Lifting my Ford Raptor and taking it off road!! (we got stuck) and scaring people with train horn

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9 måneder siden

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Big thanks to Custom Offsets for the build. Use our direct link and tell you we sent you if you ever need wheels tires or a lift!
In todays video we finally get the chance to test out our new 2020 Kawasaki KX 450 dirt bike with Polaris Timbersled kit that we are giving away to one of you guys out on the snow! This thing rips. We all rode it and agreed it is the best set up Timbersled and bike we have ever rode. Later Fuller and Banker from @customoffsets comes in their lifted ford f350 Sema truck. We discover it has a train horn on it so we drive around town and prank people by honking the train horn. Banker and Fuller then get to work on Bens new Ford Raptor putting a lift aka leveling kit in the front, a new aftermarket front bumper with light bar in it, taking the running boards off and finally throwing some new fifteen52 wheels and Nitto ridge grappler tires on it. If you read all this comment down below what your dream truck is!
Lifting my Ford Raptor and taking it off road!! (we got stuck) and scaring people with train horn

RideAllegretto 9 dager siden
0:18 what is the music?
Ivan Erik Opdahl Guttormsen
Ivan Erik Opdahl Guttormsen 18 dager siden
cyborg ,man hello
cyborg ,man hello 21 dag siden
Tylor Davis
Tylor Davis 21 dag siden
I love the Casey's pizza box... yes sir!
Krator Måned siden
Shouldve gotten a v8
Rmrider95 Måned siden
Wheelies on the snow bike are siccckkkk it’s just so high in the air compared to a normal bike wheelie
Blue Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter Måned siden
Best title of a video ever
Dillon W
Dillon W Måned siden
Tire specs?!
chase bullard
chase bullard Måned siden
what you get for buying a ford
Mr. chicken Nugget boy
Mr. chicken Nugget boy Måned siden
Get that Ford out of here
FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay Måned siden
37 inch tires won’t affect horse power we’re did you here that
TheRocky5111 2 måneder siden
The Diesel with the 14 inch lift Went nowhere 😂
I like to Mow
I like to Mow 3 måneder siden
Get a Chevy in there to help that pavement princess get out.
The Vigster
The Vigster 3 måneder siden
Cboys title: “Lifting my ford raptor” Me: it doesn’t look a bit different
Rubik's Cube gaming
Rubik's Cube gaming 3 måneder siden
Wish it was a raptor
Quad chanics
Quad chanics 4 måneder siden
Torque torque torque
Corbin Slaamot
Corbin Slaamot 4 måneder siden
This is the first time I’ve seen banker in a good mood
Cash Wilson
Cash Wilson 4 måneder siden
What lift would that be for a gen 1 raptor
RanchoRick M
RanchoRick M 4 måneder siden
Trading in my gen 2 ford raptor after seeing these guys get it stuck. :(
Skiing Fanatic
Skiing Fanatic 5 måneder siden
Thank babe! -Greta
Moku Mizu
Moku Mizu 5 måneder siden
i luv the TRUMP BOYS
Daniel ramstad
Daniel ramstad 6 måneder siden
i like turtles
Grayson Drummond
Grayson Drummond 6 måneder siden
They ruined it with those plastics and decals
Mink mink
Mink mink 7 måneder siden
That old guy was at the lake I was at
Mihajlo Vidaković
Mihajlo Vidaković 7 måneder siden
Daddy's boys.
SKODA VŘŠ 7 måneder siden
Boys i cant believe how far you've come i watched you from the start from the qoud gunning video till here wow its been like 3 4 years?
Chaz Richoux
Chaz Richoux 7 måneder siden
Ben the raptors have snow mode and learn what pedal to the metal is you'll get through the field you just need a little more momentum
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 8 måneder siden
This is what I like to call “idiots with Fords”
Caleb Acott
Caleb Acott 8 måneder siden
I see how you got stuck its a fird
Cole Sliva
Cole Sliva 8 måneder siden
Caleb Acott any other truck wouldn’t have made half the distance the raptor did
Jayden Vasquez
Jayden Vasquez 8 måneder siden
If he does get a light bar tell him to get kc light bar on the top cause kc light is the brightest and racing lights
KingBriggs 8 måneder siden
I think i could get through it with my hummer
BD Swan
BD Swan 8 måneder siden
Hi I’m from Dubai and all we did to our raptor was like a 1.5 inch lift and method rims
Josh S.
Josh S. 8 måneder siden
Nice! Heres a country song you can use for vids for free, just put in my soundcloud link in your description n’ yer good
Spencer Belcher
Spencer Belcher 9 måneder siden
One time about a year ago my buddies and I went to go rip in the snow in our trucks and one of us had an old 2wd Cummins and he got it stuck so bad he had to leave it over night cause it was getting too cold and go get it the next morning.
melanie mac donald
melanie mac donald 9 måneder siden
Love the vids ❤️
Paul Geis
Paul Geis 9 måneder siden
Ben absolutely rips on that snowbike
Deb Schlief
Deb Schlief 9 måneder siden
I love the cloys bast in NOpost
Deb Schlief
Deb Schlief 9 måneder siden
Deb Schlief
Deb Schlief 9 måneder siden
I am Austin
Braaap Boys TV
Braaap Boys TV 9 måneder siden
You guys should jump the shop
andrew blais
andrew blais 9 måneder siden
When are you guys going to get a rzr. Ps love all your videos
69sledder 9 måneder siden
Raptor sounds like a ricer
Hunter Reiff
Hunter Reiff 9 måneder siden
Should have bought a chevy
Jzach 9 måneder siden
Should of gone through the same field
Evan Maas
Evan Maas 9 måneder siden
Two fords stuck whats new
Henry Ford
Henry Ford 9 måneder siden
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 9 måneder siden
Too heavy bud! You could probably take an old Jeep Cherokee with 33 through that field and not get stuck.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 9 måneder siden
What's your point?
Noah Masseau
Noah Masseau 9 måneder siden
Ben the truck looks awesome love the videos keep it going boys🤘🏼🤘🏼
CAP'N CRACK 9 måneder siden
It got stuck because it had more chassis clearance but not more diff clearance
Jon C
Jon C 9 måneder siden
That snowbike is sick af.
Jace Vandendool
Jace Vandendool 9 måneder siden
That’s mint boys
offroad SPARTAN
offroad SPARTAN 9 måneder siden
Those trucks are to heavy to go through that field
Hayden Cribb
Hayden Cribb 9 måneder siden
You guys and the crew should come to northern Wisconsin where I’m at we got tons of snow and there are spots in my hometown of Michigan that are in touched all year
Born Sketchy
Born Sketchy 9 måneder siden
Timbersled pismo!🤙🏽
Kade Varney
Kade Varney 9 måneder siden
you should straight pipe the raptor
Thomas Richmond
Thomas Richmond 9 måneder siden
What model raptor is this cause in Australia we don’t have that model
Brandon 9 måneder siden
all that money and you guys do a spacer lift
Born to ride
Born to ride 9 måneder siden
A Ford raptor is my dream truck and I've always wanted one since I was 3 years old
Kayden Cline
Kayden Cline 9 måneder siden
Cboys sign with polaris *Travis Pastrana* ight imma head out
Ingvar Tryggvason
Ingvar Tryggvason 9 måneder siden
cool bike
Connor Bond
Connor Bond 9 måneder siden
Can’t wait until you guys start riding again an turf wars 2020 turf wars is gonna be insane
Sam Demarco
Sam Demarco 9 måneder siden
wheels tires and fucking shock spacers is not "built" yall sound dumb asf
Miles Murphy
Miles Murphy 9 måneder siden
can we get 20 mins video i will watch any random footage
Drake McCarthy
Drake McCarthy 9 måneder siden
Trump 2020
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 9 måneder siden
Ford guys are always trying to make their stuff look bigger
Keith & Amber
Keith & Amber 9 måneder siden
You guys make me miss my banshee
Jared Holik
Jared Holik 9 måneder siden
You should peanut a snowmobile
Owen Lepinski
Owen Lepinski 9 måneder siden
"And for the tires we went with the neato trail grapplers"
Fishing With Jacob
Fishing With Jacob 9 måneder siden
Do a shop tour
joey schultz
joey schultz 9 måneder siden
If I was you I would get some of Rigid industries lights they are being as fuck
joey schultz
joey schultz 9 måneder siden
But sadly pretty expensive but it’s worth it
Caden Yohanek
Caden Yohanek 9 måneder siden
Does Cj go snowmobiling anymore?
Jason C
Jason C 9 måneder siden
You guys to air down will help alot on that snow
Baseball Films
Baseball Films 9 måneder siden
Make the raptor a v8
Finn Hartley
Finn Hartley 9 måneder siden
The snap chats of this video were more entertaining than the actual video
MrOmgSkittlez 9 måneder siden
Are they gonna rebuild the engine for free on the giveaway bike? Considering they beat the crap out of it
Platinum 133
Platinum 133 9 måneder siden
It’s really amazing what just 2.5 level kit does to a truck! Looks great!
PARKER PRENTICE 9 måneder siden
My farm truck can do that
j gruv
j gruv 9 måneder siden
A bunch of guys that never did an honest day of work. I wont be watching anymore of this junk
Dawson Kirkpatrick
Dawson Kirkpatrick 9 måneder siden
You got stuck because it’s a Ford found on Road dead
Wheely Will
Wheely Will 9 måneder siden
Turbo mods next 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Aura RC
Aura RC 9 måneder siden
Daddy must have gotten him that raptor
Ethan Berry
Ethan Berry 9 måneder siden
Put the raptor wheels on the Rs1
Michigan32 9 måneder siden
They always gotta bring the dmax to pull the fords out
4Wheel_ Adventures
4Wheel_ Adventures 8 måneder siden
Michigan32 thats cause they never take the dmax off road, if they did the same think with the dmax it wouldn’t make it half as far as the ford
Patrick De Star
Patrick De Star 9 måneder siden
Was your traction control on that's probably why ur RPMs going up and down
Chris Nat
Chris Nat 9 måneder siden
The raptor needs trax and you'll never get stuck lol
Brandon Bower
Brandon Bower 9 måneder siden
Axys 800 Polaris you guys have to get one
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh 9 måneder siden
Love the vids but cormorant has 1039 people in it
ibdustin15 9 måneder siden
Lifting a raptor is like Shaq getting a leg extension surgery.
Chase Karls
Chase Karls 9 måneder siden
Wisconsin pride🔥
Luke Sword
Luke Sword 9 måneder siden
my dad used to have a semi truck and it had a train horn on it. He would always scare the crap out of me and my brother
Jared Bearinger
Jared Bearinger 9 måneder siden
a lift kit ruins the raptors suspension and purpose
Ben A.
Ben A. 9 måneder siden
Too fast for bangin.... I think not
Scots Man
Scots Man 9 måneder siden
10 out of 10 bros
Dustin Richards
Dustin Richards 9 måneder siden
Chevy/GMC is the best
odin vangen
odin vangen 9 måneder siden
cud you gays do more golfing it was funny to watch
Owen KH
Owen KH 9 måneder siden
Who else been here since 2016
Owen KH
Owen KH 9 måneder siden
They should do a sport bike
John Lippert
John Lippert 9 måneder siden
“neato traiwl grawpplwars”
ethan thompson
ethan thompson 9 måneder siden
Try locked rear diff it makes a huge difference
Blake Moses
Blake Moses 9 måneder siden
V8 swap the raptor??
Ford Raptor vs. Duramax
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