siden
Aaron Pavila lol you sound like such a liar
Tom Terry
Tom Terry Dag siden
Awesome stuff boys
Carter Mx
Carter Mx 4 dager siden
I thogout that back pack was a person the sled ran orver
Eli Pfeiffer
Eli Pfeiffer 4 dager siden
8:19 bruh the name of that brand
Geoff Ball
Geoff Ball 5 dager siden
Reeboystv be like reeeeeeee
Ethan Charley
Ethan Charley 6 dager siden
Turbo sounds soooooooooooooooooo good
Mike Waters
Mike Waters 15 dager siden
How do u use brakes on a snowmobile
DrakeDracoDragon89 20 dager siden
Buy a snowmobile winch I bet that would help get out of those holes
Emily Rollins
Emily Rollins 22 dager siden
Where’s cj?
motorsports guy
motorsports guy 26 dager siden
Great video guess no riding here for u guys with borders still closed
Sam Laperle
Sam Laperle 29 dager siden
Can someone plug the music in this video
Brandon Lirondelle
Brandon Lirondelle Måned siden
Get a Arctic cat alpha one
torchind Måned siden
Landon Lawrence
Landon Lawrence Måned siden
I ride in sicamous but let’s be honest bc riding is a different breed
Landon Lawrence
Landon Lawrence Måned siden
Live in salmon arm tho
Rick Tuck
Rick Tuck 2 måneder siden
Revi is dope af EH
The king of Boredom
The king of Boredom 2 måneder siden
I’m stuck. Jake in the background: we must be having lots of fun
Ринат Сарваров
Ринат Сарваров 2 måneder siden
Подарите мне Снегоход?!
POW Rider
POW Rider 2 måneder siden
Damn you guys get to ride with some legends
I am legion
I am legion 2 måneder siden
Love the video guys
Nicole Chavez
Nicole Chavez 3 måneder siden
Anybody else watching this in 2020
Chevy Corcoran
Chevy Corcoran 4 måneder siden
What y’all think of Canada it’s great place
Kaden Van De Berg
Kaden Van De Berg 4 måneder siden
Ive been in snow that was up to my waist
Tytank 100
Tytank 100 4 måneder siden
That is the biggest trailer I’ve ever seen
Spencer Moser
Spencer Moser 5 måneder siden
Greg Witt
Greg Witt 5 måneder siden
Post 3 times a week instead of 2
Monica Alexie
Monica Alexie 6 måneder siden
Just send it for the boys back home
Alex Heredia
Alex Heredia 6 måneder siden
How much horsepower now?
Jeff Mclearen
Jeff Mclearen 7 måneder siden
Awe shit my pants fell off😂
Clan Heat bois
Clan Heat bois 7 måneder siden
8:14 That’s a great company name on the box
Matthew Menard
Matthew Menard 7 måneder siden
Hype House V2 i went to the comments to see if anyone notices that lol
Aaron Kramer
Aaron Kramer 7 måneder siden
They were trying so hard not to smile the whole time they were showing off the merch in the beginning, you can tell 😂😂😂
Mason Ippolito
Mason Ippolito 8 måneder siden
What’s up baby
Flippin’ Awesome
Flippin’ Awesome 8 måneder siden
There is 2 genders
Ryle Bykewich
Ryle Bykewich 8 måneder siden
ryan: " never rode a turbo sled " 7:48 even though he rode one at in wyoming with ss freeride
Kamren Witt
Kamren Witt 8 måneder siden
What is the song called at 18:14
Wayne 8 måneder siden
Nothing like rich kids giving rich kids things
Jamie Bouchard
Jamie Bouchard 9 måneder siden
Why can’t jake drive?
Andrew Vigil
Andrew Vigil 9 måneder siden
you guys should make body suits for merch i'd buy that super quick
Jordan Schuster
Jordan Schuster 9 måneder siden
What lift you got and what’s all done to the truck?
Joshua Unser
Joshua Unser 9 måneder siden
Outdoor King
Outdoor King 9 måneder siden
Nolan Griffith
Nolan Griffith 9 måneder siden
You should try a Yamaha phaser or apex
Jon Newman
Jon Newman 10 måneder siden
So let me get this straight, you guys will come to canada and enjoy our snow to make your videos yet a canadian cant win a sled ? Wow one candian u wont be getting a subscription from!
Jon Newman
Jon Newman 9 måneder siden
@CboysTV sweet got yourself a sub now boys! I still secretly watched most of the vids lol
CboysTV 9 måneder siden
Next giveaway you can! 🤘🏼
Scuba Adventures
Scuba Adventures 10 måneder siden
Yo I was just there they got some good snow
Александр Вдовин
Александр Вдовин 10 måneder siden
More videos where you ride snowballs)))
Александр Вдовин
Александр Вдовин 10 måneder siden
Guys, you have very positive videos, where do you live,where is such beauty?
YLFY 11 måneder siden
I wanna ski that...
Srt8Renegade 11 måneder siden
Doesnt it need tuned?
Aaron Sip
Aaron Sip 11 måneder siden
Christian Carroll
Christian Carroll 11 måneder siden
Whats up baby
Dennis Sviridov
Dennis Sviridov 11 måneder siden
When will the winner be announced for the snowmobile
ZENK 11 måneder siden
What place did you guys stay at? Would love to staybthere
Marc-André Bourgoin
Marc-André Bourgoin 11 måneder siden
Polaris 👌😍👌 and that arctic cat is fire too 20:25
Gabriel Gaudreault
Gabriel Gaudreault 11 måneder siden
You guys should come in mont valin qc!!
MT 09
MT 09 11 måneder siden
Trent really fucked that up.
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson 11 måneder siden
What’s up babyyy
ChiliN N
ChiliN N 11 måneder siden
You should put a jaws CAN on Ryan’s khoas
Collin Smith
Collin Smith 11 måneder siden
Get in loser we’re going to Mexico 😂😂
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 11 måneder siden
you guys better be getting hella ad money from this, ive watched at least 5 and still am not done with the video.
Zach Larson
Zach Larson 11 måneder siden
Damn, didn’t know you were from MN. I’m outta Duluth, keep bashing those sleds!
logan thom
logan thom 4 måneder siden
I'm frome Springfield mn
Philip Jonsson
Philip Jonsson 11 måneder siden
looooove this shit bro! AWSOME!
Dustin Dunn
Dustin Dunn 11 måneder siden
Jake should get a mullet
Meg Sadlouskos
Meg Sadlouskos 11 måneder siden
What’s up baby?
Natan Smith
Natan Smith 11 måneder siden
When the next vid coming out
LilJTheGenius 11 måneder siden
Can someone please tell me what the name of this song is? 17:50 Also great video! Can't wait to see more
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 11 måneder siden
You guys really need to make another year in review for 2019. This years vids where sick. Keep up the good work ryan, ken, Mike,cj, bean,jake and justin.😉😉
ryan Fontaine
ryan Fontaine 11 måneder siden
You guys are the shit man! I can’t stop watching all your videos you seem like such a legit group of guys! Friendships like this don’t come easy love it up boys and have one hella time doing it would love to ride with you guys sumtimes whenever your over in California Tahoe area let me known !!!!
Payton Egli
Payton Egli 11 måneder siden
Where’s cj
Nathan DiFiore
Nathan DiFiore 11 måneder siden
Great video, I can’t wait to see more of Jake’s mod sled!
shperax 11 måneder siden
Wow this channel got woke. Now its just an all women cast.
Thebrickmaster And the others
Thebrickmaster And the others 11 måneder siden
Your videos are fricken awesome, y’all need to come up to Ontario and go rippin on the sleds with the bois
Seth Boyko
Seth Boyko 11 måneder siden
Hey, come out to Cooke City, MT next week for some riding with the ND Boys, you won't regret it...
C B 11 måneder siden
16:20 turbo sounds mint
Slinky. 11 måneder siden
I swear if u guys drove right through Calgary n I didn’t get to see u I’m gonna be chapped
Banacorn 11 måneder siden
Love the snowmobile content! Can't wait for more this winter
robothat 11 måneder siden
Borchairs the beast
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell 11 måneder siden
Which Resort Has the Biggest Vertical Drop in North America? Revelstoke - 5,620 feet.
Matthew Juntunen
Matthew Juntunen 11 måneder siden
Hey you guys should make it up to north shore sometime this year. A lot of snow already!
Brian_.j13 11 måneder siden
Jake should buy a Lamborghini and just send it off of something
Wojcik123 11 måneder siden
Where did jake get that flat bill
David MacLure
David MacLure 11 måneder siden
into was such a banger
Mosai Ur boi
Mosai Ur boi 11 måneder siden
Make a vid of how to wash ur dirt bikes ???
Hammerdown Motorsports
Hammerdown Motorsports 11 måneder siden
get you some Kokanee you are in BC
justin pitre
justin pitre 11 måneder siden
Any else noticed that there drinking timies! Fk starbucks!
Cam Zinner
Cam Zinner 11 måneder siden
Tim hortons represent!!
The Farm kid
The Farm kid 11 måneder siden
Do the turbo sleds use special fuel.
The Farm kid
The Farm kid 11 måneder siden
Ok thanks
David McKinney
David McKinney 11 måneder siden
Spencer Berglund 50/50 AV and pump gas at that elevation
MikeDTV 11 måneder siden
just drove through revelstoke today looks like some good snow
ippielb 11 måneder siden
That place you guys are staying at nightly or monthly rental?
The Farm kid
The Farm kid 11 måneder siden
Do you ship the giveaway sled? And when does the giveaway end?
Dylan Rutz
Dylan Rutz 11 måneder siden
It ends Jan 13th. I think they will ship it.
John Deere Guy66
John Deere Guy66 11 måneder siden
Ryan just had to install that tree magnet
Mathew Klassen
Mathew Klassen 11 måneder siden
Do you guys have Tim’s in cormorant
doodreally 11 måneder siden
Someone convert a quad into a snow quad
Shaun Roberts
Shaun Roberts 11 måneder siden
I wish i had a sled newer then a 2000 !!😀🤩🤩
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy 11 måneder siden
am i the only one that was just trying to look at the puppy in the background?
JTwelder 11 måneder siden
the professionalism and quality of this video was top notch you guys should definitely keep traveling to ride!
Owen Douglas
Owen Douglas 11 måneder siden
The boys bought Ryan a gift - a void warranty and a total engine life of 150 miles!
George 11 måneder siden
Yeah ngl, why would you turbo a brand new sled? I've never had one, rode one, or anything but what the heck
Marty Johnson
Marty Johnson 11 måneder siden
Trent fucked up the surprise by taking it back
Zach Davenport
Zach Davenport 11 måneder siden
4:46 thought you had a mohawk
Tim Luscombe
Tim Luscombe 11 måneder siden
What’s the hat jake is wearing
ostacruiser 11 måneder siden
Such a killer vid guys!! Awesome work!!!
Carter Laliberte
Carter Laliberte 3 måneder siden
Ostacruiser collaboration? Meet osta in Saskatoon, sk.🤟🏼🤟🏼
CboysTV 11 måneder siden
Thank you 🤘🏼🤘🏼👊🏼
Wiley Kessel
Wiley Kessel 11 måneder siden
Her: "We shouldn't do this we're siblings!" Him: "Step- siblings" Her: "Ah Shit! my pants fell off"
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