Racing shifter karts around town!!

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In todays video, we check up on Tiny our monster car that blew its engine 2 months ago. We have our friend and genius mad mechanic putting an Chevy small block in it. Later we have some 4th of July fun and we get some new Crazy Karts for the shop!! Lastly we fix up our shifter karts that we have not driven in a while and get them running good! We also set up a course to race on and end up taking them for a cruise around town!!

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Racing Shifter Karts around town!!
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CboysTV 4 måneder siden
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mason huffer
mason huffer Måned siden
Where can I find a kart like this. Proving very hard to find
Lalo Acosta
Lalo Acosta 4 måneder siden
Can you please sell me one
Dominick Mennella
Dominick Mennella 4 måneder siden
Are you guys going to do another restock cause they sold out in less than 24 hours
Brian Goscinak
Brian Goscinak 4 måneder siden
You'll get more views if u title upcoming vids on tiny "LS SWAPPED" instead of small block chevy swapped, just saying, views pay the dues
Bob the fake Fortnite god
Bob the fake Fortnite god 4 måneder siden
Make pop sockets
Big Boi
Big Boi 3 dager siden
I just love how they are talking about random shit and there is someone eating a pushcart pop in the back ground
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 5 dager siden
I’ve never laughed so much at a NOpost video 🤣
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 9 dager siden
I love crazy carts even tho I only tried one once
Chridtian Rodriguez
Chridtian Rodriguez 12 dager siden
Ben is captain dumb
Abc123 13 dager siden
11:10 :(
Joseph Lodenquai
Joseph Lodenquai 17 dager siden
Oh the rotax DD2
Fannie Bell-Hill
Fannie Bell-Hill 21 dag siden
All that COVID 19
Cesar H Lopez
Cesar H Lopez 24 dager siden
You guys are lit iam subscribe now 🔥💯
Dennis Christensen
Dennis Christensen 25 dager siden
Make more videos this long! You guys are amazing
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 26 dager siden
I need one of those
TheOriginalNICH 27 dager siden
this is what you came here for 6:42
Myles Duncan
Myles Duncan Måned siden
They are children’s toys when you are driving them
Team Flow Gaming Official
Team Flow Gaming Official Måned siden
that black kart is way too fast
Mello Jello
Mello Jello Måned siden
Captain dummy
Chase Demers
Chase Demers Måned siden
I want that side by side Evan always wanting
Lev & Nate
Lev & Nate Måned siden
20:40 , Ben and Ryan have like the most fun🤣
Cbub Måned siden
Man i only watch them because they dont care about anything and its awsome
Luc Williams
Luc Williams Måned siden
thats a dd2 not a shifter
CorvettstingerMC Måned siden
‘’you know we have a check engine light, right” Me:why buy a ford when you can buy a chevy check engine light edition
Hudson Sich
Hudson Sich Måned siden
you guys are my idols
Andrea Pohlman
Andrea Pohlman Måned siden
dummy zone ha you guys are the best
Seth Daugherty
Seth Daugherty Måned siden
it was my bday no cap
Tara Melen
Tara Melen Måned siden
my name is chevy
DJ Browntown
DJ Browntown Måned siden
What’s the silver ones top speed
Skekilo Måned siden
CboysTV: Saying it a shifter cart Shifter cart: but I am automatic ;c CboysTV: You got paddle shifters ;-; Shifter cart: :O
Calthecool Måned siden
It just wouldn’t be the original shifter cart if they didn’t bump start it.
Hunter East
Hunter East Måned siden
of course... i always new the cboys were white claw drinkers.
The outdoor boys
The outdoor boys 2 måneder siden
They need to do a give away with this
Phillip 2 måneder siden
would look dope if you wrote the same thing as on the red one. just wrote it in red instead of black
Jackson Obrey
Jackson Obrey 2 måneder siden
11:12 *tears up for him* :(
princedan125 YT
princedan125 YT 2 måneder siden
Darrel Senteut
Darrel Senteut 2 måneder siden
I’ve never seen so much covid lol
Alan Gandu
Alan Gandu 2 måneder siden
I love Your videos
lilclix Jr
lilclix Jr 2 måneder siden
The people golfing like 👁👄👁
CRC MOTO 2 måneder siden
Rich people... am I right
I Melt Wax II
I Melt Wax II 3 måneder siden
dude needs to turbo traction control off 🤣
MotoVlog Adventures
MotoVlog Adventures 3 måneder siden
I know patrick the guys friend who gave them the other shifter cart he lives down the road from me
xVerifiedGoat 3 måneder siden
Anyone know where u can buy one of those
Ryan Oldham
Ryan Oldham 3 måneder siden
That is a mini F1 car😂
Jayden Bonnett
Jayden Bonnett 3 måneder siden
does anyone know what the song is called at 7:55
mountaindew267 3 måneder siden
8:30 finally what I clicked for
CAPTAIN SHARPIE 3 måneder siden
Nun like partying during a pandemic
Seth Tinsman
Seth Tinsman 3 måneder siden
This looks so fun
Kxvngg 3 måneder siden
wherw did u get the shifter kart i want one so bad
Yolanda Ramsey
Yolanda Ramsey 3 måneder siden
I love your channel
diabolical1976 3 måneder siden
funkin' millennials.
CrippledMerc 3 måneder siden
So Tiny got the Rona and needed a transplant? Is that an FDA approved treatment or nah?
Jace Mills
Jace Mills 3 måneder siden
Wait tiny is getting a ls heck yea that thing is gonna ripppp
john beach
john beach 3 måneder siden
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson 3 måneder siden
Dummy zone
The Fake Cripple
The Fake Cripple 3 måneder siden
A normal air compressor can’t blow up PVC since they push around 125-175 psi unless you top it out and leave it for years it might blow out the fittings
Wyatt Justice
Wyatt Justice 3 måneder siden
I just watched the one where you drifted the new cart and it was funny and at the end you said line it up
Mohamed Abdel Aziz
Mohamed Abdel Aziz 3 måneder siden
What about covid lol
wesley waddoups
wesley waddoups 3 måneder siden
Any one else been here since day one
Jc Noguera
Jc Noguera 3 måneder siden
When’s next giveaway been praying for my first quad
Diesel Boi Garage *
Diesel Boi Garage * 3 måneder siden
Yooo tune/straight pipe that duramax! Better fuel mileage, be faster aand it’ll run better.
Tyler Kling
Tyler Kling 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know what shifter karts these are because i wanna get one
Colin Flander
Colin Flander 3 måneder siden
I race go karts and if you get a bumper I can tell you a place to race it in Minnesota
Drew L
Drew L 3 måneder siden
nobody: him: *looks at chevy aveo also him: wow it really big
Boo Kesha
Boo Kesha 3 måneder siden
If u dis like ur a bum
Teo Augustsson
Teo Augustsson 3 måneder siden
the drift carts dont they cost like 1100$
4Tre 3 måneder siden
Dummies zone
nathan kuervers
nathan kuervers 3 måneder siden
The red shifter cart sounds like a 2 stroke dirt bike
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r!
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r! 3 måneder siden
The anti Christ is coming & Jesus is coming back right after. So we MUST ALL get right with God & repent of all sin & put faith in Jesus & make him lord & savior & we must get baptized so we get our sins forgiven b4 we die.
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r!
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r! 3 måneder siden
The red go kart has the devil horns/fake rock on symbol. It is what celebrities put up to show their allegiance to satan & who their master is. These guys a sell outs I bet.
rims jobs
rims jobs 3 måneder siden
live wide open i bet you guys know moms love to get down and can party like its 1998
Ryan Preboski
Ryan Preboski 3 måneder siden
Hey boys make a bucket hat shii would be 🔥
Moni T
Moni T 4 måneder siden
Do you do a shout-out
Aidan Carruthers
Aidan Carruthers 4 måneder siden
That’s actually a rotax dd2 there only a two speed shifter
rap your mom
rap your mom 4 måneder siden
What happened to 🤘
John Powers
John Powers 4 måneder siden
What engine is that
Blake dutrieux
Blake dutrieux 4 måneder siden
The deserve like 10 mil subs
Jacob Couch
Jacob Couch 4 måneder siden
To I'm buying a out and ride with me 300quad and I was wondering if you guys want to come
FirstKickProduction o
FirstKickProduction o 4 måneder siden
Are you guys located in eastern Washington?
Brittney AKA BAY
Brittney AKA BAY 4 måneder siden
my son would really like that
JJR Motorsports
JJR Motorsports 4 måneder siden
The black kart is a Rotax DD2, yes it has gears but it isn’t a full shifter kart
nick 4748
nick 4748 4 måneder siden
Song at7:10
prodigy 1
prodigy 1 4 måneder siden
He looks like a cartoon the way he's driving the shifter cart XD
Diamond Thomas
Diamond Thomas 4 måneder siden
He was going so fast looks like he was fast forward the video 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Annie Brumbaugh
Annie Brumbaugh 4 måneder siden
The beamer dose better donuts with trackshon control off
Tony.racer.005 4 måneder siden
I have the total dd2 but it’s a newer engine
Francisca50wh Pena155li
Francisca50wh Pena155li 4 måneder siden
Offenda 4 måneder siden
is it just me or is there alot of screentearing
Kaytax 4 måneder siden
Wait are those dd2 karts?
Alexander Ferdinand
Alexander Ferdinand 4 måneder siden
What e those electric mini go karts called
yvng drae
yvng drae 4 måneder siden
Is that a Crf450f? if not what is it
TheJFitz 4 måneder siden
what a bunch of tools
dominick robertson
dominick robertson 4 måneder siden
The boat edit gave me nelk vibes
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez 4 måneder siden
Have you guys heard of coronavirus. That’s why you guys are gonna get to the very same day
수은제Danny 4 måneder siden
this shit is click bait.
Sultan Alnaqbi
Sultan Alnaqbi 4 måneder siden
Social distancing has left the chat
Coen L
Coen L 4 måneder siden
can ben legaly drink
Coen L
Coen L 4 måneder siden
make a offroad shifter cart with wheels that have tread
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley 4 måneder siden
You do know that you don’t have to pull the brake the entire time
Eskii NZL
Eskii NZL 4 måneder siden
Ryan: I can do a better donut in my car Ryan 1 week later: crashes his new car into the tree
Trenton Bulthuis
Trenton Bulthuis 4 måneder siden
minnesota boys for life
Abram Ray
Abram Ray 4 måneder siden
I feel bad for ken
Chris Altizer
Chris Altizer 4 måneder siden
Prometheus 4 måneder siden
11:13 that's brutal cj.
Tubing behind SHIFTER KART!! (SCARY)
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