Best Place to Snowmobile in the World!

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11 måneder siden

Best Place to Snowmobile in the World!
In Today’s episode we finish up the second half of our Revelstoke BC Trip with 509. 3 more days of epic riding and even more epic views. The cboys love canada!
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Blake Hendry
Blake Hendry 7 dager siden
Thanks ben
Mason Schmidt
Mason Schmidt 9 dager siden
Howd that new Khaos belt and machine hold up riding it like this brand new???!!! sweet video
Randy Pellerin
Randy Pellerin 18 dager siden
America bought Tims a few years ago lol love the videos guys looks super fun
KateRob Steele
KateRob Steele 19 dager siden
Ai just threw my iPad When u flipped of timmies
Brianna Heinrichs
Brianna Heinrichs 26 dager siden
“hey, good news tho we don’t have to come back this way” “what? who said that?” “i’m joking”
Robert Langton
Robert Langton 26 dager siden
2 stroke twirly bird
MikeHawk Hurtz
MikeHawk Hurtz 29 dager siden
Cries in revel stoke
Corey j
Corey j Måned siden
how do these motors not blow. all the stress on it
Cove Byers
Cove Byers Måned siden
reasons i don't like living in Florida with I was in the snow with these guys.
Dustin Carnell
Dustin Carnell Måned siden
Creek Mc
Creek Mc Måned siden
Any one watching in 2020
Chase Wilson
Chase Wilson Måned siden
such a dope intro!!
Brandon Lirondelle
Brandon Lirondelle Måned siden
Go to Velmont
Bret Nerbun
Bret Nerbun Måned siden
I bet the sleds loss like half there power all the way up there.
Teo Laine
Teo Laine Måned siden
How could it snow above the clouds?
XxdripxX 31
XxdripxX 31 Måned siden
Having Tim hortons in the US pisses me off 😂
Eric Salvesen
Eric Salvesen Måned siden
Two stroke twirly boy
Tom Weber
Tom Weber Måned siden
2 stroke twirly boy
Tyler Beckley
Tyler Beckley 2 måneder siden
Nothing like some valley cloud on Boulder..... Heavin on earth vibes
The Jerry Riders
The Jerry Riders 2 måneder siden
7:27 we actually say that all the time up here in berta
509 Jedi
509 Jedi 2 måneder siden
Where did you guys stay in Revelstoke?
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 3 måneder siden
Where is this?
HartBreak One
HartBreak One 2 måneder siden
Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada
JacobjJN Estridge
JacobjJN Estridge 3 måneder siden
I've never ridden a snowmobile, but it looks like such a blast! I'd love to ride one of the snow bikes as well
CAN Control
CAN Control 3 måneder siden
If you dudes get to go back to Revy hit up the Nomad for food or the Frontier. Some real hardy non fast food that’s local to the area ✌️
Crookie 03
Crookie 03 4 måneder siden
2 stroke twirly boy
Mr Steal your girl jus kidding
Mr Steal your girl jus kidding 5 måneder siden
Micha sounds Canadian there at Tim’s
Peter Dunn
Peter Dunn 5 måneder siden
Yeaahhhh baby the cboys fuck with the cats🤘🤘
Greenguy 6 måneder siden
7:07 how dare u
Dillon Goshko
Dillon Goshko 7 måneder siden
2:10 that mouse trap though 😂
Brodie McMichael
Brodie McMichael 7 måneder siden
who doesn't like tims
The Jerry Riders
The Jerry Riders 8 måneder siden
Canadian boys right here. Tbh I don’t like either..... I like to make my food at home....
Me&MyBrute750 8 måneder siden
It's great to see all you crazy guys in our neck of the woods having a blast. need to see more vids made here. 👊🍻🍻
Karen Lowenberg
Karen Lowenberg 8 måneder siden
Stupid ltylt
Brennan Scott
Brennan Scott 9 måneder siden
you guys are Illuminati with the views
david ellsworth
david ellsworth 9 måneder siden
so they giving away a sled after they beat the shit out of it ..OK i got it now
Snowmobile kid
Snowmobile kid 9 måneder siden
7:06 come on man. don't have to do us dirty like that. Whatever we did I'm sorry. Lmao jk I know you are joking
Planet CEO
Planet CEO 9 måneder siden
These morons don't put ethanol free fuel in the sno-go's....they are clueless. I doubt they even know how to maintain them.
The Farmers RC Channel
The Farmers RC Channel 9 måneder siden
I get a farmers wrap there and egg mcmuffins so good
The Farmers RC Channel
The Farmers RC Channel 9 måneder siden
What place was that?? Where u slept and how much was it fir a week???
gavinboser 9 måneder siden
I'll be riding there in a couple weeks!!
gavinboser 9 måneder siden
Tim's tastes like warmed up puddle water these days, better off going to A&W
Windows 64
Windows 64 9 måneder siden
2 stroke twirly boy
PersonWhoPlaysGames 9 måneder siden
haha jake is just so awesome
Evan Mundt
Evan Mundt 9 måneder siden
I like at 5:08
Brady Petrie
Brady Petrie 9 måneder siden
Micah tried to act Canadian and says let’s get some Tim Hortons bud,, the real Canadian term is “ come”ere bud lets get some fuckin timmys
Stack 10 måneder siden
Hey guys I loved the vid , I’ve been riding all over BC for the past 20+ yrs and I’m not sure if you guys rode Eagles Pass while you were there or a few of the other great riding spots like Mount McCrae,Boulder,Sale,Frisbee, or a few of the others, I’m not sure if you guys had mentioned what mountains you were riding each day but I never heard any of you mention them , and if you guys don’t you should start each vid by telling the viewers what mountain or whatever your riding so others can tell if it’s a spot they’d like to ride by seeing what you guys have to go through on that particular mountain ! Also if you guys liked riding Revy then you’d love Golden or even Sicamous BC as they great riding areas also , I’m actually surprised since you guys were already in Canada that you didn’t stay in Golden for a few days as it was on your return trip ! Lol As for the Star Bucks sucking in comparison to Tim’s he wasn’t lying about that as Tim’s is better in every way , and it’s exactly why the US is starting to get it everywhere there , lol and i don’t even like Coffee, but the Truth is the Truth ! But awesome vid guys ! Keep up the Great Work !! 👍✌️
Toyota 4runner
Toyota 4runner 10 måneder siden
Tim Horton was bought by an american company but it did started un nova scotia i think
Broden Lamarche
Broden Lamarche 10 måneder siden
Beautiful British Columbia
Gavin Cook
Gavin Cook 10 måneder siden
1:10 why does dude always look mad as hell
BRAAPPTORRR 10 måneder siden
Does Ben do all your editing? 👌
Jayce 10 måneder siden
6:25 I swear I saw Jesse James when sandman went big bore on us😂
Diane Smith
Diane Smith 10 måneder siden
The sled jake was on ant it rayon’s
Mike Jennen
Mike Jennen 10 måneder siden
This may be the best edited video you have ever done!
ippielb 10 måneder siden
Editing a video on a blue day in Revy... Kick rocks id tell ya.
Stefan S
Stefan S 10 måneder siden
Starting after noon...that’s weak AF I’d be pissed haha
Corbin Reynolds
Corbin Reynolds 10 måneder siden
I love the sledding vids there 👍
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores 11 måneder siden
2 stoke twirly boy
Aaron Sip
Aaron Sip 11 måneder siden
TylerWilliam92 11 måneder siden
Two stroke twirly boy
Tom Rooks
Tom Rooks 11 måneder siden
Why didnt they get a shovel and filled the watertrench with a big amount of snow. Then cross it. Beautiful snowmobiling doe 👍
Kaleb Klos
Kaleb Klos 11 måneder siden
I live dangerously close to you guys and I don't see you on enough Arctic Cat Snowmobiles! Maybe i need to help change that!
Johnathan Birkley
Johnathan Birkley 11 måneder siden
2 stroke twirly boy
Random fam 2.0
Random fam 2.0 11 måneder siden
Would you recommend ski-doo, Polaris, or arctic cat for mountain riding or trail riding
Ryder Raynard
Ryder Raynard 11 måneder siden
Did u. Guys ride bolder mountain or frisbey mountain
lyllyian pinheiro
lyllyian pinheiro 11 måneder siden
2 stroke twirly bou
RVbilly 11 måneder siden
“Feels like We’re on an island in the sky” lol Ben how stoned are you
nigga_wheelie 11 måneder siden
Austin Paul
Austin Paul 11 måneder siden
What's the song use you guys are using at the beginning of the video
RoyalDeath 2003
RoyalDeath 2003 11 måneder siden
4:00 why not just buy arctic cat? :)
linkaaN 11 måneder siden
ouff.. sweet riding, kinda jealous, its a dream of mine to go to BC. to bad its such a expensive trip from sweden. Keep'em videos coming so i can dream more about it :p
Big_Whiskey13 11 måneder siden
Daddy rich kids 👎🏼
Emily Fernyhough
Emily Fernyhough 11 måneder siden
7:06 my heart stopped for a sec
Kartyman550 11 måneder siden
Well you got into the youtube algos. nice.
Jeremy Koehn
Jeremy Koehn 11 måneder siden
Use me as a RIP button for the poor soul who did not get a fist bump...
Exile1213 11 måneder siden
Looks like some pretty shitty snow... Should of came to Colorado. We are burried here.
Marc-André Bourgoin
Marc-André Bourgoin 11 måneder siden
It was an amazing video until I saw that summit in the back 4:50 🤮🤮🤮
Sean B
Sean B 11 måneder siden
have you guys been to blue river/valemount are? they get dumped on with snow too. lots of wicked riding areas
stylekidd 11 måneder siden
disliked for the middle finger too timmies bud....
Elmer T-Bone
Elmer T-Bone 11 måneder siden
I really wish you guys would learn how to sled.
David Knelsen
David Knelsen 11 måneder siden
Lol I used to work for that guy at 9:32 with the long hair and beard
Paul Condie
Paul Condie 11 måneder siden
Whats the air bag for?
Paul Condie
Paul Condie 11 måneder siden
No that's some serious snow! Wish we had half of that in Pa!
Shawn Haugen
Shawn Haugen 11 måneder siden
Awesome! Laughed my ass off! 👍
208 Brap Bros
208 Brap Bros 11 måneder siden
Hey cboystv we should go riding some time in island park
Ryan H
Ryan H 11 måneder siden
0:29 ◀️▶️
Logan Maras
Logan Maras 11 måneder siden
C boys make more videos
Dino S
Dino S 11 måneder siden
were those eyebrows on the dollar menu?
Dabs & Tea Time
Dabs & Tea Time 11 måneder siden
That's my home town I grew up sledding boulder and frisby ridge my whole life nothing compares
KYLE 11 måneder siden
Who else is drinking a Tim's while watching this?
Samuel Siegel
Samuel Siegel 11 måneder siden
Snowmobile demo derby!!!!
codie salisbury
codie salisbury 11 måneder siden
I'ma Canadian
Keegan Mulroy
Keegan Mulroy 11 måneder siden
“get some tim hortons eh bud” Caught me off guard. fuckin spot on boyssss
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon 11 måneder siden
What kind of head gear do you use, I bought a cheap full face helmet to rip around in a snow storm and all it did was fog and freeze
Carson Ohnstad
Carson Ohnstad 11 måneder siden
“Two stroke twirly boy”
Steve savelieff
Steve savelieff 11 måneder siden
How long are your guys tracks?
Charles Keep
Charles Keep 11 måneder siden
5:40 what’s the song
Slinky. 11 måneder siden
Pull up to calgary and see me
Braden Johnson
Braden Johnson 11 måneder siden
Frisby is a blast but Mcbride is the place to be this year. If you want a guaranteed good time you gotta go to Sicamous though. Best snow handsdown with endless places to ride
Dylan Kloepper
Dylan Kloepper 11 måneder siden
Why was the temp at 20???
Phillip Jacobs
Phillip Jacobs 11 måneder siden
Looks hangover🤣
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